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Futuristic Don't feed the freaks

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RP based off dead sounds, autodale world on youtube.1x1 closed with Trivet Trivet

Gender/(opt for freaks, freaks can be gender neutral or use it/its)
Freak or Bounty hunter/
If bounty hunter;
Weapon of choice/


The setting is the city of autoland. A dystopian city run by the mayor. The cityfolk don't know he is the mayor, heck they don't know he exists. They just live in their utopia of a world, cut off from the rest of the world. Doing the same thing over again. As if they were in a time loop. Autodale is protected by robots, they are known and accepted by the cityfolk. The mayor lives in the centre of the town, a huge tower that covers up some secret of his...
Once kids reach a certain age, they will be given a mask to wear full time while being permitted to take it off on certain occasions.
The town runs on sacrifices, if you have any flaw, it will be marked on your face mask as "ugly" and be sent off to be killed by the robots also known as handymans. The cityfolk accept this sacrificing as a regular part of life and don't question it.
The city is surrounded by a huge stone wall that's patrolled daily by handymans. A tv show runs through autodale and teaches the younger generation how to be a model citizen. And portrays the bounty hunters as the heroes protecting the city along with the handymans and the freaks as monsters.

Bounty Hunters
Bounty Hunters are assigned by the mayor to kill freaks. They are mainly machine with human parts as they were once fully human. If they fail to kill the freak they were assigned to kill, they will be dismantled by the mayor's "exceptional ones." Model numbers show when they were taken out of their regular home life and turned into a bounty hunter plus how much human life is left in them. The bigger the number, the smaller the amount of human life left in them. usually model numbers range from the 500-2000 as early ones have been dismantled and therefore obsolete.

Freaks were one human turned monster. They live outside of autodale and used to be "model citizens" in autodale but found out the real truth behind the mayor and the town and turned against autodale. Their blood when harmed is black and they are often portrayed as monsters to the citizens in autodale. their goal is to tear autodale down with the bounty hunters trying to kill them.

Exceptional ones
Unlike regular ugly ones, exceptional ones have the word "exceptional" on their mask instead of ugly and are transferred to the huge tower in the middle of autodale to become a part of the mayors creation to keeping autodale alive.

Concept art/From the youtube animated series of autodale by dead sound on youtube.
8a66d687bb3dd73cda6f11f83096eed9.jpgPeople off to get killed (note masks being marked as ugly)
maxresdefault (1).jpgTv show
774a6534cfbb09af27059e80b5055cfb61cbe375r1-1024-414v2_hq.jpgExceptional ones with the monarch in the background.
Screenshot 2022-06-07 9.29.24 PM.pngA bounty hunter facing judgement from the exceptional ones for failing to go through with his mission.

eda437102333487.Y3JvcCwxNDMxLDExMjAsNDM5LDA.pngBounty hunter


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Name/ Vanitus
Age/ turned Robot 5 years ago (human/made to look age 18)
Gender/ made to look masculine
Freak or Bounty hunter/ Bounty Hunter
Appearance/ (everything on him his an advance metal moveable and breathable, to let the small remains of human run through as the only remaining “human parts” that can be seen are his face partially and his hands. The metal is all sleek and black giving him the appearance of a “human”’but if struck by a standard bullet it bounces right back.
He lost his human eyes and His visor is the only way he can see digitally like a VR system that connects to the living world he can check diagnostics and calculations and locations with the visor but that’s it mainly just to be able to see. “He has the word “ugly” hidden by his fringe, but was spared as it was an error when in he was made Robotic, melting patches can be seen very close up but are hidden to most visible eyes as his robotic shell is black, red and white. He was told if any damage to his shell majorly occurs he would be killed off completely, so hides the words to not make him a target.

Personality- he’s not really one to care, he has more of a “let’s get this over with attitude”. Isn’t really one for making friends, would rather be alone, but can direct other bounty hunters officially and with authority. He has some remorse for taking down Freaks but not enough to stop him from doing his daily bounties.
Background/has been working as a bounty hunter since was turned from human to robot with humanness being chipped away, he was close to being picked in the role of ‘Exceptional One’ but someone else got picked. Ranking him up to the second highest on the Bounty hunters.
If bounty hunter;
Model/ VN- 1900 -
Weapon of choice/ Electronically Extendable Scythe.


(Images credit to original owners - found on google)


Vanitus woke up. Another night terror of that fateful day repeating over and over. The day he became one of them.
That show played constantly in his mind repeating each word before he was “chosen” they said. It didn’t feel that way.

He got up and stared out the window “Autodale the great place to make perfect, run those freaks away from perfection” Autodale’s finest words no? He looked down on the streets as the line was already around two blocks, the next ones to be “De-Humanized”.

He walked back towards the chair and sat down. He ran through some diagnostics checks “loading…… model : VN-1900 - 90% robot - 10% human…day 1825 - 43800 hours - 2628000 minutes - 157,680,000 seconds. Daily Diagnostics complete,you may now start your Daily bounty’s the reports are ready at the office.”

He leaned back “another day another Freak!”
He Flicked the TV on and playing was the only thing that was ever played “Autodale’s Guide To Becoming A Model Citizen.” He could memorise all the words to this, he watched it daily, what else was there to watch? It was installed in him to watch it.

After the Show had finished he got up looked in the mirror “someday I won’t be human no more, I’ll loose my will to live and just function and fight to stay alive, a killing machine, perhaps but aren’t I already one, perhaps when I’m less likely to care or be oh human risk will I become an Exceptional One.” He turned away walking out the door, down the hall and to the office. Picked up the bounty chip and placed it in his visor. “Freaks on the outskirts again? Typical…” he said as he unfolded his scythe electronically. Holding it against his back looking at the others. “Let’s move out, we haven’t got all day.”
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Age/Freak age is unidentified but human age is 16
Gender/Was male in human form but is fine with its/it/they/them
Freak or Bounty hunter/Freak
Background/Was taken from autodale by his family at age 6 and reaching a decade being on the outskirts of autodale. he doesn't talk, much less he can't really anymore. His parents were killed, he shows little remorse for them but strives to bring autodale down along with the rest of the freaks. He doesn't stay in groups or engage in trying to get into autodale. He more or less does his own thing and doesn't wish to get into fights with bounty hunters because it's not an easy fight to win.

Oli prowled the outskirts of autodale. Would today be the day he can get some advancement in his plan? probably not. today is the busiest day for bounty hunters as they get their daily load of bounties and of course, some hunters decide to get them all done in one swoop. But with their sloppiness in kills comes hope that the freaks live another day. Course others are more refined and precise so those freaks are out of the equation. He on the other hand stays down low in hopes to not trigger getting put in the database in chances of being picked as a bounty. He was a sneaky shifter and could get away from bounty hunters quickly if confronted with one. He didn't like the odds and would rather look like a coward then die in a fight he knew he was going to die. handymans are easy to kill, so blunt and robotic while sadly bounty hunters were a different story. They still had some human left in them and were more advanced as time went on. But even then, they are robots in the end. They lost their human touch when they even decided to become a bounty hunter. They are no kin of mine. More so, another enemy just like all the rest.

Oli watched as bounty hunters exited the stone walls of autodale, spreading out far and wide. Shooting any freak they saw, dead or alive. Even if they weren't a bounty priority. He sighed as he watched the bounty hunters slowly trickle out and moved away from the ledge he was looking over from, thinking he survived another day of the "war" alas he wasn't aware that there was a bounty on his head this time and someone is coming to kill him. If it was true, he wouldn't go down without a fight. And he can fight pretty darn well. He hoped not, would save him some time,stress and more so not being targeted by more than one bounty hunter.


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Vanitus looked at his bounty card and sighed “one? Only one?” He muttered to himself. “Looks like the boss is cutting down on my work… does this mean?… no it couldn’t.” He brushed the idea away..potentially him being picked next for the Exceptional One’s. Please they wouldn’t be that generous to do a vote so soon.

He looked through the digital file “A Freak who lives hidden in the shadows, don’t they all?” He scoffed. He brushed the file away and looked around to see another bounty hunter stood right before him. “Yes?” He questioned.
“Everyone has got their dailies and we’re heading out sir.” He said turning and saluting.
“Good, now go. I’ve got a special target and no one is to bother me until they get back here and I want EVERYONE to complete their bounties 100% no Freak left standing you hear?” He cried out scaring the hunter away.

He made his way to the stone wall climbing up it and perching on its edge observing the hunters below going for their targets. He watched aimlessly, slightly feeling guilty? Why was that?. This was his life now, he had no choice, kill to survive, one attack by a Freak and he’s a goner. He was already a marked “UGLY” by default manufacture error. But still was warned still. He looked around noticing the freaks going in for the kill as much as the bounty’s. Though others fled not wanting to be “unforeseen” targets.

Vanitus watched he had time, wasn’t always best to go in when the rush did, gives them time to prepare. So he viewed the building in the centre of Autodale, some say the one in charge lives there. Though not many have seen him or heard him, heck even know whether there is someone in charge. The orders have to come from somewhere right? Questions ran through his mind as he watched the freaks scramble for their lives. A few hunters going down to Freaks. Pathetic. Weaklings. Loosing to them.


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Oli narrowed his eyes, singling out a bounty hunter from the huge group. "that..that must be the one..." he thought. Hearing his voice sent goosebumps down his spine. The voice still rang with human vocal chords but soon enough, that would be replaced with a voice box. Just like the rest of them. He had seen his fair share of bounty hunters, starting out as proud to be here then wither away into nothing. falling to other freaks or getting dismantled. He was here longer than most, keeping cover under the shadows which allowed him to stay under radar and not get caught. but all things must come to and end don't they? today might be the day. This one looked tough as nails and seemed to be the ringleader...

Oli moved slightly when he saw the bounty hunter perched on a ledge, he got out of sight but wanted to be close to spy on his killer. Watching his kin either fight or run away. The ones who fight, went down with their bounty hunter most of the time. Handymans took the bounty hunters and freaks to burn them as to not bring attention to them by the citizens living in the city, to keep up with the "utopia word"
"Such a fact act.." he thought as he moved away from the ledge. he could walk both on his hind legs and fours. He peffers hind legs as that's how freaks normally walk and get a round but fours to hide his height a bit more easily.

There was a red flash that came from the tower, illuminating the sky in a shade of red as an echoing scream could be heard. Thunder flashed as the clouds darkened, it felt like everyone stopped as the scream could be heard for miles. it was gone as soon as it started and everything was silent. Freaks ran amuck as to not get caught. Oli watched as one was killed near him. He moved quickly, not wanting to get caught, the charms on his horns rang silently, too quiet to the mortal ears but was a song of despair that could be heard by the freaks only. symbolizing yet another death. The tune was remorseful but held some comfort and was close to the freaks heart in their final moment.


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The killing continued and time was passing. Vanitus watched and watched as both sides fell like flies more than those who were victorious. How was he to explain once again why his “men” were incompetent enough to not fulfil their duties. Instead of selecting Anyone to join the bounties they should at least freaking be able to make them stronger with those who know what the heck they are doing. Vanitus sighed. A regular thing, sometimes of desperation to get out of this hell he seemed to be living. But the take over was stronger he didn’t have much of his brain cells left. Well his human ones. The robot chip was doing all the work just. His careful calculations to not jump in like the rest of the newer recruits below him.

He gazed over to a nearby distant area a lone Freak stood there but hid away just as he turned his head. His eyes searched looking for this one “was he the one? Is he my bounty.” He flicked up his digital file and scrolled through. “In the shadows?” He looked over more. Standing to his feet hauling the 6ft scythe out behind him.

A few moments later another lone freak walked freely below him “think your my target.” Vanitus thought to himself as he pulled the scythe close ready to hop down and take down this lone freak.

The freak before him turned thinking he was free but oh did Vanitus prove him wrong he jumped him and hauled him to the ground with his foot on the freaks chest, the scythes blade chafing the fur on this here freaks body as he pressed it in further. The look of fear in. The freaks eyes, gave him some remorse for what he was about to do. But did it anyways. The scythe was pressed in further into the freak, blood oozing out as he continued to press it in.

A small green tick appeared on his visor with a small message “congratulations on completing your bounty, return to the office for todays meal.” He sighed as he yanked the scythe out that was pretty wedged in. “This crap again. Just give me some god damn decent food.” He muttered. He still yearned for human food though he was all but robot now he still had some minor human tendencies.

Suddenly a red flash appeared coming from the tower. Vanitus turned faster than it came and went. But the blood curdling scream that followed sent shivers down his body, which was difficult as he was all but robot. “What the heck is going on?” He said out loud to himself not knowing how close he was to a freak that had been watching him closely.
Silence fell among both the hunters, hands and freaks. The one time all fronts untied-in doing the same thing. Falling silent from fear form what is to come.

Vanitus knew it was time to head back, he done his work why did he care if the others did there’s? He gave them enough time. He looked over seeing in the corner of his eye the freak, the one he saw earlier running away. He clenched his fist as he watched. “Next time you won’t be so lucky freak.” He said as he swooped to go and rally up the remaking men he had left.
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Oli locked eyes with Vanitus. His height made him able to tower over Vanitus if he tried. His glowing white eyes seemed to pierce Vanitus in the deepest part of him as if he knew were his vulnerable part of his soul lay open. Oli's eyes narrowed as the wind blew the charms, making a small clinking sound. Oli stared at Vanitus, not afraid before disappearing as the wind blew dust up. giving oli cover to walk away from Vanitus without him knowing where he went. Leaving Vanitus to pray on a different freak.

As soon as the deed was done, a tune found it's way to Vanitus ears. The sound of sorrow, the final blessing to all the fallen freaks. In hopes they find peace in the sky or revenge down in the earth. Either way, a final tune that will reach their ears and soothe the pain. Black blood trickled down Vanitus scythe and as it dripped down to the ground, burned away the dirt and clay. The freak closed it's eyes as it drifted away. The tune slowed to nothing, leaving the sound of the wind to accompany the area.

Oli stood in silence as he watched the light flash across the sky. The scream echoing across the plains, everything stopped as if time itself stopped. He looked over the rock he was behind seeing Vanitus also frozen as a statue. Hearing his words, he made an attempt to talk. "the....mon..arch....." he whispered with struggle. the words got to Vanitus as oli stood behind Vanitus. They locked eyes after oli said his words and oli turned around quickly and left. The dust covering his trails and his figure faded into nothing. as if he was just a mere ghost. "find.....the....truth....." the words echoed to Vanitus as oli's final statement before leaving.


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As Vanitus looked eyes with Oli he too was not afraid as they had a stared down.
He felt slight discomfort with the white that lay in Oli’s eyes like it was piercing through his mind.
He shook it off before looking away just as oli hid away. “Hmph!” He scoffed as he turned back to watch the other hunters. Occasionally glancing back. “Something about that freak that’s differs from the rest.” He said to himself.

Vanitus stood before the dead freak in-front of him, struggling to release the scythe a little he pulled and stumbled back a few steps. As he regained his footing he stood silent but it wasn’t silent. A tune followed thorough into his ears. What was that? Not something he had heard before.
He looked upon the scythe and the black blood that trickled down. Guilt crossed his mind, but so did being killed for treason. Which was worse? “rather them than me” he thought.
He watched as slowly the freak before him drifted away. Probably was just doing it’s job like he was. “Why should I care?” He said a little louder than he should have. Lucky the others were still fighting and didn’t hear his little cry.

Vanitus looked over at the light and stood frozen while the echoes pierced through everyone. He hears words being said and turned as fast as he could to be seeing a freak stood before him. He took two steps back and looked him in the eyes “the monarch?” He questioned. “You speak?” He called out almost offensively. “Why the monarch? What’s that mean” He asked almost softly. But as soon as he spoke he was soon gone leaving Vanitus to question many things.

Vanitus stood there conflicted. He let one go, he wanted to let him go? No, stop that you don’t want to let him go, he got away, you let that happen. What if the others saw? What would happen to him. Did he hurt him?” Spiralling questions rained in his mind holding his hands to his head he let out an annoyed groan and turned to see if anyone was looking as he did everyone was still fighting. He sighed a sigh of relief “phew.” He said but froze as he heard the freaks voice once again come through to his ears “ find the truth? What the heck?” He said looking around as if he completely lost it. He was gone where did he go? He questioned himself. He sighed rubbing his head as he headed over to his men. The ones who rained Victorious cheering those injured carried back to await the punishment for failure. Yes even the wounded were punished with the word UGLY. It was a frightful sight for Vanitus. They all wear these plain white masks that scare the life out of him. He was glad he was more upgraded on that part.

As they headed back into the office to hand their bounties in and get the meals. Vanitus couldn’t help but still think of what Oli said to him. “The monarch…find the truth..” what does this mean. He said finding himself staring out the window at the building in the centre of Autodale.


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Oli sighed as he moved away from Vanitus. "that one..piques my interest...maybe nothing but i'll see if he has potential." he thought as the dust covered him in a thin layer. He shook it off quickly. Adjusting the charms slightly as he made his way to another fallen freak, laying next to a fallen bounty hunter. "you fought well icarus." He thought as the freak closed it's eyes. "find peace in the skies. may your eyes look upon the next generation, if there is any..." he thought as he left the scene. "all of them falling like dead flowers wilting...we may not see to it next season..we must prepare.." he thought as he looked over the area that the freaks coveted. A huge land free of bounty hunters yet sparse of food. but it was freedom and a small drop of serotonin in this dead world.

Oli watched him move with a deathly glare. "the.......mon....arch....resides..." he whispered, lifting an arm to point at the tower. "barely...." he said shaking his head as he backed away. the charms clinking against each other. "find......the.....truth......auto....dale.....is....made...of....death." he said, struggling to make the words sound less slurred. The dust blew again as the sun beat down on them. Oli was gone as soon as he came, leaving Vanitus to his thoughts.

"Hello Vanitus." a feminine robotic voice chimed in his headset. "the bounties have been handed in and i hope you enjoy the food. you seem to be staring blankly at the tower in the middle of autodale." she said as more of a statement than a question. "just know your work isn't done. The mayor wishes you to check out the sewers, three handymen were destroyed and a citizen were killed in the crossfire. Shame as he was a model citizen. Had a family and everything. Please check it as soon as you can. I will provide more info and the family is waiting inside their house."

As Vanitus got to his location, he could see a sewer drain open with blood everywhere and the dead father laying next to the sewer opening in the backyard. the two kids were in their rooms with the wife sitting in the living room awaiting any questions. the sewer smelled and taking one peek down there, there was already one wounded freak. unable to move yet alive. "the freak down there is not harmful, kill it if it shows any aggression. We want this clean and quick, the mayor was not pleased with this. Handymans being the saviour of the town? Can't let them be seen in pieces."

As he made his way down, blood trickling down the walls with pipes opening from the outside of autodale. sounds of freaks rummaging around in the walls could be heard. wary of Vanitus and not coming out of their hiding spots. There was an opening in the the sewers leading to the outside. "ah. it seems the freak exited the building. make no haste and get out of there, we wouldn't want our star bounty hunter to get ambushed now do we?" she said chuckling. As he was about to leave, the sound of the same remorseful song could be heard. He wasn't alone.


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Vanitus looked at oil and then to where he was pointing “the monarch resides in the tower?” He sounded surprised. He didn’t think Thai was all vital information but persevered listening.
“Figures.” He scoffed liking him up and down as the charms clinking away catching Vanitus’s attention.
“You said this before the find the truth what the heck does it mean?? What truth is this you speak off? Made of death…ha!” He voice mocked but his eyes wondered pondering the thought. Could this freak be right?
He looked up and as he did oli had vanished. He looked around and back to the tower “what did they mean?”.

Vanitus stared out the window blankly procrastinating until a feminine voice chimes in on the headset. “Geez.” He said agitated.
He listened and noted he forgot yet ministered everything, they watched everything. Sometimes felt like prisoners more than idols. He rolled his virtual eyes. “Of course my work here is never freaking done, I know there was more to this when I only had one bounty. I’m sure it wasn’t even the right one.” He scowled still staring at the tower.
Vanitus sighed turning around seeing all the remaining men, chatting, eating and doing all the things humans would do. Funny that. They were all still mainly human so of course they would be. VN-19000 and counting. Humanisation level low.

Vanitus cleaned his scythe and headed to the marked location popped on his visor. He knocked on the door and observed his surroundings. The sewer pipe could be seen at the back open and others stood there. Blood trail everywhere, crying could be heard. It was a mess, unlike he had ever seen in the city anyways.

As Vanitus entered the house he consoled the wife on the loss of her husband and asked a few standard questions, what happened? Did you see anything? Hear anything? Did they just appear, did they hare her.” When he asked all his questions and notes on his visor placed away he headed to the sewer pipe out back.

Vanitus looked in the pipe at the injured freak bellow scrambling to stay alive, trying to seek shelter as fast as possible.

“Roger that.” He said hoping down into the sewer slowly making his way towards the freak.
“How did you make it into the city? And don’t act like you can’t talk as I know your kind can.” He demanded watching them scramble further still. “ANSWER ME!” He demanded.

He said still as the scrambling one for further and further. Vanitus followed it deeper. Hearing the freaks on the outside wall “an immediate link, should have known. Thought they were all blocked to the centre?he said talking into the headset visor.
As he made his way he saw the opening to the outside and before he could comment the voice started talking.
“Ambushed, psh, please l. Have a scythe big enough to take out a handful of them.” He said sounding rather offended by the feminine voices comment. “I’ll take however star bounty hunter when I get that freaking promotion.”
He said not laughing with her. He turned his back and started to walk away until he had the tune. That same tune he heard earlier he turned back and headed slowly towards where he heard the tune muttering “is that you again?”.


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Oli nodded and turned away. "the.....truth....is...hidden.....in.....plain....sight." he said, his voice, scratchy. "learn....it. Learn.....what's......been......hiding.......among......the.....deaths." he said turning to stare down Vanitus. "why........did......you.....think.....we....became......freaks.....in.....the....first place?......just.....like.....you.....we.....were.....all.....human.....once...." he said looking at the tower. "fear.......and....control....drives....the....world. You....will...never...know...if...it's....true...or...not...if....you....don't....seek....it."

"sorry Vanitus but you should have seen this coming." she said giving a giggle. "your uptight, heart rate is higher than a relaxed pace. What's going on?" she asked. as she said this, a small tug in the back of his brain could be felt. "it was in fact not the right one! Once this is done you need to go back out to kill the other one! this one is sneakier than others and has killed numerous handymen. I would be wary if i were you! But something tells me the one you need to kill has breached autodale so i guess it came to you first" she said in a gleeful tone. "The one you were talking to but didn't kill." she added. "i saw that from your memory files. another wrong move and you are being dismantled!" she said as if it was a good thing. "Now chop chop! the day isn't getting any shorter!"

"well, i was dancing with my husband to the radio while my two of my kids were watching tv. The other one was outside." she said through tears. "Oh! i forgot to add, the third child is missing." the feminine bot chimed in. "and i heard a noise! so my husband went to check it out and i heard screams! i took the children to their room and stayed with them! the screaming stopped so i went to check it and saw my husband dead and little lily gone!" she wailed. "I didn't see anything. just heard screams and then silence. I hope they didn't hurt lily! she is only just a girl." she said taking her mask off and wiping the tears and the runny mascara off with tissues.

The injured freak shook it's head quickly. Running off quickly, it's arm blasted off and dripping black liquid. "Well, they will be handled by the handymen. No need to worry about that!" She said cheerfully. "it seems freaks can't talk but the one you talked to had some sort of communication in place but i wouldn't rely on that for any other freaks you encounter and kill!" She noted. "Now now. you won't get anywhere with that kind of attitude! now chop chop! we have other places you need to be at!" she said.

When Vanitus turned the corner, there was the child. unharmed. Only a small cut on her cheek, she didn't look scared. She was hugging the leg of a freak, not oli. This one had recently killed a handyman and was holding its voice box. Its eyes glowed a bright white as it stared down Vanitus. the child as soon as it saw Vanitus, turned away in fear. The tune could be heard somewhere in the walls, the freak hissed before taking the kid and disappearing quicker than Vanitus could pull out his scythe.


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“Plain sight? Yeah right. Isn’t that what they all say when they don’t just tell us what they know.” He scoffed once again.
“Okay and why should I learn this because you ask me to huh? We’re on opposite sides. I shouldn’t even be talking to you……who knows what would happen if I was found caught talking to some fr….to you…” he said looking oli up and down.

“I don’t know and I don’t care, my job is to assassinate not care.” He said folding his arms now turning his head away to check if anyone is watching.
“Fear you say?” He said slight chuckle in his voice. “The place is a freaking utopia for crying out loud.” He said not feeling an ounce of truth in his own words.
“Perhaps I’ll seek but I’ll do it for me l, this isn’t no peace offering.” He skulked as he watch Oli head off into the distance.

“I mean, I sort of did but alas you got me!” He said sounding more sarcastic than jokey.
“nothing just counting the losses of men we had and trying to work a better strategy for next time.” A LIE he told.
“So why did the congrats pop up? You and I knowing it was wrong why did it say that and allow it?” He questioned turning hastily.

“I mean a main killer of our men?” He questioned he didn’t seem it? More like a scared bunny asking for help?
He followed the path leading towards the house. “Of course just go right in there and rummage around see if I care.” He scoffed annoyed and the brain picking without permission even though he was technically now autodale property. Human rights were revoked as soon as the robot making process began.
“Dismantled? Come on Cortana, why be too hasty on you superstar bounty hunter hmmm?” He toyed with her.
As he walked in waving her off as he arrived at the door.

“Hmmm, I see.” He said looking at her sitting a fair distance away.
“Right..” he silently said the feminine voice could here. “Well I’m sorry for your loss but thank you for sparing your time to tell me what went on, I’ll look for your child,‘I won’t rest until I do, you have my word.” He nodded.
“as for your husband’… unfortunately there isn’t much I can do in that apartment but I’m sure autodale community will provide you with all the advice and help you need.” He said almost too robotic for his liking.
“I will get her back.” He assured her as he walked outside to the pipe.

Vanitus looked over at the scampering freak and watched as it l tried to get further and further away. “Yeah well let’s hope they don’t get themselves killed in the process.” He scoffed. “Well sure they can everyone has some form of communication, just because we don’t understand it doesn’t mean they can’t talk.” He said looking over rewatching the scampered freak. “Another one got away.” He thought.

Vanitus sighed. “Fine Cortana, haven’t you got places to be others to pester?” He questioned.
As he turned the corner seeing the child. Bingo. One thing down on the list.
Though as he stepped closer and she went into the freak more he stepped back.
He saw the hanging voice box and was worried for the child seeing all this but the little girls more scared reaction to him was what was concerning him. Brainwash? No too quick for that…. Wait a second… what he told me “"why........did......you.....think.....we....became......freaks.....in.....the....first place?......just.....like.....you.....we.....were.....all.....human.....once...." could it be? He has to shake the thought off it’s ridiculous. This freak couldn’t be the father of the child right?…right? Impossible… or was it?

The freak hissed and ran off with the child, Vanitus hissed and cursed as he then started to run after it, following its footsteps on his own into freak territory. He pulled out his Scythe ready to attack any freak that got in his way. He ran until he ended up a little too far in than he’d like the freak and child were now near another a leader perhaps? But what he didn’t expect to be looking apon something he didn’t expect and and was now staring at the back of a familiar face. The same clattering charms, the same tallness. It was him. The freak from earlier.


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"you....lie....to....yourself....you...know.....nothing....is....true....." he said turned around. "you know........it....it's...not....true....at....all......but....who.....am....i.....to....say....anything? i....am...just....a.....freak....in....the....end......a....lower......life....form." a slight wheeze could be heard as oli bent down. "i never.....said....it....was....a...peace.....offering.....it's....up....to....you....to....see....to....it....if...it....is." he said looking at Vanitus with a glare. "fear.......is....what....drives.....you." He said as he left Vanitus to his thoughts.

"well isn't that a lie. disappointing coming from you. I'll put that on your record, another fault in your making." she scoffed. "sooner or later, you're going to be dismantled like the rest if you keep up with that demeanor! now straighten up!" she snapped. "oh just some other robot." she said in annoyance. "don't worry about it. I'll have someone else see to it, you need to be in tip top shape to keep on going!" she said cheerfully. "Well yes. In recent times, the number of casualties is rising up because of that freak. Though he always kills the bounty hunters we send after it. Though he makes the deaths quick painless from what we could tell. A stupid soft hearted freak." she scowled. "Well i won't be calling you a superstar as i look down on you as you're being dismantled." she grumbled. "Well that is true. Just like how we talk to communicate, they must have some way to talk if not vocally."

"Nope!" she said with a grin. "You are my assigned bounty hunter so i'll be here 24/7 whether you like it or not! course if you get dismantled then i'll be sent to someone new but let's not talk about that yet, you have a job to do!"
The girl turned away into the freak, the freak moved in front of lily, ready to protect. it's eyes staring down Vanitus. Lily stayed silent as she struggled to climb it's back. Once on and holding tightly, the freak made it's dash away from Vanitus. Quickly making it's way down the sewer pipes. All the way till it climbed through a hole, exiting autodale and into the realm of the freaks. Oli stood in Vanitus way, covering the hole with his bony tail. He stared at Vanitus, the eyes peeking out from his skull face and the charms dangling on his horns. "We.....meet.....again.........brother."


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Vanitus sighed. “I know only of what I know and what I am fed.” He looked Oli up and down.
“ I mean…..your words I never said that but please go on.” Vanitus said folding his arms. Waving off Oli to continue speaking.

“Wait hold up a sec, why is it up to me? Out of all the hunters you could have picked you, homes in on me? Why?” He asked.
“Fear doesn’t drive me, determination does and revenge. For something I don’t know what but I know there is a reason.” He said trying to feel confident infront of the freak before him.

“What the heck Cortana?” Vanitus yeleld waving his arms up in the air in a “fed up” motion.
“Fine whatever, just stop acting like my freaking mother.” He said kicking a stone as he continued walking.
“Some other robot?” He tilted his head confused at the statement. But shrugged it off soon enough not really caring for the answer.

“Sure and if they get killed by Freaks then I’m to blame for protecting me right? Pathetic. These lame excuses to be Perfect are nauseating.”

“Well maybe he’s just good at what he does, I suppose you could say the same for me though I just want to get the job done and call it a day.” He said brushing his hands together.

“Errrm you wouldn’t anyways because I doubt the mayor would pass on a AI that fails at keeping the bounty hunter in line…hmmm?” He said smirking.
“Precisely, we’re on the same wavelength now let’s move!”

“Cortana your full of rays and sunshine you know that?” He said sarcastically. “Seriously though I don’t need you downing my tasks and like I said earlier doubt they would exchange you to someone else perhaps give your sister a go instead “Siri” she may be the improved one that doesn’t fail in their eye?” He said waiting for the comeback he was happy he still had some humour the place could be so dark sometimes and regimented he’d forgot the Simple things in life.
“I’m sorry my humour isn’t exactly filtered per se.” He nudged.

“Hey let her go.” Vanitus yelled as he chased after them. The freak standing in front protecting Lilly and her climbing up it’s back. What was she doing? He wondered. A child befriended by a freak that’s a first.
Vanitus tried to keep up after it made its dash once again. He ran following it through and made his way through the pipe also still following though a while behind. The moment he sped up hoping to be on their tail. He was abruptly stopped as stood before him was a freak and not just any freak it was him. The one from earlier. Blocking his path any further.

Vanitus stopped abruptly “you again?” He said as he tried getting his breath back.
The words rang in his ears “brother? Who are you calling brother?” He asked still trying to see if he could see Lilly and the freak. But he could not silently he was annoyed but looked at Oli “so now what? I don’t see how you think we are brothers, we’re on Separate sides?” He asked not understanding what Oli said.


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"Because...you.....forgot.....when...you...became....one....of...them...you....forgot....who....you....were..." Oli said look at one of the charms on his horns. "Who...you...were....before....your...family..." He said hoping it clicked but he had little hope. He didn't have hope for his family who took him out, why should he have hope for this one here? "Your.....scared....of...death....you.....feel....little....remorse....but....not....enough....to....turn....you....away....rather....them....not....you?" he quoted. "your.....eas....y....to...read...." He said, Vanitus could hear only the slightest laugh but it was forced and seemed to cause the freak some discomfort. "your.....just....lying......to....yourself.....just....like....everyone....else.....you....know......what....you....desire....and....seek....revenge.....for...but....you....are....blinded....by....what....you.....thought.....was...home....."

"Oh come on!" she complained. "that's different. What matters is you keeping yourself in line!" She snapped, the faintest slap at the back of his helmet could be felt. "No we aren't. But whatever. let's go! the day isn't getting shorter." she said as the sun started to make it's way down. "Of course i know that!" She said with glee. "now get going! and i'm not! just being your adviser!" she scoffed. "OH my god will you shut up!" she complained. "that's it! i'm turning your voice box off! have fun trying to talk to someone." she muttered. Savouring the silent insults being hurled at by Vanitus. "Right...you're still not getting your voice box back. now chop chop!"

The freak didn't respond as it ran through the sewers, crawling through the pipes and dodging attacks from Vanitus with ease.
Oli stood in silence in front of Vanitus, allowing the freak with the child to escape. he said nothing as he swished his tail in front of the hole. "who....else....?......who......else....would....i...be....talking....to....Vanitus....." He said, Vanitus's name rang loudly through the sewers as if it was amplified. "you.....lost....who....you...were.....but....i...still....remember....you....brother........it's....me....oli....you....used...to...call....me....jolly....oli....i....hated...that..." he said hoping it would click this time. "just.....because......we....are.....on.....seperate....sides.....does.....not....mean.....we....need....to...be....enemies."

"What's going on?" Cortana snapped. "get out of there! that freak is just trying to trick you! it's a lie!" she hissed. "if your not going, i'll make you go." she grumbled. making Vanitus turn away from oli and run away. leaving oli at the exit of the sewers alone. "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? TALKING TO A FREAK!" she screamed at him. "YOUR GOING TO GET US BOTH KILLED! NOW GET IT TOGETHER AND GO!" she said making him exit the sewers and walk to the house.


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“No, I still remember the day I was turned, what happened before may be foggy but that don’t mean I don’t remember.” He scoffed.
“Family, you wanna talk about family? I dot have to explain my life to you just because your talking to me okay?” He argued back looking away from Oli.
“You don’t know nothing, you don’t know what it’s like…. You don’t know the hell I’ve been through! So don’t act lien you know.” He argues back “read like a book, Pfft. Yeah right….” He said turning hoping to hide his worries facial expressing the freak knew how he was feeling why? Was it mind games?
“That snicker was uncalled for…” he said annoyed.


“Yeah, yeah whatever Cort” he said brushing it off.
“Ow.. hey watch it!” He said rubbing the back of his head.
“Sure thing couldn’t agree more.” He said.
As they went on watching the sunset as they walked.
“Haha, why not you do such a good job at being my advisor.” He said sweetly.

“Haha oh hey come on Cort, ease up will ya? Don’t need to go take voice boxes.” He argued a little fear of if she would crept in.
Vanitus was not amused he folded his arms annoyed at her, but she could easily understand what he was thinking now walking with an annoyed look on his face.
Not saying a word.

As Vanitus ran constantly swiping trying to stop him the scythes strength Just lengthened the gap rather than getting the freak. “Damn.” He said as he was loosing pace. Also faced before him stood Oli. Once again.

Vanitus stumbled back “how…how do you know my name?” He asked.
Once again the word “brother” rained in on him. As if his mind was trying to process. Do I have a brother? Surely I’d remember that right? His mind raced and small distant foggy clips flashed in his mind stuff harder than others to make out.
“Oli……” he froze as of he stood stil in time “Oli” as Oli mentioned of vanitus calling his brother Jolly Oli came through to his mind it disappeared just as quick. “Oli….” He said one more time as if it was triggering something.

Vanitus didn’t answer better yet just stood there for that small moment in time not knowing what to do or how to deal with it.
“Oli” he said with nothing further to add.

Vanitus ignored Cortana’s advice on getting out of there and stood there still frozen no words as the memories started to flash back slightly one by one.
When cortana threatened to take him away from this he piped up “no! Cortana I’m thinking “ he said to her rather abruptly.

“Oli is that really you?” He questioned.. but before Oli could answer Cortana had yanked him out the situation and started to yell at him.
“what if he is my brother? I can’t hunt down my brother and I know I had one. He said confused and hella annoyed.
“Arghhh. Fine but this isn’t over.” He said to Cortana annoyed but obliged ready for the next quest they needed to do if it was Oli he couldn’t but he woudn have to.


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"the...day....you...turned....is....that...how...you...see....it?" oli asked but didn't wait for an answer. "you....had....a....family.....do....you...remember....them? you...say...you...are...foggy....on....things.....but...i...think...you....know....the...answer....for....this." he said. "your.....the....same.....as....you.....were.....before....the....change......i....guess.....i'm.....glad.....you....didn't.....lose....that." he said turning away. "you.....chose....your....path....the....only....hell....your....living....in....is....the....one....you...created....don't...act....like....you.....know....anything." he repeated. "Just....like...your...attitude...but...i...won't...say...anymore." oli said leaving Vanitus to his thoughts.

"You watch the name calling!" she complained. "it's cortana to you thank you very much!" she scowled. "Oh stop with the sweet talk, it's not going to help you out of this one!" she frowned. "i don't bend to sugary sweetness even though you try, so dream on it!" she smirked. "i won't lighten up till you drop that nickname! Either way, i'll take it! you need to learn who is in charge here!" she smirked.

"you....really...did....forgot.....i....shouldn't....be...surprised...you....lost...yourself....to...them....the....moment.....you....signed.....your.....life....away..." oli said with a slight disappointed tone. Images flashed across Vanitus's vision. him, his family. Oli. His real name was oliver but oli was adopted as his nickname and soon people forgot he was even named oliver in the first place. Their times together as a "perfect family." that was until Vanitus left the family in tears as he signed his soul away. his family soon disappeared and he never bothered to see where they were. He had a new life and now his only life to fight for autodale. not let family get in the way of that.

"yes.....brother......i....am.......here....." Oli said looking down at Vanitus. "I....used....to....be....the....shorter.....one.....look...at...where....we...came....now..." He said, narrowing his eyes. "You......get.....it....now?.......you......have.....a.....brother.....who....is.....a.....monster....."
"NO YOU! Your going against your coding and therefore have more flaws i need to write down!" she complained. "we are both going to get killed if you don't drag your ass away from that monster! now go!" she screamed. "I don't care! you lost your family when you signed that paper so act as if he never existed! someone else will kill him anyway, it's not a big deal!" she hissed. "you won't have to look at that monster ever again, i'll make sure someone else is assigned to kill him." she scoffed. "you dolt! you are so close to getting dismantled and getting me shut off! so you better not make a mistake on your next mission." she seethed.


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“I don’t know how I see things no more.” He sighed. “One minute I feel human and myself remembering a lot of my past, wondering what made me choose this, next I don’t remember a thing and everything is gone. Complete blank.”
He thought for a few seconds “I do remember…vaguely ” he trailed on feeling like he was being belittled by a freak if anything.

“I will be soon…..im almost fully immersed into my robotic take over.” He said showing Oli his digital model number on his side. VN - 1900.
“I didn’t choose this, you don’t know anything. You don’t know half of what I’ve been through, you’ve lived in these outskirts for however long don’t act like you know the crap that goes on, on the inside.” He said folding his arms getting to his last tether on this conversation.

“Pfft, saying I chose, maybe I chose because life at home wasn’t great…. Or maybe I chose because they were gonna kill me guess he’d rather me dead….great laid my life out to a freak that could of just manipulated me to toy with my left over emotions….ARGGHHH. Vanitus you idiot.” He kicked some stones as he headed off back into Autodale.

“Fine.” He scoffed “was only having a little fun. You should lighten up a bit anyone would think your a robot?” He smirked.
“Well that’s too bad, I thought that was why you chose me because I was the sweetest of them all.” He flattered.
“Fine Cortana, satisfied?” He attempted to roll his virtual eyes.
He sulked in silence just continuing walking not making a peep as Cortana held tightly to his voice box.Yeah this is the life I wanted.” He thought to himself. “My voice being held hostage by an AI I can’t freaking see.”

“Don’t you dare use that disappointed tone through that gruff raspy voice, I can still read emotions you know.” He claimed as flashes came rushing back of the time with the family, with his mother, father and there, his sweet little brother Oliver. Though Vanitus always called him Oli or Jolly Oli as he was always so happy.

An image of Vanitus and a Oli 5 years ago playing a video game together, laughing, bonding and smiling. Their parents behind smiling at the happy family they had.
A smile crossed Vanitus face as he remembered, only for it to be shot in flames of that fateful day. The one he says he “chose” to join.
He gets nightmares of the whole day, the one part that has haunted him everyday for the past 5 years is the image of Oli running up to Vanitus holding him tightly begging him not to go…but still he went.

Emotions were high around Vanitus, he couldn’t cry even if he wanted to, he had no eyes to cry with. Guess that was the whole point. You loose all human emotion when you “sign your life away” literally.

His voice sombre “what happened to our parents?” He asked very gingerly as if he knew the answer and had no right to know as you know… he left.
“What happened to you? I mean how did this….happen?” He asked.
He scrambled back a little “no, this can’t be right… I left them and they were all together it was me who made a jump no one else. They… no..” he said looking at Oli secretly hoping for him to say something that would tell him it’s him. That it’s really him.

VN - 1899.
Code Red - 85869392338
Notification to the mayor has been sent.
A message only Cortana saw.

“Forget the coding, I think we’re a little past that right now, don’t you think?” He snapped back at her.
“Don’t you dare right anything down unless you want to be a goner also.” He said trying to think through these emotions he was having but couldn’t process as he was all but a freaking robot.

“Your a robot of course your going to say that, I’m not there yet I still have a heart you can’t just switch those emotions off. Wait….” He stopped staring at Oli in the distance who still stood there. “So he is my brother? You just said act like he isn’t so he is? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON CORTANA?” He screamed loud enough Oli could hear as it echoed through the tunnel as Cortana initiated control on his movement getting him away from this situation.

“I’m the dolt? I’m the dolt? I’m sorry I just got told my brother is a freaking freak and I’m just suppose to be okay with this? Yes I’ll end up dismantled at some point, today is not that day, your going to keep quiet on this and so am I. We’re gonna focus on that one I did get being my bounty and that the other one was already killed by the handyman’s.” He stated.
“Next mission is a new day…” he said looking back unable to control what he was feeling. But one thing was for sure Oli was right on one thing fear was driving him right now.


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"see...them....with...your....own....eyes...rather...then....the.....eyes....that....see...everything.." He said reaching up to point at Vanitus's visor. "see...what..you....see..from....your...own...eyes..then....maybe.....you....can....remember....what...has....been...lost...." He said looking at him Vanitus. "you.....remember....what..?" He questioned. "that.....shows....how...much....fear....you....have....the....more....you....have....the....quicker....it....takes.....over.....you......autodale....is....run....on....fear....and....blood.....because....that's....what....keeps.....people....from.....knowing....the....truth..."
"I....may...not....know.....everything....but...i...know.....something.....why...did....you....think...i...moved....to...the....outskirts?.....freaks...don't....reproduce....they....must....make....a...new....kin.....by.....other....means....which....means....i...used....to...be....a.....model....citizen....just....like....you...though....i...took....a....different....path....besides......why....would...i....leave....this...city....this...utopia....if...i....were....a...model....citizen...unless...." he said staring down Vanitus. "unless....i....knew....something....i...saw....something....you...didn't..."

"Hey! i'm scientifically made to be a human! i think i'm good enough doing that unlike you!" she said poking him in the eye. "Oh no no! i chose you because you were the only one left for me to choose!" she said giving a laugh. "as if anyone would choose you? that's just straight up comedy at that point." she said giving a smirk. "No. You stay quiet or you kiss your voice box goodbye!" she said tightening her grip on the voice box.

"why....would...you...care....to....know?.....you....left....them...in...the.....first....place....didn't...you...?" he said giving look at Vanitus. "i.....became....a....monster....to....escape.....what....really....happened.....in...autodale.......what....really...is...autodale.." he said holding his claw up. "time.......and.....pain...you...will....become...one...of.....them.." he said stepping away from Vanitus, the shadows covering his face. "what......do....you....want.....from...me.....brother..."

As the message popped up on cortana's message she cursed out loud to Vanitus. "Well isn't this grand?! time to die! You're marked as code red!!" she screamed. "A notification has been sent to the mayor so might as well kiss your life and my voice goodbye!" She yelled. "we need to go now!" she said dragging him away from oli. "WELL?! WHO CARES!! BOTH OF US ARE GOING TO DIE BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPID MALFUNCTION!" she screamed in his ear. "WE ARE ALREADY A GONER! SO SHUT UP AND GET YOUR ASS MOVING BECAUSE WE HAVE SOMEWHERE TO BE NOW!" she said pushing him out of the sewers. "OH SHUT UP!" she said cutting his voicebox off. "WE HAVE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DISCUSS!" Oli watched Vanitus with a stone cold glaze before walking away. disappearing into the hole and out of autodale.



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“Try is the optimal word here.” He scoffed.
“So say I chose this path maybe I deleted that part as I knew they wouldn’t forgive me.” He suggested.
“Stop I don’t need life lessons on what’s happening to me. Weren’t you the one who tried to convince me it was my choice.” He turned around Unsure of how to deal with this rising anger, annoyance and upset inside him.
“I mean fair point but it doesn’t make sense either. Something was never right it was obvious from the constant time loop that is played over and over to create perfection in its eyes.” He said looking back to Oli.

“I mean barely. You can’t even take a joke, that’s less human like I heard.” He smirked.
“Oh and I can discharge you at anytime so you fail and your gone forever…boom. Guess we’re on even playing field. You don’t wanna be around me as much as I don’t you I travel and work alone, live alone I don’t need some woman in my life bossing me around.” He stated as he looked through his visor to see if he could see anything out of the ordinary.
He gave a menacing vibe but sighed a sigh of defeat.

Vanitus looked down as he he found physically see his heart on his sleeve and returns his gaze upon Oli.
He clenched his fists more and more “well considering you seem to know so much about my “choice” I made why don’t you enlighten me, tell me why would I care? Tell me why I wouldn’t , in fact better yet why don’t you tell the whole of Autodale my freaking story about how the meanie older brother left you and his family to join something that would distribute him so he would in time end up being trained to kill them if they were to turn into something or be the one to kill them for doing wrong JUST TELL ME THE TRUTH YOU BELIEVE, because it sure ain’t heck to do with what really happened you were just a kid you wouldn’t understand Oliver….!” He said his voice getting louder with each word.
“Your question is as golden as time itself. No one knows and no one freaking cares. That’s the problem no one wants the ‘truth’ because they think they are living their truth.”
“I know…..” he whispered.
He looked up at Oli and away again. “Shouldn’t I be the one to ask you that….brother?” His words cold.

“What the heck is a code red?” He asked concerned. “Calm your chips Cortana I’ll fix this.” He said frantically “yes to the back corner of autodale there is a secret hideout we head there for a moment to gather thoughts and sort this freaking mess out.” He said running looking back once more at Oli.
It hurt to see him reduce to a freak.
“Just calm it will ya! We will sort it.” He said before his voice was cut off by Cortana.

“He doesn’t have to know.. we can alter things.” He suggested “who says it’s malfunction? I’m still human aren’t I?” He asked questions cropping more into his mind.
He was scared and frightened and wanted to know more and he knew he had to find a way to get that information. He knew he’d need to see Oli again….Soon but first the mayor was his first problem.


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"maybe....you.....never....tried......how...would....you...know....if....they...will....ever.....forgive...you...if...you....never....asked?" He questioned. "it....was.....your.....choice....and...i....will....not....drive...you...from....that....path.....your....life....is...not...mine." he said turning around and away from Vanitus. "time...is....something....he...strives....to....get....to....live....forever.....the...immortal....machine........using.....the....monarch....as...his.....battery......he uses.....the....citizens.....as....another.....source....their....deaths....to....fuel....his...machine....it...has....been...accepted.....over....the....years....as....something.....normal......it....is...hard....to....break...what....has...already....been...done."

"so?! some people can't take a joke! not just me! so thank you very much i am a person!" She hissed. Though there was doubt in her words. "I mean, you have no right to say that! you aren't more human than I am! more so barely holding on by a thread." she scoffed. "You act so proud and tough." she grumbled. "You really aren't all that if you weren't aware. You have no power over me that i don't already have over you! you can't get rid of me that easily. Besides, the mayor or at least an exceptional one has the choice to decide who goes and who stays! not you!" she smirked. "Oh please....i am here keeping you in check because you can't yourself! it's protocol so i'll be here whether you like it or not."

"if.....you....are....that.....frustrated...with....my....choice....of....words....consider....me....gone...as....if....i.....was....never....your...brother..." he said with a cold tone. "Your.....life....is....yours...i...am....not...here....to...tell....you...what....to....care...for....or....to....throw...away......" he said staring down Vanitus with a glare. "I....did...not....come....here....to.....argue...senseless....topics....with....you......." He scowled. "I......guess.....i....really....don't....just.....like....how....i....don't....understand......you....anymore.....good...bye." he said turning away and leaving. "i'm....not....sure....maybe....ask.....someone....who.....knows....you.......better....because.....i....don't.....know....you....anymore......just...like....you...said." He said with the same iciness that Vanitus gave to him.


"YOU THINK YOU CAN HIDE SOMETHING LIKE THIS FROM THE BOSS?!?! ARE YOU A FREAKING DUCHE BAG?" she screamed. slapping him in the face. "AN ALERT HAS ALREADY BEEN SENT TO HIM! HE KNOWS! NOW GROW UP! YOU CAN'T KEEP RUNNING FOREVER! FROM YOUR FEARS, PROBLEMS AND NOW WHAT IS LEFT OF YOUR FAMILY!" She criticized. "No you're not! not anymore! you're just a stupid robot with some human features. Your his property now so your just some stupid slave at this point." she yelled. "Now let's go! your death is awaiting you."


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“Well like you said I left.. so why would they?” He questioned.
Vanitus laughed “you keep saying my choice as if you know. I don’t stand here and slate you for choosing the opposing side to mine?”.
“Of course there has to be something bigger controlling everything the mayor can’t do it all himself and for as strict as everything in it makes sense. The world isn’t perfect as what you are lead to believe.” He grumbled.

“Oh I know, apparently me also being one of them, hm?” He sighed rolling his virtual eyes.
“A person yes? So you have feelings and emotions and can tell when something isn’t right?”
“Well I was one once right? I haven’t gone completely.”
“I have to. If I didn’t the likes of you, him and that big old hunk of junk controlling everything would have me dismantled no?” Annoyance grew in his tone.
“Cortana… please just…. Stop talking.” He asked exasperated.
“Keep me in check, that’s rich.” He scoffed tightening his fists then Releasing them as he walked.

“It’s not like that.. it’s just….complicated.” He said unsure of how to fathom the right words to describe how he was currently feeling.
“Well good, nor am I, you were the one to approach me at the start with your cryptic message.” He stated.
“Then why did you come in the first place. If you think trying to tell me stuff to remember is senseless then.. sure whatever.”
He looked back “me? You? Think? That’s rich coming from you who never even bothered to see the truth I was behind… you assume I choose, you assume I wanted….this. You have no idea of the torment and suffering I have endured. So don’t act like your innocent in all this.” He sighed watching Oli head off into the distance.

“Who says I’m gonna see him? I’m a nobody remember you made that loud and clear In your words.” He argued.
“NO CORTANA, IM NOT! I’m not just some robot Im still human… clearly as apparently somehow I’ve lessened my judgement time.”

The comment hurt vanitus as it pierced him the words were cold, deep and traumatic for him. He pulled up a menu and scrolled through “Immunise Isolation” sounds a whirl to try?
He ignored Cortana’s pointless rambles about how they were gonna go, be gone for ever yada,yada. He at this point just wanted her to leave him to be able to think for just a moment.

As he got slapped in the face he shook his head “what the heck?” He yelled. “I’m not the one who is panicked here.” He said “I may have let everyone down but doesn’t mean the human that’s left can’t try and fix this…” he said defying Cortana.
“Your right I can’t run from death , but you can. He said as he set the immunised isolation button. Cortana’s voice disappeared and for a moment the silence was bliss.
It wouldn’t last long, but long enough for him to get out and back to Oli he had questions and he knew he had the answers.


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"they....left....in...fear.....of....knowing.....the.....truth....and....took....me....along......with...them.....they....died...shortly....after....their...mind...is...now...in...peace.." He explained, not showing remorse for them though. "it....wasn't....my....choice...unlike....yours.....the....parents....made....me...go...with....them...i....wanted....to...stay...here....with...you.." He said sourly. "who....said...the...world....was...perfect...?....not....me...why....did...you...think...i...left....in...the....first....place...?....because....parents....made....me....because....they...knew....the....world....wasn't....perfect.." He said. his tone growing cold.

"well yes! your a robot to, just like me. now chop chop!" she hissed. "Well.." she frowned, annoyed that Vanitus had her tongue tied. "yes..but that doesn't mean anything now! stop turning the topic on me!" she complained. "so? you lost most of it at this point, you are a robot! you're going to lose everything else as soon as your dismantled to become a handyman!" she ranted. "don't talk about him that way! and besides, you're probably getting searched for at this point! now keep on moving! and...whatever. if you die it's not my fault you dud." she grumbled, his earset going silent.

"isn't....it...always..." oli said looking away. "so...it's....my...fault...how...nice..." he sighed. "i....nevermind....i...apparently...don't...get...it..so...why..should....i....even...bother...because...i'm...still...a...kid." He said with a cold tone. Crouching down to go through the hole. "because.....i.....thought....we...could....be....brothers....again....time...has....worn....us...both...down....to....the....point...of...this.." He hissed. narrowing his eyes. "truth....is...never...here..." Oli stood back up. towering down Vanitus. "you.....think....i...haven't...gone...through...anything....either.....you....have...grown....more....selfish....than....i..remember....i...am...sorry....for...my...actions....that....have....annoyed...you....but....i...think....it's....better....we....go...our....separate...ways..." he scowled. Leaving quickly.

"Good! i'll make sure that thought will stay there but taking a look through your brain, you're going to find that freak again aren't you?! besides, that freak made it clear it doesn't want to see you again!" she hissed. "YOU ARE! YOU LOST YOUR HUMAN SENSES AS SOON AS YOU SIGNED YOUR LIFE AWAY!" She yelled back. "SO?! and fine. go ahead. i'll be watching you die as you fail." she grumbled. "what. wait!" she yelled, her voice panicked as she was closed out of Vanitus's system.

Oli made his way out, his mood soured and disappointed. He climbed up through the hole, making his way to freak territory. The child was playing with some of the younger "newly made" freaks while some of the older ones kept watch. He made his way past that area to one of the farthest stretches, away from autodale to think. He was disappointed in how Vanitus was when he saw him. It was better for both of them to act like they were never kin. He was never close with his parents, they always favoured Vanitus but he loved them anyway. They didn't change their attitude of him when they dragged him along and all became freaks. He wasn't sad when he saw them die by a bounty hunter. Though he didn't think they deserved that particular fate, he just didn't care for them anymore. But he held hope out for Vanitus but it was dashed when he talked to him. The change of attitude and the stiffness in his words made it clear. he wasn't the Vanitus he knew so many years ago. The old Vanitus lay dead in a grave while the new one walked in legs that weren't his. Seeing the world through eyes that were never his to begin with.


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“Oh, I see..” Vanitus said coiling up inside.
“I’m not going to keep repeating myself. I didn’t do it through choice? What if it was to protect you from this fate? That I took it instead so you didn’t have to endure this? What if they were watching you Oliver? You ever think about that?” He snapped.
“I wanted to stay with you, I wanted nothing more in the entire world just that we could grow up and be…. Well normal.” He shrugged.
A softer side could be seen from him compared to his stiff cold self.
“Sure… something like that…” he sighed.

“See. You know I’m right on that one” he cheered. “Only if you keep talking like that, then yes WE will. But you know what I can defy the odds.”
“Good least it means I’ll be wanted for once in my freaking life.” He snapped. “I don’t have time for your belittling.”
“I’ll take that risk now keep it down will ya? I’m starting to get a headache.” He rolled his virtual eyes once more.

“I never blamed you Oli, stop that.” He barked back.
“I’m just saying I never judged you for the choice you happened to fall into and never blamed you for a thing, I swore to protect you till the end and by doing what I did I have been. Clearly the big guy saw other contracts to break.” He sighed.

“We can but not like this….. I need to be free of these chains to be the me you knew and loved. Right now I’m just a killing machine with a quarter of a heart.”
“You’ve bee through a lot it’s not hard to see Oli, I just don’t Belittle you on it. I guess shock still set in to see you like this.” He looked up at the charms on oli’s horns reaching to brush them gently but pulling away just as fast standing straighter than an arrow.
“Whatever you wish, brother…”

“Stop calling him a freak he’s my brother dang it!” He yelled at Cortana.
“I don’t care I have to talk to him again.”
“Agreed to, physically I haven’t…. Clearly. Until he catches me I can still keep going backwards, forwards in my case.” He pondered calculations on if it was possible. It wasn’t impossible.
The silence now from Cortana was bliss a chance to think freely and not in the mind of a machine.

He headed back out towards the outskirts dodging major open areas and reach the edge of Autodale. He looked back at all he’d ever known and knew he was going to be hunted, so he had to make it quick. “Speak to Oli, ask for help from Oli find a way to not get killed. Cortana is only offline for 4 hours by then handymen will be waiting for me and the tracker kicked in again. I have to hope the others with Oli won’t kill me first before I speak to him.”


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"protect me....." Oli went silent. "protect....me...is....that...so?...i...still...became....a....monster...in...the...end.....so..it...didn't....really....protect...me...from...anything..." Oli muttered, disappointed with himself. "i endured....something....else....then....your....fate....either....way....we...would....off...suffered.....a...different...way...if...you...think...i...don't....know...how...much....you...went....through...then....leave...go...back...to....your...real...family...and...forget...about...me..."
"You.....really...wanted....to..?" he asked. hesitant with Vanitus. "if....you....really...wished....for...this....to...be....normal....for...us....to...be....normal.....do....you....remember....me....as....your...brother?" he questioned. "do...you...remember me.....as....someone...something...else....than....a..freak..."

"no time for cheering!" she yelled then stopped. "alright.." she relented. "i'll give it to you, but next time i won't be as lenient!" she said giving a pat on the back. "at least..you..still know how to laugh. The others..lost it. even before they got to your point. i miss hearing joy..real joy. It's something little. But knowing, you're still human. and not just a model citizen. But someone deep down with dreams and hopes, i'm glad for that." she said giving a small chuckle. "sorry about that detour but it reminded me of something."
"and i'm sure you will but for now, eyes on the prize." she suggested. "And i don't have time for you going out of proportion! You need to realize you can't defy someone like him!" She scowled. "fine. But i'll be watching. you better not god damn die." she grumbled. Going silent.

"but...i...blame...my..self...doesn't...that...count....for...something.." he whispered. "i...was..to...blame...for...the....death...of...our...parents....i...did....not...feel...bad...why...would..I?" he said taking a deep breath. "i...missed...you..." he said, bending down. "your....different...but...i....can...feel....the...same...heart...pulse..."
"I'll await then.....i'll await.....your......turning....back. I will always........be waiting........till......the end....of time." He said. "you...changed....physically....at...least...is...it...for...the....better...or...for...the...worst...i'm...not...so..sure...on." he said bending down so Vanitus could touch his horns. "we both are...but...knowing...the...truth...before...you...have....i'm...not...as...surprised.."

"He's a freak is he not?!" she yelled back. "He turned into one! what else am i supposed to call him?! an alien?" she scoffed folding her arms. "Well good luck. freaks aren't easy to tell friend or foe. Don't get ripped apart please." she grumbled. "well..." she stopped. "i...mean...true...to...an extinct. but you can't keep running forever. he is going to catch up to you sooner or later. you have to be careful when playing with that stuff. he can just turn it off you know..."

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