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Fandom Divergent: Faction Before Blood // plot & chat

Free-for-all or simulation duels for tomorrow's training?

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Want him to give Vex a tune up once she disposes of Bella’s body? minmi minmi

Yes, that works great! What does one of Vex’s tune-ups entail? In my mind I’m kind of picturing like the word sequences that was used for the Winter Soldier in the Marvel series, but that’s mostly because that’s the only exposure I’ve had to like “brainwashing” in the media lol.


Pyrrha Nikos Lives On
It is sorta a mix of that and then the whole serum drip onto the back of the neck thing like from x-men 2. Not sure if you ever saw it but it was basically that the brainwashed person needed to have this serum dripped onto a specific spot on the back of the neck and is then absorbed into the brain from that spot. So like maybe he says the words while giving her the serum as well?


It is sorta a mix of that and then the whole serum drip onto the back of the neck thing like from x-men 2. Not sure if you ever saw it but it was basically that the brainwashed person needed to have this serum dripped onto a specific spot on the back of the neck and is then absorbed into the brain from that spot. So like maybe he says the words while giving her the serum as well?
Oh perfect!! I have seen it, but it's been awhile. Thank you! I'll get a post up hopefully before I leave on my trip. If not, feel free to initiate the situation (:


Okay, just real quick, here's some brief plotting ideas! Sorry some of them are so short, I got a bit tired and slowed down on them quite a bit ): I tried to include every character so lmk if I missed anyone. Also feel free to come up with your own ideas, expand upon these, or straight up tell me no(I get it, esp if I misinterpreted your charrie). And, if anyone wants a charrie to secretly be Théo's half sibling, let me know! I purposely left that avenue open for potential drama (:

Knave Knave
- Scotty lowkey thinks she could win a fight just by stepping on Ghost. His arrogance and attitude bothers her, but she's too afraid to challenge authority and would heed his every word. Would definitely find herself easily manipulated by him. Has immense trust in him for someone she doesn't know.
- I could see Théo and Ghost butting heads a bit. They're very similar people who had very different outcomes in life(Théo kept his family, kept the fortune, recovered from his illness but is still working for some "big bad"). I could definitely see them in very intense, wordy conversations full of subtleties that maybe not everyone else would pick up on. Maybe a mutual disliking of each other? They kind of strike me like they'd be like competitive siblings, since they really are so similar.

Sanctuaryforall1 Sanctuaryforall1
- I feel like Scotty would definitely have a crush on her more than anyone else. It doesn't have to go anywhere, but I feel like it's a good source of internal conflict for her. Perhaps they kind of know each other from back in Amity? Maybe she was friends with Scarlet before she passed, so there's a past between them that they're both trying to ignore since they're both avoiding their history with Amity? But I really like the idea of Scotty being hopelessly in love with Bloom and having a lot of internal conflict about it because of Sam.

- I definitely see Randi and Théo as friends/drinking and party buddies— at least until he finds out that she's divergent. But If they're close friends, I feel like that could be really fun for a bit of drama~

- I really love the idea of Thorn and Scotty being friends. I think they'd be a very wholesome duo and could really teach each other some self-love. Plus his patience would be beneficial to her current inability to socialize well, and I think she'd take a keen interest in his art.

- I don't see Scotty loving Fable, since they're pretty similar. Maybe she's jealous because she can see how Fable is growing in her time in Dauntless and Scotty feels like she isn't making any progress at all. Normally sweet and quiet Scotty would probably be picking unnessecary fights until she finally learns some self-love.
- Perhaps Théo and Fable have a previous history? I know she hasn't really dated, but what if there was a little bit of a spark between them before Dauntless? Since his mother did some travel work, maybe they ran into each other frequently one summer and there was a lot of flirting but nothing came of it so now it's awkward between them?

- Théo sort of views Vex as a pet of sorts. I imagine he has a very affectionate attitude towards her, but doesn't really see her as a person. Probably a lot of tongue clicking and hair stroking in his interactions with her(idk why but for some reason that's how I imagine villains for some reason). On some level he pities her, and maybe as her story evolves he starts to view her kind of like a sibling that he wants to take care of?

WanderLust. WanderLust.
- Maybe Scotty, who feels like she's too far behind, asks Maverick for some help through initiation? I feel like they could bump into each other frequently on their early morning runs. Perhaps she runs into him during a night swim(maybe she's skinny-dipping to take a risk and relax?), creating some tension/awkwardness until they eventually become friends or form a close mentor-student bond?
- Théo will lowkey be an ass kisser and ask smart questions moreso to Maverick than the other instructors. I feel like he'd like Maverick quite a bit.

- TBH I don't have much coming to mind with her. I was thinking Théo makes a pass at her before he's shut down by Blair? And then it's just a little awkward between them? But LMK if you have any other ideas! He'd also be "hunting" her, due to his alligence to Dr. Munro, so there might be something there.
- I also think Blair and Scotty could make a really fun friend duo <3

Nerdy. Nerdy.
- Théo would probably avoid Charlie like hell. His fear of hospitals would probably make him too hesitant to be around her at all, and would likely be at least a little cold to her.
- Scotty would definitely like Charlie! Charlie is probably someone that makes her feel at ease, kind of like a loving, older family figure that she never had. Maybe in a fear sim or just a quiet moment together, she feels compelled to reveal her crush on Bloom to her and seeks guidance from Charlie regularly?

- I think Théo would spend plenty of time flirting with Aubrey, without it necessarily going anywhere. Lots of playful attitudes and feeding her ego?

- I think he and Théo could either be really great friends or really dislike each other. I think it'd be fun if they were friends and Théo was a bit of an enabler for Chris's poor behavior and substance abuse.

- Idk if it's just the fact that they're currently interacting with each other, but I think Scotty and Griffon would make for a very sweet friendship. She'd definitely try to help him with his amnesia, and I think he'd become someone she'd be super comfortable around.

- Ok, I think Théo and Cas could be very good friends. They have a lot of shared interests, and maybe there could be a heated romance between them? Like I see fireworks, but once he realizes she's divergent he begins to manipulate her and try and use her for his cause?
- I imagine her and Scotty would become friends if she and Griffon are friends too. I think those two might be a little awkward if left alone together, but tbh I think that'd be so cute if they were left by Grif alone for a minute and they just talk about how cold it is and how tired they are bc that's normal teenage small talk and then there's foot shuffling and awkward glances until he comes back.

mood. mood.
- I keep getting confused and calling him Azrael in my head ashsljsakldsj. He's such a cute character, though, and I feel like maybe him and Théo would be friends. Possible workout buddies?

- I also view Dez as a sort of romantic interest for Théo, where they'd be a very flirtatious couple. Perhaps at some point he starts manipulating her, trying to make her an ally to him and his cause in the future?

kiwifrosty kiwifrosty
-I mentioned this before, but I think Scotty would despise him. Let me know what you think of a flirting attempt gone wrong between those two!
- Théo and Jake could also be like party buddies, like Dauntless Initiates' most eligible bachelors? I think they could be a really fun duo, picking up partners together at the bar after training some time and being best buds (:


pizza girl
minmi minmi Ghost would feel a little nonplussed by the vehemence of Scotty's contempt for him, like he would feel as if it's oddly personal when he barely knows her. Not that he would be opposed to getting to know Scotty better; he's fond of social interactions on a casual level. It's just when someone starts to get too emotionally close to him that he gets a little distant and cagey. If she challenged him to a duel, he would 100% accept and not feel at all offended by the idea. He loves using competitions as a means of strengthening a bond with someone else and would be absolutely thrilled for a chance to show off... assuming he doesn't get his ass beat. XD
Oh my gosh yes, the rivalry between Ghost and Théo is for real. Ghost wouldn't actually harbor any feelings of ill will toward Théo unless given reason to (and even then, Ghost is pretty non-judgmental, so Théo would have to do something pretty damn offensive), but he would feel a constant need to establish himself as the superior "prince" and outdo Théo. Even without knowing for sure, Ghost will be able to detect from Théo's easy gaze and air of quiet confidence that he's from a position of entitlement. While they're in the same room, Théo will likely be the target of many of Ghost's roasts, and if Théo competently teased him back Ghost would honest to god adore it and play along by poking fun at himself.


guess whose back
Scotty's post is up!! I leave on a week-long trip next week, but during that time and leading up to my departure, I will be hopefully working on some more plotting for Scotty and Théo, as well as finsih Théo's form (:

Welcome!! Feel free to look at Scotty and Théo's forms and see if there's anything there you'd like to plot between Jake and them(they're both open for all plots, essentially). Just off the top of my head, I'm imagining that Scotty would dislike him very much. Maybe they would be sort of "enemies", like he hits on her(she's gay, but not out of the closet) maybe only once, maybe constantly if that's in his persona from your view and she despises him from then on? At a base, I feel like their personalities are like oil and water and they wouldn't mix at all, so even if there's no flirting, I think any minor inconvenience could make it obvious that they are diametrically opposed.
so in response to this, i think i agree that jake would def hit on scotty! he loves a chase so if she is constantly turning him down and bashing him, well..it would make him chase her and flirt w her more hahaha. it would be like a game to him!
i think theo (sorry i have no clue how to do accents on my mac LMAO) would be low-key friends? i think that since they're both sociable they'd get along! c:

edit// just saw your post right above! yes, theo and scotty def could be party buddies and get into some trouble together!

Knave Knave I know Jeremy would have a full blown party and would absolutely stop initiation to do so! I would be pretty keen for that to be his thing.

Also kiwifrosty kiwifrosty I am keen to plot with Jake and I will try think of some but I'm pretty busy at the moment so it may take me a while. But you can feel free to look through my 5 charries and if any catch your interest in keen to plot.

Also MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone who celebrates it! ❤❤❤ hope y'all are having a great time (not gonna lie our Christmas started with my husband hitting our landlord daughters car with my uninsured car -.-) but I hope you all have a great day. I go on honeymoon tomorrow so IDK how active I'll be or if I'll get Chris and Aubrey post up soon.
i couldn't find your other forms but i did see charlie, and i think jake would really get on her nerves because he will most definitely mistake her kind personality for her having an interest in him hahaha. he will definitely be trying to swoon her over!


So many plots and characters! I love it so much!

Here are some replies or thoughts about plots and interactions.

minmi minmi
Charlie -
Charlie is a sweetheart and would definitely enjoy Scotty's company. If she gets a smudge of information about Scotty's past she would just die and her heart would break for her. She would likely encourage her to make peace with her feelings for Bloom, regardless of if she thinks Bloom would accept, knowing how hard unspoken feelings can be.
As for Theo, if he ignores or avoids her she would probably not notice because of how busy she is. I doubt they would interact much without reason. Charlie would be just as kind towards him though.

Aubrey - I definitely agree that Theo and Aubrey could have a flirtatious thing. Aubrey usually loves flirting but avoids any physical intimacy (besides making out and playful touching), but she's going through some stuff and she would definitely like her ego to be stroked.
I can't think of anything currently with her and Scotty.

Chris - I think Chris would like Scotty TBH, he likes most people. But other than that I don't have any plots.
As for Theo, I think Theo would have to go through a learning curve with Chris. Given his 3 intense moods and his irregularity with them. Once Theo figures out how to bring out each one though he could work that to his advantage. (3 moods being -1 very angry and impulsive without any drugs, -2 very relaxed and fun with Lull, -3 literally emotionless robot with his original drugs).

Griffon - Yes I do see Griffon and Scotty being good friends, I think it would be sweet and I like the dynamic currently. I think she could easily become little sister number 3, because Griffon has the aptitude to be a big brother.
I think Griffon wouldn't understand Theo very well.

Cassidy - Cas and Scotty could definitely be awkward but compatible friends. I love the idea of them always not knowing what to say if Griffon has to leave.
As for Theo, I think Cas would be open to a relationship of some kind, but I think if Theo tried to manipulate her she would manipulate him right back. I think they would play a very subtle game of wit and would bounce around each other. Plus if he finds out she's divergent then that would be interesting.

mood. mood.
Charlie - Charlie would like trying out her small skill of sign language On AZ. She knows a little but would appreciate getting a chance to learn it more. She would also be curious to how his ears work and if there is any way to improve them.
As for Des, she would respect the love and devotion she has for her brother and would likely commend her for that.

Aubrey - Aubrey would probably have little interaction with the two siblings. I doubt she would get along with Des, and she probably would just not care.

Chris - I feel like Chris would get along well with Az even without being able to talk to him. Chris has never felt the need for intense conversation so I could see the two being friends without necessarily talking.
As for Des, Chris won't make any move towards friendship or anything else first, he would likely have the pretty shallow friendship with her that he has with everyone. He would help her if she needed it but wouldn't initiate 8nteraction otherwise.

Griffon - Griffon remembers them from Abnegation and so already is likely to gravitate towards them. He would probably be happy To take his hearing aids out around them because he knows they can all talk without the need for hearing. I could see him and Az being good friends, whereas maybe he and Des could have a romantic thing? I need to freshen up on her form though but if it was compatible that could work.

Cas - If Griffon likes them, Cas will always at least pretend to like them. But she does like them anyway, at least as far as she's interacted with then so far. She would enjoy chatting with Az and using her very unused skill of sign language, and would be happy to do things with Des too.

kiwifrosty kiwifrosty
Charlie - Charlie would try her hardest to shut Jake down nicely, but if that just eggs him on she would definitely get frustrated. If she knew his backstory she would be heartbroken about his sister.

Aubrey - Given that Jake prefers people who don't want his attention, Aubrey would likely be receptive to his advances and then that would be their one interaction. They do share a huge fear of water however, so that could be interesting bonding.

Chris - I think Chris wouldn't like Jake too much but that's just a random thought. Probably they'd just never interact.

Griffon - Griffon has a tendency to like everyone so I could see him trying to be friends with Jake should they bump into each other.

Cas - Romantically I think she would be likely to let Jake flirt with her and give him very little reciprocation, enough so she seems interested but not so much that she seems TOO interested. However I think if she found out about his history somehow she would feel a strange kinship, since she feels responsible for her little brothers death as well.


Pyrrha Nikos Lives On

Thorn is up! Vex and Bloom coming tomorrow! Thanks for being patient guys!


pizza girl
kiwifrosty kiwifrosty As a general recap of the thread, the initiates just finished their final fear simulations of Phase 2 and are currently in an interval of free time. Free time is open-ended and unstructured time for interactions; pretty much anything goes, though you might want to plot with some other RPers to find ways to best utilize your free time. Currently in the RP thread Cassie, Chris, and Dez and Az have just left the compound for a zip-lining excursion; Charlie and Thorn were having lunch together until Charlie was pulled away for interrogation about her possible involvement in a murder; Aubrey is at her mother's house after having just received the news that one of her best friends was found dead; Maverick is tending to a wound of Randi's; Griffon and Scotty are exploring the surroundings of the compound together; Vex is doing Vex things (she's a secret agent tasked with eliminating Divergents); and Ghost is trying to peer-pressure Fable into breaking a bunch of laws with Blair and him!
Does anyone currently have an idle character who would be open to interacting with Jake?

WanderLust. WanderLust. You are very nearly at three weeks since your last reply with Maverick, so please take care of that tomorrow.


Pyrrha Nikos Lives On
Knave Knave Got it! Glad to hear! :D

Nerdy. Nerdy. hi! Sorry, I know it is late and as I am working on Blooms post I realized I never asked if it is okay for her to sort of catch on to Cas being divergent. Like not outright but like she gets suspicious especially after the rain suddenly stops in the simulation? Whatever you want tho!


I think that's fine if you want to have Bloom catch on. I sort of orchestrated it so it's a bit clumsy for Cassidy's usual calm demeanour. But also I don't want her caught right out?
So yeah totally cool if Bloom is highly suspicious but Cas will play it off as her freezing in fear or something.


pizza girl
kiwifrosty kiwifrosty Absolutely! We're in an interval of free time right now, so you can pop Jake basically wherever you want. Does anyone have a character available to interact with Jake?

Nerdy. Nerdy. Please post with Griffon in the next few days, and WanderLust. WanderLust. with Blair!
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Okay got it! I’ll have her post up before I go to bed! Working on Randi's tomorrow!

kiwifrosty kiwifrosty Bloom (instructor) or Thorn (initiate) should be free for a bit! Thorn just came from a meal with Charlie and Bloom is finishing up the last fear sim with Cas!


Blair will be up tomorrow!! (she’s halfway done now but I’m falling asleep typing)

Also - thoughts on me making a new female character who is either an amity or erudite transfer?


Pyrrha Nikos Lives On
Blair will be up tomorrow!! (she’s halfway done now but I’m falling asleep typing)

Also - thoughts on me making a new female character who is either an amity or erudite transfer?
Oooooo I would dig that! New characters are the best!

I am holding back with all my might from making another new babe too lol! If I were to make an new character this would be her fc...

Also just to put a face to a name this is Ronnie Elwood, the former instructor Bloom mentioned in her post. She is a retired instructor who runs a motorcycle/car shop now.

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pizza girl
WanderLust. WanderLust. Sanctuaryforall1 Sanctuaryforall1 New characters always spice up the thread, but please understand that it is a big commitment of extra time and effort. However, if you're sure it's what you want, don't be intimidated. Follow your heart, because this is a decision that only you can make for yourselves. <3

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