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Fandom 𝘿𝙤𝙪𝙗𝙡𝙚 𝙪𝙥𝙨 ⁹,²¹,²²


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I don't think I was super clear with my last fandom post, apologizes. Hopefully this one is much more clear and, I will go ahead and state for this: I am ONLY looking for the fandom I have listed for MY side. However, I am willing to do ANYTHING for your side. I will even research a fandom !!


Salute Darlings, I am Tokki. It’s been what feels like eternity since I’ve been able to dip my fingers into a roleplay. Yet, recently my desire for it has been rekindled - which is why I am creating this request. With various fandoms in mind, both old and new.
✿ EST time.
✿ She / Hers.
✿ 21.
✿ Virgo.
✿ LGBBTQ+ Friendly!

❀ Tough guy with soft spot for S/O.
❀ Soul Mates.
❀ Fake relationship turns real.
❀ Romantic leads end up living together.

❀1. introduction

I won’t reply to simple “Hey want to roleplay”s or, any introduction that feels as though it lacks effort or care. Mainly because I don’t think I should have to carry the conversation on asking you your interest + fandoms + triggers, etc. If you’re reaching out to me, you already know all of mine, so, please just have the basic courtesy to tell me a little about what you want, or yourself if you wish.

❀1 - part two. . Etiquette.
Please do not message me with things in your introduction such as “Or you can call me Sexy ;p.” This is not even a joking nickname,I'd be fine to call my friends. I wouldn’t even talk to my friends in this manner. If it's something that can come off as flirtatious - it will make me uncomfortable. Please respect this.
Since adding this part is now a thing: I might as well state: please don’t spam me as well. Or etc, nudges are fine ofc.

❀2. Types of Roleplay
It was mainly years ago: but I’ve had people reach out to me asking for types of Role Plays I wasn’t searching for. To avoid this, I am including this. I am primarily in search for OC x Canon roleplays. Only for the fandoms I have listed. I also double up !! I most prefer email!

❀3.Writing + characters.
Third person, past tense, multi-paragraph to novella, narrative, no text-talk, no script, no one liners. 600 word minimum.

I adore ocs, So, no need to worry about what your ocs are like, what face-claims you use, etc. All that I ask is that, whatever canon character you are portraying for me- don’t purposely make them OOC.

If you have read all of this - include you’re faveorite song in the message.

For your side - I’m willing to do anything!! I will even research a fandom for you !!!

What I want-
Love interest - Rupert.
Secondary - none.
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