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Fantasy Dreamcatcher (With Isthill)

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Perhaps short of a marble

"My mind is more tangled than my headphones."

Innana Watson

Inna, Nana (by her younger sister)

24 years



Innana Watson

Inna / Nana

Dua Lipa

5'4 ft small tall and looking rather fragile, Innana is far from intimidating. Her naturally curly hair, which gets wilder and fluffier the more humid the air is, and her dark, slate gray eyes aren't helping in making her seem any tougher, either. If it wasn't for the tattoos covering her arm, an array of animals, flowers and game references, same probably would be regularly mistaken for being underage; which is one of the reasons you'll most likely only see her wearing long sleeves in the coldest of weathers; and even then, chances are she'll have her sleeves rolled up to her elbows.
When it comes to the style of clothes she prefers to wear, she doesn't really have one. Often enough her outfit just matches the mood she was in when getting dressed, leading to her wearing shirts with flower prints and a maxi skirt one day, and ripped jeans and a leather jacket the next.
She does have a soft spot for flashy necklaces and studded armcuffs, though, which she will wear giving zero fucks about whether or not they're matching her outfit.

A big fan of metaphors and sarcasm, and basically wearing her heart on her sleeve, Innana really isn't hard to figure out, most of the time. There are things she keeps to herself, but most of the time she's pretty straightforward, basically approaching people with a take it or leave it attitude.
A trait she herself isn't proud of, and does her best to suppress, is how she's a genius at figuring out how to manipulate people. She's not a manipulative person per se, though, vastly preferring to be open and clear instead of deceitful.
That again results in her being very, very pissed when feeling like someone else is trying to manipulate her.
Really; don't try it. Attempts to blackmail or pressure her into anything will most likely result in her blowing up and then building walls like it's her occupation.

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Lost: Marbles


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    Remington Genovich







Perhaps short of a marble
Everything was dark.
Everything, save for the tiniest hint of something disrupting the ever-present blackness. If she squeezed into the back left corner of her cell and pressed her cheek against the wall, she could see it; a sliver of light, a pristine, silver claw tearing at the thick blanket of nothingness that formed the sky. It was barely illuminating her prison enough to make out its dimensions, but even after what felt like an eternity of being stuck here, she couldn't tell what these walls were made of.
They were solid as concrete, but felt slick and oily to the touch, yet, whenever she'd touched them, her hands had come off as dry as before.
Just as now;
With her cheek pressed up against the wall, it felt like fluid darkness, oozing from it, was trying to invade her through every pore.
Yet... This little hint of light was worth the detestable sensation.

She turned away from her only company, the moon, when she heard footsteps approaching, and resignedly prepared herself for yet another session. This happened regularly; the creature, seeming more physically there than most other of those things she'd been attacked by, would bring other phantoms, horrible creatures made of smoke and darkness, that would run their crooked claws across her face, stare at her with their unseeing, black eyes and just grin.
And every time they did, their empty gazes would send her into a world of horror somewhere in her own mind. It was like, with nothing but a single look, they could induce pure fear in her.
And when they were done, the phantoms seemed to have become a little more corporeal, like her terror was feeding their power.

The door of her cell was opened by the creature, who, unlike normally, came alone. It right matter, though. Their presence meant torture, no matter if there were multiple or only one.
"Time to give me some of your delicious fear", it hummed like someone expecting their favorite meal. And it probably wasn't too far off to say that this was exactly the case.
"No... Go away-!" Her breath had quickened the second the creature had entered her cell, and when it reached out to touch her face, she flinched away, eyes firmly locked to the ground to avoid its' fear-inducing stare.
It reached out again, more harshly this time, and dug its fingers into her hair to force her to look at it.

At this moment, something within her snapped.
Up until now she'd never dared to defy these monsters, but they'd never gotten this harsh, either. It was like the pain woke her from her fear and in a split second settled for fight, instead of flight.
"NO!", she screamed into its face, and instinctively went for using the only weapon she had available right now;
her teeth.
The creature, a twisted abomination of a man, shrieked as she twisted in its grip, shot forward and bit into its arm with every little bit of power left in her.
At the time she could taste blood, though with a sickly, foul note, the monster let go of her. Her lips and chin were dripping with it as she finally let go.
The creature certainly had been hungry for her fear, as it had carelessly left the door open. Just slightly, but enough for her to dash past her assailant and slam it shut into its face with its skull giving off a nasty crack.
Had she just... Killed it?

A furious scream on the other side of the door proved her wrong and reminded her that it was high time for her to get the hell out of this wretched place...
Wherever she was.
It certainly didn't look like any place on earth she'd ever seen, she realized upon first looking around, trying to find an escape.
A gray world, shrouded in gray frog, with gray building emerging from it like the crooked teeth in an old hag's mouth.
What in the flying hell...?

A small building right to the left caught her attention, for the simple fact that it looked just like the one she had been locked in. A single cell made of some questionable material, seemingly stomped out of the ground like someone had pulled it from an enormous pile of gray putty.
Was there actually another victim, going through the same?
It was risky, she knew that, but ducked into the shadows anyway to hurry towards it.
Like the door of her cell, it was locked with a simple latch.
Holy fuck, thank God!
She was quick to unlock and hastily open the door, just to find another young woman, curly, black hair framing her face.
"We should get outta here", she said simply, a little out of breath from the running after having done nothing but sitting in a cell for God knows how long.
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Lost: Marbles

210...211...212...213.... 214..

Remi sighed out of boredom. How long had she been here now? She was so tired of counting to 400. Though, she supposed it was better than having to deal with those... monsters out there. She didn't even know why she was here in the first place. Was this some kind of dream? Nightmare? She had forgotten how long she's been here already. Must've been days- weeks even! Maybe months... Was she just crazy? That had to be the only explanation. How else could she even picture these... things that appeared in her- what she liked to call- cell. It was just darkness.. everywhere. Their voices reminded her of nails on a chalkboard- or even gravel crunching under a shoe that just learned to talk. She felt like giving up. She didn't want to deal with any more of those terrors that they gave her- but she was just too tired to fight them anymore.

Remi's body jumped is shock, as she heard a piercing screech rip through the air. It was nearly enough to give her a heart attack. If she was being honest, it was kind of an unwelcomed sound, among all the silence she was accustomed too. She guessed it was one of those creatures- though she had no clue why it would make that sound. Remi could only hope that it meant that it somehow had bit the dust. Suddenly, her wispy darkness of a cell door was thrown open. A woman with light hair panting through it. In her dizzy state of mind, it reminded her of a halo. The light that came from behind her made her eyes burn, but she knew it meant one thing.


Hurriedly, Remi struggled to her feet, her head still spinning. With a frantic nod, Remi made her way past her. She couldn't resist taking a big gulp of the murky outside air. At least it wasn't as stuffy as her cramped prison. As she looked around she noticed it looked quite... odd. Almost like a scary ghost movie. Everything was sitting in fog... everything looked so surreal. Shaking out of her daze, Remi realized they really needed to get out of here. It was only a matter of time before more of those.. monsters came back. As she turned to look at the girl who saved her once again, her eyes were drawn to the inky blackness staining and dripping from the woman's mouth. It almost looked like black wisps were emitting from it. The sight disturbed her to say the least. Was this woman even human? Was this just another one of those nightmares those sickly creatures were giving her? Having her get a taste of freedom, just so they could snatch it away again?

Shaking her head, she took a step back. As much as Remi want to trust her.. she couldn't really bring herself to. She didn't even know who she was. Pushing away the guilt that was starting to build up within her, Remi stepped back slowly, then spun around and started to sprint. With her already fatigued body, she knew she was unstable and she was already breathing hard. But she had to get away. She might not get another chance.

As Remi finally thought she had lost her, she ran into a solid wall that sent her falling to her butt. Still breathing rapidly, she looked up only to notice- it wasn't a wall at all. It was one of those damned monsters staring down at her blankly. A growl rose from it's throat as it spoke to her, "Now, where do you think you're going?" In a panic, she staggered back, forcing herself to quickly get back on her feet. She felt hot tears welling up in her eyes, burning and blurring her vision. " I- no. please! Just- " It didn't let her finish. The beast rushed forward, but Remi dodged just in time, thanks to her unsteadiness. However her luck didn't last long. It grabbed her arm just as she was about to fall, and pulled her towards it, it's jarring mouth opened into a Cheshire grin. As it reached for her neck, she didn't have time to think. Her head swiveled towards it and she bit down as hard as she could. It let out a deafening screech as it loosened its deathly grip on her arm. She felt herself actually gag as a horrid substance filled her mouth and dripped down her chin.

This was her chance!

She tore away from the monster, and rushed back the way she came. Maybe the woman wasn't a monster after all! If that was truly the case, Remi couldn't just leave her behind like she had originally planned.​


Perhaps short of a marble
Innana would've liked to say that she had expected the girl to react like this, but honestly- she was left completely dumbstruck as she suddenly turned and ran away. Well, so much for that.
You're welcome, no need to thank me, we'll all just try to escape on our own then.
So much for teamwork. Well, maybe this way the creatures would be too distracted chasing one to catch the other. Whether she'd be first or the latter in this scenario, only time would tell, apparently, and although sie didn't like the path her thoughts were taking, she knew it was true, although disturbingly stoic.
But first, she needed to find a place to hide, to come up with a plan and get an idea of how to get past these monsters. How many of them were there, actually? And how could she avoid any encounters with them; or take them out of commotion if she would run into one?
Was there anything she could utilize as a weapon?

A screech, echoing from the direction the woman had run into, made her instinctively dive for a narrow, dark alley between two buildings several feet away. The short sprint had left her breathless, but at least the creatures wouldn't spot her right away here.
Had they caught her? Had this short sprint already been the end of her escape?
A monster ran past her hiding spot to open the door of her own cell, just to be greeted by the one she had managed to lock up in there. Its face was covered in black blood, dripping from a gash above its forehead and its severely deformed nose.
"For fucks sake, find them!!"
Both creatures threw their heads back to release a screeching, roaring howl, like wolves, just... Very angry, and very demonic.
Several howls answered from every direction. Oh great...

When they walked past the alley she was hiding in, she pressed her back tighter against the wall and her arm against her face to silence her unsteady breath. Only when she couldn't hear the steps anymore, did she dare to exhale. The blood now covering her sleeve reminded her that she still had it smeared across her face. She shorthandedly used her other sleeve to wipe it away.

That's when she heard footsteps again; someone- or rather something- came running in her direction. She was about to duck deeper into the alley when her eyes caught sight of the girl who had just left her behind. Had she come back for her?
Guessing from the black blood dripping from her chin, she'd just had an encounter with one of these monsters. Which meant that it was probably on her heels.

Carefully, she peeked out of her hiding spot, left, right, but she couldn't spot any of them.
Yet, at least.
Please don't punish me for my helper's complex-
She hasted out of the dark protecting her, made a beeline for the girl, grabbed her hand and dragged her along back into the safety of the alley. Letting go of her hand, she lifted her index finger to her own lips, signaling her to be quiet while she listened for anything indicating that they had been spotted.
After a while, she sighed relieved.

"You're back", she noted, voice hushed. "Do you remember anything about how we got here? Maybe we can get out the same way."


Lost: Marbles

Running in a frenzy, Remi had no thought in her mind about the monsters for once, instead hyper focused on finding that girl. However, the place she had last seen her was empty as it slowly came into Remi's view. Perplexed, she was about to slow down her sprint, until she was pulled- rather forcibly- into some dark alley. Her first instinct was to fight. Remi could barely let out a squirm before she realized who had dragged her. It was the girl! And she was alive, thank the Gods.

Smiling slightly, she let her guilt show as her cracked and dried voice spoke lowly. " I- uh... " Clearing her throat, she stopped, as the girl motioned for her to be quiet. She felt as though she should have explained herself, but what could she have possibly said? What- saying to this stranger's face ' OH I left you for dead because I thought you were a monster or another one of their demonic tricks! My mistake! ' Remi would highly doubt this woman would want to be even near her if she heard that. Swallowing down her words, she nodded instead. Whatever Remi had to say, she could say it later, once they were both safe. Pretty optimistic- she knew, but it felt best to stay that way if she wanted to survive this wretched place in one piece.

Remi shook her head, turning it to the side and spitting out some more of that sickening blood that she couldn't seem to get out of her mouth. Wiping her face with her sleeve, she turned her attention to the girl as she once again, spoke in her broken voice. " No... not really- but- " She tore her eyes away, looking in the direction where- for some reason- something within her felt that she needed to go. " I have this weird feeling.. I can't exlplain it. " Coughing again to clear her throat, she finished " But.. maybe over there? you can feel it too can't you?" after tilting her chin in the direction she was referring to, Remi glanced towards the girl with hopeful eyes. She really couldn't explain the feeling if she wanted, but If she had to- she could say its like something is pulling at her heart- or her very being towards a certain destination. She couldn't really pinpoint where exactly, but she knew enough. Maybe it was instinct?

Hesitant, Remi stood up on shaky legs. " I think.. we should go there. " With that said she took a quick glance around for monsters, then rushed to get to another shelter that was closer to where the unknown pulled her, without ever looking back.​


Perhaps short of a marble
By the crack in her voice and that awkward smile, Innana could tell that her new companion probably felt quite guilty. Of course it wasn't the greatest move to just run off and leave someone else to possibly die, but really, she didn't take it personally. Had they known each other it would've been different, but they were complete strangers, so it was fine. Still not exactly an example for basic humanity, but in the end, it had nothing to with her, so she didn't waste any more energy on useless hard feelings.

When she mentioned a weird feeling, Inna closed her eyes to focus on sensing it, too. This stranger was right; it felt like gravity pulling her in, almost physically dragging her in this one direction, but at the same time it seemed to pull on her heart, her very self, too... Almost like a warm, familiar voice calling her to come home.
For a moment she seemed to get lost in thoughts, but soon shook her head to clear her mind and focus on the task at hand- escaping this surreal hell without getting caught or, well, killed.
A slight breeze brought a welcome cooling and tailwind as she sprinted after her new ally.
"I feel it too", she said quietly as she had caught up to her and gave a short nod. "It's... almost like it's calling, isn't it?"

Sprinting from hiding spot to hiding spot, always looking out for those creatures, she followed a feeling she could only describe as something... like feeling homesick. Homesick for something she didn't know, as it seemed, as weird as that sounded.

After a whole while, in which she regularly made sure that she and the other victim stayed together, she stopped in another hidden corner behind a building to catch her breath. It seemed like whenever she took as much as a second to rest, her mind would wander, home, to her family.
Her parents were long divorced, and she's never had that much to do with her father, but she wondered if he was trying to find her. And her mother and sister... how were they holding up? Were they still hoping for her to come home? Or had they given up?
No, she told herself, at least Pasha would never do that.
She and her sister had always been close.

Running on, the feeling was getting stronger and stronger, and when she could finally make out something like... a shining, white hole she could only describe as a portal, she could hear them as if their voices were that...that close.
Mom... Pasha...

"Mom, Pasha!", she gasped and was just about to blindly run towards the light when the sight of a dozen monsters guarding it made her stop dead in her tracks.
No. No, she was so close!
They were so close...
She needed to get home!
Wide-eyed, she looked back at the other girl, as if begging her for help. "...What now...?", she whispered, desperate anger and helplessness leading a battle inside her that was easy to see in her eyes.

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