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DnD 5e LFG/DM semi-experienced


just a stranger
Hello!! I've been playing DnD for close to two years over Roll20 with a group of friends, but im interested in joining more games now!
I really like games that have a heavy focus on roleplay, but also don't take themselves too seriously all the time. I'd like a friendly bunch of LGBT+ accepting people. I'm willing to either join a group looking to fill roles or even start a whole new group here!
I'm available most evenings but I'd prefer to have sessions take place on the weekends.
Post if youre interested!


Rusty buddy
I'm sorta interested. I know a decent amount of 5e but very little of roll20
Depending how that system works out, I'd be happy enough to give a group a go
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New Member
I'm up for some D&D though I'm a little iffy on roll20. I've never used it and after the stunt they pulled kicking conservatives off their site.


The Only Ocassionally Reliable RP Partner
If this still lives, I have done Pathfinder and 3.5e for several years. 5e is a little more iffy for me, and I've never heard of roll20.


Hi i am interested, but I am new to DnD, hopefully that's alright if you are still looking for people. I like the idea of a DnD campaign with emphasis on the roleplay portion.

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