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Fantasy Dr Speedam vs Base-Town, wasteland wars. (A Sci fi post apocalyptic fantasy)

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The Flowiest on site
The year is 2287, Two hundred years after world war three and the Quar Grey invasion...
Earth is a planet mostly destroyed by humanity and the alien invasion. When the world collapsed to nuclear fallout and sentient life from beyond the skies... Those who survived did so in vast underground shelters for decades before they emerged onto the surface once more. Though even after one hundred years the aliens impacts on our worlds have remained, prizes and suffering awaiting any brave or stupid enough to tamper with these foriegn treasures of technology/ alien DNA and chemicals from different planets.

Our story begins proper in Base-Town, one of the largest cities around post apocalypse.diamond_city_fallout4.jpg
A city built in a destroyed stadium, fixed up and expanding since the pioneers from bunker 187 discovered it. These days it's something similar to a city in the old days of 2020... Only a bit more like a shanty town in a neon/alien cyberpunk future with lots of opportunities for those who enjoy or at least deal decently with danger (at the worst have no self preservation.)

This is a grand hub of wastes, some would say our destroyed worlds capital. It's famous for a reason, the bad lands around it is prime pickings for scavengers. Old world tech or alien goodies.
The man who made the best of both is dr Finnibus J Speedam.
Eccentric genius, inventor, doctor and the absolute best when it comes to alien DNA and technology.
Unknown to the people of Base-Town Finnibus was framed and exiled after heated arguments with the mayor and chief of law Eagle Bangers. This was over financial disagreements in which the weapons, energy, food, even the hovertech most bounty hunters/law enforcement of basetown use... For over forty years Finnibus has provided for the people in hopes of doing good, unselfish in his efforts to bring justice to evil via lasers and hoverboards.

But when the good doctor ran for mayor against the unopposed dictatorship that had been the Bangers family running Base-Town for two generations... Eagle was quick to pay off the law enforcement and any hunter worth their weight in salt to run Finnibus out of the city.

The year is 2287, you awaken in a cage with a slight headache and overall feeling of numbness in your body.
You were some unlucky soul in the wastelands at the wrong time and place. Captured by robots is the last thing you remember before waking up in a cage. Like flashes of a bad dream you start to piece together the past few days...
"Ah your awake, welcome to my airborne laboratory" a elderly man dressed in a lab coat strokes his long grey beard as you awaken in a cage next to others in a similar predicament.
You have been captured, your head hurts, and a thick metal collar is around your neck. I'm sure it was quite a story leading to how you ended up here in the sky locked in a cage... But apparently that doesn't matter now.

"I've been working on many new serums, and as the eight who survived... I'll let you choose what you get stuck with" the crazy scientist with a kind smile presents various coloured vials to you and the other captives.
Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, Purple, neon pink and a ever changing liquid that switched colours every few seconds.
Well it's just another day in the Bad-lands really. The area of earth that wasn't lucky enough to be apart of the Bunker terraform protocols. The places on old dusty maps that have old irradiated treasures, mutated monsters and alien goods from the war. You was most likely traveling through these Bad-lands for a reason.

But hey before you passed out or died, you got to pick your very own colour of poison which Dr Finnibus claims to be a "Super soldier serum!" But it's first to claim getting first pick mind you. Once getting the injection you don't recall the days after... passing in and out of consciousness to robots and the doctor performing surgery, on you and others.

"If all goes well I can remove some of the precautions" Dr Finnibus beams with a wide smile that only makes you wonder what has happened during this blur of time that could be a day or a week....
Post apocalyptic fantasy with super powers I assign based on what colour vial your character picks.
Borderlands/fallout inspired.
Which means stats for a cs and a skilltree you and I can tailor to your character.

Depending on what colour you post I will give you one or two options for a power which you shall either accept or then complain/ghost on
(Maybe trade colours with someone else if they hate their power)

This rp is about some people forced into being the elite soldiers of a mad scientist whose gone mad in exile and wants to rule the city. Using robots and experimental super soldiers Finnibus plans to make Base-Town Speedam City.

If you want to play know post requirements is two paragraphs or more twice a week.
If you want to call dibs on a spot and a colour please post here with said colour you wanna claim and any questions.
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The Destined Undestined
Looks like a lot of fun! I adore Borderlands and Fallout, and would like to reserve the hot pink colour, as there can be nothing wrong with the same colour that makes up the truest of bubble gums. I like the idea of "pick your poison," too.


The Flowiest on site
For the time being i shall tag players and what they choose so i have something to read quick. Note just cause you claim a colour does not guarantee a spot. You just have first reserve
(on the off chance this is flooded with potential players and some post faster than others etc)

Speedam's soldiers
Neon/hawt pink Thanny Thanny
Multi Abyss Abyss
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It's lonely in the deep
Now you make me want to play Infamous to learn more of this character. =P
I love the series. I still havn't played the sequel/Infamous 2 though. I'm mixed on the second half of Second Son, which is the third game in the series and the one with Fetch. I really like the majority of the characters though, and Fetch was pretty awesome! Her powers are probably my favorite in the series. I think she got her own spin off called First Light.


The Destined Undestined
Nice! I have to look into this a bit. I might start with the first game and work my way into it. I know me and my desire to finish things in chronological order. Fetch, from what I have read, however, has amazing and interesting powers! I look forward to seeing her in action.


The Flowiest on site
Thanny Thanny Abyss Abyss
Out there idea but I'll ask anyway.
How do you feel about starting this rp with three characters? New players who join being unconscious for longer during surgery or kidnapped by speedam's first set of super soldiers.

Of course the option of waiting for more players is always there aha


The Destined Undestined
This can certainly be done. I still have yet to finalise my character beyond conception, but I can see if I can finish by tomorrow, as tonight is pretty much wholly occupied for me.


The Flowiest on site
This can certainly be done. I still have yet to finalise my character beyond conception, but I can see if I can finish by tomorrow, as tonight is pretty much wholly occupied for me.
Eh no real rush as I don't see people flooding this lol

I was more along the lines of asking if you and Abyss Abyss would be up for a group rp starring three players hoping for more or if I should scrap/recycle the plot aha


The Destined Undestined
Ah! I see now. I am fine with a smaller cast, but I think I would prefer a larger one. More interactions, better party dynamic, and more fun options to explore early on. Abyss Abyss , any opinion?

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