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Fandom Dsmp rp


So I want to do an rp for Dream Smp Rp like the name states.

I'm semi lit to lit but I'll try to match others. Only thing is I can't to first person and I can't do illiterate. But I don't mind rping with someone who uses those I just don't like it.

Plot, Genre, Pairings
As for pairs and plot. Plot, I need to know the characters but if u do I can't try and make one though I don't like making it alone. Genre, I can do anything outside of family rps, I'm most familiar with romance, action, and adventure but I'm good with anything. Pairs, I can do oc x oc, cc x cc, I can do oc x cc if I'm the oc or it's a double up. As a little add on I don't really do content creator so of you want the streamer.

I'll rp a different Fandom for your side and I don't mind how much you have watched as long as you have watched it.

I don't mind rping here though
I'm more comfortable on discord.

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