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I was wondering who on here likes subbed or dubbed anime. For me it really just depends on whether I want to read subtitles, and what their voices sound like, but I also know some meaning is lost in the dubbed versions. Give me your opinions on the subject fellow anime/manga nerds.
I usually like subbed animes better. I think the English dubs of Fullmetal Alchemist were pretty good. And for better or worse, there is only the dubbed version of Dragonball for me. However, for the rest, there is just something a little off with most dubbed versions that makes me prefer the original but subtitled version.
Subbed because I'm learning Japanese, and I just generally think they're better. The dubbed versions of animes I found were good (or are probably just nostalgic to me) are Naruto and Inu Yasha.


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the only good dubs i’ve found are ghibli films.
subs allow you to become accustomed to the language as well. you’re subconsciously learning a language!!
Subbed, what kind of question is that? (Jk, no hard feelings)

Honestly I only know two decent (german) subs, never heard a good english one. There is one german Dub that I actually prefer over the japanese one, which is Samurai Champloo. Also, I practically learned to understand a good bit of japanese, so all the better.
Subbed. I have sensory processing disorder, which means that my ears hear perfectly but I can't understand what I hear often. I have to have subtitles on even for English shows, so I can understand what they're saying, anyway. So subbed anime is much easier on me naturally.


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i usually watch animes subbed at first to process the whole story since i know things can get lost in translation.

i usually go back and rewatch the series dubbed. it usually isn't as good as subbed but it's fun to see how english voice actors perceive the character and how they bring them to life for an american audience.
Some stuff I find in dubbed (like Digimon, Pokmon, Inuyasha) and prefer those in English as it's my native tongue.

Most anime I watch though, I watch in Japanese with English subs and it's...a pretty language. I tend to prefer anything I have watched in Japanese to be in Japanese and tend to hate the dubbed versions afterwards.

Some stuff I watch in Arabic I find better than in Japanese. Like, Captain Rabeh or Captain Majid, I like better in Arabic then in Japanese as this was how they were introduced to me.
I prefer Japanese dub (with English sub) more that English dub, considering that I love to hear the Japanese language and trying to learn it at the same time.
Though, I don't really hate any other dubs.


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It depends on the series for me. Shows that are renowned for having an excellent dub I will watch dubbed, as well as shows that feel like they lend themselves well to the characters speaking English. Also if it's one of my favorite anime and I want to squeeze extra rewatch value out of the show, I'll watch it in different languages.

I kind of default to subs for the rest, especially because some streaming sites only offer subbed and there are a number of series which never receive an English dub at all, but I don't feel any particular loyalty to one language over the other.
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Dubs. If I wanted to read what everyone's saying I'd watch old timey silent films. Only exceptions I've made are when a series is really good and I don't want to wait for dubs. One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, and Berserk are the only ones I've watched in Japanese. Tried to with Dragon Ball but Goku's helium toddler voice made me want to claw my ears off almost immediately.
I would have to choose dubbed. I can never really get into subbed that well because I usually watch things while doing some other task, so it's better just to hear the voices and have a vague image of what they're doing. Subbed is fine if the anime is good enough though.
I only watch subbed anime nowadays. I prefer the Japanese voice actors, I find they're usually better than their English counterparts. Also, since most of the shows I've watched were in a different language (English isn't my first language), I'm used to reading subs. So yeah, subbed for me.

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