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Fandom DREAM SMP rp?

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This will always be open <3

*edited to look nicer ig lmao*

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Hiya! I'm an 18+ Female- I love OOC chat! Even if we can't RP reply at that moment, just chat with me! I'm fine with that :>
I am in it for the long term though. Although I understand taking a break if need be, just come back whenever you're interested again.

Romance - Canon X OC - Doubling - 3ed Person - PM or Discord
I reply multiple times a day. 2-3 paragraphs. Sometimes more or less given what's going on/ inspo. I don't really have a writing limit though, as long as it's not a one-liner or literally just> " Kaede smiled."

DreamSMP ; Reivebur/Vilbur. Big Q (Las Nevadas.) Dream.

And in return I can play anyone for you.
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One Time Luck
This will always be open <3

Hello! It’s nice to meet you, feel free to call me Boop. (No real name.). I’m trying to get back into rping and I heard that DA was a good place to look for some. However, I am 18 (almost 19.) I’m finishing up for college (to start) and I have a part time job. Meaning I can’t always reply. I also have health issues so if I don’t reply for a week or so- that’s likely why. I have a thing or two to say before any of you go on though, I don’t RP with anyone under 18. As well as please be okay with LGBTQ+ if you’re going to rp with me. Why? Simple, I’m pan and I simp over fictional bois and gals.

Rules + etc.
For length at the very least I do three paragraphs for each side. I don’t tend to do less than that (unless I’m replying on my phone in which I always think I write more than I really did.) If you want to write novella I can. But I don’t really mind if I only write three paragraphs or a whole text of paper. As long as you don’t give me one liners. If you also don’t help move the story along I’ll also likely drop the RP. I don’t like having to write everything myself :/

I’m not picky about spelling or grammar. Just no text talk (unless ocs are texting.) Other than that, as long as I can understand you, you’re fine. I know English isn’t everyone’s first language. Hell, it’s my own and I still fuck up a bunch.

It’s common knowledge but I ask that you be respectful and kind towards me and I’ll treat you the same.

As for format I will always write in third person. For one, I’m used to it, and two, I tend to view RP’s as telling a story with two people as the writer so it just makes sense to me. Please play your own OC and my OC’s love interest (Unless it’s an original RP.) And I will play my OC and your OC’s love interest. I don’t stray away from this. Ever. So, if you come at me asking for an RP that does not include this, I will ignore you. Because you probably ignored my rules.

Love interest; I tend to want one character. But I’m always flexible in who I can play in return for you. I will always put effort on your end, and whatever you want, I’ll listen. In fact, if you have headcanons about your pairing, tell me! I want to know how you see things going so I can make you happy. Think of it as asking a fanfic writer for a request on tumbler, lol. And I’ll happily ramble on about my own headcanons should I have any. Also! I am fine with love triangles! I don’t do them often, but they are a little fun.


Revivebur! Or dream maybe.
Hey would you be interested in doing this in which my ocs "love interest" is just platonic?


Drinker of coffees
I’ve not seen many of these. What canon would you be looking for me to play?
I’ve not seen many of these. What canon would you be looking for me to play?
Probably Wilbur or dream tbh
But in turn, I like to be fair so I can play pretty much anyone for you.

And yeah, there aren't many of these xD Makes looking for an RP hard too


Drinker of coffees
Haha I know how you feel. I’ve never played a canon before, but I’d be willing to give both Dream and Wilbur a try, perhaps more Dream than Wilbur. I guess in turn I’d be interested in Techno? I usually like to pair with Dream but that won’t work if you’re pairing with him.
I could do Techno! And if you're more comfortable playing dream, I'm fine with that :> It only means I'd have to tweak my OC bio a bit. lol. I'm not really picky out of those two tbh. Also, I'm about to go to bed, but do you wanna talk more in pms?

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