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It’s time I was honest that I mostly just want a Doctor Who RP. I mean, I also want the other things in my nostalgia thread, but good LORD what I wouldn’t do for a Doctor Who RP. I’m blaming the fact I found an old CD with Doctor Who music on it. I suffer.

So of course, rules in the spoiler, please read them, there is a code.


  • Don’t God-Mod. In other words, don’t control characters that aren’t yours. Don’t make them talk, don’t make them act, just don’t. This is only true of Main Characters, NPCs are generally free game unless they’re “called” NPCs (which we would discuss). Movement is negotiable, especially if they’re already moving. It’s really just acting, reacting, and dialogue that pisses me off. Time skips and movement are kind of needed at times, though when in down, ask OOC.
  • I double. I want you to double. I want you to also fill out the cast of our stories with me, pick up NPCs of major and minor sorts, and grow them into fully fleshed out characters where needed or useful. With that, I expect you to be able to play more than one type of character, and more than one gender. If all you have are brooding antiheroes or independent women, I’m not the one for you. Now if you have both brooding antiheroes and independent women, come talk to me!
  • No one-liners. I honestly expect on the low side, 300-500 words, and on the high side, 700-2000. Yeah. High can get…high. But it depends on the scene. Don’t fluff things up needlessly, I understand 300 word posts in high action or high dialogue scenes.
  • I only RP on threads, I will not RP in PMs, and it’s unlikely I’ll RP off-site. I do have some on gDocs, but I don’t like cluttering those up. If you’ve read this far, tell me your favorite food.
  • PM me if you’re interested, don’t comment on this thread, unless you cannot PM me due to the new user 10 post/24 hour rule.

  • I like talking OOC, in PMs. I don’t do discord or anything, but please keep up conversations with me in our PM!
  • Don’t bump the IC thread. I will ghost immediately if that happens. If it’s been a couple of days, hit me up in PM.
  • Keep OOC to the PM thread, as well, please. Basically, keep IC and OOC separate is what I’m saying, haha.

Now, that that’s done with, here’s some of the non-negotiables in a Doctor Who RP:
  • This is a story involving the Doctor and the Master. I intend to play the Doctor, male, right after the 11th Regeneration (his story taking a different turn when the Ponds left his side).
  • The Master’s story picks up sometime post-Saxon. Missy was never a thing. I prefer the Master to be played male, but that is negotiable.
  • Clara never happened. The Doctor’s past was never rewritten by Clara.
  • The story explores the return of Gallifrey, and the consequences of that – eventually. This is like 2nd or 3rd arc stuff.
These are the four main points, to help position and time exactly when this takes place, and what sort of things have or haven’t happened in the canon.

Why? Quite honestly, while I love both Capaldi and Michelle Gomez, I’m not satisfied with the way Clara was handled, with her rewriting the Doctor’s past, and I’m not satisfied with how “The Drums” were handled.

There was so much potential to the Master after that revelation that I felt got dropped to have it just be waved away by the Time Lords of Gallifrey.

So, this is kind of my main, generalized, idea:

Generally speaking, I like to play the Doctor on his 13th Incarnation (counting the War Doctor, we know that 12th is really 13th), and he’s unaware of how it came about. The truth in this case, is that when River gave up her live(s) to save him in the Hitler episode, she also gave him more lives than he had already. He may or may not figure this out, that’s to be determined in the story, but either way, he’s going to be on a bit of an immortality kick. I lean heavily onto 9th and 10th when writing the Doctor, not gonna lie.

How he meets your companion? Who is your companion? Well, that’s for us to decide. The plot would foreshadow Gallifrey’s return, and of course, the Master.

I’d love a “Christmas Special” showdown.

Now, the Master – we either catch him up with the drums, or without. I have ideas for both, and I’m definitely open to hearing yours! We’ll need to hash out several points about where that story is starting.

Ideally, I’d like to play a set of siblings, both latent psions (how else would they stand on their own around the Master, really? Lol). One of them would be the main companion, the other is kind of the “anchor”, like Donna’s family, Rose’s family – the “heart”, so to speak, that keeps one from forgetting completely where they’re from, and also ideally helps to root the Master, too.

Depending on the status of the Drum’s, the Master may either be trying to get rid of them at last, or may be figuring out who they are without the Drums, eventually coming to confront some of their crimes via the Archangel Satellites and Christmas Music, in a Christmas Showdown – and of course, confronting the Doctor and your OC, too.

I’d love it if our OCs could have some connections, too – either from the Year That Never Was, or in their past.

So that was the main idea. What are the alternatives?

Well, I don’t have one. I am, however, good at spit-balling, and if you’ve got some ideas that work with the four major points up there, come talk to me!

I’m totally okay involving Jack Harkness and/or Torchwood and UNIT plots.

I’m also quite okay using creatures or plot points from the future of the series – so long as they seem to fit.

I quite enjoy the Xhinn, Vashta Nerada, Celestial Toymaker, as well as the Eternals (Death, Time), and the Great Vampires. The Fairies (seen in Torchwood) also looked like they could be fun.

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