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Fandom Dragon Age: Tale of Rivain

Steven Toast

Hello nation,

Once again I desire a dragon age Rp set within a prequel time period this time around. The plot is rather an old idea I had and tried long ago but with some minor tweaks. It takes place in Rivain and will follow the tale of a group of wardens and perhaps a non warden pending the case of your CS and etc. I've got a few slots filled but two to three remaining roles I'd like to fill soon, I know two guys I know are unlikely to join from what's been said so far. Another friend is checking her schedule and thinking it over.... But we do have some room open and before we hit limit of roles.

Links here will provide some more info.... Just throwing together a quick interest check thread so apologies for the rushed and limited info in this thread.

CS Link:
Fandom - Dragon Age: Tale of Rivain (CS Reboot)

Lore Link:
Fandom - Dragon Age: Tale of Rivain (Lore Reboot)

Roles currently open:
None at the moment
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Steven Toast

I know we've hit snags in the past with Rps we both have been apart of together. But I know your a fellow DA fan and rper, so thought I'd tag you and check what you think here.

Steven Toast

Due to a drop from one of our members. A new opening has arisen in the rp pending on how quick the filling comes will determine the character intro and time of debut.

Steven Toast

The human warden role has been dropped and his character will be written out soon for the plot. Ive got a way to work in a new character around the same time, just depends on how quickly the role is filled and cs posted/approved.

Just for information beyond your question @rikunobodyxiii


Random Schemer
I’ll be willing to bring in a replacement human warden, though I won’t be able to work on the character until tonight or tomorrow morning. I understand if that’s too long or if someone else can put something in quicker.

Steven Toast

Hello @BethanyHawke apologies for the late reply. Awesome to see your interest in the rp and I'll keep you in mind down the road as more opportunity and room opens. But I'm sorry to report that at this time we are full. If that changes I'll be sure to pm or tag you when it does happen.

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