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Fandom Divergent: Faction Before Blood // plot & chat

Free-for-all or simulation duels for tomorrow's training?

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Sorry guys I didn't get time like I thought I would. I'll get Chris up tomorrow and then Aubrey as soon as I can after that. Villetta Villetta if you want to reply with Ghost before I reply with Aubrey that's fine, either way works for me. She should be up in the next day or so.


So I posted with Christian and I have had him start that altercation with Ajax. Now I know I didn't put heaps of effort into their fight, but that's because I'm tired haha :'(
But my idea is that maybe Beck and Fable run up and Beck has to save his brother so he pulls Christian off and they get into a fight as well. Then when that gets too scary for Blair (maybe Christian does something actually bad to Beck again? Or almost does?) Blair runs in and thats when Christian will accidentally hit Blair and then that will snap him out of his angry rage and he will be taken in. OOOORRR if we aren't ready for that particular part yet, then just have Blair or Beck pull Christian off and he will actually stop and nobody else will get hurt and he will only slightly get in trouble.

WanderLust. WanderLust. spyder spyder what do you think?


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Apologies for how short Vex's post is! I wanted to get something posted for her but I don't have much for her to do at the moment! If there is any dirt anyone wants her to dig up on their characters let me know!


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spyder spyder We haven't heard from you in a while; are you still interested in this thread? If four characters are too much for you to manage, you can always drop some and just play one or two. No one would be disappointed in the least if you did that.


I replied with Charlie, and also with Sasha! I will get onto the rest soon.

As for your question...

Charlie would be part of the nerds (sort of like Gabriella in HSM)

Aubrey would absolutely be a jock, I can see her playing competitive volleyball or something like that.

Christian would likely be one of the rich kids and also slightly a jock.

Cassidy would absolutely be a cheerleader while also gravitating towards the goths.

Griffon would be a drama kid for sure, a total simp.


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WanderLust. WanderLust. You're due for posts with all your babes, please!

Ghost would be that weird loser from middle school who suddenly got hot over the summer. He would be the bully's bully and get popular from that, at least until he gets his ass beat. But he's that sigma male who gives off intellectual yet edgy and slightly snobby vibes who is secretly running a gambling ring after school among the elite students.


Posted with Griffon! I am not sure if I can post with Cas yet? I don't know if Lainey has had a response since my last Cas post. But I will try and get Aubrey and Chris up asap as well.


So I was curious about ages and heights of everyone and thought I'd share..

Here are everyone's ages, in order from the oldest. And this is with me figuring that we are in mid to late July since we just had Blair's birthday.

Jeremy - 40
Sasha - 38
Charlie - 20
Bloom - 19
Maverick - 18
Ghost - 18
Griffon - 17/18 (depends on exact date)
Blair - 17
Vex - 16
Kirby - 16
Anne - 16
Fable - 16
Lainey - 16
Shayla - 16
Beck - 16
Aubrey - 16
Thorn - 16
Christian - 16
Randi - 16
Cassidy - 16
Chet - 16
Indira - 16

And here is everyone's height! From tallest to shortest.

Jeremy - 7 foot
Christian - 6'4"
Maverick - 6'2"
Griffon - 6 foot
Chet - 6 foot
Beck - 6 foot
Kirby - 5'11"
Shayla - 5'9"
Ghost - 5'8"
Aubrey - 5'8"
Bloom - 5'7"
Blair - 5'6"
Vex - 5'6"
Thorn - 5'5"
Cassidy - 5'5"
Lainey - 5'5"
Charlie - 5'4"
Indira - 5'4"
Randi - 5'3"
Sasha - 5'2"
Anne - 4'11"
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Randi so short she doesn't even make the height list lmao

Also I apologize for not posting today as I said I would, I totally spaced and got distracted with DnD. I will post Bloom and Thorn tomorrow to make up for not posting today! I think those might be the only two I can currently post with.
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Thorn is posted! Bloom will be up between tonight and tomorrow night because I lost her post to someone blowing a fuse and now I wanna cry.

Also Villetta Villetta what do you want me to do about my other characters? I am waiting on replies to reply with them.

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