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Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition Adventures


Lady Turtle
Hear ye, Hear ye!This is a call to Arms!
I was looking into maybe playing out some of the (around 100 or more) adventure books I have that are built for 3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons. I need roughly 4-6 players, I will list adventure names and synopsis of each for the party to vote on to play. If the adventure happens to be within a series of adventures, we can vote to play the series, or just that particular adventure.

There will, probably, be no "continuity" between adventures, but as a party, you can change characters per adventure, or keep the same characters.

I have a .pdf of (nearly) all required books, there is also the DnD Wiki if you would prefer to use that.

I would not be using the Homebrew information, I'd prefer (for complexity's sake) to remain with the main races/classes and other information that can be located in the 3.5 Edition Player's Handbook.

Posting would be varied, I will be sure to list when I will be available or unavailable. Each player would be able to post between 1 and 4 times each before I would move the story along. Of course, I will weigh each section heavily so that characters can interact and evolve.

What do ya'll think? If it would be preferred, I could also change the edition and alter adventures to fit 2.0, 4.0 and DnD Next (aka 5.0) editions.
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Dreams and Opportunities
I've always been a big fan of D&D, but I only have the original editions 1+2 and done some work in a 5ed. campaign, so 3.5 would be an interesting change.
Which races are in the player's handbook, personally, I like to play a lizardfolk cleric, but I have some old character sheets I can delve into 0w0


Lady Turtle
The main races in 3.5 is human, dwarf, elf, gnome, halfling, half-elf, and half-orc. I will have to look, but I have the draconomicon for 3.5 So I think I could find you a lizardfolk if you like that race the most.

Sticking with the phb is mostly for those who are using the Wiki online. I figure if I get enough people to actually play adventures, ill list all the races I have actual book access to for everyone to choose from. Granted, the adventures are generics, so I'll have to play with numbers if we end up with a party thats as powerful as level 5s. Haha


Dreams and Opportunities
Considering the Wiki looks the way it does (All 3.5e Races - D&D Wiki), which consists of a lot it makes sense that you'd want to keep it simple. Personally, I like Flat-Tail and Spikeback Lizardfolk, but if it doesn't work out I can always just go with a more basic layout (ex human bard/fighter, elf sorcerer/wizard)


Lady Turtle
Oh yes, that list also includes a bunch of homebrew races and sometimes it can get difficult to sift through it all.

I'll go through all my books and see what I have and try to make a comprehensive list. I'll also include class choices.


Lady Turtle
Well this is awesome :) We have 3 potential players!! Whoo hoo!! I'm going to start working on creating an official RP thread for this, and I will be sure to tag all those who have expressed interest! Most of the adventures call for at least 4 player characters, so hopefully we can find another friend (or someone could play more than 1 character? If they wanted!!)

Nearly ALL information will be listed in the Character Log, along with a .pdf of the 3.5 character sheet. I will include all the basic information necessary to fill out most of the sheet, race information, class listing... all that good stuff.

On Stats --> I'm going to look into the DMG (dungeon master's guide) and see what might be the best suited way of figuring out stats for our characters. I will have this information also posted in the Character Log.

All players are welcome to keep both an online CS, and a paper one if that would help them keep track of their information best.

I'm seriously working with the honor system since this is not a face-2-face setting. Hopefully this all goes well!! :)

Make a note though, I will be offline this week from Wednesday to Friday (Husband and Girlfriend will be off of work so we are all spending time together as a family with our kids)

Mr Hawke

Absolute Unit
I think I'd be interested. I'm also a rookie, I've only played a few short lived games a few years back.


Lady Turtle
I want to play! Count me in please!
@TurtlexXxNation Count me as interested!
Awesome! This is amazing! :) Just click the link in the below quote and it will take you to the OOC chatter page for the main RP thread. Links to all the other pages can be found there, so you can check it out!

Link to the OOC Page for Chatter while I build the Character Log:

Dice - 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons Adventures [OOC]

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