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Fantasy Divinity Unbound Characters!



That One Fear In My Enemy's Eyes
Here's where we will post our character profiles for Divinity Unbound!

Please follow this format for your character submissions!

Name: (Please try to be original here)
Picture: (Anime preferred)

(try to find a good voice example to share with us)

Magical Affinity:
Years of Practice:
(How many years have they studied/practiced so far?)
School of Practice: (feel free to make up a School for your character)
Mentor/Instructor: (Make up a name here, as this is an important figure in your character's life if they pursued magic!)

Personal Strengths: (list at least three)
Personal Weaknesses: (list at least three)

Personality: (One paragraph will do, try for five sentences or more please!)

Biography: (I want this limited to one paragraph so we can discover more about your character as the RP progresses, so keep this to about five sentences or so as best you can!)

(If you want to do more with the profile, you're welcome to. But this information is the minimum I will require. Thanks!)


Elena's Theme:

Age: 1,434
Race: High Elf
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 108 lbs
Voice: Elena's Voice

Magical Affinity: Healing
School of Practice: Sothalin School Of Healing
Years of Practice: 1,352
Mentor: Uustro Laulson

Personal Strengths:

* Compassionate
* Courageous
* Well-Traveled

Personal Weaknesses:

* Frail Body
* Emotional
* Doesn't speak the modern tongue (but she can write in it!)
* Can't remember that she has healing magic, or how to use it

Personality: Elena is the walking incarnation of the word "Innocent." She's shy and quiet, and often can be seen with a small blush in her cheeks when something surprises her, makes her afraid, or makes her laugh. She speaks softly. And when she speaks with someone who doesn't know the High Elven tongue, she uses signs and gestures, or writes on a parchment she keeps with her, to get her point across. She’s not a warrior or a fighter of any kind, and fears the idea of engaging in combat. However, she's never afraid to put herself in harm's way to protect someone else if she has to.

Biography: Elena’s life story is a complete blank due to forbidden Memory Magics being used against her around 400 years ago. She remembers only that she awoke one day kneeling in front of a gravestone for a young man named Auran, and that tears were dripping from her eyes. Whatever relationship she held with the deceased, if she held one at all, are a mystery to her. Following this awakening, she traveled the world until she found her way to the Elven city of Ha’irah, situated on the northernmost point of the continent of Lhamia. She has lived a simple life working as a gatherer of medicinal resources for a local clinic and is a favorite resident of the locals who fawn over her despite her not speaking the modern tongue.


Korose's Theme:

Name: Korose
Age: 247
Race: Elf
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 210 lbs
Voice Example: Korose

Magical Affinity: Shadowfare Magic
Years Practicing: Approximately 200
School of Practice: Unknown
Mentor: Unknown

Personal Strengths:

* Physically Fit
* Fearless
* Can sense evil in all of its forms

Personal Weaknesses:

* Ignorant to "normal" living
* Lacks a proper moral compass
* Socially inept

Basic Personality: Korose is a very emotionally disoriented and easily agitated individual. Because of his upbringing, he knows little to nothing of normal life and struggles to maintain a semblance of normalcy as he tries to find a purpose in this world. He is, despite his lack of "normal" education, very smart and highly perceptive. As well, he's a walking lie-detector due to the fact that the demon within allows him to sense the trace amounts of evil inherent within lies. Morality plays no role in his decision making process, as he’s driven by cold logic and efficiency. He doesn’t forgive, and he doesn’t forget.

Basic Background: Korose’s mother was one of the leaders of a cult worshiping the Nether Realm who eventually began using the forbidden Siphon Magic to steal the life energy of sacrificial victims to power the forces of darkness. As an infant, Korose was to become one such sacrifice meant to serve as the vessel to a servant of the Evil King. However, the ritual ultimately failed due to a mis-translation of the text. Through no small miracle the boy survived the incident. However, due to Korose's survival the spirit was only able to transfer a small portion of its essence into his body whilst the rest was returned to the Nether Realm from whence it came.

This resulted in two things: his glowing red eyes, and his ability to sense evil in all of its forms.

He now wanders the world as an aimless vagabond hiding his identity by feigning blindness and wearing a blindfold at all times. Lately, he has begun sensing the encroachment of nefarious energies into this world.


Voice and Theme
Name: Sil'Eph Niir
Age: Indeterminable
Race: Deity
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Voice Example: (See "Voice And Theme" link beneath her image)

Magical Affinity: Divine Magic
Years Practicing: Indeterminable
School of Practice: N/A
Mentor: N/A

Personal Strengths:

* Compassionate
* Intelligent
* Determined

Personal Weaknesses:

* Naive
* Too trusting
* Is unaware of her Transformation
* Fears the Evil King

Basic Personality: Sil'Eph Niir is the living incarnation of the word "benevolent." She wouldn't hurt anything if She wasn't forced to in order to protect Herself or Her Children (the Dragon Race). She trusts almost everyone unless that trust is betrayed, and never allows past experiences or slights to interfere with giving someone new a clean slate of trust regardless of any similar traits they may share with one who slighted Her previously. She's maternal, compassionate, and at times She's even very naive. Her curiosity about the Mortal World, given Her long slumber, is boundless. She may fear the Evil King, but she does not fear his minions...

Basic Background: ???

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Wild Wolf Of The North

Age:Appears to be 25 | 200

Race: Half Elf, Half-Human

Sexuality: Unknown, but isn't picky on the sex or species

Height:6' 2" | 187.96cm

Weight: 180lbs | 81kg

Special Markings/Oddities: She has many to note, whether it be scars or tattoos. It's almost countless with how many, ranging from different sizes and causes, and of when the wound or tattoo happened. Specifically to note for scarring, are the ones that cover a large portion of her face, and her hands that go up to midway of her forearms, what appears to be burn marks from years ago. Tending to keep them covered by leather gloves, but when not wearing them her tattoos can be seen. She has one on the inner part of her right forearm, another one covers the top part of her right hand and slightly reaches up to about six inches above her wrist. She has a simple tattoo on the top of her left hand, near her thumb. She has an odd symbol on the left side of her sternum and clavicle, a house emblem but the origin is entirely unknown. A large and very detailed and complex portrait of both text and images that cover the entirety of her back. It is rather aged and somewhat battle-scarred, indicating it to be one of her older tattoos. Coming to the end of her tattoos, she has an arrow tattoo along her right ribcage, another along her left pelvis, and lastly a sleeve done on her left arm, reaching from the top of her shoulder and down to her wrist. She brandishes both her scars and her tattoos with pride and will not shy away from telling the tales that came from those endeavors, as someone once told her that her scars tell a story and that she shouldn't be ashamed form what she had been through. Her body is a canvass, and the scars and tattoos are the art that detail her story and where she's been.

Voice: Aetrius' voice sample

Magical Affinity:Fire

Years of Practice: Fifteen

School of Practice:The Solarian Circle Of Light And Darkness

Mentor/Instructor: Nivaar Kaldruin, he was a High Elf Elder of the school of which Aetrius studied for the better part of two decades He was not only her mentor but good friend as well. But he had sadly passed away before Aetrius' most current year of study.

Personal Strengths: | Strong-willed | Studied magic as well as physical combat for years | Proficient in physical combat while magic is less used, out of her own preference | Loyal to a fault | Good at reading people and their body language | Understands Elf, High Elf, Basic, and a few other languages | Physical capabilities are higher than the normal human's, such as strength and stamina | Is an amazing hunter due to traveling and fending for herself for years, and as such is a good tracker for most wild-life | Respects those in authority and will often be the one to settle a room down with their oddly calm and deep voice | While she doesn't talk much she is always thinking and calculating situations and backup plans, which don't always work out in her favor |

Personal Weaknesses: | Her unhealthy fear of fire, which causes her to use her magic far less than normal | Her stubbornness to back down from a fight, has caused her too many close calls in the past and has almost cost her and other's lives for it | Her inability to let down her walls and let her connect with others, too scared of getting close to someone else to only lose them as well | Constant and chronic nightmares and night terrors, which causes avoidance of sleep as well as full-body twitches and sleep talking | Dyslexic, she holds this to herself as she's ashamed of it being seen as weak or making her less intelligent | Bad temper, tends to lash out either violently or verbally, and will not be the easiest to calm down while in a fit of rage, often being the best to leave her alone and let her walk it off | When she does grow to have feelings for someone, whether platonically or romantically, it is an immense weakness and is usually an obvious trigger that can be easily used against her |

Personality: She is generally a very cold-hearted, silent, and very reserved individual. Preferring to not have to speak to others often , and the only people she will talk to are those over her in authority or those who she has under her control. Often coming across as incredibly arrogant and standoffish. All the while, she is very respectful to those who are her superiors, such as commanders or military members, or even royalty or high status. But even then she tends to be left alone in a corner to her own thoughts while observing everything and taking it all in.

Aside from her cold exterior, she is surprisingly very vulnerable, and caring person. Once you can somehow gain her trust and loyalty, as well as time, you'll see that she's sweet, kind, selfless, protective, determined, loyal, and a good-hearted person. She just can't bear to lose anyone else, so she chooses to keep to herself unless it's someone she has a close bond to, then maybe she'll bother to spare her time and possibly even lending her own robe during a cold night.

Combat is an entirely different subject. She is ruthless and in a way, slightly detached and over brutal. At a young age she learned how to kill and fight for her life, not only animals but humanoids, wild beasts and other creatures as well. While having to kill humans isn't her preferred way of handling things, she will take another life if it means getting what she needs or making sure that those who she's with are kept from harm. As she has had to live by herself for many years now, she is accustomed to living alone and defending for herself. Even though she does well on her own and prefers it, she wouldn't be against being with a group if the price was right of course.

Biography:One with a mysterious and for the most part unknown past as much of it had been expunged due to unknown and unspoken reasons, one wanders the world searching for a purpose. Whether it be glory, fame, power, revenge, no one knows. All they know is that Aetrius Bludwynd was born of House BludWynd, a very well known and reknown family from the northern regions. While her family were known for their power and influence, Aetrius was simply known as the bastard child of the family, as well as the unwanted child. She was considered a freak and abomination among her elven clan, as for why would an Elf ever fall for a mere, magicless human was beyond them, and as such the child was punished for the sins of her parents. For years she traversed the land, in search of something. She didn't know what, or care for what it was. Just something. After finding herself being offered a placement among the ranks in the military for her use of a blade, she spent for what felt like forever climbing the ranks of the army. Making both enemies and allies as the years went on, the life of a well known and beloved knight grew old. Seeing the ones she loved be slaughtered or pass away over the years had been enough and after a brutal raid along the northern border she fled. Turning her back on the people she swore to protect and keep safe. She ran and disappeared into the night as she heard the screams of those being slaughtered, allwhile the raiders cheered and howled in the night. No one knows what truly happened that night at the norther border, or what happened to the knight they once could so easily call upon. She spent the next fifteen years studying in a secluded school for those with a connection to the mana in the land, perfecting her abilities all while being haunted by the reality of her connection to something she feared so dearly. While she continues to train ever more, she can't help but feel like something is calling out to her as the winds grow ever colder. Closer. As if something is slowly encroaching upon the land, and she isn't entirely sure what to think. Does she run and hide like she always has, or does she stand her ground and fight the oncoming evil?

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Zaldir Kestal

Age: 57
Race: Elf
Height: 5”11
Weight: 145 lbs
Voice: Zaldir

Magical Affinity: Magic Smithing

School of Practice: Ragnar and Sons’ School of Magical Enchantments
Years of Practice: 32 years
Mentor: Xandra Copperbeard

Affiliation: Himself, the Gods (if they still hear his prayers), His Friends

Personal Strengths: Agility | Blacksmithing | Kind | Creative

Personal Weaknesses: Cynical | Easily suspicious | Ophidiophobic

Personality: One word best to describe Zaldir is cynical, at best to the world around him. But to those he feels has earned his trust, wouldn’t find a better friend or Guardian of their lives if an enemy threatens them. His heart is easily moved by Innocent people caught up in a conflict or a raid. Just don’t toss a snake near him. He’ll grab anything on hand to try and kill it.

Biography: Zaldir is the youngest of the Kestal Clan of Elves, as well as the Black sheep given his affinity to Magic Smithing. This lead to some scorn amongst his extended Family, as well as some teasing from his Dwarven classmates. This of course lead to him attending the academy for an average amount of time. This hasn’t dulled his love of creating something from metal, from magical weapons to mundane trinkets. Upon graduating, he decided to simply dedicate himself to his craft and helping people. He travels with his older sister Aranaea with a travelling Cart full of his creations and Materials, intent to one day open up his own shop.


Aranaea “Naea” Kestal

Age: 140
Race: Elf
Height: 5”9
Weight: 135 lbs
Voice: Aranaea

Magical Affinity: Alchemy

School of Practice: Lysander Academy
Years of Practice: 53 years
Mentor: Alchemist Professor Kalros

Affiliation: The Kestal Clan, The Gods, The Helpless

Personal Strengths: Determined | Inventive | Kind |

Personal Weaknesses: Soft Hearted | Easily Riled | Ophidiophobic

Personality: Aranaea is a kind hearted soul who dreams of becoming a Famous Master Alchemist one day. Famous as in she wishes to protect people in need and attain the rank of Master one day. Men who flirted with her the wrong way, or pissed her off better brace for being slightly singed. Like her brother, don’t let her near snakes. Unless one enjoys cooked snake for supper that is.

Biography: Aranaea, Eldest of the current generation of the Kestal clan, is a prodigy of Magic. She knew she would become famous in her clan for being one of the few who would be a Master. Her ambitions forced her to study long and hard, and mayhaps experiment with what she could do. She hasn’t applied for the Master Trials yet, however, as she has devoted some of her time studying and being the doting elder sister of her brother, Zaldir. Naea was one of the few supporters for his chosen affinity for magic, as well as a tester for any magical staves he decides to imbue magic on (“He has not made one as of yet...”). She travels with Zaldir as she studies.
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Age: 27
Race: Human
Height: 173cm
Weight: 52kg
Voice sample

Magical Affinity: None

Personal Strengths:
✦Stealth ✧ Unarmed combat ✦ Escaping and concealment ✧

Personal Weaknesses:
✦ Not physically strong ✧ Doesn't speak up ✦ Untrustful ✧

Being raised on the streets, Zagaroth is cold and untrustful of everyone. He can defend himself, and he carries throwing weapons and dagger with him whenever he goes. He's skilled in unarmed combat and has a passing knowledge of sword fighting. Even with his talents, he has preferred to stay away from combat and focus on skills like stealth and camouflaging instead. He has been taught to think before attacking: plan route inside an enemy camp, find ways to conceal himself or use distractions.

He's calm, quiet and collective. He prefers to listen others first and observe their behaviour. He is secretive and doesn't easily reveal information about himself or his travels and so might come off as cold persona. In big groups he has hard time to settle in, he very much prefers private conversations or small group of close friends. Gaining his trust is slow and tedious process, but once it exists he will be very loyal friend.

Zagaroth was born and grew up as an only child. His family was poor and they lived on a streets, stealing and hiding from guards. His mother left when Zagaroth was 4 years old and he has never seen her after that. Getting constantly into fistfights with other kids, Zagaroth became talented in unarmed combat, and in later age his father taught him also basic of swords. As Zagaroth was old enough, he and his father started to travel across the country, and during those travels he picked up another way of fighting: using throwing weapons. It felt natural to him and so he trained in the art to master it. However, three years ago, his father faced death. He was poisoned but the culprit was never found and as such Zagaroth promised to himself that one day he will find them.

Age: 174
Race: Succubi
Height: 182cm (+8cm if she wears heels)
Weight: 68kg
Voice sample

Magical Affinity: Wind
Years of Practice: 10
School of Practice: Academy of Northern Gale
Mentor/Instructor: Miryam Rafien

Personal Strengths:
✦ Fast ✧ Can fly ✦ Charmer ✧

Personal Weaknesses:
✦ Easily distracted ✧ Fears storms ✦ Gets seasick ✧

Luciana is carefree person and just can't pass a chance to flirt with men in her reach, be it for their life energy or just for fun. This can cause her to be easily disctracted by a current task in her hands. She also enjoys wine a bit too much. Her moral code at times might be fluctuating but she does not see faults in anyone regardless of race, age or skill. Luciana has a hobby in painting, and has even painted a wanted poster of herself just for the fun of it (and because she found the other interpretations terribly inaccurtate). She carries a sketchbook and small set of paints and couple of brushes in her bag in case the creativity hits her.

Luciana Rafien was raised by her mother Miryam Rafien, her father being unknown. While Miryam was known as powerful spellcaster, on her way to become master and teacher at Academy of Northern Gale, Luciana did not find same interest in magic as her mother. Instead she quit studying magic after learning few of the intermediate spells.

Just before her 100th birthday, Luciana was asked for help: her friend was being threatened by a man who was involved in criminal organization . The man also had bounty in his head and thus Luciana had a new job in hand. However with the first blood she found that she enjoyed the thrill of hunt and her new career started. Nowadays she's better known by her mercenary name ”Black Widow”, her real name forgotten by many over times and her name reflecting they way she kills her prey, most often men. For the last years she's travelled alone, doing an odd job here and there before moving on another city and staying at a inn for a while.
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Today's going to be just fantastic!
Image result for female high elf

Athalia Ethyreeal
Age: 300
Race: Elf
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 160 lbs.
Voice: Athalia's Voice

Magical Affinity: Conjuration
Years of Practice: 276 years [On and off]
School of Practice: Kersany Delmoor Institute: Academy of Magical Studies
Mentor/Instructor: Mentor Ruith Miragwyn

Personal Strengths:
- Strategy and tactics ~ Besides being an excellent chess player, Athalia prides herself on her skills of strategy and tactics. As she spends time analyzing historical campaigns and defense systems of great war generals, she is both cunning and ruthless on the battlefield. She yearns to use such skills again, despite her desire for peace to be kept among the kingdoms

- Diplomacy ~ The daughter of a diplomat, Athalia was raised to ease tensions of rivalries and conflicts among the many kingdoms. She’s quite skilled in peacekeeping and is known to be candid in her judgment as well as fair in her compromises

- Music ~ As the daughter of a high noble, it was required that Athalia take part in classical and musical studies. Playing the harp from childhood, she tends to gravitate towards this hobby when she is highly stressed or conflicted

- Dancing ~ Despite her rigid appearance, Athalia is as fluid as any elf. Her personal love for party and festival dances takes many by surprise due to her appearance, though only a few get to set their eyes on such a spectacle
Personal Weaknesses:
Image result for female high elf
- Hand to hand combat -Despite countless lessons and efforts on the part of her instructors and father, Athalia can't seem to handle using a sword and directly dealing with her enemy. As someone with bad reflexes, she's a bit slow when it comes to this form of combat.

- Cooking - As an upper-class individual of society, Athalia had many servants to attend to such chores as cooking and cleaning. The few times she has attempted to make a meal, normally on the battlefield, have resulted in several officials vomiting out the contents of their stomachs and hurriedly running to the bathroom. Let's just say...making something delicious and nutritious is NOT her forte.

- Dignity - As an elf, Athalia is a bit of a proud individual, though she doesn't visibly show it. She despises being embarrassed and hates when she is placed in a situation that rids her of her dignity.

Athalia is a woman whose presence demands submission and respect. Though she isn’t cold, she is both quiet and reserved, giving many the impression that she is too “above them” to converse with others. In reality is, Athalia is a woman of few words and she rarely starts a conversation without a purpose in mind, a woman who holds honesty, wit, and loyalty to the highest regard. As a result of her love of peacekeeping, she holds many connections with neighboring kingdoms and poses as a good ally for those seeking political support, though she secretly enjoys a bit of chaos and disorder occasionally. Athalia’s tastes tend to steer towards ornate designs that are both simple and elegant, though she enjoys adorning herself in golden trinkets and bejeweled pins. Casual chatter is not something she participates in very often, though she occasionally does with the few friends she has and as a woman of few words and even fewer friendships, one can imagine that she also heavily lacks in the relationship department, despite living for more than 200 years.
*Full height & view [this art is not mine, but I can't find the creator....kudos to the artist!]

Athalia hails from the city of Ademar, a rich merchant city lying in the plains of Jahan that houses some of the biggest markets in the world. She was born into the house of Ethyreeal, a line of elves who had passed the role of diplomat to their sons for generations, to Aeolius, the diplomat of the royal court, and Inohana, a lady-in-waiting to the eldest princess. Athalia was soon placed under the care and instruction of royal tutors at the Institution of Politics & Order, and Athalia soon began to outpace her male classmates and at 24, her father decidedly allowed for her to accompany him on diplomatic missions. Athalia soon fell comfortably into the role of being her father’s assistant, helping him map out policies and agreements which were then made official with the nations they were given too. On their way back, the caravan that they were traveling in came across an old man hastily walking down the road. Discovering that he was heading in the same direction, Aeolius had asked the man to come with them, a request that the elder accepted quickly. After conversing with the man for a long time, they came across the fact that he was a Seer and he offered to determine if Athalia had any magical affiliations. It was through this that she was sent to Kersany Delmoor Institute where she studied under the watchful eye of Ruith Miragwyn. During her studies, her father fell suddenly ill and soon died, leaving the role as diplomat to her. She abandoned her studies, assuming her father’s position and now seeks to form alliances with nations that are clad with strong armies as a result of the rising evil that is now present in the world.

Image result for snowy owl

Cornelius, Athalia's pet owl, is a large barn owl that serves as both her companion and her messanger.
Quite and a bit brooding, he tends to rest on Athalia's shoulder or a nearby tree branch.
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King Castle

King castle as in a castle that is a king.

Name: Sebastian Wyrmsung.
Age: 67
Race: Human
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 204 lbs

Magical affinity: Transportation
School of practice: The Royal academy of Freirhiel
Years of practice: 51
Mentor: Johnathan Wright.
Masters insignia:Two pillars of golden light between which sits a shield over a backdrop of the night sky. Two white feathered wings wrap around the pillars to cover the sides of the shield.

Personal strengths:
Open minded

Personal weaknesses:
Aging body
Slow to act (not reflexively)
Absent minded

Personality: Sebastian is ever calm and always ready to listen. A rather cheerful man he often tries to help others look on the bright side. He often finds himself caught between his love of learning and the responsibility to make use of his power to solve the world's problems. He wants the best outcome for all parties in any dispute as few men take action with the intention of being a villain. He is no stranger to violence. Although he finds it regrettable he has no hesitation to take a life.

Biography: Sebastian was born the first son of a count to a family with a legacy to live up to and an inheritance lost. He was taught that to be a noble and to be noble were very distinct. If Sebastian was to live up to his name, he must embody the virtues of patience, humility and courage. He must be strong and wise. He took these lessons to heart and was ready to be a great knight like so many before him, but fortune would call him to another path. Always an Inquisitive sort, he first saw a display of magic by the man who would one day become his teacher. He riddled the man with questions; many of which could not be answered by law. He was advised to seek divination to see if he had the talent for magic. If so, he was advised to enroll into an academy if he really had to unravel the many mysteries of magic. His talent was discovered and the rest was history.

When he had graduated at forty, he would spend the next ten years on his families great quest: the armor of the wyrm. An enchanted suite of fullplate as well as a blade and signet ring. It was lost by an ancestor on his own quest. Only the ring had been recovered by the time of Sebastians birth. Over those ten years he would manage to claim the sword. At fifty he would undergo the grueling masters trial. At last at sixty with his new position as a master he would travel the civilized world meeting the reigning sovereigns as a representative of his country. He would serve as diplomat and mediator between many squabbles big and small gaining a reputation as a fair man. He would be granted dukedom for his efforts abroad and settle in back at home. While at home, he began preparations for his successor to be better equipped in their search for the lost heirlooms.
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Five minutes an hour before deadline. I barely made it rushing this one out:

Name: Asano Naru El'Sidri Ninia*;
Picture: After a valiant effort, I failed in finding an anime analogue of Asano. I hope the following are acceptable.

Asano with his ubiquitous smile, wearing hana**(headcover);


Asano traveling. Among other things here can be seen his staff, unprotected hair and scroll-bag:


Age: 31;
Race: Human;
Height: 186cm - 6'1;
Weight: 80kg - 185lb;
Voice: Asano's voice;

Magical Affinity: Unknown;
Years of Practice: None;
School of Practice: None;
Mentor/Instructor: None;

Personal Strengths:
  • Path of Great Struggle - as a result of following his personal philosophy, Asano became proficient in tending of the wounded and sick, reading, writing, unarmed and quarterstaff combat;
  • Well-traveled - experienced with life on the road as well as the many dangers it can bring. Known in some inns and caravansaries as a regular;
  • Wasteland Vagabond - the life of self-exile in one of the most inhospitable regions of Earth made Asano capable of finding (and preparing) food and moisture in otherwise lifeless places.

Personal Weaknesses:
  • Road-worn Vagabond - spending most of his life in the wilds, did little to nurture Asano's social skills and connections. As such, he has difficulty connecting with other intelligent beings, despite his expressive body language, humble courtesy and love of poetry and music.
  • Ninia Bloodline - brown complexion, desert outfit and singsong accent are the marks of people of Ninia. As one of them, Asano is commonly the subject of open suspicion and hushed whispers by the general populace, often receiving poor service and second-hand goods, if any at all. This ugly reputation is only escalated in the hearts and mind of those affiliated with United Magic Council, their behavior often openly scornful and derisive, as Asano's people that now inhabit Wastes of Katal often serve as an example of what happens when potent magical affinity is met with unscrupulous practices and unbridled pride. Rarely he is let into a town before being thoroughly searched.
  • Soul-sick exile - the lessons of his life led him to conclusions that coalesced into a need for self-exile from his people. While on this path for the answer to his and that of his people's suffering, he will not kill anyone (unintelligent flora and some fauna excluded) in fear he might kill the bearer of the much needed wisdom. In his quest so far, he was forced occasionally to render people unconscious earning him so far, few friends and many more enemies.

Personal Motivations:
  • Enlightenment;
  • To collect and write down a compilation of poultices and medicines.
  • Mastering Six Soul Forms (fragmented teachings of prose and poetry as written by ancient Ninian Matrons);
  • Managing to cook and prepare all herbs and plants.
  • Finding the best qah! (a form of a cigarette holder) plant;


Probably as a result of a lonely life, Asano is often silent, preferring to whistle a calming tune that he will never name. In rare moments of campfire camaraderie that only road-worn travelers share, Asano would entertain his fellows with a story, recital or a tune. This aura of warmth that he is able to project, coupled usually with physically warm soup and soft smile earned him a reputation and welcoming disposition in some traveling establishments, an oddity of a Ninian to enjoy. This soul-warmth he manages to maintain in all situations, with humble courtesy, expressive body-language, road-worthy advice and respect for his enemies. In times of peace and spring he is quiet and slow, like gentle rustling of forests in the fragrant breeze. In strife and winter, he moves with the virility of a determined man and with the silence of a seasoned traveller followed only by the rustling of his robes. Despite the strife of his life, he tries to bring none to others, often teaching any interested soul how to transmute the very worst of life, into something usable with deft application of quarterstaff, open palm, soup-ladle and sometimes a quill.


Born some 62 moons ago***, Asano grew within the protective sandstone confines of his Zuma, his desert home. From a young age, he was thought to fear the outside for the very wind was poison. Instead, young Asano spent his youth in the underground communal protection, where he was thought how both to survive and the history of his people. To the hungry Asano, Zuma Matron carefully doled out knowledge, for that too can be very dangerous. He slowly learned that he lived in El'Sidri Zuma Ninia - the seventh tribe of Ninia - a part of him, just as he is part of his Zuma and Zuma a part of ancient Ninia. Ever since the fall, the people of Ninia, now scorned by the Matron-Goddess in whose honour they were named, have to prove their humanity individually upon maturation.

On his Becoming on the 16th birthday, Asano was ritually exiled out from his home and told not to return until he brought the Zuma something useful. Eager to prove himself, he ventured into the wasteland among the bones, ash and ruins. After a month he managed to return home with an illness-curing scale of Bakshasa, a Dune Demon. But the quadruped reptile gave him more than piece of its skin. It gave him knowledge of who people of Ninia truly were and why has the Matron-Goddess of Light and Fire abandon them, turning their verdant home into dust and ash. Just as the Matrons cautioned him, with knowledge came understanding and Asano spent many silent and sleepless nights on the dunes, struggling with Bakshasa's revelation.

Upon completing his Becoming Asano returned to his home and promptly left it without a word, this time upon a self-imposed exile dedicated on finding answers in order to remove his anguish and those of his kin.


- Asano Naru El'Sidri Ninia - in the culture of his people, the children are named by concatenating the first name given by the mother (Asano), the quality of light at the time of birth (Naru meaning full moonlight , the moon being a celestial consort of the Sun - Ninia), the name of the Zuma (El'Sidri - literally 'The Seventh' Zuma), finishing with the 'Ninia' marking them both in bloodline and faith, both as a mark of shame and as a sign of perseverance. Hence in Common tongue, Asano's name goes like this: 'Asano, born on a moonlit night in the Seventh Zuma of the Ninian People'.

- Hana is not only a piece of cloth that protects the head, but as much with the people of Ninia, it has a spiritual purpose. In this case, hana also prevents light from reaching the head, lest sunlight - and by extension the Matron-Goddess - is desecrated by touching the sinner's head. The only time when Ninian is permitted to remove hana is during the night. During moonlit nights it is also permitted to go bare-headed, but frowned upon - for Naru, the moon-consort - forgives The People, but one should not be overconfident in seeking forgiveness.

- '62 moons' or rather 62 moon eclipses. With light and celestial bodies being the fulcrum of Ninian world, they measure the passage of years with each eclipse, one year - two eclipses (left to GM's discretion, I just presumed Goji's Earth would be the same as our Earth in this respect);
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