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Realistic/Modern Doki Doki Vol. 1


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Tea. Honestly, I like all the choices, but I’m going to go with the tea club since it’s the closest thing to a litterature club, if you know what I mean. It just fits.


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Tea. You don’t typically see protagonists interested in that kinda thing. Also it doesn’t contradict our class choice because there wasn’t an option like this.


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Consistency is important. I'm always bothered by how game protags never have their own hobbies to pursue -- their interests are always defined by the route they're on. People who are different can still get along, and even enter into a relationship (!!!), though some common ground is still necessary.
Choice: Sports.



Choice: Sports.

"Most likely I'd join a Sports Club of some kind, sort of my preferred class so might as well join a club I enjoy as well," you reply after some consideration.

"Ah, well I do hope you join a club you like. You know you can join more than one, but I'd probably just start with the one until you get an idea about your schedule," Akane advises. The advice was sound since you didn't want to overburden yourself.

"I'll keep that in mind. Oh, I nearly forgot. Do you happen to know a Kukichi Kaoru?" you ask her.

"Hm, not really. Who are they?"

"My roommate for my dorm. I didn't see them at all today. It's a bit strange," you sigh. You had been distracted today and hadn't encountered anyone with that name, perhaps they decided to withdraw? You shrug your shoulders deciding either you'd meet them or you wouldn't. It didn't seem you shared any classes with them, but then again you weren't really listening when names were called out for attendance.

"I'm sure it's fine Oh, let me help you so you can sign up for your club," Akane offers, asking for your phone.

What will you do?

Politely decline.

Give her your phone and also ask for her contact info.



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] Give her your phone and also ask for her contact info.

If you choose the other option you don't deserve love!

just kidding


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] Give her your phone and also ask for her contact info. Why would we ever pass up such an opportunity? ;3
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Choice: Give her your phone and also ask for her contact info.



Choice: Give her your phone and also ask for her contact info.
+1 New Contact!

"Oh sure," you say as you pull your phone out and hand it over to Akane. "Maybe you could also put your info in there so we can text or something," you add on a bit awkwardly. Akane thinks about this for a moment before she seems to nod that she would. That was clear hesitation, but you two also weren't that close. She shows you how to access the club sign up site and you fill out the form for the Sports Club. Once you click submit you get a text with the information of when and where they meet. Seemed to be right after school.

"Thanks for your help," you tell Akane. You check your phone's contacts discreetly to see her contact info before putting your phone away. "Do you want mine as well?" you ask, it was only fair to offer since you had asked for hers. Another hesitant pause before another nod and you hold her phone in your hand. You type in your contact information into her phone and save it before handing it back her phone with a smile.

"I promise I will try not to bug you," you say trying to break the ice further.

"Oh no, it's fine. I just tend to be mindful of who I give my information to," she replies shyly.

"Ah, true. I once gave my number to someone in class and they turned around and signed me up for a bunch of stupid monthly text services. I mean really stupid ones. Like Cat Facts, Dad Jokes, and Daily Fortune."

"That's mean. Why would they do that?"

"Eh, apparently they pretty much just did this to everyone who fell for it. Basically a terrible joke and the only person who found it funny was them. They eventually became infamous so no one handed over their phone to them."

After you finished there was the building awkward silence that comes with not having a subject to talk about. You still had time to chat because homeroom wasn't over.

What will you do?

Talk about Akane's Mother

Ask more about Tea Club.

Ask about favorite music.

Ask about favorite food.

Ask about favorite TV show.

Ask about favorite book.


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