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Fandom Doubling My Hero Academia Thread | OC x Canon (Adv. Lit) (Still looking!)

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Hello, all. I'm making a call for a My Hero Academia thread in which there are two ships: my OC x a canon character, and your OC x a canon character. I'm in search of people who aren't opposed to interesting dynamics, and may be willing to touch on some deep and heavy topics, as my character sometimes acts as a means to vent my own past experiences. I am looking for someone who is advanced at writing, and will not make frequent grammatical or spelling errors that impair the readability of their posts. My OC can be a pro or student, depending on verse. I am looking for someone who is confident in their portrayals of characters and will be in-character. It's no fun writing with a character that isn't the way they actually, canonically are!

My Name: Kitpu/Sascha
Pronouns: They/she
Timezone: US Central/CST
Age: 21
Ship preferences in order: FxF, FxM, MxM
Writing Style: Multi-para, novella, high literacy (grammar, literary devices, imagistic).

Things to know!
  • I also might be interested in an OC x OC plotline if I like your OC well enough! I have many OCs myself; the one linked is the only I have a sheet ready for, though. I prefer FxF when it comes to OCs, but may be willing to do MxF or MxM.
  • I can provide other options for OCs of mine, but you may need to give me time to explain them, as I don't have sheets ready.
  • I'm open to having multiple RPs with different people.
  • My character's bio is here. Art of my character or my other OCs is always my own unless I say otherwise.
  • I have a Discord, which I will provide if I believe it makes things any easier. However, I'm very untrusting of people, and it may take me a while to feel comfortable giving it.

NOTE: I'm pretty picky due to having low energy and trouble immersing myself in a RP with a partner I don't feel is as passionate as I am. I'm looking for partners that are highly literate (good grammar and spelling, imagistic writing, engaging dialogue) enjoy writing for the art it is, and are willing to thoroughly characterize whoever they play rather than just recycling what is said/done in the show and manga.

Characters I am interested in dynamics with:

  • Aizawa Shōta (MAIN INTEREST)
  • Todoroki Shōto
  • Hawks
  • Mirko/Miruko
  • Hatsume Mei
  • Any of the girls in 1-A
  • Various others, just ask.

Please do not respond if you are:

  • Against MxM or FxF pairings, on principle. I don't care if you don't want to write it, just please don't police my characters' sexuality or be h*mophobic. The same goes for MxF ships. Don't be biphobic, either, even if you don't want to write it. I'll respect you, so please respect me and my OC.
  • Under the age of 18 (I myself have just turned 21 so I prefer to write with someone around or above my age)
  • Are going to want to ship characters that make no sense together without any idea as to how we can make things work.
  • Are expecting me to compromise a character's nature/make them OOC for the sake of a ship (i.e. if a character is unsavory or mean, or even somewhat cold, they will stay that way until adequate reason has been given for them to change.)
  • Against very powerful characters, even if they have handicaps and traits that make them interesting
Characters I am confident in playing:
  • Uraraka Ochako
  • Bakugō Katsuki (however I will be very picky about OCs to ship him with, as he is a very volatile character. I have had RPs in the past that have required me to play him OOC for the sake of a ship.)
  • Toga Himiko
  • Jirō Kyōka
  • Yaoyorozu Momo
  • Kirishima Eijirō
  • Midoriya Izuku
  • Iida Tenya
  • Shinso Hitoshi
  • Todoroki Shōto
  • Various others, just ask

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Hey! I'd love to iron out a plot with you! Unfortunately I haven't mused the characters you listed much, but I am pretty confident I can play Aizawa pretty canonically! I'm looking for either Midoriya or Togata :)


Cool! I'll message you and we can plot. If you have a Discord, that would help a lot, too!


I'm sleep deprived! Yay.....
Interested! Could you friend me on discord? We can talk more on there! :)



Made some edits to the characters I'm looking for. I may also add more of my OCs to choose from in the future, if I can draw art of them I'm happy with and get their character sheets made.


‪✭‬ Starlette ‪✭‬
Hiya! If you're still looking for partners I'd love to plot something with you. I can confidently play Aizawa, Todoroki and any of the 1-A girls for you! For my side I'm looking for Kirishima.


Additional note: I am willing to do OC x OC as well, if I'm compelled by your OC. I have many OCs; the one linked is the only one with a complete character sheet, though. This is mostly due to me always doing my own art of my OCs. In any case, I usually prefer FxF with OC pairings, but am willing to consider FxM or MxM.


I would love to play Aizawa for your oc and hear what plot ideas you have for them. I have a few ocs myself and love trying out new ships for them so I would love to hear your thoughts on who to pair them with. I agree ships should make sense and wouldn’t want to pair characters just for the ship. I also like when my partner enjoys playing the canon as well and it doesn’t feel like a chore. All part of the rp should be enjoyable.

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