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Futuristic Dont fix what you dont understand

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Action, Adventure, Cyberpunk, Magical


Of the way we control the characters in our rolepl
We start on magolors ship the lor starcutter. The lor is a sentient AI that controls the ship. Magolor is a introverted mage and engineer. He found the lor in bad shape and fixed her up with his own advanced tec. You are a stowaway on this ship who is also an engineer. However you don't know how his tec works, because he uses magic infused parts. You see something 'missing' from his navagation system and try to 'fix' it. Messing it up when you think you fixed it. Because of your mess up the ship goes through a rift in space time.


he's an alien from haclandra but he is humanoid. he can do magic like most of his race. he always has a smart remark ready, tells puns when nervous, perfers the company of lor versus other aliens. he is a mage/ engineer

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