Other Does anyone feel like rain & storms were just, made for writing!?

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srsly tho! I drag myself home from work with bags under my eyes heavier than a grocery haul, and all I want is to sleep myself to glory. buuuttt lo and behold, the heavens weep and it's like someone's flipped my "write now!" switch on. suddenly, I'm shakespeare in pajamas! (okay, okay, maybe not shakespeare hah)

so yeah! i'm curious! does anyone else just love writing/roleplaying while it rains?
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yeah i love rainy/cloudy days in general, but it definitely feels like the prime writing time for certain
yeah i love rainy/cloudy days in general, but it definitely feels like the prime writing time for certain
same! It's a bummer that rain's so rare where I live, but that just makes it extra magical when it finally happens haha
Yes!! Most definitely. Something about it is just... peaceful and quiet enough that I'm able to concentrate on my writing.
So, so peaceful! I'm often torn between writing and doing other stuff when it rains.. For some reason, rain really seems to kicks my productivity into high gear. How mysterious!
It's white noise -- rain, wind, so it helps you detach your brain and keep writing. :)
I loveeee writing when it's raining. I love feeling cozy with tea or something and working on roleplay stuff. But I also get lazy and like to sleep during them too.
i love writing and reading when it rains, but if i'm having trouble sleeping i'll also play some rain in the background. highly recommend giving it a try if anyone else struggles.
Yess for sure. We've had wonderfully rainy days of late and I was upset that I didn't have any RP's going. And of course the moment I find some, the weather calms down! Such a shame.
i love it as a sort of white noise, but if the drops are heavy enough, it can also help with the rhythm of a piece of prose or poetry? i don't know how many other people do that, lol, but i hope i'm not alone. doesn't rain a lot here though unfortunately
Sometimes I honestly can't write or read without background music. I usually put on some shakuhachi plays or classic violin, but recently I've found that rain ambience is a better alternative.
Rain and thunderstorms are the best ambience to do my two favorite things: write and sleep. It’s a coin toss which one I actually end up doing.
I agree about rainy days providing an ideal background noise for writing. For me personally, I've also enjoyed writing early in the morning, too. It's the calm and quiet that are best, since I'm already a morning person.
Absolutely! As the weather gets cooler and rainier, my writing has really been flourishing. Normally, I just jot down my daily thoughts in my diary, but whenever it rains, I find myself writing a lot more. With a cup of tea and a cozy spot to sit, I can really let the words flow onto the pages of my notebooks.

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