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Fandom Dragon Ball Roleplay, But Set Outside of the Canon (ALWAYS OPEN)

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Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, LGTBQ Friendly, Super Powers


The Alpha Raccoon
Heyo, it's me, Skyzor. This one's a little different...

See, I love the world of Dragon Ball, but the storyline we have now is far too muddled and convoluted. That had me thinking... We could just set it in a different time!
This will take place 80 years before Freeza blows up Planet Vegeta, when the Saiyans had just started their conquests for battle and glory in space. The story depends entirely on who you decide to play, though!
I will be playing a female Saiyan warrior. You may main any established race, or create your own!

- Message me if you're not going to be active for a long time.
- It may be my idea, but I totally hope you hit me with any ideas. We can branch this together. After all, it's a flexible story!
- Anime faceclaims, please!
- Please make your replies at least somewhat detailed. I'm not asking novels, but it's to keep things flowing.
-Please use third person.

DM me if interested!

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