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PC Discord, Anyone?

Hi there! I'm Shkye, and I recently got discord back on my computer.
I've been playing video games for ten years, but I never usually played online with other people, and so It's something I'd like to start doing. ^^
Of course, you can see my dilemma: I have no-one to play with.
None of my IRL friends are gamers, and like I said, I never really played multiplayer long enough to gain any friends through it online.
Since I have discord now, I'm hoping to find some people who'd be willing to maybe play some games with me. ^^

I'm 16, from the UK. I'm in college, so weekdays during school time are busy, but weekends I'm mostly free.
As I'm writing this the time for me is 8pm, so there's something to help you work out the time difference a little easier if you happen to be somewhere other than the UK ^^
If you think you'd be interested in playing some games with me, shoot me a message in the PM's first :)

These are the games I own that are multiplayer ^^
>Left 4 Dead
>Left 4 Dead 2
>Team Fortress 2
>The Forest
>Garry's Mod
>Hide and Shriek
>Viscera Cleanup Detail
>Dying Light

(FYI, didn't know where to post this so I picked the section with a video game prefix option, soo)
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