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Hello everyone,

This is the IC for Dragon Ball: Z Adventures. This game is a continuation of a long-running Dragon Ball role play that started on another site on 30 January 2013. So yes, this story has a lot of longevity, and it continues below!

This is a Dragon Ball AU game based off of a game me and @TinyBoo were involved in. We were continuing it on this site, but unfortunately, there was a fall out with one of the players. Any who, we’re going to continue the story, but I want to keep the group kind of small since usually big groups + Dragon Ball lead to a nightmarish disaster.

The continuation will be based on the events, which have happened in here

We’re going to finish the arc, and afterward, if new characters want to get involved, then let us know. The game is very free form and it will go where we want it to go. That’s why it is very important that we have good and compatible writers to write with. So far on RPN, I have found such writers so I’m not too worried, but again…Dragon Ball Rps tend to lure the cringiest characters. Be advised that I will scrutinize all CSes, so it will behoove you to let me know what concept you plan to present before you go through the process of creating an OC or throwing a pre-made at me.

Please see the "Other" link for the Recruitment Thread and post your interest there.

Oniyon Saga

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I received permission from the creator of Blaze and Nomiya to NPC their characters. Their use in this post is to bring this Saga to an end so that we can continue the story line. No characters that weren’t of my original creation will be executed during the completion of this Saga.

Blaze soared above the triangle beam, and then warped out of the blast radius of the deadly explosion that followed. He reappeared in time to lean to the side to dodge a swift punch from an enraged Oniyon. The general came at him like a beast, punching wildly and rapidly. Oniyon’s fists and Blaze’s dodging were but a blur to the untrained eye.

“FIGHT ME!” Oniyon roared. “STOP HOLDING BACK!”

Oniyon’s punches and kicks were slow to Blaze. He realized how much he had trained when he was able to meditate while in combat. He became so engrossed in his troubling thoughts that his actions became subconscious. He started to block Oniyon’s attacks. A burst of red ki erupted from where he had touched him and made Blaze’s eyes narrow in frustration before he started flying backwards, seeking space.

What should I do? Blaze thought. Oniyon looked like his old friend—his brother—but he wasn’t anymore. He couldn’t afford to keep drawing out the fight while the rest of his troops were flying across the planet and destroying cities. If he kept going, then there may not be a world left.

Collar’s body was smoking after the blast he received from the little brat. His patience had broken. He wasn’t going to stand for this anymore. They were close enough.

“GENERAL ONIYON!” Collar called.

The tips of Oniyon’s fingers turned red before he began slashing at the air like claws and sending ten laser-like beams flying at Blaze. “NOT NOW!” he yelled.

Blaze spun around the lasers and glared at Collar. What was he up to now?

“My lord! I wish to make you stronger!”

Oniyon lunged at Blaze, arms wide in a tackle, and Blaze ducked around him before his body vanished. Oniyon whirled around with a snarl and watched as Blaze appeared in front of collar. The back of his fist met the Saiyan’s face, sending him flying for only a short bit before he grabbed him by the collar of his armor just beneath his throat. His other hand rested against Collar’s stomach and a blast ripped through his mid-section. Blood gushed from Collar’s mouth on a drowned gasp. His hands, however latched tightly onto Blaze as his teeth came together in a sinister, blood-stained grin.

“Long…live…Oniyon,” he rasped. Collar’s body then suddenly lit up bright and Blaze’s eyes widened in shock. There was a sudden detonation.

Oniyon gazed on in awe as the distraction was set. Mustar rocketed toward Akiko with Nomiya on his heels. His hand was gripping his wounded shoulder where his armor had even been ripped off. His bloody hand released it to point at Lena while she dangled in Akiko’s grip. The beam was sudden and quick. Lena had been staring in horror at the suicidal detonation having never seen such a thing before when suddenly a searing pain ripped through her chest. The pain startled her, causing her to gasp.

Mustar flew over Akiko as Nomiya braked in mid-air to shout, “No!”

Lena’s blue shaking eyes slowly lowered to her chest. A red warm spot was growing about it where a golf ball-sized hole had been blasted. Her whole body started to tremble from a combination of fear and the cold. She was shot! There was so much blood. Was she going to die? She found it hard to breathe as blood started to fill her lungs. She coughed it up as she panicked, “A-A-Ki-Ki-Ko!”

Oniyon’s attention was glued to the scene. His aura extinguished and Mustar flew over to him with a pained grin. Yes…it worked, he thought. His grin was short-lived when he saw tears starting to spill from Oniyon’s eyes. The tears startled the general. His fingers brushed some of the salty liquid from his cheeks before he gazed down at them in surprise. “My chest feels so heavy, I can barely breathe, and I’m crying…” Oniyon muttered in bewilderment.

Mustar flew closer and grasped the officer by the cheeks. He gazed into his eyes and instructed, “Breathe Sir. You’re all right. There’s nothing wrong.”

Oniyon’s tears continued to pour to the point that he started to whimper, “What is wrong with me? I feel so sad.”

As the smoke clouds from the previous explosion dissipated, Blaze was revealed unscathed but his clothing had been incinerated and his skin darkened by the blast. His eyes settled on Lena and his face paled. “No,” he gasped. He then glanced over to Oniyon and saw Mustar. The very person who started all of this. He furiously scowled and charged toward him.

Mustar turned his head but before he could react, Blaze’s fist passed through his back and out his stomach. The Saiyan coughed spittle and blood unintentionally in his commander’s face. Oniyon flinched from the spittle and peered down at the blood-soaked hand through his abdomen.

“Oniyon…don’t let them…defeat…you,” were Mustar’s last words before Blaze whipped his arm aside to free it. Mustar’s body fell from the sky as Oniyon continued to stare on in shock.

Blaze saw the tears in Oniyon’s eyes and frowned. “You want to know why you’re crying? Because you used to love that girl, but now you don’t even remember her name.”

Oniyon brought his hands up to his ears and recoiled away from Blaze, baring his teeth in anger. “Stop it!”

Blaze floated after him and declared, “Grisha would have killed anyone who dared lay a hand on her.”

Oniyon sucked in a breath as he failed to keep from crying. His heart felt so heavy. He had never felt it in such a state before, and at the same time it was on fire. His blood was growing hot as Blaze continued to harass him about that stupid girl. He didn’t know who she was. Blaze said that he used to love her, but that was absurd! Oniyon’s only love was battle. But his heart cried like it knew the truth.

“Surrender, or I will have to kill you.” Blaze bowed his head as he begged, “Don’t make me do it.”

“Surrender?” Oniyon whimpered. His hands lowered from his ears and curled tightly into fists. He then turned on Blaze, his face contorted in rage as he bellowed, “NEVER!” In the instant of his scream, his hair flashed gold and eyes vanished.

Blaze felt his heart skip in startle. No…he couldn’t allow it to happen, but it was happening. The sky was turning black. In a burst of yellow ki, Blaze assumed his Super Saiyan form and didn’t give Oniyon a chance to react. His fist solidly met his face, causing the general’s head to snap back. He started to fall, but then Blaze flipped in the air and brought his heel down on his chest, sending him like a missile into the earth below. As a geyser of dirt surged upwards, Blaze brought his hands together and motioned them to his side next to his hip. Closing his eyes, his face scrunched up in sadness as he apologized, “I’m sorry Grisha.”

Blaze roared his frustrations as he fired a yellow blast at where Oniyon crashed. The yellow beam dove like a comet, clearing the dust screen. Baring his teeth and squinting through the glare of his attack, Blaze kept the blast going until he felt a sudden jolt pass through his hands. His golden brows rose and he saw out of the corner of his eyes, the head of his attack arching in another direction. Immediately, he stopped the blast and dropped his hands to gaze down at another glowing warrior whose arm was extended as though it had just slapped the blast away.

A golden aura was surging around Oniyon. His dreadlocks had thickened in size and laid on his shoulders like the mane of a lion. His beard lengthened a few inches longer and was wedged in a Greek cut. Teal eyes glared sharply up at Blaze, dry of tears. His lips were turned downward in a fierce scowl and nose wrinkled like the snout of a beast.

“Shit!” Blaze cursed.

Nomiya made a motion to get involved but Blaze swung his hand out at her to stop her. “No! Stay back!”

Oniyon’s eyes frighteningly rolled over to the Saiyan woman and Blaze shouted, “Hey! Your fight’s with me!”

They darted back over to Blaze and Oniyon’s lips cracked into a wicked grin. Chuckling ominously through his teeth, he reminded, “I told you. In due time. You should had killed me when you had the chance. Now I’m going to kill you, so you better not hold back. I want this to feel like it was worth my time.”


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It surprised Akiko when Collar called out to Oniyon. The chibi saiyan's sapphire eyes traveled to her brothers in concern. Make him stronger? Akiko didn't know what Collar was planning but if Oniyon decided to turn his attention to herself and Lena they wouldn't stand a chance! Thankfully Blaze was on top of it. It was gruesome but at least her brother made short work of- “Long…live…Oniyon,” As soon as Collar started to glow, Akiko backed up as quickly as she could without hurting Lena. Then, BOOM! The detonation left Akiko stunned. Why would he do that?! Why were they so intent on destroying everything and everyone around them? Akiko had been so happy and proud to learn she was a saiyan and meet her family at first but now she wandered if they weren't all just monsters. Even Akiko herself.

Distracted by the explosions like Lena and even Oniyon, Akiko didn't realize Mustar was coming right for her, or rather, for Lena. Something made Lena jerk in her grasp, causing the little girl to look down. Akiko's eyes went wide and she gasped in horror as she saw the red spreading across Lena's chest. Suddenly Mustar didn't matter, Blaze and Oniyon didn't matter, the earth as a whole didn't matter. Akiko had to save Lena. "It's okay, it's okay!" Akiko tried to assure Lena. As she looked for a place to land, the little girl did her best to adjust her grip on Lena, trying to support the woman a little better "Akiko can fix it, just hold on!"

The chibi medic quickly spotted a flat bit of land were the snow hadn't been trampled yet and went for it. Laying down in the snow wouldn't be fun for Lena, but the cold would help slow the bleeding. Akiko also put Lena her side so that she could still cough up blood without choking on it. Then Akiko finally sat on her knees next to Lena so she could get to work. If Lena was still conscious, the little girl would try to reassure her again. "Don't try to talk, try not to panic. Focus on breathing and try to stay still. Akiko has you..." She spoke as calmly as she could but there were tears in the little girl's eyes as she did her best to clear her mind. It was hard with memories of how she had failed to save Grisha forcing their way to the surface. Still, the little girl managed to pull herself together and her soothing blue aura soon flared to life.

Once Akiko was able to sync her ki with Lena's, Akiko had to work fast. A major artery had been struck along with the lungs and both could be deadly within minuets on their own, let alone together. The chibi saiyan couldn't magically replace lost blood so Akiko split her attention. A bit of her energy worked as a temporary plug to keep Lena's lungs working by blocking more blood from entering the inner chamber and stopping air from escaping through her chest cavity. More focus went to healing the major artery, the aorta, first. Once that was finished the lungs were next; though Lena would no doubt have a cough until the rest of the blood was out. Finally Akiko made sure to search for any other internal injuries. When she had done all she could, the chibi saiyan carefully encouraged the torn muscles, fat, and finally skin to stitch themselves back together.

Akiko was unsure how much time passed while she worked. When everything was done, the aura faded and Akiko looked Lena over hopefully. The woman should be okay but that was much too close. If Lena was still awake the young saiyan would speak up. "Akiko's sorry, how do you feel?" She had failed to keep the woman safe. If Akiko's biggest brother were still himself he would be so- The fight! Akiko stood and scanned the sky. It only took a few moments to spot the two golden figures standing out against everything around them. The child's mouth fell open. Since when were there two super saiyans?! It was hard to tell from this distance but given the great mass of this new super saiyan and his energy signature it might just be... "Grisha?" That didn't bode well for Blaze or earth. If only they could reach him...

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Never had Oniyon felt so angry. He couldn’t recall a time where he had been so enraged—to where his blood flowed through his veins like hot water and numbed his emotions with a sick euphoria. He was so angry that he couldn’t stop smiling. The idea of venting his wrath on another felt so divine. It felt so good that it was almost frightening. A crater was left when he launched into the air. The earth sank and cracked, and with a thunderous boom two Super Saiyans became locked in combat. Their battle flashed like lightning across the black sky and continued to explode like thunder. As much as Blaze didn’t want to fight his old friend, he was forced to in order to survive. In Oniyon’s enraged state, he couldn’t afford to hold back unless the general land a fatal blow. He had to kill him. It made Blaze equally as angry that he had to kill his best friend. How did all of this happen? Why did it? What could he have done to change the outcome? The gods must have made this battle so in their insensitive desire for chaos and destruction.

Fist struck fist, knee-knee, and Blaze dodged kicks that swiftly blurred before his face that he was surprised he had dodged them. His body did it without him needing to think about it. All of that training he had put himself through was paying off. But overtime he realized that he couldn’t afford to keep blocking. Even as Oniyon, he could feel Grisha’s raw strength. Oniyon had more technique than Grisha ever had. It was very militaristic and practiced. It was new to Blaze and at the same time—if they were sparring and he had a chance to really think about it—he would have found it fascinating. To think that Grisha was able to use martial arts after all. He just didn’t know it, the dummy.

Blaze attempted to deflect Oniyon’s punch by pushing it aside at the wrist. His own hand extended. His palm was before the general’s face and before he could fire a ki orb into it, Oniyon executed a turn. He turned into Blaze, his elbow swinging around for the side of his head. At the same moment Blaze fired his ki orb, his head snapped to the side as the blade of Oniyon’s elbow connected. Blaze’s right eye clenched tightly closed and his teeth gritted in a wince. Oniyon’s tail snagged Blaze’s right ankle and jerked him back toward him as the general followed up with a punch that connected with his face. As Blaze’s head snapped back, he hissed in pain. Oniyon’s tail continued to jerk him back as though he were a paddle ball.

Blaze’s eyes eventually turned white in rage as he brought his hands together as Oniyon jerked him close again and sent a large golden beam that engulfed the general’s body. He felt his tail release him as the beam carried Oniyon like a river current across the sky. Blaze took a moment to drag his thumb across the corner of his lip to remove a drivel of blood. He then soared after the beam when he realized that Oniyon hadn’t even tried to escape it. What was he up to now?

“Dark seed,” Oniyon hissed. A red dot of ki left his palm and like a dye expanded and stained the ki beam red. The beam began to bend, bending around toward Blaze as he was flying toward him. Blaze stopped and cursed before he brought his hands together and fired a second beam.

Oniyon charged into it. The dark seed turned the beam red as it had done before and bled up to Blaze’s hands as he tried with all his might to keep the general back. It wasn’t that his beam couldn’t do it. Whatever technique the general was using was corrupting his energy. Oniyon appeared like a black, grinning silhouette before Blaze amidst the crimson energy that surged around him. His hands snagged Blaze’s wrists and jerked him toward him. His knee rose to bury into the Saiyan’s abdomen as the crimson ki passed over him. Blaze’s body was smoking when the beam finished passing. He was folded over Oniyon’s knee and Oniyon snagged him by the throat. Holding his neck in his vice-like grip, Oniyon began to strangle Blaze until he could hear the tendons popping in his neck.

“How the tables have turned…this is what happens when you show your enemies mercy, Boy. They retaliate,” Oniyon patronized.

Blaze grasped Oniyon’s wrist tightly and started to kick harshly at his side. Oniyon scowled as his lips twisted impishly. Red lightning crackled around his hand and began to shock Blaze. Blaze’s jaw clenched as he resisted the urge to scream. If he screamed, then his neck muscles would give to Oniyon’s crushing grip. He had to get out of this! Pushed into a corner, his mind almost panicked, but it was his training that helped him recall what to do when in an emergency. He calmed himself—as good as he could with lightning passing through his body. Releasing Oniyon’s wrist, Blaze’s fore and middle fingers extended and he swiftly jabbed them into the general’s armpit. The general watched his arm fall away from Blaze’s throat in what he thought had been a dream. Had he imagined it? Oniyon’s smile sank when he realized it had been reality.

The general flew backwards away from him in shock. His eyes then fell to his limp arm as he tried to control it, but it didn’t respond. Blaze who was rubbing his throat and catching his breath rasped, “You don’t learn. Grisha always made that same mistake too.”

Oniyon hissed as his mobile arm reached beneath his limp one. He palpated the area where Blaze had jabbed as though trying to undo what he had done. “What is this!?”

“A technique you can only learn on Earth,” Blaze revealed before his golden ki erupted around him. “Now let’s finish this!”

The battle continued. With only one arm, Oniyon was at a disadvantage. He couldn’t block attacks to his left effectively. The ground erupted around Oniyon when he suddenly struck it. Blaze had brought his hands together and struck him, slamming them down over top of the general’s arm as he had attempted to block it. As Oniyon bounced off the ground, Blaze appeared next to him and kicked him in the side, sending him flying. Baring his teeth, Oniyon flew for a moment before he stretched out his one working arm and legs to halt his flight. He landed on his booted feet in the snow. Hunched over with his hand grasping his side. This fight…this fight wasn’t over!

Oniyon’s golden dreadlocks rose and his eyes vanished. “I will destroy this entire planet!”

Ice, snow, and even boulders began to rise into the air being torn from the planet. A massive fissure began to form in a ring around Oniyon. Blaze flew toward him but as soon as he entered Oniyon’s zone, he found himself unable to control his body. Oniyon grinned at Blaze as the Super Saiyan struggled like a moth caught in a web. The general slowly raised his hand, palm turned upward, and fingers curled like claws. The black chasm that had formed around him illuminated with red ki as though a beam were about to explode outwards from the planet.

“Stop! Coward!” Blaze roared. He attempted to fire ki orbs at him only to see his ki frozen in the stasis before him. “Damn you ONIYO~N!”

Oniyon’s grin widened as he savored Blaze’s frustration and hopelessness. “Mega Core Ex-”

Lena abruptly awoke from Akiko’s treatment with a traumatized scream. She remembered having a hole in her chest and her hands grasped where it had been only feeling the blemish of a scar. Oniyon felt a jolt in his chest. He turned his head to gaze across the battlefield at the young woman who he had thought for sure had been killed by Mustar. She had survived?! In that brief moment, Blaze felt in control of himself and he wasted no time in exploiting the opening. He flew at Oniyon, swifter than he had ever flown. With the planet’s existence depending on it, and the adrenaline he felt flooding his veins due to the dire circumstances. When Oniyon’s attention darted back over to Blaze, he saw nothing but an open hand before his face and Blaze’s scream filled his ears before a point-blank blast followed. The blast passed over Oniyon’s shoulders and appeared to have decapitated him. As the beam thinned, the general’s body collapsed. His head broke the smoke screen, rocking backward as the golden aura faded from his being and his dreadlocks fell in singed and burnt pieces from his head.

Oniyon’s eyes were rolled back into his head as he fell into the glowing chasm that began to fade with his weakening ki. Blaze landed on the thin island where Oniyon had perched, panting as he watched the general’s body sink into the darkness. The boulders that had been levitating into the air began to fall after. As much as Blaze wanted to see him buried beneath the rubble, he wasn’t satisfied with not knowing for sure if Oniyon was defeated or not, and with the Rogue Saiyan Army still attacking Earth, he didn’t have time to risk the chance. Blaze dove into the pit after Oniyon, dodging around tumbling boulders. He grasped the general by the collar of his armor and carried him back to the surface. Resurfacing on the other side of the crater before Nomiya, Akiko, and Lena, Blaze threw the general’s body across the snow. It slid and rolled like a rag doll, and then he raised his hand with his palm aimed toward him.

Lena snapped out of her state of shock when she saw Blaze about to kill Grisha. “NO!” she screamed. She raced away from Akiko toward Oniyon and Blaze hesitated.

“Lena move! Akiko! Nomiya!” Blaze angrily called.

Lena threw herself across Oniyon’s back protectively and clung with all of her might. “You can’t! This is wrong! All of this is wrong!”

Blaze could feel his hand shaking. Nomiya hovered over Lena and tried to reason, “Lena; that’s not Grisha anymore.”

“How do you know?” Lena challenged.

“I just stopped him from trying to blow up the Earth!” Blaze bellowed. “Now move!”

Lena shook her head as she sobbed. “I can’t. You’ll have to kill me too. I know if things were different Grisha wouldn’t have tried to kill you! You know it’s true! Akiko does too!”


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While keeping herself between Lena and the battle just in case, the Chibi saiyan watched silently with a mix of anxiety and despair as Blaze and Oniyon fought. Akiko feared that, no matter who won, she would lose a brother by the end of this battle. Yet, they had gotten Grisha back, if just barely, for a few minuets before the maggots did... something to his mind. Surely there was a way to reach her biggest brother again. The jerks couldn't have erased them from Grisha's mind completely; not with the way Grisha reacted to Lena being attacked. Yet Grisha still persisted in attacking Blaze and taking over the earth! He still was't himself! The little girl Kicked the snow in frustration. She felt so helpless. Too weak to be of much help to Blaze in the fight, and unable to think of any way to reach Grisha despite wracking her brain over it. Why did everything have to go so wrong? If only she could see inside his brain...

There were a couple of times Akiko nearly dove into the fray despite herself when it looked like Blaze was in trouble, but that would have left Lena alone and unguarded so the girl held back and watched. She had to trust her big brother to handle it. Then Oniyon yelled about making the planet explode. He would die too! Why?! "Big brother don't!" Akiko cried, despite knowing it would make no difference. If just yelling worked they wouldn't be- Lena's scream made Akiko jumped into the air and spin around involuntarily. "Lena! Easy it's okay! You're okay..." Akiko cooed in a vain effort to comfort the woman. By the time the little saiyan looked back to the fight, Blaze's ki was blasting... through Grisha's head?! At least, that's what it looked like until things cleared and Grisha started to fall.

Akiko let out a breath she didn't even realize she was holding when Blaze returned from the creator with an unconscious, but still breathing, Grisha and tossed him to the ground. The chibi saiyan thought now that he was down they could think of a plan to get her biggest brother back to normal; possibly restrain him temporarily if they had to. In the mean time they had an army to stop too. Instead, Blaze opened his hand to finish Grisha off! Akiko was too shocked to move at first. Lena was on top of it though, literally. The conversation that followed Lena's intervention was quick and intense. Akiko was at a loss for a few moments as she processed everything, she still couldn't beleive Blaze went for the kill. Especially while Grisha was unconscious.

In the end, Akiko stepped forward to put herself between Blaze and Grisha as well. "Wait big brother! Please! You don't have to do it!" A few tears escaped despite her best efforts to look tough. "An... an I know you don't want to." Akiko quickly wiped her eyes with her sleeve and tried to hide a sniffle as she turned to look at Grisha more closely. "You really hurt his head..." It was more of an observation than a condemnation of Blaze. Akiko knew Blaze was only trying to protect everyone. The Chibi saiyan''s first thoughts naturally went to healing her brothers was all. Though, she had something else in mind here as well. "Let Akiko drain him instead of.... you know." The little girl pleaded as she looked back to Blaze. "Akiko can heal Grisha an then drain most of his ki. Then we can get our Grisha back again, but he'll be too weak to hurt anyone until we make his head better." Akiko had only used her ability to borrow ki to hurt someone once before, but she knew she could do it. "An-! An Akiko will heal you up too so you can be full power just in case." She would have offered to heal him anyway of course, but the little girl was hoping to add a little more reassurance after what had just happened. "So... Just give him a chance. Please? Ak-Akiko doesn't want to lose a brother again." Her voice caught as she said the last few words.

Hopeful that Blaze would go along with her idea, Akiko turned back to Grisha and Lena. Then she walked over to stand next to them so she could put both hands on Grisha's chest and start the process. It only took a second for Akiko's soothing, blue aura to flair to life and spread to Grisha as ker ki signature synced to his. To keep from harming him accidentally, Akiko would heal her biggest brother first, unless Blaze insisted otherwise. It was much the same as when she healed Lena, just with different wounds. Akiko started with the deepest, most serious injuries and worked her way to the surface. Though, she was concerned about Grisha's head. Akiko could heal the brain matter itself easily enough, but she couldn't perfectly recreate all the neuron connections that make up ones memories. Akiko simply didn't know the connections and patterns of Grisha's mind and memories well enough; or anyone else's for that matter.

Once Grisha was all healed up, Akiko started stealing his Ki. When Akiko healed, she used her own ki, letting it flow into the one she was healing. It was simple enough to revers the process and take Ki instead. That's how Akiko was able to barrow from Lena and Tobias before. By taking their ki into herself, then sending it on. Not only would this process weaken Grisha, it would give Akiko a nice boost of energy. A boost she was probably going to need if they were going to stop Oniyon's army. Akiko was careful to take as much ki from Grisha as she could without killing him... just in case. If all went well he should feel tired, weak, and wobbly but be fine otherwise.

Once she was finished, Akiko's Aura faded and she took a moment to examine her handiwork before turning her attention to Blaze. "You're next!" The girl had a bit of a high from having so much energy. However, assuming Blaze went along with the plan, Akiko would be able to focus that energy on healing her smaller brother up to full strength again so they could be ready for anything.

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Blaze’s hand was shaking vigorously as an internal war was waged within himself. Akiko joined Lena in defending the creature that nearly ended the world. He knew that he wasn’t Grisha anymore. But his heart was even against him. He wanted to spare him for having the death of a good friend—of a Saiyan brother by his hands was the last thing he wanted to scar his conscience. A few yielding tears trickled down Blaze’s cheeks as he closed his eyes, his brows knitting in anger at himself. He lowered his hand and head. Stupid…this is so stupid! Blaze thought. He did his best to listen to the child’s resolution, but no matter what she decided, leaving Oniyon alive felt like a grave mistake.

“Don’t make me regret this,” Blaze growled. Nomiya walked over to him and rested her hand upon his shoulder in comfort.

Nomiya watched as Akiko went to work. She didn’t feel anymore comfortable than Blaze. “I don’t feel comfortable leaving him alone with the human even if he is depowered.”

“We don’t have a choice. I don’t know how much of the world is already destroyed with his army out there. We’re going to need everyone to spread out and put them all down.”

When Akiko faced them, looking as empowered as ever, Nomiya couldn’t help but smile softly. She was tickled by her infectious enthusiasm. Nodding, she said, “Let’s spread out. The north has been handled. All that leaves are the east, west, and south. I’ll head south.”

“I’ll handle the west.”

Lena wiped at her eyes and gazed over at the Saiyans as they swiftly took their leave. She was soon left alone with the giant who even after being healed didn’t stir. She couldn’t help but touch the side of his neck and palpate for a pulse. He was alive. Of course, he was. Akiko’s powers had even saved her when she thought she should have died. Footfalls crunched in the snow behind her and she looked over her shoulder to see her father.

“Is he still alive?” Tobias asked.

Lena brushed more tears from her eyes. She didn’t know whether to smile or not. “Yes. Akiko healed him, but she also stole his powers so he can’t hurt us.”

Tobias closed his eyes and sighed. “Oh…he can still hurt us. That meat head was strong even before he could speak properly and blow up the planet. I guess we better time him up then.”

Lena stood and walked over to flee into her father’s arms. His daughter cried and Tobias held her, feeling equally disappointed with how things turned out. In the end, it felt like they all still lost. His daughter was still upset, and their life hadn’t returned to what it used to be.

Two weeks later…

Earth was saved. The cities were rebuilding. Memorials were held for those lost in the tragedy and the infrastructure was quickly regenerating. Blaze and Nomiya stayed for the first week in Kousetsu Village to monitor the unconscious commander who still hadn’t woken up. The village physician called his condition a coma. There was a room in the house where Oniyon…or Grisha was kept. He was restrained to the bed, and even so, flowers decorated his bedside brought from the warmer regions by Akiko. Lena kept the plants watered and replaced and trimmed the dying and wilting ones. She frequently visited Grisha when she wasn’t busy and spoke to him as though he were awake—even though no one knew when or if he would ever wake. By the next week, Blaze and Nomiya decided to leave. They left together and no one was sure where to.

Alosha came by the house regularly and helped Akiko take care of Cheepers. The worst part was trying to train him not to breathe fire in the house; however, he was rewarded whenever he helped Tobias light the hearth. Things were almost back to normal. Even with Grisha being in a coma, it felt more like he was sleeping.

One morning, there was a chill in the house. Lena crawled out of bed, adorned her wool robes over her night gown, and wandered into the living room rubbing her eyes. She saw her father prepping the fire place for another fire and Cheepers eagerly standing next to him ready to light it whenever he was ready.

“Why is it so cold?” Lena asked.

“Someone left the door open,” Tobias replied in frustration.

“Was it Akiko?” she wondered aloud at first. Akiko wouldn’t do something like that. She was a child, but she was very responsible. Lena blinked as she thought…could it have been? She surprised her father by frantically running into the room where they had kept Grisha. A loud startled gasp left her throat that caused Tobias to pause from stacking logs. The bed was empty and the ropes they had used to bind him to the bed were broken.

Tobias watched his daughter run from the room over to the door. “Lena?” he asked. Trying not to take his eyes off of her as she stepped into her boots and slipped on another jacket over her layers, Tobias wandered over to the bedroom and tensed when he saw the bed empty. He should have been happy…maybe if the person who had been there had been the Grisha they once knew. Now he was someone else. “Lena!” Tobias called, turning back toward the living room. The girl was gone.

As Lena ran through the village, she could see the large steps in the snow and knew that they were his. There were many villagers standing outside with worried and frightened looks on their faces. She knew he had gone this way. She ran harder than she had ever run before. Alosha saw her race by through the bakery window and frowned. Quickly racing over to the door, he called after her, “Lena; what’s wrong?”

“He’s awake!” Lena called back.

“Oh shit!” Alosha cursed.

He quickly grabbed his coat from the coat rack and raced out of the shop. He quickly caught up to Lena and ran alongside her. “When did this happen?”

“I don’t know. My dad said he found the door wide open.”

“Is this safe? Should we even be going? He could be miles away.”

“I don’t think he is. His tracks are close together. He’s walking.”

When they reached the outskirts of the village, they could see a tall figure walking away about a quarter of a mile away.

“Look! That’s him,” Lena happily pointed. “I can’t believe he’s awake!”

“I’m a little afraid…we don’t know if he’s going to be good or bad…”

“We won’t know until we find out.”

“You sound so confident that he won’t kill us.”

“I don’t know what he will do, and I don’t care. I just need to see him. As long as I know he’s okay…”

The conversation fell silent after that. For the next few moments, they focused on conserving their breath and running.



The giant Saiyan kept walking and didn’t respond to her calls. When she felt she was close enough, still a good 20 meters away, Lena called once more, “Grisha?”

The Saiyan didn’t stop walking away. He was dressed in a white tunic and pants—similar to hospital clothes. Lena did what she could with his hair, cutting it short like Grisha always wore it after all of his length had been burned off in the blast. Worried, the word felt so taboo against her lips, but she had to utter it, “Oniyon?”

To their relief, the giant still didn’t stop. “Why isn’t he responding?” she asked Alosha as though he had the answer. Alosha gazed upon Lena’s distressed face and scowled in determination. He stepped away from her, reached down to scoop up some snow and patted it into a ball.

Jogging up to the Saiyan, he growled, “Hey you big idiot! She’s talking to you!” He threw the snowball directly at the back of the Saiyan’s head, and the two felt their breaths stop when the ice ball exploded against the back of it. To Alosha’s terror, Grisha stopped. The Saiyan turned a single eye over his shoulder and the intensity that was glaring from it gave Alosha chills.

Alosha held up his hands and slowly backed away. “Woah there. I wasn’t really trying to aim for your head. More like your upper back…you’re just tall…”

Grisha ominously turned around to face Alosha and Lena. There was a threatening scowl on his face as his gaze hadn’t broken away from Alosha.

“Grisha!” Lena attempted to call. She waved her hand at him in a weak attempt to get his attention. “Grisha?”

The Saiyan crouched and his large hands gathered up some snow between them. Alosha’s brows rose. He knew what was coming before Grisha even finished and started to run, “Shit, shit, shit!”

“Grisha stop!” Lena demanded.

After patting the snow into a large snow ball in his hands, Grisha watched Alosha run for a moment, and then drew back his arm. With one pitch, the large ice ball flew through the air and exploded against Alosha’s back. The force had been enough to throw the young man off his feet and send him falling flat into the snow. There was a pleased and mischievous grin on Grisha’s face. Lena raced over to Alosha to check on him. She practically had to dig him out of the snow. “Alosha! Are you hurt?”

Alosha muttered, “That was a good shot…”

Lena glanced back at Grisha and was frightened when she saw him walking away again. “Wait! Stop! Grisha!”


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It was a relief when Blaze lowered his hand and let Akiko do her thing. Once she was finished healing him, the little girl sprang at Blaze and hugged him tightly. "Thank you big Big brother. You wont't regret it! Akiko will make sure!" Now they just had to take care of the army and the super charged Akiko was ready to move. One could almost feel the ki radiating off her as the other two discussed how to divide the work. "Okay! That leaves the east for Akiko!" She chimed before looking to Lena. "Take care of yourself and big brother, okay? Akiko will be back as fast as she can!" The little girl shot into the sky like a small rocket after that. Akiko generally wasn't very violet but she showed no hesitation in hunting down the invaders. These saiyan's did something awful to her biggest brother, nearly killed Lena, threatened Cheepers, and they were destroying earth. No matter what she had to do, they had to be stopped.

Two weeks later…

Akiko was sad when Nomiya and Blaze took off so suddenly, but she couldn't leave Grisha. Especially while he was still unconscious. At least Cheepers was settling into his new home well despite a few... hiccups. The little girl had been so relived when she found him unharmed after the battle. When she wasn't caring for or training Cheepers with Alosha and Tobias, Akiko spent most of her time during the day collecting more flowers of all kinds to decorate Grisha's room. The little saiyan's evenings were spent watching over Grisha with Lena. There was nothing more the chibi saiyan could do to heal her biggest brother and the doctor was useless. So Akiko thought she could at least make Grisha's surroundings nice for when he woke up. Especially since she felt a little guilty for having to keep her brother in a weakened state. Every evening Akiko Also read to Grisha, told him stories, or just spoke to him about nothing and everything. The little girl didn't know if he could hear her at all, but it couldn't hurt. "... Then Ten said he's gonna learn to fight and get even stronger than Akiko! Even though Akiko tried to tell him human's just aren't as strong as we are. He's Brave but silly. Oh! Cheepers only set fire to the couch once today! Akiko doesn't think he meant to though! Teehee, he sneezed!" And so it went. The little girl worried that her brother would never wake up. Had she failed him again?

One day as she was flying back with more flowers, Akiko heard Lena yelling her brother's game. Alarmed, the chibi saiyan sped up and flew lower to close in on the sound. Akiko found the small group just in time to see Grisha demolish Alosha with a snowball. It was a funny sight, but the little girl was too stunned to react properly. Akiko stared at her biggest brother in disbelief. She was dreaming, wasn't she? He was really awake?! It wasn't until he started to walk away again, despite Lena's pleas, that the child snapped out of her daze and dove for Grisha. "Big brother! Don't leave us again!" The child dropped her plants just before she reached the giant saiyan and practically dive bombed him with her hug. Both of Akiko's small arms stretched as far as they could to hug Grisha tightly as the tears started rolling like a waterfall. "Big broootherr~!" She cried. "Akiko thought you-you would never-" Hiccup. "-W-wake up!" Despite the explosion of joy, there was a lingering worry deep inside Akiko because of Grisha's strange behavior towards Lena moments ago. Let him remember! Kami, please don't let it be like last time! With Blaze and Nomiya gone, if Grisha was still Oniyon, Akiko would be the only one left to... handle things. The the thought made a chill run down Akiko's spine as she looked back up at the giant saiyan's face. "Big brother? Are you okay...?" Please don't be Oniyon, Please don't be Oniyan... Akiko just couldn't take losing her brother again. She would break.

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Earth...confused Okarot. He'd been to a lot of places. Every planet had some kind of gimmick. There was the primitive planet, the crazy advanced snobby planet, the seedy crime filled planet, you name it. But Earth was...every single gimmick of every single planet he had ever seen mixed into one. One second you'd be in the middle of a massive metropolis where there's space ships capable of travelling through space. And then you travel a few miles away, and you're suddenly seeing dinosaurs fighting tribal hunters. And everyone was just so...normal. He felt like a giant in terms of power. Once again, he felt alone, an outsider on a place he wanted to call home. It didn't help that the entire planet seemed to be under construction. Everywhere he went they were rebuilding architecture or constructing a memorial of some kind. He figured that was just how Earth was: always building stuff and never finishing.

Okarot was currently flying towards several high power levels. Well, high compared to the rest of the planet at least. His torn clothes did little to keep the cold of the region he was in from effecting him, the Half-Saiyan muttering, "Jeez, what doesn't this planet have? Just a while ago I was in a desert..." Having just landed a few weeks ago, he still didn't know the governmental structure of Earth, and in his ignorance, thought that these massive power levels were the leaders of this planet. He was hoping that they maybe knew who his father was. The only thing he had to go on was a picture he had taken after landing on Karn, and that was over twenty years ago. He wasn't hopeful they'd know who he was, seeing as they were running the planet, but he figured they could point him to someone who could.

He soon landed in what looked to be a small village, snow blanketing the ground. He felt the eyes upon him as he walked around, taking in the sights. The newcomer soon found what he was looking for: the rulers of Earth. And honestly, they weren't much. He expected a giant palace, elaborate clothes, all that. Not...a bunch of people having a snowball fight. His tail sagged at the sight, the warrior saying, "Huh...not what I was expecting..." He slowly approached them, his makeshift bag thrown over his shoulder. The sound of his feet in the snow softly echoed as he walked towards the Saiyans, before the thin man saying, "Uh, excuse me! Are you the rulers of this planet! I need some help finding my dad, and everyone's scared of my tail!"Of course, Okarot had no idea that the reason the planet was being rebuilt was because of his own race, and that seeing another Saiyan probably wouldn't be the best of things for the "rulers of Earth" right now.
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Big Brother! Don’t leave us again!

When the chibi Saiyan met Grisha’s back, the force sent him sliding a few yards. The snow rolled beneath his feet, his legs sinking into the dirt until a pile of ice and soil stood before his knees. Grisha’s eyes were wide and lips parted in surprise. He then spread his arms, turning a single eye over his shoulder to peer at the little girl clutching his back.

“Kssh!” he hissed. He shook his shoulders to try and shake her off and then his tail slapped against his back as it tried to reach her. Baring his teeth, his dark hair raised like hackles as he roared in frustration. An invisible aura blasted from his being with every intention of propelling the small child off.

Lena was already running toward them and would have caught Akiko if she let her. She stood there in fright as Grisha whirled around to face him. His eyes were livid and he gazed upon them as though they were his worst enemies. Lena clutched Akiko against her chest as though she were a plushie. She was stunned. Never had Grisha looked at them in such a way. Grisha continued to glare until he saw Akiko’s tail. His tense and angered features gradually softened until he was giving the child a blank stare. His hand reached behind him to grasp his own tail, and even though he hadn’t said anything, Lena could see whatever cogs were left in his head were turning.

“I don’t know if he recognizes you Akiko, but he does seem to recognize your tail.” Lena wiped some cold tears from her face. “I don’t think Grisha remembers anything.”

Alosha was slowly recovering to his feet when he noticed a stranger approaching. He seemed to be headed toward Lena, Akiko, and the snow boulder-lobbing behemoth. Who is that? Alosha wondered.

Lena heard someone call her. The voice had been unfamiliar and she turned her head to regard a strange man approaching her and just as it always seemed to happen, he had a tail like Akiko and Grisha. His question, however, was confusing.

Uh, excuse me! Are you the rulers of this planet! I need some help finding my dad, and everyone’s scared of my tail!

“Um…” Lena glanced between Okarot and Grisha. It was bad timing, but then she didn’t know where the other Saiyan had come from. “There are no rulers; and…I’m sorry about that. It’s a long story…but something terrible happened.”

When Lena glanced back to check on Grisha and make sure he hadn’t walked away while she was distracted, she was startled to suddenly see the giant standing before her and staring curiously at Akiko and then at Okarot. He stared hard, frowning even, until some sort of light bulb switched on in his head. A large grin expanded on his face and his tail happily flicked.

“Oh, he’s happy. Look Akiko!” Lena was so excited. There was probably hope to keep him around after all.
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The little girl gave a squeak and did her best to cling onto Grisha out of instinct when he started trying to shake her off. Akiko's grip was tenuous at best thanks to Grisha's sheer size making it impossible for Akiko to wrap her arms around him completely. When the little girl was finally flung from Grisha's back, she was relived to feel Lena's arms under her rather than the cold snow. That relief was short lived though, as Grisha turned to stare them down. At first the chibi saiyan thought that her worst fears had come true... but even as her eyes teared up, Grisha slowly calmed himself. It took the giant reaching for his tail for Akiko to realize why he was relaxing, and Lena confirmed it. He wasn't quite their Grisha... but he wasn't Oniyon ether. It was a start. Maybe his memories would come back in time?

Akiko's tail was stiff with anxiety. She made a conscious effort at that point to relax it and make her tail more visible to Grisha. "Akiko didn't mean to scar you. Akiko was just happy to see her big brother awake." She offered hopefully. Did he even understand him? Akiko had done her best to heal it but Grisha's head had taken quite a blow. The child opened her mouth to ask Alosha and Lena what they thought when...

"Uh, excuse me! Are you the rulers of this planet! I need some help finding my dad, and everyone’s scared of my tail!"

Akiko's sapphire eyes turned to the new arrival in surprise, but that surprise quickly turned to suspicion as the little girl sized up the potential threat. Her big brother was in a fragile state of mind and her human family were fragile in general. Akiko felt she was the only one who could protect them if things went wrong. Even if it was her kind that cause all the trouble. If anything, that made her more responsible for protecting them. At least in her own mind. "A bunch of saiyan's just tried to invade earth. We beat them." It was uncharacteristic of Akiko to answer so seriously, but she wanted it to be known they could defend themselves without directly threatening the stranger and starting a fight. This one wasn't acting as aggressive as the others and he didn't even seem to know what was happening... but who knew? It could be a trick.

“Oh, he’s happy. Look Akiko!”

The chibi saiyan's attention quickly returned to her large brother. When she saw his smile, Akiko's tail mimicked Grisha's, flicking around like a puppy. The little girl didn't mind being cuddled like a plushy, it was warm and comforting, but she reached out to Grisha hopefully with both hands in her excitement. If Lena hadn't been holding her, Akiko probably would have launched at the giant again; it acted as a gentle reminder. "Big brother! You remember Akiko?" She asked hopefully. "Do you understand us?"
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Location: Unknown Snowy Village Outskirts

It had been a busy few days in West City, she had been returning home to visit from training just in time for things to really get weird with monkey men raining from the sky and trying to take the place over, now normally she would avoid direct conflict the aliens had taken exception to request for them to not damage the city or threaten the populace. It seemed to want to just start throwing their weight around, talking about the glory of vegetables or something ...the offers to sit down and talk it over drinks got declined and then one thing leads to another which ended up in a pile of such aliens unconscious with a fun fight and a more than a few craters scattered around. Yeah, that took a bit of explaining, fun fight, not so fun aftermath...but at least the adjustments held up and even the synthetic skin healed up fine, so now she was finding herself far north in the mountains while things died down back home.

Looking to a large watch like an object in her hand within her hand she follows along for the object of her little side quest, apparently, a way to help fix the damage and victims of the entire mess a fortnight earlier. Even within the heavy snow of the area there, the outfit didn't seem to change much other than adding in an open jacket over her shoulders as she makes her way through the snow, seeing the sign of a Village up in the distance they had decided to stop flight and come to a slow travel up the mountains heavy snow in a casual stroll. As she glances to her destination she does ideally wonder if they had any drinks or food to break up their search? not that she needed it anymore really but still old habits died hard so it was more mental than anything else.



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The new stranger didn't say anything for a while, but he didn't attack ether. Keeping the potential threat in the back of her mind, the little girl continued to focus her attention on her big brother. Akiko gently pulled away from Lena and approached the giant saiyan with a big smile. There was a mix of relief and disappointment swirling around inside her, but she was hopeful that Grisha could return to, more or less, his old self. Even if all of his memories didn't return, they could make new ones! "You are Grisha." The little girl offered as she pointed at at him. "Big. Brother. Grisha." Then she pointed to herself, Lena, and Alosha in turn and said each of their names. Akiko paused as she looked to the stranger. The chibi saiyan has no idea who he was as, though he said he was looking for his father, he never gave his name. After a shrug, Akiko looked back to her brother. "We're your family!" She finished cheerfully as she bounced on her toes in excitement.

After a few moments of thought, Akiko floated up and pointed back towards the village, then gently attempted to take one of Grisha's hands in both of hers and gave a little tug in that direction. Her grip wasn't tight so that he could pull away without flinging Akiko around. Force wasn't going to work here anyway. "Come on Big brother... Let go home. Aren't you even a little cold?" He was tough but even he could freeze to death. The little girl paused to look at the stranger again. "If Lena says it's okay... guess you could come too." With no one to back her up, Akiko was taking stranger danger very seriously.


In the village people were going about their day. This including the children, who were were having quite the snow ball fight. One of the boys was named, Ten Ten, and he was doing a great job of pelting the opposing team then diving behind the snow fort again. At least until a stranger caught his eye. Now any stranger would stand out in such a tiny village, but the fact that this lady was just strolling around with her jacket open in such a cold place drew even more attention to her. Distracted as he was, the boy got pelted in the side of the face.

"Ack! Hay no fair!" Ten Ten Cried.

"You're out Ten!" A little girl from the opposite team yelled back.

"I wasn't ready!"

"Don't be a baby about it!"


Since he had to sit out the rest of this round anyway, Ten approached the odd women who had distracted him in the first place and looked up at her with curious brown eyes. "Aren't you cold lady?" The young boy shook some extra snow from his short brown hair before speaking again. "I'm cold, and I have 2 layers! Er, I'm not THAT cold of course. I just... Just have to set a good example for the little kids. You know they're all... impressionable and stuff. So we older folk have to look after them." He nodded at that, as if he had just made a great point.
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Lena had taken a step back to allow Akiko to try and get through to Grisha. As the little girl attempted to explain to the giant his name and who the rest of them were, she looked hopeful. If they couldn’t get the same Grisha back, then hopefully just any memory of the old one existed here. Grisha’s tail stopped swaying when Akiko tried to teach him. He stared, but it was uncertain if anything she said was registering. As she grabbed his wrist, hoping to lead him back to the village, Grisha instantly scowled and jerked away.

The blonde girl’s hands hopelessly went to her eyes as she wept, “It’s no use. Grisha is gone. He’s not ever coming back.”

Alosha held Lena and cooed, “Hey; come on. Don’t give up. He’s just like a stray dog. He doesn’t know who we are and we have to make him feel safe.”

He then got an idea and looked up at Akiko. “Hey Akiko. Head to the bakery and get a bag of hot snow rolls. Don’t worry about my Dad. We can coax him back to the village with them. But be quick!”

Alosha could tell that Grisha was already losing interest. Akiko’s and Okarot’s tails didn’t even matter.


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Location: Unknown Snowy Village Outskirts

Glancing down at the new arrival as she trudges through the snow she just flashes a wide grin in return "Well sounds good they have someone looking out for them, but Nah I'm fine...this body only runs hot" raising an arm slightly and patting a bicep as she lets out a long chuckle "Plus putting muscle to work generates all the heat I need, but thanks for the concern" though she pauses for a moment and glances inwards towards the village considering her previous idea, putting away the device and kneeling down to prop herself up on a knee as she speaks to the boy once more "But hey while I've got you, this Village have any good place for food? Just flown in from out of town and arms are a little tired"

While she could likely find it herself, she might as well get a guide...plus could maybe pick up any rumours or mentions of the item she came looking for. Though one thing they did pick up on was a few differing signatures within the village, might need to keep an eye out for those in the levels start to rise at all but for now, she wasn't in any rush so could take it easy.



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The Chibi saiyan felt a little hurt when Grisha rejected her again, but she fought the tears that threatened to well up as best she could. He's not himself... he doesn't mean it. Akiko reminded herself as she took a deep, slightly shaky, breath. What now though? A dejected Akiko floated over to offer Lena a hug as her little mind raced. The giant saiyan hadn't come forward when she reached for him and pulled away from any, little touch. If he wandered into the mountain's all alone with no memory they could easily lose track of him. Grisha might not survive in his weakened state. He could also be a danger to others, and probably himself. How could they get him safely home? Why did he have to wander out here anyway?

Akiko's tail whipped behind her like an irritated cat as she thought, but Alosha's voice finally drew her attention. After listening, Akiko promptly face palmed. Of course! Food! Why hadn't she thought of that? "Okay! Akiko will get them super fast!" She started to move, but hesitated a moment as she cast a glance at the stranger. Should she leave him alone with them? Seemed she had little Choice. "Akiko Will be right back!" The little girl added to Alosha and Lena before zipping off as fast as her ki could carry her.


Ten Ten listened with a light cant to his head. How could anyone be that warm without a fever? "Oh okay..." He had more questions now than ever, but the boy still answered the new lady's question first. "Food? Of course we do! There's a bakery just this way." He pointed and took a few steps before pausing to make sure the lady was going to fallow. "So why are you way out here? What was that thing in your hand before? If you don't get too cold, do you get too hot?" If the android came along, Ten would start leading the way to the bakery. As fast as Akiko was going, it didn't take long before the little girl reached the two. In fact, Akiko flew right past them before sliding to a stop and turning back to look.

"Hi Akiko!" Ten Ten greeted.

"Hay Ten, Who's your friend?" This stranger wasn't a saiyan but she didn't feel human ether. Akiko couldn't help but be a little weary.

"New lady. I'm showing her the bakery." Ten seemed quite proud of himself.

"Oh! Akiko will beat you there! Teehee! Big brother's awake so Akiko's getting him food! See you later Ten! By lady!"

The chibi saiyan wanted to stay and ask questions, but the others were waiting for her. Hopefully this one wasn't looking for trouble. The Lady seemed to be playing nice with Ten at least. It took no time at all for Akiko to reach the bakery once she left the two and she quickly pushed inside. "Big Brother's awake! Alosha said he'd pay for it! Thank you! Bye!" Akiko called before snagging the closest bag of snow rolls and zipping away again.

Thought it wasn't all that long, the time between leaving Grisha and the others on the hill and returning felt like forever. "A-Akiko has foods!" The child was panting a bit from pushing herself so hard. As she floated just out of the big saiyan's reach, Akiko took one of the snow rolls out to show them. They smelled amazing but on the off chance Grisha didn't understand, and because she was hungry, the little girl stuffed the roll in her mouth. With her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk, Akiko pulled out another roll and offered it to Grisha with one hand while carefully keeping the bag out of reach with the other. If the giant got all of them at once she would have start all over! "Mmon g odr... sh ood!" The Chibi saiyan smiled a much as her puffed cheeks would allow and watched her big brother hopefully. Pleeeease just come home.


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Location: Unknown Snowy Village Outskirts

She nods standing back up with a smile, well the locals were friendly enough so far so might as well ride it out and see where it takes her. Glancing back at the youth who was questioning her she considers the question a bit "Hmm well actually came looking for a little trinket and that thing was pretty much a clunkier map...though works as a clock too" patting her pack "As for the temperature? Well good at keeping that under control in general, I guess...." stopping and raising a hand in greeting to the new arrival, one of the signatures she picked up in contrast to her own lack of one through the presence of the tail didn't exactly go unnoticed which was leading her to suspect the second was also one of them.

Watching them depart for a moment she turns back to Ten "You definitely got some colorful characters here too, Doesn't look like there's any trouble with them i guess so makes a change compared to the rest...wonder if there deserters?"


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“Hey! What the-!” Alosha’s dad attempted to protest, but the little mouse was already gone.

While Akiko was gone, Alosha was trying to keep Grisha’s attention. He was crouched in the snow, gathering a ball of ice as he stared up at him. Grisha growled at him and started to copy him, scraping up a big pile of snow before beginning to shape it into a giant snow ball.

“You shouldn’t make him hate you,” Lena scolded Alosha.

“This is the only idea I have,” he replied.

He kept building his ball until it looked like he was building a snowman. It was clear Alosha wouldn’t have been able to lob such a big snow ball at Grisha, but Grisha didn’t know that and he was doing it to keep his attention. It wasn’t long before Akiko returned and Alosha sighed in relief.

“I was beginning to worry that I would have to somehow throw this thing,” he said.

Grisha straightened and he frowned at the little Saiyan and the bag of sweet-smelling substances she held. He sniffed the aroma that was hot on the air and a growl sounded loudly from his stomach. Grisha glanced down at it as though surprised by the noise it had made, and Lena happily laughed.

“He’s hungry. If we cook something, then maybe he’ll stay. Maybe he’ll remember,” Lena hopefully shared.

Alosha smiled and said, “Let’s see if the snow rolls work.”

When Akiko removed one of the snow rolls from the bag, Grisha’s attention went to the fluffy roll. He watched her stuff the roll into her mouth, and he had actually felt saliva building in his own. He watched her like a hungry dog and when she offered him a roll, Grisha looked at it, then her, then it. He slowly reached for it and grasped the roll. Taking it from her, he could feel how squishy it was. He squished it between his index finger and thumb until the cream popped out of it and dripped upon the snow. Grisha’s brows rose as he seemed surprised that there was filling inside. He brought the squished roll to his mouth and ate it, and he closed his eyes. The sugar, the heat, the fluffy texture. A delighted smile stretched across Grisha’s face and blush blossomed on his cheeks.

“He likes it!” Lena cheered.

Alosha smiled proudly. “Heh, I told you our bakery is the best.”

Grisha opened his eyes and held out his hand to Akiko.

“He wants another! Don’t give him too many Akiko. We have to use them to bring him back!” Lena was saying the obvious, but she was just excited. “I need to head home so that we can start cooking. Keep him occupied Akiko! Alosha come help me!”

Alosha watched Lena run off and looked at Akiko. “Be careful kid. If you need help, then just call me. I know how to get on his bad side, and so does Tobias (he joked).”


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Ten Ten listened with fascination as the strange lady spoke. "I see, what kind of trinket? Maybe someone saw it." The boy offered before Akiko came and went. Grisha was awake? Ten wasn't sure if he should be happy or concerned. The giant had been protecting the village for a long time before he left with Akiko and the others but after what happened when Grisha returned... Nothing bad had happened yet though and Akiko seemed fine. Maybe Grisha was his old self again.

The boy was easily pulled from his thoughts when the lady he was guiding spoke again. "De-what? Oh! Yea. I mean.. no? Grisha, Akiko's brother,- Well they called one another brother and sister but I'm not sure if they really are. Anyway, Grisha lived here a long time before those other jerks with tails came. Akiko lived here for a while beforehand too. They protected the village; especially Grisha." The boy rambled as he lead the way, eventually stopping outside the bakery. The smell of freshly baked goods was hard to miss. "I wanted to help too but mom wouldn't let m- I mean I had to protect her. This is it by the way." Ten absently opened the door for the lady as he went on. "Grisha was hurt in the fight though. Some of the grown ups were saying he might not wake up at all. Lena and Akiko said he would though. Guess they were right."

Back With Grisha...

Akiko held her breath when Grisha finally took the sweet roll. At fist she worried that the giant would only play with his food, but eventually he took ate it. The happiness on Grisha's face got a little squeal of delight from the child. "Yay! It worked!" Akiko cheered with Lena. It was only now that she glanced around for a moment to realize the giant snow balls that the two were making while she was gone. That looked fun, but Akiko couldn't afford to be distracted and quickly returned her gaze to Grisha as he held out his hand.

Lena: “He wants another! Don’t give him too many Akiko. We have to use them to bring him back! I need to head home so that we can start cooking. Keep him occupied Akiko! Alosha come help me!”

Akiko: "Okay!" She didn't mind Lena speaking the obvious. Akiko was every bit as excited as the woman so the reminder probably didn't hurt.

Alosha: “Be careful kid. If you need help, then just call me. I know how to get on his bad side, and so does Tobias.”

The little girl giggled and gave a nod as Alosha ran after Lena. That left Akiko alone with her brother. "Snow roll." The little girl said cheerfully as she handed over another treat. Despite her excitement, Akiko wasn't stupid. The child made sure to hover just close enough to hand her brother the roll while continuing to keep the bag as far away as possible. After this second roll, Akiko floated backwards several feet in the direction of the town, and more importantly, Lena's house. She knew it would have to be slow so that Grisha wouldn't get suspicious and Lena would have time to cook, but Lena was right, she couldn't just keep handing them all over. Now the giant would have to work a little.

Akiko was still smiling ear to ear as she held out another treat. "You'll have to come this way if you want another Snow Roll." She called cheerfully. This sort of reminded Akiko of training Cheepers... just potentially more dangerous if her brother had a fit. While the little girl knew her brother didn't understand, or at least, he didn't seem to, even a puppy could learn words if you repeat them enough. "Come on, Snow Roll." She called gently. Alosha was a genius! Her brother would be safe at home in no time!

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At Akiko's beckoning, Grisha scowled for he considered it a taunt. She was backing up as though she wouldn't give it to him. The giant's hand clenched into a fist as a growl left his grit teeth. Grisha's hand opened and became a blur. The speed he used to attempt to snatch the roll from Akiko would have appeared to be a blur to a normal person's eyes, but for someone as trained as Akiko, the speed seemed normal.


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Rubbing her chin slightly Garter internally debates how much she should say, I mean her mom did say not many knew about them overall so wouldn't be that far out to think of it as just some fancy jeweled stone or something...though there was still a risk that those who did know about them might tip them off someones looking which would really make things troublesome. With a final nods Garter looks back to TenTen with another smile "Well it's kinda important it doesn't get out too much...but its an amber ball about...." bending down to scoop up some snow and make a ball within her hands "this big, should have a couple of stars in the center" following along behind the boy as he speaks about the new arrivals.

So maybe not deserters of the main force and instead someone who decided get out of the insanity a while ago and hide out on the planet? Hmm, that could even be what got the monkeys to try and invade in the first place. I mean sure attacking a major city has a reason behind it, but coming all the way out here? definitely had them looking for something and aliens shouldn't know about the balls so the refugees of sorts are the most likely. So if they actually defended the place they were likely going to be fine for the most part but maybe still worth keeping an eye on them, after all, no knowing if it ws an altruistic want to protect others or just themselves....nah most likely the former, Kids were good judges of characters and he seems to be fine with them.

"Well its good to see you were all ok, Those space monkeys dropped down all over the place....they made a real mess of a lot of the city"



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While she was unsure what her big brother would do at first because of his scowl, Akiko was delighted when Grisha rushed forward to snatch the next snow roll. The little girl let him have it with an excited squeal. "Yes! Good job!" Akiko chimed happily before moving back several more feet and holding out another snow roll to repeat the process. "More snow rolls were that came from." After that, It was just a matter of slowly but steadily luring the giant to Lena's house, one treat at a time. Grisha really was like a lost puppy. For Akiko, this process made a great game, plus she was still giddy at being able to help her brother instead of being forced to fight him. Even in his weakened state, Akiko doubted she could stop Grisha if he really snapped.

When they finally reached the house, Akiko opened the door and ducked inside. "Hope you guys are ready!" She called. Though, the child's eyes never left Geisha as she offered one of the last snow rolls. Grisha would have to take at least a couple steps inside if he wanted it, Akiko made sure of this by backing inside and staying just out of reach. "Come on. This is our home. You're's safe here." She offered. "It's warm, and there's even more food than snow rolls." The little girl smiled warmly as she waved the treat, trying to tempt him inside if the smell of cooking food and the snow roll hadn't done it all ready.

Back with Garter...

Ten Ten looked at Garter expectantly until the lady finally relented and told him a little about what she was looking for. The boy felt rather important to be trusted with the secret, so he leaned in close after the new arrival spoke. "Don't worry, I won't tell!" He promised excitedly. The boy went still for a moment after that and frowned in concentration. "An amber ball with stars in the middle..." He mumbled to himself, trying to recall if the adults had ever spoken about something like that. Unfortunately, Ten Ten could only shake his head and shrug in the end. "Sorry, I've never seen anything like that. Um... Maybe Miss Lena and grumpy, old, man Tobias could help? They deal with all kinds of wired stuff with Grisha and Akiko. Or you could check at the springs up the mountain. Er... if their still there."

When Garter commented on the 'space monkeys' Ten snickered. He would have to tease Akiko with that later. He was pretty sure his friend had mentioned the proper name for them but he defiantly liked Garter's name better. "Yea... We don't get to hear much about the mainland here but the way they attacked us... I mean If Blaze, the other lady, and Akiko hadn't been here..." Ten trailed off wearing a much more serious expression. He tried to act tough, and for a little boy who was only human he was, but Ten was still just a child and the invasion was pretty traumatic; even for the adults.


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Reaching down and patting the boy's shoulder Garter simply gives another reassuring chuckle and smile "I mean everything turned out ok by the looks of it, so best not worry about maybes...doesn't change anything but just kinda ruins the moment you know?". Turning her attention away for a moment to the distance and energy signatures detected previously with a look of thought over their features "But i might as well check with those people you mentioned, couldn't introduce me if you still have time, could you? Putting a name to face helps a lot." turning her gaze back to the boy once more.


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