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Dragon Ball: New World (Looking for members)


a determined artist
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Here you find a world bound by similar rules to the one most are familiar with. The inhabitants of the 'cannon' world do not exist here but their are beings who possess similar goals and roles in the story. Out of fear of a possible rebellion, a galactic dictator made the decision to eradicate the Saiyan race by destroying their home planet. Four Saiyans were able to escape the attack by fleeing the battle in an escape pod. The pod would soon find itself crashing onto the surface of the planet earth. What will they do from here find out on the new season of Dragon Ball ⭐.

Once we have a plentiful number of members we all can start discussing a possible plot line to kick off the story.

-As mentioned before their will be 4 Saiyans to start with, leaving 3 slots to be chosen.
* As a bonus the First to pick a Saiyan race will be allowed to start with a weakened and untrained super Saiyan state. (Possibly triggered in the battle from before)
* If you choose to be a Saiyan please start your character with a starting Power Level around 50 - 5000

- Earthlings (humans) The most common race on earth, slots for these are unlimited.
* Please start a power Level around 5 - 2000
* While appearing to be weak in comparison the humans have shown to have great potential, as well as being the most trusted race on earth allowing them to negotiate better than some other races.

-Namekian (We of course need someone to create the dragon balls) I'll cap this off at 6 at the most
* If you and another Namekian player are okay with it, you can choose to fuse the two characters but now that character is shared between you two. Although the one who initiated the fusion will remain in primary control.
* To start off with please pick a power level around 300 - 4000

- Majin A rare race to see, I'll cap it off at 2 at the most.
* I honestly have no idea what Power level to mark these off at to start with, so please be reasonable if you choose this race.

Of course these are not all the races available in dragon ball, if you want to play something not on this list please tell me and we'll work out a plan.
Androids are available as well but they are rather special so some discussion on both power and backstory will need to be discussed.
Half breed Saiyans are not available right away but may become available in the future depending on how the story progresses.

-Character sheet-
Starting Age:
Starting Power Level:
Appearance: You can either write this out or add a link to a picture you think will describe your character.


a determined artist
Indead, that leaves 2 slots open for other players. As the first to claim a Saiyan you are allowed to have an untrained super saiyan state to start with. You will still get the 50x multiplier from it but its difficult for your character to maintain at first and they will drop out of it quickly. Of course thats only for the start of the story, over time of course your character will get better at it and possibly surpass super saiyan.
@Rusty of Shackleford


Name: Roll

Race: Human
Starting Age: 16
Sex: Male
Starting Power Level: 15
Ki blast
Intense ki reading
Can use powerful currents of natural energy as a boost of ki


Rusty, youre making an OC not playing Vegeta? Just making sure. I dont think theres canon characters here

Rusty of Shackleford

Four Thousand Club
Name: Prince Okarot

Race: Saiyan

Starting Age: 24

Sex: Male

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Starting Power Level: 5000 (Max)


Galick Gun

Final Galick Burst: Basically a more powerful version of the Galick Gun. He only uses it for when he's extremely desperate, as it uses an insane amount of ki, and could destroy the area he's in. It's charged in the same manner as the Galick Gun, though a purple aura surrounds him and his eyes seem to glow from the sheer amount of ki.

Anhilation Cannon: Okarot either punches the opponent, or straight up punches a hole into their chest, before flying up, throwing them into the ground, and finishing them off with a one handed ki blast.

Overall Appearance:
His armor no longer bears the royal crest, as he lost that when he was exiled. It's also of a more common make, having been taken from a fellen enemy. It bears a resemblance to Vegeta's Super armor, though with thinner shoulder pieces, less well made, and with the armor being of a blue and black, while the under suit is still black. His scouter is the only carryover from his old life, with it's lense being blue. He actually wears normal clothes sometimes, and prefers it over his armor during fights. His hair his a mixture of Ultimate Gohan's and Future Gohan's hair.

Super Saiyan:

(FC will have to do for now.)


Junior Member
Name: Serori

Race: Saiyan

Starting Age: 19

Sex: Female

Pronouns: She/Her/His

Starting Power Level: 2,739

Abilities: Final Revenger - She charges at the opponent and punches them in their face before reverse side kicking them up into the air. Then she flies after the opponent and punches them up into the air again. Next, she grabs the opponent by their head and leaps over behind to knee them up further into the air. Finally, Serori flies up above the opponent and double axe handle punches them down to the ground, inflicting a high amount of damage.

Sucker Blast - Secretly gathers ki into her fist and when the punch impacts, there an explosion of ki along with the force of the punch.

Appearance: I'm gonna draw her up, but she has long, dark blue black hair, wears a red bandana thing around her forehead and typically wears green and has dark eyes.

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a determined artist
Im hoping for at least 1 namekian, and at least a few more humans and we just need one more Saiyan to fill the 4 requirement. By the way I think I'll allow players to have at least 2 characters at the most.

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