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Hi, I suppose this can be the general discussion for Dota 2 if there are players around here who are interested in discussing the meta, heroes, tournaments, etc.

Current Patch: 7.19d
Patch Link: Game Updates

DOTA 2 (or Defence of the Ancients 2) is a MOBA developed and published by Valve and is one of the most played games on steam as well as one of the biggest esports games on the scene currently, hosting the largest tournament in esports once every year known as The International which absolutely massive prize pools.


It can be imposing to learn the game on your own, take these tutorials and resources with you:
1. PurgeGaming: DOTA Basics [Playlist]
Purge is a veteran of DOTA 2 and is well known for his analytical skills and easy to understand teaching style. He can get you brushed up on the basics of the game such as mechanical skills, laning, etc. A really good tool for absolute beginners to DOTA/MOBAs.

2. BananaSlamJamma []
While a bit of a meme in the DOTA community, BSJ streams are very educational to watch in regards to understanding a high-level player's decision making and though processes. He also regularly answers viewer questions in between games. Dive into this after learning the absolute basics of the game.

3. Gorgc []
Another very high skill player with a large viewerbase. Gorgc constantly explains his decisions to his audience so that people can learn from his decision making. A lot of the concepts he talks about are more advanced than the basics, and as such you might be lost if you jump into here without a decent understanding of the basics.

4. Youtube
Youtube is packed to the brim with player perspective replays of professional (very-high skill) players in DOTA, and you can use these to analyze for yourself to your hearts content. Probably do this after you've learned a lot of the game mechanics and have a very solid understanding of both basic and advanced mechanics.

5. Reddit
When in doubt, you can ask questions on r/learndota2 or on r/dota2. Sometimes people might be jerks but more often than not you will get help.

Good luck!


Currently Ongoing Tournaments:
ESL One Hamburg 2018 (Non-DPC Major) : October 23 - October 28

Upcoming Tournaments:
DreamLeague Season 10 (Dota Pro Circuit Minor) : October 29 - November 4
The Kuala Lumpur Major (Dota Pro Circuit Major) : November 9 - November 18
DOTA Summit 10 : December(?) [Unknown if part of the Dota Pro Circuit or not]

Teams to watch this season:
Virtus.Pro - Were ranked #1 in the DPC from several consecutive major wins alone. Although they floundered very slightly right before The International 2018, they were favorites to win. Although they fell short of achieving their goal, they continue to look strong just as the new season starts with a strong performance in ESL One Hamburg's group stage. [Roster: Ramzes666, No[o]ne, 9pasha, Rodjer, Solo]
Evil Geniuses - North America's darling, Evil Geniuses represent the hopes and dreams of a region that, before 2015, was laughed at for the most part. Consisting of all star players of incredible talent and a very strong TI8 performance, hopes are high as they continue on into this new season. [Roster: Arteezy, SumaiL, s4, Cr1t, Fly]
Team Secret - Although floundering at the latter half of the DPC 2017-2018 season and exiting just short of a Top 4 finish at The International 2018, Team Secret took the decision to replace their Carry and Offlane of Ace and Fata with former teammate and veteran Zai as well as newcomer Nisha. While some question the choice of the latter, his performances have been nothing but impressive. Hopes are high for Secret to do well this season, and the pressure is on them to deliver. Perhaps this is the year Puppey can finally deliver. [Roster: Nisha, MidOne, zai, YapzOr, Puppey]
Team Liquid - Being winners of The International 2017 and coming in at a Top 4 finish at The International 2018, and having a strong performance during the previous DPC Season, expectations are high for Team Liquid to continue their momentum into this new season.
PSG.LGD - After coming just short of winning The International 2018 in a nail biting 5 game grand finals, its easy to think that this squad is out for a chance to redeem themselves after what many would consider one of the biggest throws in history. This chinese powerhouse is aching for victories, especially against the one team that managed to overcome them. [Roster: Ame, Somnus, Chalice, fy, xNova]
OG - The underdogs, coming in after losing Fly and s4, their two most important members, to Evil Geniuses' roster pickups managed to defy all expectations and became The International 2018's champions, claiming the Aegis of Champions for their own. Noone expected it, especially having a no-name as their midlaner nor a core-position player switch to support to make room for a former teammate, and now everyone is gunning for them, seeking to take down the champs. [Roster: ana, Topson, 7ckingMad (aka Seb), JerAx, N0tail (aka BigDaddyN0Tail)]
Team Aster - Perhaps the biggest surprise of the season is the recent dominating performance of Team Aster in the ESL One Hamburg 2018 group stage, going undefeated and taking down even the likes of Virtus.Pro. This chinese squad contains veterans, new players, and is coached by the legendary BurNIng, B-god himself. Time will tell if this team can make waves in the pro scene. [Roster: Sylar, Dstones, Xxs, BoBoKa, Fenrir]


Also feel free to post DOTA memes, videos and whatnot.

(Valve please give patch 7.20)


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