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Realistic/Modern Don't Tell Me I Didn't Try

Ronnie smiled watching Isaac trying to roll around and just got him propped up between them so he could see them both. “Oh Pumpkin did you just wanna see Daddy?” She cooed tickling his tummy a little.
Isaac was squealing the whole time just watching his dad until Ronnie and Lana got home and he quickly reached up to Ronnie making grabby bands so she picked him up, cradling him close. “Oh look who’s still wide awake my handsome young man. You been helping daddy make dinner?”
Ronnie smiled helping her get it out then got out a glass for her too. “You know I think maybe what we should do Lana... is get some photos done of you and Isaac... professional ones and then some of the four of us to go on our Christmas cards... what do you think?”

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