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Soon, Mr. Ducky...
Hey!! I'm king_of_demons12!

I'm not new to RPN, but this account is. And I really want to get going with some roleplays!! :)

I just decided to list a bunch of the fandoms that I'm in, and see if anyone's interests match up to mine. So, here we go I guess!

If you are interested in any one (or few) of them, just respond to this thread or PM me!


Disney - Literally everything Disney is my lifeforce - I'm a die-hard Disney geek, yo!

Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - I love everything HP, but I only know a scarce bit about Fantastic Beasts, sorry. I need to reread the screenplays a few more times to get more immersed.

Percy Jackson - I have been LARPing PJO for years now; I love making Original Characters for it.

Star Wars - I've seen all of the movies about a million times, and have seen about 4 seasons worth of the Clone Wars. I own a couple of books, but I haven't read either of them all the way through. I want to get into the fandom more than I am already.

Lord of the Rings - Though I know a good amount of LOTR, it's only due to the fact that I've seen all of the director's cuts films. I have NOT seen but one Hobbit movie, I have NOT read the books, and I feel like I don't really know enough when I don't get into the books, so I don't feel comfortable roleplaying it, I'm so sorry!

Marvel - Although I adore everything Marvel, I have not seen all of the movies yet- and PLEASE don't get mad!! I promise I'm in the process of watching them in story order at the moment, and I'm about half way through. I don't know if I'm that knowledgeable to roleplay it yet.

Pokemon - I adore Pokemon, and respect other members of the fandom, but I have only seen the first season of Indigo League. I have two Pokemon guidebooks to help me through confusing things that may get in my way of understanding when I play my Gen 5 DS game. I'll roleplay with 1st Gen pokemon!

Winx Club - BRO you don't even know how much I LARPed Winx with my cousins growing up!! I have not seen any episodes past the sixth season, but I do know a great deal about the lore of the first 6 seasons. Sorry if that gets on anyone's nerves, but it kinda felt dragged out after Sirenix. (And I didn't really enjoy Sirenix, I'm not going to lie.) Also, I couldn't really get into "World of Winx" either. And "Bloomix"?? I'm sorry, but I was NOT doing that.

Gravity Falls - I just started re-binging GF, and I keep crying with the memories that flood back with every episode. I love this series soooo much!! I'm DYING to roleplay this right now, somebody please help me out!!

Star vs the Forces of Evil - I love SVTFOE!! My personality is almost identical to Star's, so I really connected to the show when it came out, and was thoroughly satisfied with the series finale. I've never roleplayed it, but I think it would be really fun to do!

My Little Pony (Friendship is Magic) - I have traveled with this show for eight seasons. I love it with all of my heart, and I'm counting every second until the final season comes out on Netflix. I have not seen the finale, but I heard that it's great!

LoliRock - Not many people know about this French anime, but I love it!! I hope season three comes out on Netflix soon, because I really want to go through another phase of it. The season 2 finale is the biggest cliffhanger ever!!!

Shake It Up - As much as I loved Shake It Up when I was a kid, I haven't seen it since then, so I don't know if I could roleplay it very well. And... who roleplays Shake It Up, y'know what I mean?? But if for some crazy reason someone wants to, I'm down if you can excuse my forgetting mind.

A.N.T. Farm - I loved A.N.T. Farm, and I think it might be cool to roleplay with OCs at the same school, going through the arts program either a few years after the canon characters graduate, or in an AU.

Austin & Ally - Austin & Ally was underappreciated. It deserves way more credit than it has. Just saying! Might be cute to do a Dez/Trish or Austin/Ally roleplay?

Liv and Maddie - From Dove Cameron's good days... *sigh* I don't really know how one might roleplay this...

Girl Meets World - This show prepared me for some of my life's challenges. I appreciate more than anyone could ever know... Sadly, I have not seen the classic Boy Meets World, but I want to sooo bad! I don't know how to rp this either...

DuckTales - I have seen a select few episodes from the original series, and that's what sparked my initial interest in the 2017 reboot. I have seen every episode of both seasons of the reboot and cherish it to death. I think it would be really fun to try out a roleplay!!

Kim Possible - I'll be honest and admit that I've only seen the first season and a half of the second. I really like the show, but I lost access to the episodes, so I can't watch it anymore. I think it would be cool to rp, but I might not be super knowledgeable about some villains and plots of episodes after what I've seen and in the movies (haven't seen that either, sadly.)

Phineas and Ferb - Nostalgia Heaven! I still watch all of the episodes every summer. I would love to rp!

Sofia the First - Okay, let's not judge here! I love everything about this show. If there's kids at heart with me, I'm totally up for a Sofia thread. The world needs more shows like this, I'm just saying!!!

Star Darlings - I've read a lot of the books, and saw most of the episodes of the web series. I really like the idea of it, but I feel like there was never really enough fans to make it a big deal. I wish it was a big deal, though. It's awesome! Great character designs, too.

Elena of Avalor - Haven't seen a lot of it, but I appreciate it greatly. The idea of it is really cute. I liked the pilot crossover with Sofia the FIrst - that's mainly where my interest started. Will maybe play a minor character if someone else has a plot. I could be Isabel or something...?

Milo Murphy's Law - Since I was a great fan of Phineas and Ferb, hearing about MML made me really happy. I was totally excited and went berserk when I heard that Weird Al, Mekai Curtis, and Sabrina Carpenter would be the leads. I went through a crazy 4 month long phase for this one. I wrote some really weird fanfics... And not for the canon ships. I don't really like them. But will roleplay regardless of what people want to ship!

Amphibia - I was a little late to the party on this one, but when I realized how awesome this show was, I watched the entire first season within a couple of weeks. I can't wait for season 2, and would love to do a pairing for this show!

The Owl House - Obsession for this right about NOW!! I don't think I'm going to be able to wait for the next episode!! My TV guide doesn't have any sign of an eleventh episode and I'm freaking out! I really want to roleplay this as soon as I find someone who wants to as well.

Descendants - This franchise had me hooked! (No puns, no puns.) Anyway, I really do like it. I would really enjoy doing some form of roleplay.

Powerpuff Girls - I used to love this show! Might be cool to do a little group and try it out? I might not be the best one for ideas, though. It's been a little while.

Teen Titans - ORIGINAL Teen Titans! While Teen Titans Go got me super psyched, it just kind of ruined the characters. I'm not trying to judge TTG and say that I hate it like some people do, because I really don't hate it. I still watched all of the first four seasons. It just... I prefer the original much more. The characters had more depth, and it wasn't just crude humor in every sentence. Oh! And the episodes had much better plot. That's my two cents on the matter. Would love to roleplay, though!!

Beetlejuice - So... I just started cooling down on my Beej phase, but it's still my favorite movie and musical. I also really liked how cute the TV series was. Love all three, but I've only seen 2 episodes of the show. I'll roleplay whatever version - it would be fun! I would probably play Lydia, though, because I don't think I would make a very good BJ.

DC Superhero Girls - I like both versions of the show. I'm kind of leaning towards the first, because I started to get so far into it that I was reading the books, too. (Which are fantastic, btw!) On the other hand, I enjoy the unique take they had in the reboot. It was cool how the characters had two different versions/sides; I really liked how they gave them that. Will roleplay either, but if I were to play Supergirl (my fave), I would want to be the first version of her.

Alvin and the Chipmunks - This took up my whole entire childhood. I love all of the original movies and episodes, my favorite being The Chipmunk Adventure. I watched all four of the live action movies, and now I own them all (except Road Chip, which I didn't like as much as the others). I watched a good majority of the episodes from the CGI Nickelodeon reboot, but never finished watching it. (it's not as good as the 80s, but still good). Love the Chipmunks, love the Chipettes, want to do a roleplay.

Scooby-Doo - I really like Scooby-Doo, but I don't know if I could be any important character other than Daphne. In my opinion, Daphne is really useless, and that's probably the only thing I could handle, roleplaying the franchise. Now don't get all bent out of shape if you love Daphne. I love her, too! She was my favorite character growing up. When I look back on it now, I realized that Velma was her superior. The crew all worked to solve the mysteries, but Daphne was basically just there for looks. Honestly. The only things that she really did to help the plot were by making little cutesy accidents that somehow did something for them solving the case. I could do that sidekick life.

Peanuts - Playing Lucy van Pelt in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown inspired me to really give her character depth, so I watched all I could of the TV specials and read a bunch of the comics. I really enjoy developing each of the characters through writing, so I think it would be really fun to roleplay as them - perhaps aged up? That would be cool.

Once Upon a Time - I stopped watching halfway through season 6. It was getting dragged out. I know a vague synopsis of the finale, but never watched it, or anything else in season 7. I enjoyed the concept and adventures that it brought. It's been a couple of years since I stopped watching it, so I would probably need to rewatch some episodes to roleplay it, but I would be down none the less.

She-Ra and The Princesses of Power - OMIGOSH the final season is coming soon!!! I'm so excited!! I think it would be fun to do a Catra x Adora or be the rest of the princesses in an AU.

Ever After High - While Monster High was the classic, I liked watching and reading EAH more. I think it was mainly because of my kiddie/Disney/fairytale love. I thought it was a really cool series - of books, episodes, and webisodes. I've made lots of OCs, but I would rp canon, too.

Monster High - I liked the Monster High movies up until Great Scarrier Reef. You can't make a movie about Lagoona after she lost her classic voice actress!! I was just kind of done with the franchise for the most part, until I saw "Welcome to Monster High". I hadn't seen it, but I bought it at Walmart, not knowing what would come with it. It was really bittersweet. I liked the new animation, and the different takes on the same lovable characters we all know, but the plot!! Freaky Fusion was one of my favorites, so it made me really unhappy for Mattel to say that Draculaura and Frankie made the school. NO THEY DIDN'T! I think that movie and its sequel, "Electrified" would have been so much better if they hadn't already explained the school's origins in Freaky Fusion. I would still roleplay it though, probably wanting to be Gigi from 13 Wishes, or maybe OCs. (That would be cool, too!)

LEGO Friends - Um... Yeah. If anyone wants to... yeah.

LEGO Elves - I wish I watched more episodes than just 7. It has a really good concept, and Ashleigh Ball is a goddess. Maybe I should look into it again, and I can roleplay with someone.

The Hollow - Seeing it on Netflix, I didn't think it was going to be that great. Until I saw Ashleigh Ball's name. And so... I had to watch it. And I am SO GLAD that I did! It was soooo good!! I just found out that there's going to be a season 2. I can't wait! Maybe go through an AU with the canon characters, or make some OCs and let them go through the levels in place of the main characters, with different abilities and stuff. Maybe the canon main three could be their rivals.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts - I think this show has great potential. I'm really excited to see where they take it in future seasons. Could be fun to roleplay in an AU or with OCs with the canon plot.

H20: Just Add Water - If someone has an original plot for this, I would love to do it! (Keep in mind, though, that I did NOT watch season 3, because my favorite character, Emma, had been replaced.) And I really can't get into Mako Mermaids, so please don't bother me about that. Also, OCs could be cool in that universe.

Glitter Force - I didn't finish the second season of the original, and I didn't watch Doki Doki, but I love this show all the same. I think it would be super fun to do a rp of this.

Barbie - I've seen literally every single Barbie movie (except Christmas Carol - who the HECK thought of making Barbie SCROOGE?!). I've also watched the webisodes, the original Barbie vlogs, Life in the Dreamhouse, and I just got up to date with the new episodes of Dreamhouse Adventures. I prefer Dreamhouse Adventures when it comes to the shows. Any offers of roleplays and I'll consider it!

Victorious - Victorious is my life. Period. Being a theatre geek made me relate to the show so much, and who doesn't just LOVE Ariana Grande? It would be nice to have some rp partners for this. We could have the whole cast and lots more drama! (I would really want to be Cat!! I can play her reaaallly well, and I can even do a great impression of her laugh irl!)

iCarly - Haven't seen it since I was the obsessed seven year old, but I still have the same enveloping appreciation for it. If anyone wants to have some nostalgia, hit me up!

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir - Um... HECK YESS!!! This show is awesome!! I love everything about it. Shipsssss!!! The powers are all original, and I love that about it. I would do canon or OCs. Both sound really great to me!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Ah, third grade. I made some female OCs of each of the 4 turtles, and it was really fun to do. I would love roleplaying as genderbends, or canon, or OCs in the universe... whatever!! I should rewatch this show, dang!

[HAHA!! That's about all I can think of for now, I will add more as I go on roleplaying on this site because I am definitely NOT finished with that list...]

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