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Fandom “Don’t Be So Cocky”

Sub Genres
Adventure, Anime, AU, LGTBQ, Romance


I love her lack of energy!Go girl!give us nothing!

Old post was a whole mess mm,,,

Hi! I’m Fritz or Ritz, whatever you prefer. I’m a 17 year old female. School has gone out recently however I do work a part time job, I mostly work on weekends. I adore drawing my own characters and fanart, if I have time I might doodle up something based on our rp! I like coming up with headcanons for our characters along with fangirling. I typically feel uncomfortable rping with people who feel “stiff” if that makes sense. I do tend to forget to respond to rps and I do disappear for a few days a week. In ooc I use slang and type like a crackhead, if that ain’t for you then that’s rough. I try to at least post once a week but sometimes I can do daily. Fair warning, I ghost.

Please read my rules,,,please,,,I’ll give you my first born.

For the love of god just PM me,,please. I do delete any and all comments on this thread after awhile.
Love me some oc/canon (+ doubling), willing to do ocxoc, but I’m iffy with canonxcanon, it all depends tbh so please ask
Okay with m//, f// and het pairings
I really like romance rps eeee
I like playing tons of characters/side characters haha.
3rd person only please, thank you mwah
No one liners! A paragraph is decent enough.
Don’t bump the thread/pm every hour, I have bad issues with that got stalked because of it one time lololol
If I’m gone for a week go ahead and shoot me a message!
Don’t steal my art! Unless it’s gift at that point it’s yours.
When plotting please actually contribute to the conversation instead of giving me like one or two words, or a sentence without any substance, thanks mwah
Lemme chat with you,,lemme talk (ooc chat)
Text talk/smooth brain talk is allowed in ooc but not in the rp (unless they’re textin’ or somethin’)
Speaking of that I speak a lot of monkey nonsense in ooc (aka slang) sooo,,sorry.
There’s probably more but I am brain dead hehe.
Hey! You read this far, considering how most people haven’t, go ahead and tell me your favorite character (from anything) in your pm, mwah.


If you wanna throw in an AU lmk, I’d love to do it.

Obey Me
I started playing recently (on lesson 8 or 9 I think but I’m playing at a rapid speed cause I’m invested in the story) but Id still like to write for it!
Can totally double for this!

Persona 5 (Royal)
Typically I enjoy canonxoc(Doubling)with this fandom or ocxoc.
However I can do canonxcanon, I only have like four ships (Akira/Ryuji, Akira/Mishima, Akira\Akechi, Ann/Makoto)
Also been craving to write my take on Akira (my normal version or my normal version + Akira being a manipulative mf), I would also love to write both Caroline and Justine!! (But I have no clue on a plot for that)

Weird idea but I thought of something platonic, a plot based off of Akechi and his Mother. I have small plot for it that needs some work but I’d love to discuss it! Fair warning there would be dark themes around it.

Kingdom Hearts
Really craving!!
Can do canonxoc! I have a bunch of characters I can use lmao
All games! Even III, although I mostly prefer a story based in II or between II and DDD

Avatar The Last Airbender
I have a oc/oc plot regarding two avatars (I’ll explain more in pm)
If you want to do canonxoc then let me know!
As for canons I’d be down to play Toph tbh

Identity V
For the love of god, please do this one for me I’ll do anything I am spitting on the ground PLEASE
Mostly looking for canonxoc but I have a few canon ships!

PSA if you run Geisha and Bloody Queen in Duo Hunters you hate fun
If you run Violist, you’re cool, you’re fun and you have the biggest meat

Gregory Horror Show
I’ve seen everything including the spinoff (Have not read the manga), it’s been awhile though.

I have no clue what to do with this one

Genshin Impact
I just started! I’m on idk what chapter, they’re currently trying to collect tears from a dragon, yea.

I just wanna pull Venti ;;

I’m still on season 1 kill me-

Not interested in canon/canon lads

Stardew Valley (been awhile)

(Rewatching Axis of Power since it’s been YEARSSS, I’ll watch Beautiful World after!)

(All games)

Pokemon (SWSH|Ask abt other games)

Demon Slayer
Canonxoc (doubling) only pwease
I haven’t read the manga (anime only) but I’ve seen manga characters, arcs and I read the ending so whatever is good for u.

Lemme use my boy,,,my widdle boy.

Final Fantasy XV
I haven’t played the game in a long ass time nor did I never touched the DLC

But I miss the boys and I might just buy it again for my ps4 ;;
Would love to do something canonxoc + doubling
Please give me my boy Prompto ;; my babyyyyy

Fire Emblem Three Houses/Awakening/Fates
Mostly craving FE3H (canonxoc!) Would adore doing an AU for it but I’m fine with Vanilla ^^

I have a soft spot for Awakening~

Okay!! For 3H I have a character made to fill Byleth’s role (with tweaks to the backstory but it being kinda the same) and another student (BE student that transfers out to the other classes) eeee

JJBA (1-8)

Smash Bros
A weird request yes but like I have a “fake” game character I made and I wanna use her. Canonxoc or ocxoc, ask abt just plain canonxcanon

I’ve changed my stance on BNHA, come get y’all juice

I am not caught up at all I stopped keeping up to date after season 3. I don’t care about spoilers tho + I am aware of manga characters.

Canonxoc(doubling) or ocxoc
I don’t have any canon pairings tbh? But I have a oc idea. A former criminal turned hero trying to mend her public image (and she’s also a single parent?? The drama,,the conflict mmm)

Cookie Run

Yandere Simulator
So like, I love the concept of the game, I really do. However I prefer if we made our own oc-verse with this? I always found it fun to use original characters cause,,well if you keep up with the drama of Yandev you already know.

I’ll write m//,m/f and f// (in no particular order), I like playing the “Senpai” role typically but if you want me to play the Yandere then I’m down.

Speaking of that I do have a male senpai character.

Y’all ever heard of,,,mob talker 👉👈

oc/oc where minecraft human falls in love with ginjika minecraft mob and visa versa,,,

please help

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I love her lack of energy!Go girl!give us nothing!
i watched yarichin bc and idk what happened, no one explained to me it would be THAT

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