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Fandom ❀ Dulce's Search Thread [Craving: Cyberpunk 2077]


Hello there! Back from an unfortunate extended hiatus, and keen to shake off the dust. Gonna keep this short and sweet.

I'm looking for:
♦ Lazy lit. Basically, a few paragraphs at most. This isn't a super strict thing - just looking for something more relaxed, since I'm unable to dedicate a huge amount of time to detailed world building and writing right now. Somewhere in the 500-800 range would be ideal.
♦ Flexible posting speed. My goal is to reply at least once a week, but I might be faster/slower. I won't rush you, either, so just asking for patience on my end. 😋

♦ Use spellcheck. I'm not asking for perfection, but it does bother me when a post is full of errors.
♦ Talk and ask questions! I value my partner's ideas and I'm always open to suggestions.
♦ Try not to ghost me. If you wanna take a break or stop, that's all good - just give me a head's up.

The Roleplay
♦ F x M or F x NB pairing. Doubling is a must if you'd like me to play a male character. Please, please only double with me if you're comfortable with it. I've been burned too many times where my partner has placed way more emphasis on their female main. Of course, there will be times where it's uneven - and I really don't mind - I'm just asking for a bit of consideration. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I just want us both to have fun writing together, so I'm being upfront about this particular expectation.
♦ If you'd like to do Canon x OC, please let me know who you're comfortable writing as and who you'd like to write against. I'm happy to try my hand at almost any canon character for the listed fandoms.

Roleplay Starters / Fandoms
Cyberpunk 2077 (yeah lol). Craving a good roleplay set in this universe. Canon x OC or OCs - I'm open to both. Willing to play any character, or try my hand at it, at least. Looking for someone to play Viktor Vektor for my muse if we're doing Canon x OC.
♦ Something Harry Potter, or HP-inspired. Give me dark academia vibes! It doesn't have to be set at Hogwarts - it could be something adjacent, like... a university for witches and wizards lol. Basically, anything with magic and some sort of academia setting with some sort of mystery involved. I'm not the biggest HP fan, but I do like the setting. If we're going to write within the HP universe, our characters must be in their seventh year.
Supernatural hunters. Could be a hunter x creature, or hunter x hunter. Any setting is fine: modern fantasy, low fantasy, etc.
♦ Tentatively going to add Star Wars or the Mandalorian. (Mainly the prequels right now.) I'm slowly making my way through everything... very slowly lol.

If you've read all this... thank you! Please PM me if you'd be interested in getting something started.
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