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Fantasy Dragonology (Still Accepting)

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That Damned Cowboy
To whom it may concern,

You may know of me, my name is Dr. Ernest Drake, the human leader of the Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists, and I come to you in desperate times. Two of the societies great Dragonological Treasures, the Spear of St. George and the Splatterfax have been lifted from us by Dark Dragonologists. There exact whereabouts are unknown, but they were last seen boarding a ship en route to South America. I must leave England now so that I may catch up, but I hope this letter finds you well, as I need your help. You are among the most capable Dragonologists in the world, and your assistance is crucial. I am assembling others as well. They will be meeting in the American Dragonolocial Society's safe house in San Francisco. If you accept the task of helping to reclaim these powerful artifacts, please rendezvous with them by on the 27th of September at Noon. Remember, the fate of both mankind and dragons hangs in the balance.

Dr. Ernest Drake, S.A.S.D.
St. Leonard's Forest, Sussex
September 4th, 1892

Please note, this is a fandom, but it fits the bill of a fantasy so Im adding it here as well.
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Huggles fo all :3
I LOVE the Ologies series, especially the Dragonology books, and I used to collect them. I'd love to get in on this :D
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Potion Seller
ummm.... hello childhood????!!! Count me in! I havent even read everything yet but just shut up and take my money xD


That Damned Cowboy
Dalamus Ulom Dalamus Ulom

We'd be happy to have you


word weaver
Eh..... we're basically just picking up where we left off cause we didn't get far. As far as I know, all but one of us is back. I'm just hoping we can pick up one or two more players. But I'm gonna progress the plot tomorrow.
Oh ok. That is good to know!

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