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i rlly like reading bad roleplays. mostly from amino bc its full of illiterate and edgy 11 year old, which is fun to watch
THIS! I know it's a bit taboo to laugh at young writers, but eventually they're gonna look back and laugh at it, too. As long as they're not being publicly scrutinized for their bad writing skills, then I think it can be fairly innocent.


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I often read some of my old roleplays, especially with partners that I have been roleplaying with for a long time! I think it's nice to see the end product of it all and maybe think back to how felt writing it.
I also sometimes like to see the improvements I've made to my writing style since finishing a certain roleplay, so I do revisit my own stuff quite often.

I don't really read roleplays where I was not involved. There has never been a topic or a premise that interested me enough, so I never felt the urge to.


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of course! part of the fun of roleplaying for me is finding others' good stories and reading them...i love reading rps im not in as sources of inspiration for writing style, characterization, story ideas, and just to get the vibes of how ppl interact on a website or app - how they structure their rps, character sheets, etc.

now i will say sometimes i can get extremely nervous and anxious about putting my roleplays out there for anyone to stumble across and read, since i worry my writing is bad or cringe orz

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