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Hi there! I'm Posey and I am back on my Hunger Games AU bulllsh**!

I have been roleplaying off and on since I was... I dunno, like 12/13?? So. A long time. I just really enjoy working together to create a fun story.

I prefer m// for the main pairing. I'm happy to have any type of pairing on the side.

I'm lit/advance lit. Usually around 400-1000 words per post.

I love to plot and OOC chat with my partners.

I’m happy to hold the RP here on-site through messages or threads, or on Discord.

I'm looking specifically for roleplays that bring fandoms into the Hunger Games universe. More on that in the next post!
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So for this, I'm picturing using characters from different fandoms in the Hunger Games situation. I really enjoy writing two characters who come from different backgrounds and butt heads initially, who then end up fighting to save each other. It's a thing.
I'll bold the characters I'd prefer.

*As a note, I do not play minors, so all of these characters would be over 18. For all plot ideas, we could have it be a Quarter Quell where the age pool for the Games is higher.*

Tony Stark/Stephen Strange
Eddie Brock/Venom
✸Peter Parker
/Wade Wilson
Peter Parker/Tony Stark
I have a lot of ships here and have some ideas for each of them. But rather than list them all here, let me know what ship you're interested in and I can throw some ideas your way!

Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter
I can definitely see the two of them being previous victors who have met each other over the years since their Games. Then when a Quarter Quell comes around and victors are chosen once again, they form an alliance.

The Kingsman
Eggsy x Harry
I would LOVE to have Eggsy and Harry be previous victors. Harry won on his intelligence and Eggsy won from fighting his way through it. So they have completely different styles, but end up as allies during training and go into the Games using their combined strength to kick ass.

Our Flag Means Death
✸Stede Bonnet/Edward Teach
This year, the Capitol are providing their own tributes. Enter Stede, who is used to a life of luxury, and Ed, who’s been fighting to survive his entire life out in District 12. I’m also happy to add in other main cast members, but only if we find a way for them to survive. I’m too fond of the Revenge crew to kill them off.

Stranger Things
Billy Hargrove/Steve Harrington
Former victors Billy and Steve have been butting heads since they were young, and now after all these years of antagonizing each other, the Quarter Quell has come around. Can they manage to stop bickering long enough to survive?
Eddie Munson/Steve Harrington
I'm picturing Eddie is from District 12 and Steve's from one of the wealthier districts. The two meet during the training center and Eddie continues to hang around Steve until they form an alliance.

The Witcher
Jaskier/Geralt/Yennefer (whether one of us plays two characters, or we recruit a third person)
My thought here is slightly similar to the Hobbit, where the Capitol decides to offer up its own tributes as well for a year, claiming that it's to honor the Districts, but really it’s because they’re trying to quiet down thoughts of a revolution. And Jaskier is chosen as the Capitol’s tribute, and he has no idea how to handle that. Meanwhile, Geralt has been over in District 12, working away in the mines. During the training center, Jaskier lays one eye on Geralt and decides he should make an alliance with him. Now he just has to convince Geralt.
(And if we add Yennifer, we can discuss what District she's from, or if she's from the Capitol as well.)

Teen Wolf
Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale
Derek's family has a history of being chosen for the Games. After losing both Laura and Cora to the Games, he's been trying to focus on getting by. But when the Quarter Quell comes, history is once again against him and he is chosen as a tribute. Stiles, the son of a Peacekeeper, volunteers in District 2 to save his best friend Scott McCall. Knowing full well that he's not the normal volunteer from District 2, Stiles figures strategy is his best bet at getting back home. And that means teaming up with someone.
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