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Fandom Divergent: Faction Before Blood // plot & chat

Free-for-all or simulation duels for tomorrow's training?

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i return stronger than i left
I’ll be posting tomorrow! I am free so expect a post. If anyone is free to have Leah interact with them after her fear sim, let me know


the fool
Aaaahh that suggestion is wonderful but horrible at the same time, I love it!!!

So, Ghost's picks would be...
Screw Jeremy, because that would legit be the most epic hate sex of all time.
Marry Jiao-long, because Ghost is attracted to both intelligence and power, and those are two things JL has in abundance.
Kill Obadiah, because Ghost despises authority figures whom he deems incompetent.

For the girls...
Screw Blair, because already the two of them have a lot of mutual secrets.
Marry Charlie, because there is no one Ghost would rather have as a lifelong companion.
Kill Bloom, because someone's gotta die. Really, it's nothing personal.


Pyrrha Nikos Lives On
Randi, Fable, and Bloom are posted! I have nothing to post for Thorn as he is simply waiting to be tested. I am also waiting on Baratheon for Vex.


I know I said I would post today but my landlords turned up and it was my one free day so I was high into cleaning and sorting my house. Then I have to go out to sort things with my friend for her wedding, and then I have music practice and work and bowling 😭😭😭😭
I swear today was free and now it suddenly isn't.
But I have tomorrow morning free. So I can definitely reply then, so sorry ❤❤

As for SMK...

Screw Jiao Long because she would neither marry him, not does she want to kill Leah's father.
Marry Obadiah because she respects his undauntless leadership and has known him a long time
Kill Jeremy because hes her literal living nightmare.
As for the girls.
Charlie would screw Blair (but it would be like a really nice intimate time not just screwing lol)
Charlie would marry Bloom because they are best friends.
And Charlie would obviously kill herself over any of the others.

Screw Obadiah because marrying her ex's dad would be weeeeird
Marry Jeremy because he's head poncho and that's exactly what Aubrey wants (given she doesn't know Jeremy is her sisters dad)
Kill Jiao Long because she doesn't like Erudite.
Screw Bloom because she's hot and can mix drinks
Marry Blair because she's a good friend even if they don't know each other well.
Kill Charlie, unfortunately she can't screw or marry her.

Screw Bloom as he knows her pretty well,
Marry Blair because that's who he loves
Kill Charlie, as she would beg him to do so instead of Bloom.


I did post today but I know it wasn't amazing nor long. I literally have to leave right now and only had about an hour to type this up so I had to rush it a bit. I can maybe edit it tomorrow depending on how busy I am.

Sanctuaryforall1 Sanctuaryforall1 When I edit Charlie's post again I will finish it with her calling Thorn in, so feel free to have him do that whenever you reply with him :)


I messed up my pm’s fixing them currently
I’ll have Jax up soon. It’s been done for a day or two I’m just not proud of it so I’ve been trying to fix it up.


Charlie and Aubrey both prefer pie!
For Charlie it is either apple pie or Strawberry pie, (more like a tart), Aubrey however prefers pumpkin pie or meat pies.
As for cakes, Charlie would like red velvet cake, and Aubrey would devour chocolate cake.

Chris however prefers simple vanilla cake, but if he is to eat pie he would probably just have apple pie.
He'd like everything really but he's not huge on preferring things lol.

Also I forgot to edit Charlie's post I will do that asap


I have a question!

If your characters were a mutant from x-men (or inhuman, or from heroes or just a superhero/powered person in general) what would their mutant ability be?
But give 2 answers! One that your character would love to have, and one that they would think of as a curse.

She would have the power of healing, and she would adore that power so much.
However she would also have the power to read minds and she would struggle to control this, and she would detest that power.

Aubrey would for sure have super speed, I can totally see her as a speedster!
However she would also have the ability to fly (she hates flying), and she struggles to control that.

Christian would have super strength/invulnerability, so he's basically like Luke Cage.
However he would also have sYour hearing which drives him nuts and irritates his anger issues and sickness.


the fool
Oml that's a wonderful question! Hm, Ghost would love to have the ability to teleport for convenience's sake; he could save a lot of time and energy and get so much more done in one day if he could instantaneously pop in and out of places. Not to mention escaping with stolen money or valuables would be hella easier. However, a darker power he might have is hypnosis, but to such an uncontrollable extent that if he gives a command in jest or as a figure of speech, the listener is still forced to do it. While it would certainly come in handy at times, Ghost would feel overwhelming guilt at stripping away others' free will.


I messed up my pm’s fixing them currently
I’m gonna try and have Poppy’s reply up tomorrow. I wasn’t home this weekend so I haven’t been able to work on it.

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