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Dragon Bonds Roleplay

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Accepted Players and their Roles

♚- Eldest Princess and heir to the throne - [ pending ]
♛ - Eldest Prince and second-in-line to the throne, Ashley Chaugre - @Fluffykitty9000
♛ - Middle Prince and third to the throne, Evander Chaugre - @Mourning Star
♛ -
Youngest Prince and fourth to the throne, Mordecai Chaugre - @Radical Thinker
☆ - Guest Ambassador to the Izanagi democracy, Yi Kanhou - @jakthemenace
☆ - Knight Commander of the Yeomna Army - @Worthlessplebian
☆ - Knight Captain of the Yeomna Army, Fen Arkus - @shadowz1995
☆ -
Bonded knights of the Yeomna Army - @Vaudivolt, @Koala, @Mourning Star
☆ - Newest Bonded knight-in-training of the Yeomna Army, Namira Migon - @Javierzz

♔ - Queen's Dragon - [ OPEN ]
♚ -
Princess' Dragon, Elaena Rhywin - @Javierzz
♛ - Eldest Prince Ashley's Dragon - [ pending ]
♛ -
Middle Prince Evander's Dragon, Yysara - @Brookflower
♛ - Youngest Prince Mordecai's Dragon, Iravos Kestrein - @Phayne
☆ -
Guest Ambassador Yi's Dragon, Sabriel - @Koala
☆ -
Knight Commander's Dragon - [ pending ]
☆ -
Knight Captain Fen's Dragon, Ema'rri - @Koala
☆ - Bonded Knights' Dragon - @Sushi Muncher
☆ - Newest Bonded knight-in-training's Dragon - @Huntertabbysandshark3

Accepted characters without roles
@polkadot, TBA

Basic Guidelines
01. Try to post at least once to twice a week. If you must skip for a week, PM me or one of the CO-GMs so we're aware that you haven't dropped. If there is no post within two weeks, your character will be cut from the thread.

02. Please be courteous to your fellow roleplayers and use proper grammar and spelling. We want this thread to run as smoothly as possible– choppy writing hinders that.

03. Speaking of being courteous– please respect the other writers. Any drama is meant for the roleplay... not roleplayers.

04. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to PM me or one of the CO-GMs. We'll do our best to answer as quickly as possible.

05. If you have not yet joined the discord, PM me and I shall provide the link. It's there mostly for character development, OOC conversations and to be provided updates.

06. Lastly, have fun! This world has been developed by an amazing group of people and hopefully, everyone will find some sort of enjoyment while writing for this thread.
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Not really that radical.

Mordecai 'Cai' Chaugremorde.jpg
Interacting with: TBD

In Solandis, as the sun rose over the horizon, the first whispers of the waking world could be heard. Peasants throughout the land began their routines, dressing and preparing for their day. Merchants were already out of their homes, setting up their stalls. There was a whisper of wind that had those out pulling their shawls closer– the last spring chill before the summer months. A fountain in the square could be seen from the castle– the statue of a dragon head spouting water like fire from its bared maw.

In the castle, the steps of servants rang throughout the halls. The flames of the ovens had turned on, the cooks slaving before sun-up to prepare the meals for the day. There had been a slow trickle of workers coming into the kitchens, stealing the rolls and sweet meats laid out for them. More servants had been sent to fill the tables in the dining hall and serve the royal family in their quarters.

In a stone hall filled with guards, a maid scurried past with her head tilted down in demure wariness. She paused at one of the crystal-embedded doors, rapping once before slipping inside. She moved to the curtains, opening the curtains and then the windows.

The wind that swept in cause a ruffle and groan to be heard from the bed in the center. Glancing over her shoulder, the servant hid her smile as a scruffy boy with bed hair blinked away sleep. His gaze settled on her, dazed, before he yawned. Nodding her head, the young woman moved to his wardrobe to withdraw clothes for that day. She laid them over a chair near the hearth, inspecting her selection before nodding to herself.

“Good morning, my lord.” She hummed, turning back towards the prince still struggling to wake.

The prince sighed as he sat up in his bed, scrubbing at his eyes. “Good morning.” Mordecai spoke, voice gruff with disuse.

Tossing away the sheets, he stood and stretched his arms over his head. He turned back once he had been done, halfheartedly fixing the sheets. The young prince then moved to his bureau, smiling at the maid. He dressed for the day as she went about her work, completely straightening the sheets and moving to aid him if he needed help.

Cai raised his hand with a smile in dismissal as she stepped forward. Smiling, he said, “Thank you, but I can manage. Have you eaten yet?”

The maid shook her head.

“Might as well. You’ve already pampered me enough– finding clothes for me and fixing my bed. You’re free for the rest of the day.”

The woman paused. “Uh… thank you, your grace.” She murmured, ducking her head in a curtsey before she made her way out the door.

Cai finally dressed, decked in a dark lavender tunic with a belt cinched around his thin waist. His black breeches settled along his hips, along with the black boots he now wore. Glancing at the mirror in the corner of his room, he sighed at the mess of curls on his head.

Knowing that there wasn’t much he could do, he tugged his fingers through the knots and hoped no one commented. As he moved towards the door, the last thing he did was wrap his scabbard around his waist. The handle of his sword caught the morning light, reflecting the silver sigil of his house in crystalized spots of light that danced around his room.

Slipping into the hall, he nodded his head at the guards as he made his way towards the dining hall. From his room he moved down a flight of stairs, down another hall before he slipped into the room. The queen was already sitting at the head of the table, looking over a pile of documents. She sipped on a cup of tea before her, idly flicking through the pages. However, at the sound of the door opening, she lifted her gaze. Her smile grew fond as the papers were folded and set aside.

“Good morning, my little star.” She greeted. Cai perked up at seeing his mother, moving forward to drop a kiss to her cheek. She smiled, easing back into her seat a little bit. Her eyes narrowed as she glanced at his hair. Ducking his head, he made his way to the end of the table and sat. He eyed the food laid out before them, studying the dishes before he settled on something light. He was in the middle of stacking his plates with fruits when he felt fingers tangle into his hair.

Glancing upwards, Cai blinked. The dragonshifter, Ezarah, met his gaze, sharp fangs gleaming in the early morning light.

“Morning, hatchling.” She hummed, long strands of hair tickling his cheeks as she leapt towards the ground. The queen huffed, stifling an amused noise behind a cough. “You’re looking more ‘ragamuffin farmboy’ today than usual.”

Cai sighed. “My hair is impossible– you know this.”

“Yes, yes.” The dragonshifter waved her hand in dismissal, turning her head towards the queen. She bowed then. Hand placed over her heart, she stood with a smile. “Good morning, my queen.” Her smile was warm as she moved closer to the reigent, eyeing the papers.

“Ezarah…” Two eyes turned towards the youngest prince. “How does my father fare this morning?”

Ezarah visibly deflated. Her shoulders hunched, the sparkle in her eye dying. Cai regretted the words as soon as they had left his mouth, hating the sight of such a powerful creature crumble before his eyes.

“He still hasn’t awoken.”

The somber mood filled the air, sapping the joy that once had been there. The queen shifted, furrow in her brow. Cai bit at his lips, his gaze falling to the table. He really should have known better than to ask– it had been that way for two weeks.

The concept of there being no change loomed over them all.


stars and above
Yysara, the Unforgiven

In the early morning hours, it was impossibly hard to find Yysara. Not a trace of the sly dragon-shifter was to be found, not even in her chambers. For most, it was definitely a bit concerning. Yysara wasn't exactly trusted, at all. Her witty tongue and tendency to sneak into meetings was well-noted at this point, causing several guards to become unnerved whenever she was mentioned. So when she vanished for hours at a time, many could only wonder where the solemn woman had gone. Unless, of course, you were Evander.

Despite it being a firm rule that dragon knights and their bonded dragon-shifters shouldn't train together when it came to fighting, Yysara and Evan often found themselves sparring whenever they could sneak away. Sure, it was breaking major rules, but who expected either of them to follow them? Only an idiot would assume the duo actually spent their time productively training with their respective fellow members. The two often had reasons to punch each other, so it was better they just sparred together. Besides, where else could Yysara flip Evan on his back without several guards coming to arms against her?

Currently, the dragon-shifter was getting ready for another quick match with the middle prince. Her snow white hair was tugged up into a tight ponytail, a braid running across the taunt locks. She often kept her hair down, but unfortunately, it was a bit of a hazard when it came to fighting. The metal eyepatch was firmly in place too, the cold outlined eye without true detail. No one was stupid enough to grab the piece in combat, no matter how tempting it may be. There was nothing under there, and it was only there for the sake of others. (Not many enjoyed looking at her scarred face.) If an unfortunate soul decided to snatch away the eyepatch in the middle of combat, they'd likely only piss off Yysara more than normal.

Stretching her arm to side, Yysara bent forward with a slight grunt. Sweat glistened on her forehead, an indication of their previous quarrel. There was no winner, but both had gotten considerably dirty. Her good eye shifted to the side, glancing over the dusty sparring ring. It was the less 'fancy' one, meaning less people frequented the area. Perfect for two rule-breakers, getting into a bit of trouble. It was also good for midnight training. Sometimes, she just needed some alone time. But that was another time, and Yysara had more important things on her mind.

"Are you ready over there, princeling?" Yysara called over to Evan, finally turning around. She wore simple leather breeches and a white top, the sleeves ripped off to allow for more flexibility. Unladylike, sure, but when was she ever ladylike?

"Your ass could use a good whooping, not like I haven't already beat it into the ground," she daunted, a dangerous smirk threatening to tug at the corner of her lips. Goading was essential to sparring for Yysara. It gave her an advantage at times, especially if she got under her opponent's skin.
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ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

To those that knew Ema’rri, they were well aware of her sleeping habits. At random times and random locations, she could be found dozing off blissfully. Once, a castle guard thought a broken tree limb had fallen off a tree and dangled dangerously on a low-laying roof; it was actually the dragon’s leg. On another occasion, Ema’rri was found snoozing in some bushes in attempt to avoid training. Odd habits aside, there was always one thing that remained consistent: no one dared to wake the sleeping demon unless they were close to her. She was Hell’s embodiment when woken too soon.

Regardless of her erratic sleeping schedule, she was always sure to rise before the crack of dawn. The smell of dewy grass was delightful and the feeling of cool air was always a welcoming sensation. Morning pleasures weren’t why she chose to wake before everyone else, however. It was that fact that the bakers began their work early.

Crossed arms rested on an open window as Ema’rri’s feet hung slightly off the ground. Her golden eyes were fixated on the rhythmic motions of her favorite baker’s hands. They were wrinkled and callused from hard work, but the splotches of flour made them look like grand works of art. The dragon couldn’t help but watch in awe as the man worked silently, as if she hadn’t been doing the same thing for years.

“I do have to ask,” the man began, his hands shaping the dough into loafs for rising and then baking, “why don’t you have the castle workers make you bread instead of coming here every morning? You’re a dragonshifter and you’re bonded. Does that not grant you such privilege?”

Ema’rri looked almost thoughtfully at the man as she brought one gloved hand under her chin. She watched him for a few seconds more before speaking, her tone soft yet seductive. “Hmm...” Her tail swished behind her slowly. “That’s too easy, I suppose. And your goods are much tastier.” The female’s eyes seemed to light up ever so slightly. “Like that thing you made a few days ago! What was it again? The one with the cheese that’s a bit sweet.”

“A cream cheese pastry.” The man laughed as he began placing the dough into the large stone oven.

“Yes, that. I recommend shortening the name, Patrick. It’s a bit long for those short on memory.”

“I will keep that in mind, Miss Ema’rri.”

Ema’rri’s tail swished happily while a small smile played on her rosy lips. She allowed herself the pleasure of closing her eyes and smelling the lovely aroma that began swimming towards her. A few deep breaths here. A few deep breathes there. Her toes were beginning to curl up in excitement and her body was nearly halfway through the window.

Some time passed, though she wasn’t sure how much. It was clear that enough hours had gone by for the sun to begin peaking from the horizon, however. That was Ema’rri’s cue to leave so she nodded for Patrick to pack her a sack of goodies. By the time he was done, the brown bag she’d brought with her was filled to the brim and nearly the size of her whole body.

“Until tomorrow, Patrick.”

“I’ll have some of that cheese bread for you tomorrow. Have a good day, Ema’rri.”

With a nod, Ema’rri began the long walk back to her quarters, the bells on her horns jingling gently. She was getting quite a few looks due to her appearance, which showcased her horns and tail. Most of the people were used to her presence in the area, but there were always a few that were unfamiliar with her. They generally never did anything except stare in amazement, as if they’d never seen a dragon before.

“I wonder if Fen has woken,” Ema’rri said loudly. She ended up getting extra loafs to share with him, but the delicious smell was flooding her senses so much that she had to eat his share. “He won’t mind.” She laughed.

LOCATION: Streets of Nüwa


INTERACTIONS: Baker Patrick O’riley

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  • Evander Chaugre
    “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”

    location ⇨ outside training area

    mood ⇨ agitated, determined

    with⇨ Yysara

    tags ⇨ @Brookflower

    partner ⇨ Yysara

    Evander had woken up that morning to the voice of his dragonshifter outside his window, goading him into training with her before the sun rose. He had grumbled, sighed with disdain as he dressed himself. He didn’t much care for his appearance, so he had tossed whatever he could find over himself.

    It had been easy to slip out the window, the rope he kept near the glass lowering all the way to the floor.

    It had taken him several minutes to find his way down from the tower he resided in. When the ground had been within reach, he had flipped and rolled to his feet. Fixing his tunic, he lifted his head and smirked at the shorter woman who he called his partner.

    “Morning, hag.” He huffed, brushing past her to make their way to the training area. There was silence as they walked. Evan wasn’t one for conversation in the morning. Scrubbing at his eyes, he grumbled as they set about stretching to spar.

    Their first few fights had been draws. Dirt now stained his cheeks and exposed forearms, clinging to his blue tunic.

    “You talk alot for a four hundred-and-something old hag.” He huffed, adjusting the sleeves of his tunic. With a final flick, he shot the shifter a playful grin. He found her to be amusing when she spoke ill of him. It wasn't like he hadn't heard worse. He had spent seven or so years among a rowdy group of men and women whose favorite pastimes were fighting and drinking... in his opinion, one tended to hear a few insults now and then. “Come on, old lady. Show me what you got.” He teased, moving to circle around her.

    His steps were calm, a stedfast gait that allowed him to size her up from where she stood. He feigned an attack before he slid away, face growing more determined as he moved.

    Evan didn't let it show, but he wanted to win. He had always been considered the strongest brother, the one that people admired for his abilities. When it came to Yysara, she was one of the only people Evan fought with all of his strength.

    It wasn't spoken between them but he had come to the conclusion that beneath all of his bravado, he just wanted to impress her.

    Brows furrowed, he made another move to attack. Skipping back, he continued his predatory circle around her. Evan tipped his head. "Hag, your old age is showing. Come on." He singsonged.


Worthless pleb
Flynn Jalkanen Knight Commander
Location: Streets. Mentions: None. Interactions: Ema'rri.

As the sun began its ascent from the horizon, its golden rays pierced into the Knight Commander's chambers, illuminating the empty room and the weapons within it. Swords, spears, warhammers and even metal shields glistened and sparkled, they were polished to a mirror sheen but it wasn't just his weapons that screamed tidiness, his large bed was smooth and uniform, the maids were always happy to clean his room as most of their work was already done.

But where is the vaunted knight commander? He was out of the castle, his morning routine of waking up early is well known, sometimes he wakes up earlier than even the maids. Flynn's first stop was visiting his favorite bar, he twists the door's handle and enters. The only thing left in the bar were drunkards who couldn't be asked to leave, grovelling with their faces pressed on the tables. "Hail, Henry." Jalkanen said as he raised his gloved, left hand. The barkeep nodded whilst cleaning jugs with a towel. "Good morning, Commander or should I say Demander of Drinks." Flynn chuckled at the barkeep's quip to him, it was merely friendly banter even if it did hold some truth, he took a seat at the counter."Oh, don't worry, friend, I won't be staying long. You know I don't drink in the morning." Flynn turned around, his back facing the barkeep. "Are you gonna dispose of these drunkards or are you gonna wait for the local patrol?" His question was merely him asking permission to throw these men out, he knew Henry would allow him. "Well, if you insist on getting rid of them, be my guest." Jalkanen got off his chair and marched towards the men, they had enough alcohol in their system to not notice the commander dragging them out of the bar. One customer, whose plain shirt was soaked with rum or something similar to it, noticed what was happening and decided to confront Flynn. "hEy.. nao... yu juss con't beh.." He would like to finish that sentence but his body gave out as he fell and landed on the floor with a satisfying thud. Flynn grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him out as well. "Bye Henry, tell Martha I said hi." Henry waved as Flynn shut the door to the bar. Flynn's journey through the city was not over as he stopped by several of his favorite spots but alas his free time would have to be cut short as he saw it was time for him to return to the castle.

While on his way towards the castle, he heard a familiar jingle of bells, he knew these jingles by heart and they belonged to none other than the tiny Ema'rri, Flynn carefully listened to the gentle chiming and found Ema'rri to be just a bit in front of him. He picked up the pace until he was almost just beside her. "Good morning, Lady Ema'rri, I see you've visited your beloved bakery." He commented.
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Sushi Muncher

Fyuri's Cult Apostle
Solandis Streets, Kingdom of Yeomna

Interacted: Flynn (@Worthlessplebian), Ema'rri (@Koala)
Mentioned: Elizabeth Bonesse (@Vaudivolt), Fen (@shadowz1995),

"Sky Raiders! Report to the runway! Operation Crimson Thunder is now in effect! I say again! Crimson Thunder is in effect! Scramble! Scramble! Scramble!"

"Corporal! Clear the runway! Sky Raider's taking off in forty-breaths!"

The frigid zephyrs of the winter morning accompanied the legions, as the drums of war announced their approach. One last display of sheer will and undaunted force of Yeomna's best upon a coastal fort. The reprimanding snow would blanket the fallen where they laid. The absent sun concealed their movements, as the dogged soldiers of Solandis marched forth. Where the battle had commenced with sporadic arrays of arrows and bolts, the King's best made their preparations, upon the defrosted landing grounds. Intermittent explosions and battle cries could be heard in the distance, far from the friendly clearing. The snow-laden clearing and the tight grasps of the cloudy sky bodes omen. Upon the frosted grassland, draconian beasts crawled their way towards the end of the camp, where they awaited their knights. Footmen and auxiliaries scurried along, clearing the improvised runway as best they could.

"Morning, sleepyhead. Ready for the big day?" a familiar voice echoed the gray tent, prompting the girl to awaken from her long slumber. A knight in full armor stood tall over the young maiden.

"H-..." the young girl gasped audibly, but could not find her voice. As if the assailant's name before her had been wiped from her memory.

She reached out her hand in disbelief, as her eyes widened. The further she went, the dying lamp would dissipate. Her heart raced, as the young draconian chased after the knight, only to find herself embracing the shadows, as the tent turned pitch-black, as if it was nearing the evening's twilight.

"Come on, little Miko. We have a long day ahead of us..." the knight's voice echoed within her head, this time in form of a reticent whisper.

"W-Wait! Don't go! No!"

A loud gasp, following a few ruffling sounds of the young wyvern escaping the grasps of her blanket. Sweats ran down her weary visage, as the draconian panted for air. Her faint amber eyes diverted towards the window, before narrowing at the sight of the blazing morning sun. The draconian's left hand settled upon her left eye, while her right stretched before her. Studying the dark with her left eye shield from the sun, and her right directed upon her hand, Mikoyan had to make sure that she was fully awakened. Her restless awakening made it hard for her to discern dreams from reality, especially for the last few decades, whence the King was but a young, impetuous Prince. Despite her conjured guise as a young maiden who had not even seen her twentieth winter, the wyvern had seen more than most humans could, and then some upon the wicked battlefields of old. Even now, fragments of her melancholic memories still haunt her to this very day. The night's embrace was far from comforting for a dragon that did not wish to fall victim to the unrelenting nightmares of her past.

All those years of gloom and bitterness had made the wyvern distrustful of humans and their false promises of ever-changing truths - nothing short of lies and deceits. While it was far from self-endowed wisdom, there were truths in what Mikoyan perceived with humans alike. Her hands gripped tightly upon her blanket, as the draconian frowned a bit, pressing herself upon her controversial decision to resume the life of a bonded dragon. While she has yet to decipher the real reason behind her ultimatum to her new handler, a part of her had chosen to do so nevertheless. Perhaps it was her self-entitled right to pity humans, or simply to fulfill her own yearnings to spare Elizabeth from certain death in her tournament's finale. Either way, Mikoyan had perceived it necessary to not dwell on such things, long as her handler did not bother her around the clock, everything else will find a place in it's course.

Sneaking out of her room, Mikoyan donned her usual attires - a white sundress with a loosely fitted officer coat. There was a certain sentiment of longing upon her attachment to her coat, despite being its greater size as compared to her miniature figure. The first order of business for the young wyvern was breakfast, lest her handler drags her to the Dragon Dens for aerial practice again, or even someone else that she dreaded to encounter - Captain Fen Arkus. Where Elizabeth is easily manipulated with her naive views, the Captain of the Dragon Knight's Order, on the other hand however, was a fearsome man. As natural as he was in the arts of war, hunting down a pudding-craved wyvern was as easy as waltzing into hostile's territory on a cloudy night. As the little wyvern made her way down the stone-cold hallways with a few patrolling knights, it almost seemed like she was a natural master in the arts of blending in. Mostly, it was her short height that were all but ignored from the peripheral view of most that towered over her, but Mikoyan would digress. With short heights, came great abilities, she thought, as the wyvern pondered upon the thoughts of frequenting the market district later in the day to obtain free candies and goods from the shopkeepers. Surprisingly, a few juvenile gestures, a high-pitched voice and a flustered face could get her a day's worth of pudding.

"Humans are as gullible as they can be. Hehe. I wonder if Ema'rri had procured for herself some fresh bakeries for the morn'? Would be nice if she saved some for me..." Mikoyan muttered beneath her breath, with an impish smile stretching across her face.

The Dragon's Den housed a landing ground for aerial take-offs, as well as other facilities that would accommodate the Dragon Knights Order's training. Throughout the centuries, the kingdom stood safe-guarded by the King's league of dragonshifters and their handlers. They were everywhere and nowhere at all times. Such was the life of the bonded warriors of the sky and ground. Above all, it was their dedication to the cause. While Mikoyan disregarded the latter, she still took pride in her powers - an innate nature of most dragons since the beginning of time. Where the long hallways had recounted some gleeful and sorrowful memories for the young wyvern, Mikoyan would discern from those thoughts, as she waltzed her way past the castle's guards. Skipping fro and forth, the wyvern merrily paced herself towards the outlying districts that surrounded the towering Dragon Den Castle. Although the palace's chef could fashion for themselves incredible cuisines that were foreign to the eyes of the common folks, Mikoyan had thought it necessary to get some fresh air.

Before long, the clumsy wyvern bumped her head upon a metallic structure, as she turned the corner of the cobbled street.

"Oi! Watch where you're goin', plebeian automaton-..." Mikoyan exclaimed, before looking up at the said structure.

"Commander Jalkanen! Hi! Disregard those words, if you will. That was some other child..." Mikoyan attempted to distract the man from his thoughts upon her calling him a plebeian automaton. Another visage would catch her attention, as the wyvern tilted her head to the side and waved at Ema'rri.

"Are those for me?" Mikoyan pointed at Ema'rri's luggage of bread, before circling around the latter like a child heralding the arrival of her idol.



Disciple of Flame
Recruits and new knights have always complained about having to be up at the break of dawn just to get dragged away to rigorous, soul-crushing training and conditioning. Many recruits look at the knights with dragon partners as a goal to look up to but in reality, it is a goal they probably will never achieve. It has to be the right time for a tournament and even then, only the best of the best gets chosen.

Complain, complain, complain.

Always complaining about the big bad captain and how he doesn't understand. How he is cruel and ruthless. As if he didn't go through that hellish training every single day himself.

Now, his days start well before daybreak, when the sun's colors have yet to place its lips upon the night sky. The Knight Captain rose silently and set about getting ready for the day. He got himself proper and presentable and was strapping the easier parts of his armor before his servant came to assist him with the more difficult pieces. His bracers and greaves always came first along with the leather to protect his joints and the gaps in the armor. Most preferred chainmail and it certainly was the superior option but his habits from the his days of youth in the gladiator pits never left him. It had never failed him in those times. He had no reason to think it would now just because there was a better and heavier option.

Besides, chainmail was a bit irritating when it moved around. It felt like a snake crawling on your skin.

Eventually, the captain's servant knocked on the door and let themselves in. In the past, it was the servant that woke the officer and helped him do his day to day things. Shave, wash, dress, and so on. It was still a custom practiced by most officers but Fen's servant was lucky in the way that Fen liked to do everything on his own. He only needed help strapping on his chest plate, sabatons, and pauldrons. Maybe a few adjustments here or there for a better fit.

Once that was done the captain turned and nodded to the boy. He was attentive but the sleep still lingered in the servant's eyes. He was tired. Understandably. Time and time again, Fen said he didn't require a servant and could do what he needed on his own but certain traditions could not be done away with.

Still, they could be bent quite a lot if you knew how to work it. Fen's youth as a ruthless criminal did not have its perks.

The boy had a family he needed to provide for and working as the assistant of the Knight Captain was a considerably high position for a servant. The deal was only sweetened when the captain was someone who did not like being tended to like so many other, lesser, officers. Fen opened his drawer and reached in with an armored gauntlet. He grabbed a small coin purse filled with the servant's pay for the entire day. He tossed it to the boy and he caught it with a practiced hand.

"Go back to sleep, Warren. Your duties are done for the day."

The boy nodded and quickly retreated back to his own chambers to get some much needed rest while Fen moved to go disturb the slumber of the recruits.

He grabbed his helmet and tucked it under his arm as he pushed his chamber door open.

"Pick up the pace!" Fen roared, his voice cutting clearly over the grunts of effort from the soldiers. They were currently doing push-ups after an hour of harsh combat drills. Normally, combat drills came last but Fen always put it first thing in the morning and once again at the end. Physical conditioning like running, push ups, sword drills, and such came after. It forced the troops to be in a constant state of exhaustion/ fatigue while they trained. That was the real killer on the battlefield. If an opponent was faster than you or stronger than you, that could be dealt with.

But if you tired before they did? That was when your fate was sealed. Endurance was more important than anything and Fen Arkus made damn sure his men would be able to fight to the pits of hell and back before they fell to exhaustion.

"You spineless worms believe that becoming a knight is a dream come true, huh?! Well, I'm here to tell you that it is a God damned nightmare road paved in blood and sweat!"

One of the recruits faltered during his push-up and collapsed. That weakness was rewarded by his Fen "accidently" stepping on his outstretched hand. The weakened recruit started yelling in pain, "You're on my hand! Owww! Hey! Captain!!!"

Captain Arkus looked down with mock surprise,
"Oh. It looks like I've stepped on a pathetic maggot." He twisted his foot while on the recruit's hand and his yell raised another octave, "Do you want me to apologize to the ants I step on as I walk to the market as well?" he growled menacingly.

"Once everyone is finished doing push-ups, you are going to continue doing them until I feel like you are at least a stray mutt. If you falter again, I'll squash you like the insignificant insect you are."

Internally, Fen despised acting this way. Again, his time as a criminal helped mask that distaste and it unfortunately had the side effect of making him very good at being cruel to get the results he wanted. This fresh batch needed to be properly culled first. Seperate the weak from the strong. After all, only the truly worthy could become knights. The rest would remain as common footsoldiers and guards.

It was almost comical the complete 180 Fen's personality took once the men and women passed their training and were anointed as proper knights. He would still be the rough man he always is but he would be respectful and courteous in ways the recruits could never imagine him capable of being. The other knights under his command often teased him as the best actor in the entire kingdom. That Fen should have chased a career in theater instead.

The joke almost caused him to crack a smile while he crushed this boy's hand under his foot. Eventually, he relented and barked at him to continue his push-ups while ordering the rest to stop and take a 5 minute breather before beginning sword drills. It was in this moment that he caught a glimpse of white turning the corner out of the corner of his eye.

Today, his schedule had been for the recruits and the established knights could have the day off or train freely as they wished.

But there were certain members of the army that didn't have that luxury.....

"Sergeant! Take over! Make sure every one of these pissants bleed today."

"Yes sir!"

"I have a certain lizard to educate."


Poor girl. Not even the royal family themselves was going to be able to save Miko when the Captain caught sight of her.

He followed her out at a casual pace. Fen was in no rush to catch up to her. Something would distract her eventually and she wasn't ever very aware of surroundings.

"Oi! Watch where you're goin', plebeian automaton-..."

"Commander Jalkanen! Hi! Disregard those words, if you will. That was some other child..."

Case in point.

Captain Arkus's armored steps quickly closed the distance as she became distracted again with Fen's own companion and partner. The lovely Ema'rri. His gauntlet came down atop Mko's head that very nearly engulfed her entire skull his life-like grip. "Mikoyan! How nice of you to casually stroll by the training grounds when you KNEW that your training today was mandatory thanks to all the times you like to play hooky. Perhaps if you had showed up to training when ordered to, you would be able to enjoy today with everyone else. But alas, you dont... so you won't."

His grip tightened, despite her protests and he started to drag her back by the head. "I'll be with you in a moment, Em. I need to educate this one first."

The only one that got away with being lazy or playing hooky was his draconic companion Ema and that was because he didn't have it in his heart to order his trusted partner in such a way.

"Sir." He greeted the commander with a respectful nod before continuing to drag the squealing dragon to training.

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Elaena Rhywin
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That morning Elaena had woken up feeling more bored than ever, still finding Ciri gone. Her bonded princess had gone off to the border to handle some business her mother was too busy to handle, and she'd left Elaena with a task for the time being. Elaena was to protect the rest of the royal family while Ciri was gone, but she was not to make it obvious whatsoever. It was a fairly easy task for the female Dragon to carry out, seeing as not much seemed to go on near the walls of the castle in Solandis for the time being. There were no more wars to fight, no more flying into battle with Ciri on her back to vanquish their opponents, no more taking flight often and training together all day like they used to; there was just peace. Peace was not a bad thing to most people, but for Elaena, peace meant paperwork and diplomatic work and, most unforgivable of all: it meant boredom. The night before Elaena had dreamt of one of her training sessions with Ciri, as the eldest princess had taken to training Elaena in fighting with a rapier some time prior. It was a good dream and a memory she yearned for, all of which was torn away by the unforgiving light of morning.

Her daily tasks had been quite dull and mainly consisted of watching people and keeping tabs on them. She was to know where all the princes were at all times and hang around close enough to act should anything go wrong, but she didn't need to keep as close of an eye on the king and queen since Ezarah could protect them just fine. The days had dragged on so long that part of Elaena hoped for something to go wrong so there was at least something to keep her interested. Fortunately (or unfortunately) nothing ever did go wrong, and Elaena was forced to spend most of her days simply watching. Had it not been for Sabriel's company and her own escapades into the city streets by night, Elaena might've lost her mind. She was more than capable of taking care of herself and living on her own, but within the confines of Solandis life was incredibly boring to her. Elaena couldn't transform, she couldn't just go about fighting whoever she wanted, and, though she did get the chance to find her way to some tavern and party the night away, even that got dull. A life of confines was not one for a Dragon, and, without Ciri by her side, it was becoming unbearable.

Having woken up early, and slightly groggy from the activities of the night before, Eleana had allowed herself a chance to check on all three princes before they'd woken up before stepping outside into the courtyard. The morning air was fresh and the sun shone brightly as it peeked over the horizon. Elaena took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she outstretched her arms to her side, allowing the morning breeze to wash over her and the light to fade her grogginess away. She was still in her nightgown, having decided that it wouldn't be worth getting all dressed up if it was too early for anyone to see her. Slowly, Elaena made her way to a nearby bench and took a seat, taking some time to look out over the city surrounded by the beautiful flowers and vegetation in the courtyard, which always seemed to allow her to clear her head. It would be a little bit before anybody else woke up, or at least anybody that she cared about, so she took the time to just think. Maybe she'll be back soon... what if she comes back today? That would be nice, and I'd certainly welcome being pulled out of babysitting duty, if only- Her thoughts were interrupted by a maid who was walking by, and looked to be in something of a rush. She turned to look at Elaena and froze for a moment. It was clear to Elaena that she scared the maid, and her nightgown, which was a little more revealing than was proper, probably only served to further fluster the girl. The poor maid was probably trying to decide whether she should say something or move along, afraid that both choices were the wrong one.

Before she could make up her mind, Elaena spoke up, her tone courteous, but somewhat commanding. "Did a prince wake up?" The maid eyed her nervously before nodding her head, prompting Elaena to raise an eyebrow inquisitively. After swallowing hard, the maid spoke up, her voice somewhere between flustered and afraid, which was probably a result of Elaena's reputation. "Y-yes, Prince Mordecai, my lady." With that, Elaena nodded and smiled, turning to look away and back toward the city skyline as the sun continued its ascent up through the sky. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the maid linger for a few moments before finally scurrying off, much faster than when Elaena had initially spotted her walking into the courtyard. Prince Mordecai has awakened, and so my duties for the day begin... Despite the drag that babysitting was, Elaena was given the task by her bonded princess, and she would not let her down. That was not to say, however, that she wouldn't have a word with Ciri about just disappearing for so many days. I wish I could fly again soon. Hopefully with Ciri or Sabriel...
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Papa.. papa, you’re going to be late.

A deep, broken groan left the blonde man’s throat.

“Papa, wake up! You’re going to be late!”

Hal’s eyes fluttered slightly open to reveal crystal blue eyes that were deeper than the sea. His lean, tanned body turned over in an achy fashion, twisting and turning as if he’d been possessed by a demon. Peaking beneath his long, beautiful eyelashes, he watched with amusement as his dearest daughter watched his body contort with horror. Her mouth was agape and she looked as if she’d never seen something so awful before.

“Amelia...” Grumbled the man, his arms reaching outwards towards the small girl. “Amelia... amelia...”

“Papa?” Amelia answered hesitantly as she stepped towards to examine the man. “Papa, you’re not funny like Uncle Silas. Stop i- Eeek!”

The disheveled man had lunged for the strawberry blonde like a tiger pouncing its prey. His lithe fingers viciously attacked her sides and under arms, giving Amelia no time to breathe. The girl let out an array of sounds that ranged from laughter to full on screeching. Her squeamish sounds sent a wave of warmth throughout Hal's stomach as he continued to tickle her. It wasn't until Amelia's face rivaled that of a ripe tomato that the thirty-two year old stopped. His soft lips were curved into a happy, loving smiled as he gave the child an apologetic squeeze and hug.

"Good morning, Amelia." Hal finally said, ruffling her wavy locks as he brought himself to hit feet.

"Good morning, Papa." Amelia sang, giving the man a quick hug around the hips. She looked up at him, eyes wide and glowing with her missing front teeth open for the whole world to see. It was difficult for Hal not to gush; the best he could do was bite his lip to keep from crying. He gave her a gentle pinch on the cheeks before beginning to make his bed, something he was constantly reminded he didn't have to do if he moved with all the other bonded knights.

Moving was he last thing he wanted, however. While he did have quarters near the castle that he could stay in the event he worked late or was required to, he preferred coming home to his daughter. The absence of her mother was already enough for her young mind to handle, so the last thing he wanted was for her to have an absent father too. Most of the knights understood his predicament, though most of them were without child.

"Let's get ready for the day, shall we?" Hal said as he began doing all the things his wife would have done. Cleaning, clothes matching... he'd gotten quite used to doing such things himself after abandoning his family name. In fact, he was quite proud to be able to. There was also a joy that came with teaching Amelia how to be independent and to think for herself. It would do no good if she were raised the way he had been.

Within an hour, the house was in top shape and smelled like the daisies from Guillemin Plants. Hal already had his light armor on under his clothes and his two hatchets on either side of his belt. Opting for his usual black military coat and gloves, he asked Amelia for her ever-so-worshiped opinion. The girl gave an approving nod before slipping her hand into his, knowing full well what was next for their routine. After getting ready, Hal would always drop his daughter off with her grandparents at the shop where she would eat her fill and play all day.

Amelia, with her strawberry blonde locks braided clumsily behind her back, skipped gleefully down the cobblestone road. She hummed an unrecognizable tune, which Hal knew it was of her own creation. The girl was always creating new music though she'd yet to develop the skills to actually write it down. With the young knight being musically illiterate, he couldn't help her like he wished he could.

Perhaps someone in the castle may be able to teach her...

- some time later -

It'd barely been half passed an hour and the knight was already feeling the effect of being without Amelia. His face was glum as he entered the castle, using his status as a bonded knight to pass the guards with ease. They payed him no mind since it was the same thing every day. It would also end up being a regretful moment if one were to ask how the man was doing. He was capable of going on for hours about his little girl and there was no exception for his rants unless you were a royal.

"I miss her." Sighed Hal deeply as he felt his stomach grumble.

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"Good morning, Lady Ema'rri, I see you've visited your beloved bakery."

Ema'rri halted in her tracks, boot heels digging into the crevices of the cobblestone road. The sound of jingling bells followed the motion of her head as she turned to face the man that had addressed her. Her expression was relatively nonchalant, the excitement from waking up early to smell delicious, fresh-baked bread long gone. Replacing her former giddiness were two stuffed cheeks and eyes that spoke of her acknowledgement.

"Gooo muh-ning Fynn-" The purple-haired dragon began as she slowly chewed threw the bread in her mouth. After a couple seconds of heavy chewing and swallowing, the female let out a small cough and nodded. "Yes, Patrick was kind enough to pack me extras. Would you care for some?" Ema'rri held out her brown sack to reveal an array of baked goods. They were of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Some were sweet and moist while some were more tart and dry. If Flynn were to accept, she'd leave it to him to pick. Afterwards, she'd bundle up the opening and toss the bag over her shoulder with great ease.

"Are you making your morning rounds?" Ema'rri asked as she began working on a new loaf of bread. The dragon didn't speak much since her mouth was preoccupied. She only nodded and grunted every now and then to show that she was paying attention. There were a couple occasions where she even held onto the loaf like a dog to keep some early-bird children from falling as they ran playfully. She'd nearly dropped the loaf too and only the gods knew what would've happened then.

A familiar voice tickled Ema'rri's ears as they wiggled in response. The small woman spun on the balls of her heels to face her fellow dragonshifter. She looked the direction Mikoyan was pointing and let out her signature sound. "Ehhhh? How did you know?" Ema'rri mused as she dropped the sack to the ground. Once opened, she pulled out another mini sack that contained her friend's share of goodies. "I would have forgotten if Patrick had not packed the bag himself."

She was about to hand the bag over, a bit hesitantly albeit, when one of her favorite people appeared. Though not the most expressive, her tail and eyes were the best way to ready how she was truly feeling. That being said, it was easy to tell when someone Ema'rri favored was within the vicinity as her tail would always swish with adoration. Her lips curled up ever so slightly as she wandered over, standing next to her towering partner and friend.

Of course, other things were on his mind and that was training. She watched with amusement as Mikoyan was being dragged away, nodding to Fen when he said he would be back for her. Ema'rri couldn't help but hold a gloved hand to her lips as she tried not to chuckle, her tail swishing side-to-side erratically. It was unfortunate for the dragons not paired with Fen because he was notorious for his strict training regime. Ema'rri knew he let her get away with more than he cared to admit when it came to day training, but he was probably aware that she often trained at night whenever her odd sleeping schedule allowed. It wasn't as effective as when she trained with the others, but she wanted to at least do something as a show of respect towards Fen.

"Mmm...?" Ema'rri leaned her body forwards, face turned towards Commander Flynn. "Are you not training today?"

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Yi Kanhou - Courtyard, Dragon Den's Castle - Mentions: Fen, Sabriel - Interacting with: Eleana @Javierzz

A good week had passed since Yi Kanhou had first come to Yeonma to accomplish her role as the Izanagi democracy's ambassador to the Yeonma monarchy. She was to keep the peace between the two countries and make sure their alliance held strong- which was in fact. Since there had been no signs of disagreement or conflict so far, life was leisurely. That wasn't a bad thing, of course. Yi preferred that less instances of drama would plague her daily routines anyways, but to complain about this was unprofessional and heavily unlike her. It would also be ironic as well, considering her high-official position. As a foreign diplomat, she would have to handle negotiating all the good or bad news whether she liked it or not, and that was her choice of career anyways. No turning back now into this partially unfamiliar land.

Her birthplace and where most of her life was spent was the capital of Izanagi, so she was still somewhat unaccustomed with Solandis and the nation itself. The only other time that she stepped foot in Yeonma was when she attended the dragon-bonding tournament to serve as a musician for the event, very much clueless that she would be the one to bond with a dragon. A case like hers was pretty rare in the traditional sense. Atmospheres full of rumors surrounded her for a short period after that, but they were eventually whisked away by the flow of time. Fortunately, that didn't hinder her from progressing on with life moreso than it did heighten her status overall.

In terms of the cityside, the woman did not want to explore nor lurk around the streets of the city, since she caught word of drunkards being thrown into the street almost daily. At least, that was what she heard from the soldiers patrolling the castle. Round-trip visits to pubs and bars were pretty commonplace among army men, she assumed. Nothing that she would stoop so low as to go near one of those and indulge herself in liquid waste. The Dragon Den's Castle, however, was more of what she was used to back at home. A well-kept chamber with maids and servants attending her was a familiar abode to a noblewoman, and the area surrounding her was to be tranquil- well, in Izanagi at least. The military training that took place early in the morning disturbed her sleep, but she had to wake up nonetheless.

The courtyard outside was quiet away from the distant barks of a certain captain putting his up-and-coming recruits into their places. Yi made her way there after donning on one of her hand-sewn dresses and slinging her lute around her shoulder. She didn't think to eat breakfast first, but rather make her way to a place to relax for a bit to come to her senses for the day ahead. Of course, the pangs of hunger still existed, but a look of sluggishness wouldn't present well with others of nobility, especially the royal court. A maid hurriedly rushes by with hands clasped nervously on her dress and boots clacking on the stone below. The Izanagian simply glanced without a change of expression, but she wondered what had caused her strife. Being in the presence of a royal, perhaps? Her inference was partly truth as she stumbled upon the Eldest Princess's dragon, Eleana.

The ambassador would walk into the yard with slightly louder footsteps to make herself aware to the dragon, then curtsy as soon as they locked eyes. Her immodest attire took her by a bit of surprise, but it wouldn't concern her that much as she was more focused on the environment around her- unless the other woman wanted to initiate a conversation. If she remembered correctly, wasn't she acquainted with Sabriel? She was unsure if Eleana knew her too well though.
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Namira Migon
Location: Solandis Dragon Den's Castle, Knight's Quarters | Mentions: @Huntertabbysandshark3 | Interactions: Open
The sounds of the morning should have been music to Namira's ears; the chirping of birds, the soft breeze, the distant clangs of metal on metal as the day's training began for most knights. Unfortunately, that particular morning had not been Namira's finest hour, which was quite ironic considering the night prior had been one of the finest in the young knight's life. She couldn't recall the last time she'd had so much fun, which was weird because she couldn't recall too much of the previous night either, but she did remember lots of laughter, Sarcove's concerned face, dancing, guys, girls, and basically a great time. If only that feeling had carried over to the morning. As Namira's eyelids pulled themselves apart and light reached her pupils, her eyes forced themselves shut again. Namira's head started pounding heavily and her movements were sluggish as she turned to her side on the bed. It was at that point that it dawned on Namira just how hungover she was, and a groggy groan escaped her lips as she pressed her palms to her eyes. Her voice was somewhat faint and rough, clearly affected by all the shouting from the previous night.

After a couple of minutes, Namira was finally able to force her eyes open and hold them that way long enough for them to adjust to the light. She turned on her side looked toward the window with disdain, giving herself some time to gather enough strength to force her body into an upright position so she could start off her day. After a few more minutes, Namira took a deep breath and pushed herself up so she was now sitting upright in her bed, the covers falling from her body as she sat up. "Argh! Why can't they make drinks that don't mess you up like this? Oh f-" Before Namira could continue complaining a bolt of pain tore through her head as she tried to move again, taking her voice and replacing it with pain. The headache only lingered for a minute before subsiding, leaving only a throbbing in its place. Namira's breathing steadied and she finally managed to force herself out of bed, her nightgown clinging to her body awkwardly in ways clothes weren't meant to be worn, with her limbs through all the wrong holes. Namira looked down at herself and chuckled a little, her eyes half-closed and her movements still very sluggish. She pulled her nightgown off and threw it at her messed up bed before walking to her cabinet and pulling some leather clothing which she slipped on surprisingly quickly.

Once the female knight was dressed, she staggered backward onto her bed and sat down, her head in her hands as she attempted to pull herself together and leave her room. Okay Nam, this is the worst you're gonna feel all day, okay? This is rock bottom and you can only go up from here. Make it through an awful hour or two and you'll be fine, you've done this before and you're always fine, right? Okay... now to get Sarco- Before Namira could continue psyching herself up, her thoughts came to a halt as she remembered Sarcove. Her bonded Dragon had gone out with her the previous night and she hadn't remembered much of him after the first few hours, other than the vague memory of clinging to his back at some point. Part of her was worried about where Sarcove ended up the previous night, and the other part was worried that she'd done something which would've driven him away. Since being bonded, Sarcove had grown acquainted with Namira's partying, much like she'd become acquainted with his own quirks. Still, their bond was too fresh, too new, and Namira didn't know how strongly they had been able to build it since then, and she certainly hoped he wouldn't up and leave because she couldn't control herself and scared him off.

Namira tried to stand but found that her headache was now replaced with a dizzying spin that seemed to engulf her vision, sending her back down onto her bed. She closed her eyes for a while and tried to steady herself, firmly planting her hands on the bed next to her legs.
"Sarcove? You around?" Her voice called out, sounding louder and more bothersome than Namira remembered it. She attempted to sound completely normal and unbothered, but her best efforts couldn't hide the grogginess in her voice. Namira could only find respite in the fact that she hadn't seen herself in the mirror, because surely her eyes and hair looked as messed up as her head felt, and that was a reality the young female wasn't eager to come face to face with.

Elaena Rhywin
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Elaena continued staring off into the city, listening intently as the sounds of clashing steel rang in the distance, indicating to her that morning training had begun. Sighing softly, Elaena took a moment to stretch, outstretching her arms upward and pulling her head back to allow her neck muscles to loosen a little. At that moment, strangely enough, Elaena found a certain beauty within the waking city of Solandis. Her refined hearing could pick up hints of chatter as markets opened, and her nose caught the whiff of fresh food being prepared. It was almost foreign to Elaena to think that she sat there at 400 years old, watching something which she'd seen thousands of times and, yet, it somehow felt like it was the first time she'd seen it. For just a moment, Elaena pondered the wonder of human life and the idea that being feeble and ephemeral made every new day and every new sensation almost a brand new set of possibilities for them. Closing her eyes, Elaena allowed herself to feel human and to appreciate everything that was happening around her. The voices of boredom and desire in her mind shouted at Elaena, but she paid them no mind, allowing the morning sounds to drown them out.

As she pondered these thoughts and her mind raced, Elaena's ears heard the pitter patter of footsteps, which seemed to grow slightly more forceful as the got closer. It was clear to Elaena that this wasn't either of the princes or another Dragon, or she would've smelled as much, plus no one she knew approached her that way. When she turned, Elaena raised an eyebrow as she spotted a woman she'd seen around recently, a foreigner to Yeomna. As the woman curtsied at her, Elaena nodded in her direction, a smile creeping across her face. She's a new one... hopefully more entertaining than the majority of people around me these days. The female Dragon looked into the woman's eyes, scanning her expression to gauge how she reacted to seeing Elaena. Much to her surprise, and amusement, the woman didn't seem to be afraid of the White Terror. It wasn't every day that Elaena got to meet someone who knew of her and wouldn't immediately shrink into a fearful wreck, which contributed to the female Dragon's boredom and annoyance. "Greetings, it's a beautiful morning, isn't it? Why don't you come talk with me for a small while? It's too early to be doing much, after all." Elaena's voice was calm and sweet, but firm as she patted the bench she was sitting on, which clearly had enough space for about five people.

Without waiting for the woman to move or respond, Elaena continued speaking, trying to strike up a conversation that would, hopefully, kill some of her boredom. "So, I have not seen you around much before recently and I don't think we have had a chance to meet properly. My name's Elaena, but I'm sure someone has told you that, what is your name if you don't mind me asking?" Elaena's tone was conversational and it seemed to have a hint of genuine interest to it, as this woman wasn't someone the female had been acquainted with previously. Something about her being a foreigner also excited Elaena in a way that she couldn't quite place. Maybe this woman would be different to the rest of the people of Solandis, for a change, and might have something interesting to share with Elaena.


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Kinland Estate, around 30 miles outside Solandis


The Kinland Estate, located around half a day’s ride from the capital city looked like many another of those belonging to Yeomna’s nobility. A fine looking house, with large well-kept-up out-buildings surrounded by several acres of garden. Not a castle, certainly, but a typical fortified manor.

Not as fortified as most, however. What had once been a deep defensive ditch surrounded by a low stone palisade that had been softened by time and flowering vines. The “Fortifications” now did little but serve to keep Sheep out of the front garden, and were now otherwise simply decorative landscaping. Cereza was somewhat scandalized that her Auntie had not spent the sums necessary to maintain her defenses. Of course, this was North-East Yeomna, and far from any of the usual threats.

Cereza dismounted in the handsome stone courtyard, and a stable boy came out to see to her horse. Emerging from the carved front doors was a rather large man who Cereza assumed was one of her Auntie’s stewards. He was sporting quite an impressive pair of bushy eyebrows.

“Good morning. I am Princess Cereza Chaugre.” Cereza introduced herself crisply to the man. No doubt he probably already knew who she was, but there was a ceremony to these sorts of things that she needed to abide by. “I am here to visit my brother. Can you tell Lady Layla that I’ve arrived?”

The steward bowed low. “It is an honor, my lady. I am Donovan - Steward of the Kinland Estate. Lady Layla said we should be expecting you. May I say, I’m very sorry to hear about your father’s illness. He is a great man, and once he did me the honor of shaking my hand.”

“... Your kind words are appreciated. ” Cereza replied.. It was not common knowledge yet of her father’s true misfortune. That even now, he was fighting for his life against an unknown poison. It was why Cereza was here - with Father bedridden and mother taking over most of his administrative duties, it fell to Cereza to deal with the rest. She had just returned from a tour of the new defenses at the base of the Melanoe Mountains. It had been an educational and illuminating, but Cereza desired nothing else to be back in the Capital - where she could keep a watchful eye on her family.

Nethertheless, Cereza offered the steward a small, fake smile. It never hurt to be polite to staff. Mother had taught her when she was young that the goodwill of a servant might make the difference between mediocre food and service, and a pleasant stay indeed - not that she was staying of course, but it was a good habit to keep.

“I will not be staying long. I will require only a fresh horse, if you have one available.”

“Of course my lady,” The steward replied, with a stern nod to the stable boy and another man standing in the stable door before bowing once again. “If it should please you, I can prepare some food?”

“Water will be fine. Take me to my brother, if you will.”

As Cereza stepped into the great hall of the Kinland Estate, she saw where Layla had spent all the money that should have gone on defenses. It was a little jewel-box - every wooden pillar was elaborately carved with dragons and wolves, with garlands of flowers twisting up their length. Every table was polished like armor and fine tapestries hung from the walls. A Large portrait of the Kinland family - Cereza’s Auntie and Uncle, as well as her own mother, full length and clad in the height of fashion, dominated the wall opposite at the end of the hall, nearest the fire.

Cereza, unimpressed with the grandeur did not stop to admire it. She was only here for one thing, and time was short as it was.


A few moments later, Cereza had been taken to a small enclosed garden located at the back of the Estate. It was a gorgeous sight. Bonsai trees lined the perfect lawn in their wooden boxes. To the right hand side of the entrance was a small pond filled with crystal clear water and flowering lily pads and a wooden bridge that crossed the middle so you could look down at the koi carp.

But the Princess only had eyes for what stood in the centre of the meadow.

A Grave. A pair of stone pillars stood as grim guards on either side of it. The grave itself was large, and carved out of onyx. Strands of moss and ivy clung to its base. Words were printed in proud gold on its surface.


The steward had the good grace and tact to silently leave and bow without being dismissed, vanishing back into the manor and gently closing the door behind him. Cereza gently knelt down in front of the grave and slowly slipped off her riding gloves and placed them on the grass, before reaching out and placing her hand on the grave. The stone cold to her touch.

“Hello brother.” She said quietly. “I’m sorry I haven’t visited recently.”

She sat there for a while, the sound of birdsong in her ears. Telling Azazel about everything that had transpired over the last year. She told him about the squabbling of their siblings. How big Mordecai had gotten. How hard Evander has been working and how he was always trying to sneak into meetings with her. She told him about Elaena.

“You would like her, I think. I should bring her to meet you at some point...”

The sound of a twig snapping and a quietly muttered swear word pulled Cereza out of the conversation, but a small smile spread across her lips.

“You never were very good at sneaking up on me, Auntie.”

“It was not one of my finer attempts, I must admit.” A woman’s voice replied. Cereza took a brief moment to gently pry a few of the more stubborn tufts of moss from her brother’s grave before rising to her feet and turning around. She was greeted with a familiar face. A kindly looking middle aged woman wearing fine crimson robes, her black hair tied into a pristine bun. Her eyes matched Cereza’s, and they were filled with affection. This was Layla Chaugre, her mother's younger sister. She had given up her claim to the throne a long, long time ago. More interested in tending to gardens than countries.

“Do I get a hug from my Niece, or are you too old for those now?”

Cereza let out a light laugh, and accepted her Auntie’s offer - who squeezed her so tight it felt for a moment like her ribs might crack. She was finally released, and presented with the woman’s beaming smile.

“I received word from my sister you might visit on your way back from the capital. My, how very graceful you look. Just like your auntie! Will you be staying for dinner?”

The Princess shook her head. “I’m sorry, Auntie. But I’m needed back in the capital. Coming here has already put me behind schedule.”

Layla Kinland nodded sadly, but did not look surprised. “I thought not. Tell me, how is the King?"

Cereza didn’t reply. Apparently that was all Lady Layla needed to hear, as she sighed.
“I see. And Elise?”

“Doing as well as can be expected.” Cereza replied honestly, thinking of when she had last spoken to her mother before being sent on her way. The pair had had quite the fierce argument the night before, with Cereza repeatedly refusing to leave the Capital while father was in dire condition. It had only been when her mother had finally made it an official order that Cereza had finally relented. She regretted her behaviour, truth be told. Her mother needed her now, more than anyone.

“...Forgive me Auntie, I really must be leaving.” She said at last, this time offering Layla a formal bow - causing her to snort loudly and pull her into another awkward hug that caused Cereza’s ears to go slightly pink as she did her best to coax herself out of it.

“One of these days we shall have a seat and a nice long talk, young lady. Don’t think you can dance around me like you do to those silly boys in the training yard.”

Cereza chuckled as she finally prised herself out of the hug, but her Auntie was looking around - suddenly confused.

“Wait a moment my dear, did you come here all alone? Where are your guards? What about that lovely Dragon of yours?”

But Cereza was already moving towards the door.

“I move faster alone,” She replied simply, her white cape flapping behind her in the gentle breeze.

And she needed to return home.
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Being dragged away
Kingdom of Yeomna

Interacted: Fen (@shadowz1995)
Mentioned: Elizabeth Bonesse (@Vaudivolt), Ema'rri (@Koala), Flynn (@Worthlessplebian)

"Ehhhh? How did you know?"

"Wahhhh! Ema, you're the best!" Mikoyan replied, flailing her hands about in excitement.

That was all that was needed for Mikoyan to reaffirm her glowing eyes upon Ema'rri's procurement of her breakfast. Even if Ema had forgotten, Mikoyan would have snatched it from her hands anyways, a wicked wyvern to behold. Ema'rri has been a close friend with Mikoyan for as long as she could remember, neverminding the latter's short-term memories, as well as her negligent personality. The two shared a common cause for their taste with sweet pastries, and with it a certain understanding that grew over time.

"By the divine's grace, I'm sure glad to be far from that grumpy ol' Captain's rea- ... Eh?" Mikoyan remarked, munching on her breakfast, before exclaiming in confusion as a frigidly horrifying sentiment surrounded her, with chills crawling up her spine.


An audible metallic claw found it's grasps upon the draconian's head, as if she was donning a steel crown, albeit against her wishes. It's grips tightened upon her silver head by the second, as an eerie, yet familiar voice reached out to the little girl in distress. Her arms flailed about like a duo of mini-tornadoes that would keep most at bay - the ultimate defensive barrage of most children. The captain would hold onto her head, as she went about throwing her arms in resistance quite comically. It was too late.

"Mikoyan! How nice of you to casually stroll by the training grounds when you KNEW that your training today was mandatory thanks to all the times you like to play hooky. Perhaps if you had showed up to training when ordered to, you would be able to enjoy today with everyone else. But alas, you dont... so you won't."

There was no mistaking that stern, gruff voice. If anything, Mikoyan's luck was to blame for her downfall, with much irony in the predicament she found herself in. Despite being a vigilant and studious person, Mikoyan's carefree lifestyle in recent years had gradually gotten the better of her peripheral awareness. Turning towards her assailant, Mikoyan's eyes narrowed, as her finger pointed in the opposite direction. The wyvern's note about humans being gullible had came back to bite her, and this time, by the very one she dreaded most.

"Miko? She dispatched herself that-a-way, o' hale and hearty stranger! If you would displace yourself with haste, you might catch her! Ow! Ow!" she remarked, only for the Captain's grips to stiffen further. Evidently obvious, her attempts at playing dumb was not helping.

"I'll be with you in a moment, Em. I need to educate this one first." Fen remarked, this time, with a certain look of death in his eyes - to which Mikoyan would concede to.

Being dragged away at the behest of the captain's sheer strength and will, Mikoyan could only abide by her captor's solid clenches. The dragonshifter waved at Ema'rri and Flynn, as Fen kept her in tow towards the Dragon's Den staging field. Fen's words were of certain truths. Mikoyan had eluded training at the cost of her current predicaments. Deep down, however, there was a certain melancholic sentiment that the girl did not wished to be reminded of. The rainy and sunny days that she had spent with her previous handler was all but joyful ever since the latter's departure. Perhaps it was gloom that made her strayed far from the nostalgic locales where she once frequented - a coping mechanism for most humans and now, the dragonshifter herself. Nevertheless, she was still a bonded dragon, and with it came the burdens of keeping the kingdom intact. To Mikoyan, the best way to go about it was to avoid the battles altogether. Where other knights and their dragons yearned for the skies, the semi-pessimistic wyvern had wanted to remain on the ground as best she could. But for how long? She wondered, pondering upon Elizabeth's upcoming as her new handler. While she could distract the young woman with endless chores and drilling her into fetching the wyvern her pudding, Elizabeth's conviction was not a thing to be underestimated. In time, Mikoyan would have to confront her knight, with much disdain, given their contrast in personality and perspectives. But for now, the wyvern would have to abide by the captain's orders. Where she could not protest with her strength, she would with her childlike exclamations.


Right about now, Mikoyan would be pondering upon what affectionate deeds she could do for Elizabeth. Bribing her heart like so, that she would perhaps show up and dissuade Fen from dragging Miko to training. But alas, it was time for the wyvern to pay her dues of long-procrastinated consequences.



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sarcove del'keys
Location: Solandis Dragon Den's Castle, Knight's Quarters | Mentions: | Interactions: Namira @Javierzz
coiled on the floor the inside one of the knights quarters was a strange sight, a figure covered head to toe in armor the creature was clearly a dragonshifter the long tail that was tipped with what appeared to be a axe like blade, covering the being back was a large set of wings being used as a makeshift blanket, this being was sarcove he had grown accustomed to simply laying in this spot inside namira's room, especially after her tendencies to party until drunk, sarcove of course stuck around for the entire time she was there, namira almost managed to start a bar fight sarcove hadn't stepped in a dragged her home and spending most of the night standing there watching her. only now did namira's hungover fumbling wake the half sleeping dragon, his wings folding themselves back into a not blanket like position.

sarcove wondered if his father knew who would win the tournament already? this in all honesty was worse than his father breathing down his neck about everything, sarcove felt like he was looking after a child half the time although he just assumed that now it worked the young fledgling hand only been bonded for a few week and already things had been a trial by fire, although his determination saw him through so far, how long this would last would depend. regardless he finally got up for his spot sarcove was surprisingly tall now that he was standing his full height. he called back to namira who was fumbling around like a idiot
yes namira i here i've been here all night seriously you need to cut back a little i can't babysit you all day" he sighed trying to pick the girl up off her bed in a attempt to help her with her hung over state.
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Flynn Jalkanen Knight Commander
Location: Streets. Mentions: Captain Arkus, Mikoyan. Interactions: Ema'rri.

Flynn let out a small chuckle when he saw Ema's stuffed face with baked goods."Is that so? I should visit this baker sometimes." He said as he moved his hand to grab the most driest piece of bread in the bundle, he moved his helmet slightly upward, he took a small bite before slipping his helm back down. His quiet chewing was followed by "Nice bread, now I definitely have to visit this Patrick." Flynn pulled a brown, leathery satchel that dangled on his right hip, it had the kingdom's crest imprinted upon it, the satchel came with the armor and Flynn often times used it to carry various items in it. He pulled out a small cloth and wrapped the bread with it, making a small neat bow on the top, he then placed the bread in the satchel."Yes, my unofficial rounds, some of my advisers say I shouldn't be concerned with the common folk and to let the other lower-ranking knights handle it but what's the point of being the commander, the one who leads the kingdom's army without knowing what's at stake? If I hadn't learned patience during my early years I would've dismissed them." Flynn's tone during his rant was deep and gruff, he didn't have any hate for the advisers but he hated their ignorance.

Flynn let out a small sigh."But enough about my problems--" Flynn was cut off as a small creature bumped into him, being the trained veteran his body instantly stiffened as to not get moved by who or what bumped him.

"Oi! Watch where you're goin', plebeian automaton-..."

By those words alone, Flynn knew who it was that ran into him, of course it was Mikoyan.

"Commander Jalkanen! Hi! Disregard those words, if you will. That was some other child..."

Jalkanen had a heavy smirk beneath his helmet, the backpedaling Miko did when she found it was him had an uplifting and gleeful effect on him. He was about to dismiss her worries when he saw Captain Arkus sneak up behind her and grab her head, his smirk grew ten times larger.


Jalkanen had high respect for the Captain, a fine warrior, a staunch personality and possibly the only one who isn't overburdened with bureaucracy , he trusts Captain Arkus as Flynn knew he would not betray him and the kingdom.


Was his only response but his tone had changed into a formal and respectful form. He turned his head towards Ema'rri to answer her question.

"I am training today although that would be later with the other veteran knights. Hhhhmmm, I think I'll visit the training grounds early today to surprise the recruits." Flynn snickered at the thought. He tightened his gloves as he picked up the pace towards the castle.



Mentions: Mordecai, Ema'rri, Elaena / Interactions: N/A​
The morning had been like any other for Ira, the red haired dragonshifter traversing through the lower levels of the Kingdom's infrastructure, stopping to greet a few familiar faces as he made his way towards the castle. As had become a habit during the last half century, Ira had taken the longer scenic route to the castle, passing by the stables where several grooms were busily taking care of the horses early morning needs; some being prepped for their riders. Instinctively, Ira's stomach rumbled at the sight of prey. The thought of devouring a horse quickly stealing his attention as the teasing temptation caused him to subtly lick his lips. Alas the days of hunting for game were long since gone and such thoughts were now mere fanciful whims that would soon be forgotten once he made his way into the castle, a quick trip to the kitchen being on the agenda before meeting up with Mordecai. Truthfully however, Ira had not taken this route for the mere sake of it, rather Ira's intentions at taking the longer route to the castle had been for a more pressing concern; it was to avoid troubling matters that tended to arise along the normal way.

For Ira, the once pleasant journey past Patrick's Bakery had long since become something to avoid for the sake of his own health. The dangers that lurked in that part of the neighbourhood being far too much to handle whilst still generally half asleep. Despite the alluring aroma of crisply baked pastries being a welcomed assault to the senses, the price he had to pay for daring to take a whiff had now become a price too steep. One particular early bird clientele; the younger mischievous Ema'rri, was simply 'too' much for him during the early hours of the day. Her devilish addiction to the puff pastries putting Ira's own fondness to shame. Whilst there was no animosity between the two, Ira to put it simply lacked the energy required to deal with her at that time of day, especially after one of her pastry highs.

Sighing at the thought of having to endure another one of those episodes, Ira quickened his pace towards the castle, taking a left turn past 'The Minced Crow'; one of many taverns that dotted the kingdom and often housing several drunkards that had stayed the night; which again appeared to be the case as Ira overheard the tavern owners wife cussing away from the room above; the reason apparently being the fault of three men whom had stayed the night; gambling with her husband. Apparently two barrels of mead had been promised to the victor at no expense; aside from the lack of profits that the tavern owner would accumulate. "Humans and their whimsical problems" muttered Ira, laughing coyly as he walked towards the town center.

Now standing in the town square, Ira watched as gallons upon gallons of water spewed forth from the statue's head, splashing against the surface below in an rhythmic chorus of splashes; each individual droplet glittering against the morning light before melding into one once more. A true work of art this statue was, its creator long since deceased even before Ira had been hatched out of an egg. Glancing down at his own hands, an expression of deep thought prevalent across his face, Ira struggled to even fathom how these humans had become so skill full with their hands, the mastery level of detail required to go into such intricate design being so out of reach for him. One could only imagine what other marvellous creations this master artisan could have produced had they been favoured by the god of time, much like the dragons were. Brushing aside the admiration that Ira had for the statues ancient creator and returning to the 'present' day, Ira began to take in the sights and sounds once more.

All around the town square, the hustle and bustle of the cities people had began to increase in vigour, the sight of shopkeepers preparing their stores for morning trade occurring all around him whilst other townsmen began to push their way past one another to get to wherever it was that was so important to them. Further down, a group of women had began to arrange a beautiful display of flowers, their attempts aided by a young boy and his younger sister; both of which bared a resemblance to the oldest lady at the stall. The scene drawing a small smile across his face, their youthful innocence a sure sign that the lives within Solandis were at peace. A luxury that he had hoped with last many years longer.

To his immediate right, two village kids stared at the famous statue; their childlike innocence glowing brightly behind glazed eyes full of wonder as their mouths hung agape in conjunction with the maturing imagination that had began to run rampant within them. Dreams, aspirations and designs for the future all being given birth in that single moment. It was times like these where Ira couldn't help but wonder if new aspiring dragon riders were being born before his very eyes. Mere Moments in their early lives that would leave lasting imprints towards the journey their life would follow. Whilst Ira could not even comprehend what it would be like to imagine riding another dragon, he could still relate to the idea of aspiring for something for larger than himself; his own hatchlinghood drawing comparisons to the two human children next to him. For Ira, it was the aspiration towards becoming a dragon worthy of the name, a dragon with whom others of his kind would not look down upon because of his inherent differences, but would look up to for his accomplishments despite those differences.

Wanting to fuel the growing fire within these boys, Ira pondered the idea of transforming before them; to show them the real thing instead of the imitation sculptured before them. The desire to push them in the direction of becoming future heroes of the Kingdom.

On second thought, perhaps it wouldn't have been such a good idea to transform here; the sudden appearance of a large dragon in the town square would have proved more troublesome for the townsfolk and in turn become a hassle for the royal family to deal with. Likewise it would have been severely out of character for Ira to have become the troublemaker among the current crop of Dragon shifters charged with protecting Solandis. For Ira, the dragon shifters as well as their riders had an image to uphold in front of the general populace; an image of strength, power, professionalism and respectability. They were the pillars that helped support the Kingdom's growth and prosperity.

Alas, Ira despite all his wishes to remain the ever 'professional', could not withhold such desires much longer and instead relented towards a compromise; reasoning that his decision to fuel the fires within these aspiring heroes were in fact for the benefit of the kingdom rather than for his own whims. The kingdom itself would always need aspiring Knights and Dragon riders, given how temporary they seemed to be in the grand scheme of things and pushing these two boys in that direction could be nothing but beneficial for the future. A smile spreading across his face, Ira's human form began to shift; his back arching forward ever so slighting as crimson red wings began to sprout forth from his shoulder blades, the scale like appendages accompanied by the contrasting midnight blue inner membrane between each 'finger' of his wing. From atop his head, two large horns had burst forth; crimson spikes reaching a length of 15cm on either side stretching skyward.

With eyes of shock, awe and wonder; the boys had watched with glued fascination as the man standing to their left had began to transform; the crimson red wings and horns appearing along his body revealing to them what he truly was. More than a man and more than a beast, standing before them was the living breathing incarnation of the statue that had only a short while captured their childish imaginations. Fear had naturally gripped at their hearts as each boy took a few step backwards; their bodies quivering from both fear and excitement towards the marvel standing before them. It was only natural for these boys to feel scared towards the dragon shifter, the ruthless predator at the apex of the worlds food chain, yet the kind hearted guardian whom had pledged his soul for their benefit. Enamoured with the beast before them yet pumped full of the adrenaline a prey animal would experience near its demise, the boys were lost for words. After all if a dragon truly desired it; they would be little more than livestock, lamb and cattle waiting in line for the slaughterhouse.

Like the two boys had done, the other citizens presently in the town square had stopped their activities, attention directed towards Ira whom had inadvertently silenced the town square during his transformation. A few audible gasp's could be heard from among the crowd as they watched the change take place right before their eyes; a silence washing over them once completed. "Master Ira!" shouted an ageing man from within the crowd, the senior sitting atop a horse pulled wagon full of wares. "How fares the young Prince? How fares the royal family?" he questioned, others joining in with his questioning with a few of their own queries. As was to be expected from the citizens, the love, care and support they held towards the Royal family clear as day.

"Prince Mordecai is doing well, as is the royal family" replied Ira, a forced smile spread across his face as he addressed the crowd. He saw no need to worry them with news of the Kings recent condition remaining the same; nor was it really his position to do so despite his position. "Has there been more news regarding the king?" the same man inquired once more. "The King rest's, as is to be expected of one in his condition" Ira's response again short and too the point, not wishing to overstep or misinform the populace.

Eyes honed in on the man with a million questions, Ira watched attentively as the man began to speak once more, no doubt prodding for more answers to sate his curiosity, however there were to be no more questions today as Ira quickly cut him off. "Alas, citizens of Solandis!. I regret to inform you that I am running late for my meeting in the castle. Thus to apologize for my quick departure, I will carry your thoughts and prayers with me to the royal family" finished Ira, his wings rising upward as he readied himself for a leap skyward; the resulting push downward causing the wind to rush past the gathered citizens as Ira took to the sky, heading towards the Castle courtyard. Whilst it may have appeared to be an excuse to dismiss himself from the attention of the crowd, Ira did want to get to the castle as soon as possible for other reasons; one primarily having to be Elaena whom Ira had noticed remaining in particularly close proximity to Mordecai.

Whilst Ira respected the older dragon, he could not stand idle and watch as she kept close watch over his Knight. Mordecai was his charge and his to watch over and despite being the weaker of the two shifters, Ira was fully capable of protecting Mordecai in his own right.



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Yi Kanhou - Courtyard,Dragon Den's Castle - Mentions: Sabriel, Iravos - Interacting with: Eleana @Javierzz

As Yi walked closer to the dragon with a calm air around her, her attention wavers to the noises of Solandis that were muted in the background. The general population was rising to the brink of work time as they always had been for a very long time, she supposed. Even if she wanted to stay back at the castle to avoid all the hustle and bustle of the common folk, they did provide a sense of homeliness and nostalgia. A sudden memory flashed back in her mind of a lone girl, standing at the balcony's rails of an upscale mansion. She would be gazing out into her household garden with village commotion reaching her ears every so often. Her parents had advised to not step foot into the neighborhoods of the lower caste, and she heeded that as obediently as she could. But, her mind always wandered and wandered. She seemed to face the way the flowers blew in the wind, yet the clunking of lumber in the distance would distract her every time. Funny how that girl was here again, in a similar situation with a similar environment. Distracted by the same old things.

Yi hadn't noticed that she was staring off into the urban horizons beyond the castle for around half a minute now. Whenever a brief recollection such as that crossed her mind, she tended to stay on it for a while. After days and days of boredom, this method worked the most in keeping her occupied with some thought besides music and tailoring. It was rude etiquette to gaze elsewhere when a person, especially one of high standing, was trying to initiate conversation with her. But, she originally assumed there was to be nobody at the courtyard this early and took it upon herself to take temporary refuge there. She was still in the mindset of solitude, not used to conversation right as she woke.

"Greetings, it's a beautiful morning, isn't it? Why don't you come talk with me for a small while? It's too early to be doing much, after all."

Elaena's inviting words snap her out of her time-travelling trance and cause the foreigner to glance back, blinking to adjust her eyes and regain awareness. Yi remains blank-faced for a few seconds before returning an equally gentle smile, although not an eager one. Her energy level was still at its lows in this point of time. She was surprised that the dragon would allow to sit next to her as well, but accepted her friendliness and straightened out her dress before sitting down a respectable distance near Elaena.

"So, I have not seen you around much before recently and I don't think we have had a chance to meet properly. My name's Elaena, but I'm sure someone has told you that, what is your name if you don't mind me asking?"

To that question, Yi reaches for something in her pocket and pulls out a slightly worn notebook the size of her hand. She flips to a certain page and stops on a ink-written message that stated, "Yi Kanhou, Foreign Ambassador to Izanagi." The mute woman was well-prepared in small talk, and so procured a whole directory of common responses to common questions that she got frequently. Some people become taken aback or clueless to the fact that she was incapable of speech, but she was used to that by then. An pre-written explanation that was right to the point would get them to stop inquiring about her condition if needed. Having introduced herself, she then flipped to the subsequent page. "I am the bonded partner of Sabriel, though I am not a knight." The mention of him could possibly bring a sense of familiarity between her and Yi, since they both shared a mutual friend.

For the second time, the Izanagian took her eyes off of Elaena, but not back to Solandis this time. The winds from the flaps of a certain dragon's wings produced a faint, whipping sound above. She could spot a silhouette flying towards the direction of the castle, though the glaring of the rising sun caused her to squint and blink a few more times. No idea who they were, but must be reporting for training, she thought.​


ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

His soft humming filled the room, a pleasant tune for any and all to hear. The sound of servants rustling around his quarters were often met with momentary pauses, many of them enchanted by the music blessing their ears. A few glances their way would usher them on, but that didn't help their looks of awe.

Sabriel let out a small cough. "Perhaps I should leave so you all may finish your duties?" He had been sitting on his window seat, watching the sun rise and the city stir alive. The location of his perch gave him the perfect view of the courtyard as well, which he could see was beginning to color itself with life as well. Taking his eyes off the three, the male turned his head towards the servants that had stopped dead in their tracks, as if they were fearful for what would come next.

"At ease, ladies ," spoke the dragon as he stood from his spot, traditional Izanagi clothing flowing like a stream behind him. After being there for nearly a decade, he had taken quite a liking towards their culture. It was evident in the way he dressed and how his hair had grown much, much longer. Even the fan he held, a lovely gift from his partner, was intricately designed by some of the grandest Izanagi artisans themselves. He wouldn't dare be caught without it.

Gliding towards the door, he heard one of the girls attempt to hold in her cough. Unfortunately, she failed and ended up spattering a fit into her hands. Sabriel paused and took out the small handkerchief he kept handy in the breast pocket of his gown. Taking one of her small hands into his, he lightly placed it above her palm and rolled clasped her fingers above it. "Take care of yourself. You are too beautiful to allow yourself to fall ill."

With a slight nod, he began the brief journey towards he courtyard. Much of the decor and design of the castle had remained the same over the years. The only things that really changed were the faces. There were plenty of people he could not recognize and that bothered him in the most annoying way. With being one of the eldest, he took pride in knowing everyone but he supposed the inevitable would have happened due to his absence.

How unfortunate, Sabriel thought as he found himself entering the courtyard. He began to fan himself slowly, eyeing the very familiar trio. Ira was flying in the air doing god knows what while his beloved friend Elaena was casually sitting with Yi, his partner. While he had seen the two quite often during the last week, Ira was a fresh face to lay his eyes on after so long.

Lips curving slightly, he stepped forwards and nodded. "It has been many moons Ira. Has that young dragon Ema'rri been treating you finely? Where is she? I imagined you two be bonded at the hip by now."

LOCATION: Courtyard


INTERACTIONS: @Javierzz, @jakthemenace, @Phayne




Mentions: Ema'rri / Interactions: Sabriel @Koala Yi @jakthemenace Elaena @Javierzz

A familiar voice echoed from the courtyard below; a voice that Ira had not heard in just about a decade yet one that he wouldn't quickly forget, after all what was a decade to a dragon if not a mere speck of time gone by. Whilst the tone of voice itself was enough to bring a face to his memory, it was the subtle teasing that had truly confirmed who it was that beckoned him from the ground and with that memory came the habitual reaction from Ira.

One palm to his face, Ira silently cursed his misfortune as he ceased his flight and began descending towards the ground. Despite his wishful desire to ignore the obvious taunt, he simply could not let Sabriel get away with that jibe, much less have others get the wrong idea. Those others were of course the young woman with whom Sabriel had been bonded to all those years ago as well as Elaena, dragon to the Princess and thus his superior in both age and rank. Of course, that didn't take away from the personal gripe that he held against her. Pride would not allow him to accept that another bonded dragon had taken it upon herself to keep an eye upon his Knight; that gripe of course was second only to Sabriels current teasing.

"Many moons yet still your perverse sense of humour has not changed. Will you give it a rest already" insisted Ira, landing a few feet away from the trio and slowly reverting back to a mere human. "Elaena" he nodded towards the older dragon; putting his issues aside momentarily, "Lady Musician" he addressed Yi, unsure of what her name was and unaware of her inability to speak. All he knew about her was that the 'fool' standing opposite him had chosen her to be his rider; a musician from the lands of Izanagi. That of course had caused quite the uproar during the tournament, the knights who had gathered in hopes of being selected by Sabriel the first to throw a hissy fit. All that being said.. what human would dare say no to a 400+ year old dragon.

Greetings given, Ira briskly made his way towards Sabriel, quicky wrapping his arm around the older dragon's neck and pulling it towards himself, away from any potential eavesdroppers. "How many times have I told you before, there is nothing going on between me and Ema'rri" spoke Ira, his voice rather low and hopefully out of hearing distance of the others. "Besides, I highly doubt that she'd be interested anyway... you know what she's like" finished Ira, releasing Sabriel from his grip and turning to face the two women again a faint hint of red upon his cheeks.

"Pay no heed to this fools ramblings. Just the idle fantasies of a dragon incapable of growing up"



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Namira Migon
Location: Solandis Dragon Den's Castle, Knight's Quarters | Mentions: None | Interactions: @Huntertabbysandshark3
The moment Namira heard Sarcove's voice from within the room, her eyes went wide and she froze in place, her muscles tensing and her grip on her bed getting tighter. I just changed... in front of him... Stupid! Stupid Namira! How could you forget that he sleeps here? I swear I- Before she got a chance to scold herself further, Namira felt someone grab a hold of her and pick her up as if she were a toy. She shrieked for a moment and tried to push herself away, but the dizziness came back to her and she had no choice but to cling to her armored Dragon. The red in her face wouldn't fade, but she managed to calm down a little, realizing that, being a Dragon, Sarcove probably wasn't all too bothered with her changing. Besides, he was probably feeling more annoyance from having to care for the drunken girl so his mind was probably occupied with that. It was an odd feeling for Namira to have someone. She'd always had to take care of herself and try and fight for her own interests and desires, and while her own mentor had provided her with a home and with equipment, she was rarely present in Namira's life after they moved to Yeomna, mainly due to her line of work, until one day she'd just never returned.

Even though Sarcove was a Dragon, Namira felt safe with him, but by no means comfortable enough to have no shame around him, after all, she was still a young woman and had some sense of shame. Regardless, that was not the time to be dwelling on the careless mistake she'd made; she needed to get ready and be out to train with Sarcove. The two had only been bonded for a couple of weeks and they needed to train together to learn how to fight and work in sync. "H-hey Sarco, I'm sorry for last night and... um, thank you for looking after me." Namira's words came out with a hint of regret as she knew how bad she could get after a night out, and poor Sarcove had to deal with her himself. His comment about having to take care of her all day did kind of bother her, and she immediately raised her head and talked back, her voice filled with annoyance and slight anger. "Well don't worry about that because you won't have to take care of me all day, I can do that myself!" Namira pouted a little, angrily looking away from Sarcove. He reminded her of her father at that moment, always trying to tell her she needed to be taken care of like some incapable idiot.

"Take me to the stand over there, please, then I can walk myself..." Namira's tone was more apologetic and soft this time, as she was starting to regret her outburst after Sarcove had helped her so much. At the stand, Namira climbed off of Sarcove and stood for a moment, holding herself on Sarcove's shoulder for stability before letting go as the dizziness faded. She looked at the gleaming steel armor and the beautifully embroidered cloak she wore and, more importantly, she found her silver rapier and picked it up, swinging it around a few times. Her movements were considerably less sluggish than they'd been just a few minutes prior and, even though her head was still killing her, Namira was feeling fine enough to force herself to move normally. Deciding that her training wouldn't need her armor, Namira only grabbed her belt and strapped it on, sliding her rapier into its sheath. "Alright, Sarco, let's get outside! We can do some training and maybe a little sparring!"

Elaena Rhywin
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Elaena eyed the woman curiously and tilted her head to the side as she pulled out a notebook and began flipping through the pages instead of answering her immediately. The female dragon then raised an eyebrow as she proceeded to answer her, reading off of her notebook. That was certainly... odd, to say the least. Elaena had expected a straightforward answer, which she got to be fair, but not this. Now she was really intrigued by this woman, who introduced herself as Yi, an ambassador to Izanagi and... Sabriel's partner? I should have known as much. Actually, he should have told me as much! Either way, this day is proving to be much more interesting than I had originally anticipated... A curious smile extended on Elaena's lips as she now turned her body a little more so it was facing Yi. Elaena was determined to get something out of this woman, whether it be some interesting facts and information, or a nice conversation. "Well, where are my manners? I welcome you to the city of Solandis, Lady Yi. I do hope your stay has been enjoyable and wish you success with whatever you are here to accomplish." Elaena bowed her head respectfully, still smiling at Yi, deciding to keep her words short with this one and give her time to process everything she was saying and find an appropriate response. She was unsure of whether the ambassador had some type of speech impediment or if her political leash was so tightly around her neck that she was only allowed to say certain things, and both options only served to further intrigue her.

"Speaking of which, pardon me if it's not information you wish to disclose, but what exactly is it that you are doing here?" Her words were soft, but in her tone, there was a hint of excitement, which was due to this being one of the very few people Elaena had interacted with that she didn't find dull. Before she could get a chance to watch and listen for the woman's response, a familiar scent caught her as the sound of flapping wings reached her ears. It was Ira, who wasn't someone Elaena would pay much mind to, but then a second scent entered her nostrils: Sabriel. Elaena turned to see the male Dragon standing there and calling to Ira. He was one of the few people who Elaena ever called "friend," and, with Sabriel, she even went as far as to call him her dear friend. Sabriel was certainly a welcome sight to her eyes, especially now that Yi was there with the both of them, and perhaps he could answer some questions regarding his partner. Despite Elaena never really being impressed with people she met, Sabriel always struck a chord with her due to his elegance and beauty. He would, of course, ruin all of that "pizzaz" when he opened his mouth and started trying to womanize every which way, but Elaena knew him, truly knew him, and she never felt bothered by his teasing ways. Strangely enough, she enjoyed Sabriel's attitude and found it incredibly entertaining, despite the fact that, if any other person she didn't desire spoke to her that way, she'd surely make them regret it.

She was so caught up thinking about Yi and Sabriel that Elaena hardly noticed Ira's landing in the courtyard, the gust of wind from the red Dragon's wings blowing past her as she paid them no mind. It wasn't until Ira verbally acknowledged Elaena that she remembered her attire, which she'd only kept on because she'd expected to not have too many people see her at that time of day. Unfortunately for her, there was now a small crowd of people and she was still in somewhat immodest garments, but by that point, Elaena had accepted her situation and decided it'd be best to just ignore it. "Greetings, Iravos," the female Dragon started as she stood and turned to greet the two male dragons, "and Sabriel, dear, we have much to discuss. I happen to have just met your lovely partner, who you must have forgotten to introduce me to!" Elaena's tone was cordial and friendly, but there was an air of slight annoyance at being kept in the dark, by her dear Sabriel no less. It was bad enough that they hadn't seen each other for years before he suddenly returned with the girl by his side, but now he was keeping secrets from her? "I must say she is quite an interesting girl and beautiful, too. I can certainly see why you chose her as your partner." Elaena then allowed a chuckle to escape her lips at Ira's comment, clearly flustered by Sabriel's quip. "Oh, don't worry, Iravos. A man foolishly trying to convince that he feels nothing for a woman is nothing new," she quipped back, turning Ira's comment on him with a sly grin on her face. "Do give Ema'rri my regards when you see her," she finished, her grin extending to reveal her sharper-than-normal teeth, which Elaena sometimes briefly flashed for the sake of appearances. As it turned out, the day was surprisingly entertaining, for once.
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Sarcove Del'keys
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The moment Namira grabbed into Sarcove he felt like he was about to fall over, he wasn't the most experienced in the field of being bipedal,having to use his tail like a third leg to maintain balance, Sarcove was glad he didn't totally fall over. Now that would be embarrassing he would have had a worried look on his face if his helmet wasn't covering his head thankfully it was. Though Namira's response was sort of to be expected but it did seem to show that she wasn't totally plastered now
"Namira i'm sure you can, it's just because you're hungover everything should be fine soon".

As Namira asked sarcove took her over to the stand, allowing himself to be used as a support by Namira, then stepping back to allow her to do her thing his wings folding into a sort of half cap upon his armored body. It was good to see Namira was right about being able to do the rest by herself it would be degrading of he had to literally dress the girl, after she hand finished with grabbing her equipment namly her rapier Sarcove headed to the door of the room as Namira said they should go out for training. Although the prospect of sparring was a interesting one, he couldn't see how that would end well for the girl or for him. He would probably fall over immediately.

"Yes let's get out of here i think we might have missed some training it's a little bit late in the morning well for me at least, anyway let's get going"

Sarcove opened the door as he said that.
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Yysara, the Unforgiven

Yysara simply scoffed, raising one hand up to the prince with a rather rude gesture. "I'm practically your age, princeling. Don't get too ahead of yourself, I'm sure hundreds of idiotic little boys would line up just to give me a glance," she said with a sly look to her face, all while continuing her predatory circling. Her body titled to the side to avoid his attack, though her eyebrow rose upon seeing it as simply a feign. Her footing skittered, before she was back to the perfect circling.

"You know," she mustered, before her leg was brought up to her side in a flash. Her body was straight, but her leg was coiled up against her like a viper. In an instant, it struck out to land against his thigh. Not nearly enough to knock him over, but enough for a good bruising later on. She often made quick and deliberate strikes, wearing out her opponents without them even realizing it. Chambering the kick back in and slowly lowering it, she went back to her circling.

"With all the beatings I give you, I'm sure none of the other idiotic shifters could beat you in their human forms. Idiots probably rely too often on their dragon form," she finished, her body moving as she spoke to 'block' any hits he may of sent at her. They still stung her arms and legs quite a bit, but it was better than getting rocked in the face suddenly. "Some of them are like actual children, it's quite disappointing. Though I don't know what I was..." She slowed down in her speaking, before she saw the right opportunity.

A punch was coming rather quickly to her face, curtesy of Evan. Her non-dominant moved forward, striking against his wrist as the punch came closer to landing. His arm was pushed to the side, before she snaked her own arm around his. The height was a bit of a disadvantage, but she could easily solve. Her dominant hand shot forward, making an 'L' with her thumb and forefinger. It caught under his chin, forcing his head back rather quickly. The next part was something Evan was likely used to.

Stepping forward, her leg kicked forward and back, hooking around his own. The moment he was even a bit unsteady, she forced his head down and completely took a leg out from under him. A classic and basic sweep, but it was enough to send a puff of dirt up. Now on a knee next to him, Yysara simply gave him a rare but bloodthirsty smile.

"Expecting," she said, finishing her previous thought.

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Yi kept a straight demeanor as she looks up to gauge Eleana's body language, seeing whether or not she would have to elaborate on her condition. She was unfortunately born mute, but her mental development wasn't affected in anyway by that. She would just have to prove that she wasn't challenged by the many onlookers she had to face during her climb up the government ladder. But as the dragon seemed to grow even more interested, no further explaining was needed. The mute was relieved that she was open-minded or nonchalant enough to ignore the fact that Yi couldn't converse as freely as she could.

"Well, where are my manners? I welcome you to the city of Solandis, Lady Yi. I do hope your stay has been enjoyable and wish you success with whatever you are here to accomplish...Speaking of which, pardon me if it's not information you wish to disclose, but what exactly is it that you are doing here?"

As Eleana bowed her head at her, she bowed back at a lower angle. She wanted to establish a good rapport that they were more or less equals, but she was still sitting in front of the princess's dragon, whose master was the heiress in line to the throne. Respect and social standing was a huge part of her moral code, and she resolved to follow it even in casual encounters. It wouldn't hurt for the added politeness, right? Yi nods at her welcoming words with a pleased expression on her face, satisfied that so far there haven't been any tensions. The moment she picked up her notebook again to turn to yet another planned answer, the flapping of wings get closer and closer. She barely manages to turn to a page that stated, "I have visited Yeonma for the purpose of keeping our alliance with each other stable and communicating in place of Izanagi for anything concerning foreign affairs."
The resulting gusts then blow the book out of her dainty grasp and out of her immediate field of sight. Its pages flip in the wind as it lands in a nearby shrub, but its destination was unknown to Yi.

The loss of her most efficient way of communication was one of the only rare times where she showed any visible freak-out. Especially one so early in the morning, as well as in front of three other dragons (including her partner). She was inevitably going to make a fool out of herself and she did, she thought as she sprung up to search for it as quickly and silently as she could. Considering her, the ambassador would be so focused that she would have blocked out all sorts of noise and argument in the background. Meaning, she paid no heed to Sabriel and Ira butting heads with each other. If she had, she would have been disgruntled that their conversation was interrupted by a tease taken personally. This time though, she caused the interruption in her opinion and would take the blame accordingly...as long as she got back to her position in the same manner as she was fifteen seconds earlier.

She was still crouched over in the bushes like a servant trying to dig for something a higher-up dropped by the time Ira turned back towards the women to excuse himself for his behavior. Wonderful. She did manage to find it, but not quickly enough.​

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