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Fantasy Dragon ball H

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Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
Dragon ball H, its my idea for a rp set in the same universe but with some changes so that other races besides those dirty monkeys can be viable.

Think of your standard dragon ball series without goku died as a baby when he hit his head. In this Roshi takes on some students (the players) and gets them in fighting shape for the martial arts tournament and by coincidence fighting the red ribbon army.

These students and a few others at a similar level end up teaming together to take down king piccolo who rocks up to wreck shit.

Without goku the change here is that when raditz invades earth to find out what happened to his brother he is met with earths strongest fighters...
And most die killing this alien asshole.
They gather the dragon balls and learn they cannot revive everyone so instead they wish for something different.

we wish for earth to have the strength to fight back invaders from space.
The dragon granted that wish, martial artists across the world grew stronger from training and gained some other perks aswell such as Zenkai boosts and super human transformations.

The rp would start with raditz,
Then the group would be split into two with those who die going on to train with king kai and those who survived finding the balls and making the wish and then heading off to namek to wish back those who died.

Basically ripping off the main story/abridged version but with human characters using numbers to pick up the slack instead of goku

Anyone keen at all?

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
Id be willing to run said game if I get four characters or more.

Post requirements would be two paragraphs once a week at a minimum.

I would be leaning more into the abridged universe mostly and the fact a vague wish makes humans more goku like lol

Characters would be from either the turtle or crane school, or a made up one that fits.
Turtle school get better martial arts, access to ki blasts, and a better gi.
Crane school gets flight, more focused ki blasts and a shit gi.

Though by the time raditz arrived I imagine those who fought off king piccolo might have banded together to train and such so all characters can fly instead of rocking up in a flying car... up to whoever joins I guess
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Draco Knight
This sounds fun. A bunch of OP Krillins running around beating up DBZ bad guys. Maybe we'll actually see a Solar Flare into a Destructo disc instead of just running away after blinding the enemy?

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
Id be up for this.
I am Interested
Now that’s certainly something I wanna see. Consider my interest for this rp there.
This sounds fun. A bunch of OP Krillins running around beating up DBZ bad guys. Maybe we'll actually see a Solar Flare into a Destructo disc instead of just running away after blinding the enemy?
I'm working tomorrow so the cs page may not be up asap but I can leave y'all with something to figure out amongst yourselves on the chance this RP starts and lasts a bit.

Who dies to Raditz?
Would you rather it happen organically in game?
(basically my choice which comes from the posts in game)
Someone wanna plan to martyr?
I'm thinking two or three bite it here.

Raditz is about 1500 for power level,
Our characters are between 180-250 even though in the show master roshi was below krillin at 201 I'm ok with it being over as all characters "power up" via screaming and meditation etc.

Those who live heal up, get the Dballs make that wish to help earth's fighters and prepare for more invaders.
Those who die train in the afterlife and get wished back later. As multiple revives of powerful warriors can't be done by the base Dragon they learn from Kami that namek could help.
So one gets wished back while the other/s continue to train and wait.

Timeskips will help


Draco Knight
Training with King Kai would be cool. Especially if we get to chase Bubbles and Gregory around before conveniently learning both the Spirit Bomb and Kaioken off screen xD
Seriously though, wouldn't mind dying if my character got to train up dere.

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
If we have five players to start and say three die, one would make it back for vegeta and nappa but the other two would have to wait a year in game
(or however long dragon balls are inert)

Or for the namek balls as their dragon can multi res.
As I said somewhere time skips will happen to make this run smooth so it isn't two people training in the afterlife on a tiny planet for pages


average one punch man fan
I was planning on making my character a Namekian, and have him learn/master kaioken, so him dying would be fine by me if he gets to train with King Kai.

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main

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