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Don't Call This Love...


Pud Master 9000
War has ravaged the lands, and in its wake, many people lost their lives. Families were destroyed, buildings were crumbled, and nothing would be the same ever again. This war was different. The use of nuclear weapons caused radiation to sink in the land and kill most in its wake. The few that survived and had offspring- the radiation poison caused their children to have supernatural abilities. Now, years have passed and the children are grown up. Some were taken from the families at an early age while others went into hiding. Whatever the story is- one thing was certain. The war was far from over. The people may believe they lived in peace, but the government had something far more sinister in mind.

Dangerous. That is what they have labeled you. Outcast is what you are. Most do not roam freely amongst the people. They are locked away in a high-security facility. The government doesn't treat you too terrible... But they plan on using you to fuel another war on humanity. You either agree with them or die. Those who escaped the hands of the government are being hunted like dogs. Their fellow human neighbors shun and report them. They are alone in this cruel world.

What will you choose?

In a society riddled with injustice, lies, and war, connecting with people isn't much of an option. Yet you connect with your fellow supernatural men and women. Whether it is a partnership between friends or love that rivals no other- this is no time for love. This is war.

This is my idea! I am hoping some people are interested. I will answer everyone's questions here or with a DM. I tried not to make it too confusing. Allow me to expand on some things. To start, the setting. This will take place in a large, urban city ravaged by war. Richer people live closer to the government facilities while the majority who are poor live in dilapidated buildings or even on the streets. At this stage, it is survival of the fittest. Characters are pretty simple- you will be playing superpowered humans being used for the gain of the government. This is where things can get tricky- so lets lay out some ground rules. No being overpowered- so time manipulation and mind control is not acceptable powers. 1 power per person- only 1. If I think your power is too much- I will tell you and we can work it out. Everyone needs weaknesses. Also, you have a choice whether you want to be captured already or out in the city- on the run. I would like more people in the facility just for plot reasons but no worries. Everyone will get the chance to escape or whatever your heart desires. I would like this to be full of action, drama, love, pain- so please have fun with it. Major plot twist may need to go through me just in case. Any other questions- feel free to ask. I want to make sure people would like to join before creating it. <3

Golden Grace

I understand you a lot, time manipulation and mind control are something very hard to work with! I have an interest in making someone on the run, but I can't be sure to be a part of this RP. Still, don't hesitate to tag me in if you still have some room when you'll launch it


The Known Stranger
The chance to create inventive and unique abilities while mixing in difficult societal and psychological questions and experiences? Sign me up!


Smol Kawaii Bean Bunz Pokemon (。◕ω◕。) (^ω^)
Oooooo, I'd love to maybe have some conflict where maybe mine is one of the few radiated curving children who still have working reproductive organs so she's being used in an experiment to be bred? I dunno that just caught my mind XD


I'd like to express tentative interest. This sounds really great, and I'd love to be a part of it, but at the moment I'm not 100% sure if I can devote enough time to it and I don't want to end up leaving you hanging somewhere mid-plot.


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I’m gonna be honest, this sounds epic.

It has a lot of potential, and I’m curious to see how it turns out.

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