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Fandom Disco Hearts: The Return of Kars

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Action, Adventure, Anime


bruh moment
The small hotel room quickly filled with the scent of breakfast as Joyce woke up and climbed off of the couch she had slept on the night before. It seemed as though Gabriel had woken up and had already begun to cook. She rubbed her eyes and stumbled to the small, wooden dining table and took a seat on one of the chairs, watching her brother as he worked at the stove. He seemed to have noticed her already, but didn't acknowledge her presence yet.

"G'morning," Joyce said groggily. Gabriel sat a plate containing some bacon and scrambled eggs onto the table in front of her. Then, he sat across from his sister and ate the same food on his own plate. He had let his sister know about the situation last night, but he was still unsure on how to act on it. He had been beaten like it was nothing. Humiliated. He was weak.

"We need to make preparations to defend Lord Kars," said Gabriel out of nowhere. This shocked him; he said it without thinking.


The Crystal Viper
Onigiri woke up to his favorite smell, bacon. He got up from the small blanket Joyce had put in the floor for him and went over to her. He looked up and sat by her hoping he would get a treat for not barking during the night.


A Lost Undead
The room in the hotel was clean, well-kept, and slightly cold, but such was all too common in Russia. Despite being somewhat a foreigner, Yury felt more at home here than he ever did in Belarus. The dissolution of the Soviet Union had saddened him, but all good things had to come to an end eventually. Though starting another communist revolution would, in fact, be fun, that was not what he was here for. Yury was here in search of an enemy.

The enemy, a so-called Kars, had landed in Russia. At first it was only due to his small intelligence ring that he learned the name at all, but once he had accepted the offer from the Speedwagon foundation, he knew the scale of this threat: Kars was, for lack of a better expression, damn near invincible. Lucky for the Foundation, his tactical prowess was yet to be matched. Contested, sure, but never bested. Before any Kars hunting could take place, however, there was the simple matter of breakfast.

Yury rose to his feet effortlessly, dressed himself in what he believed to be a "modest" outfit, the usual suit and tie, threw on a coat, an Ushanka, and headed to the hotel lobby.


bruh moment
Joyce looked away. Sure, she didn't want to do this, but her brother was her only real guidance. He had practically raised her due to the fact that their parents were always off on business trips, so the least she could do was stay by his side and support him.
"Yeah..." her mind trailed, ripping a chunk of bacon off and tossing it to the floor for Oni to eat.

The rest of the meal was eaten in silence. When they were both done, they put their outfits on, then some insulated clothing to top it off. It was obvious that they were foreigners, and it was even more obvious that they weren't that used to the cold.


The Crystal Viper
Onigiri ate the bacon with gratitude, he thought it tasted so good, the air in the room was dark and gloom. Oni pawed at his owner's leg lightly indicating he wanted attention, trying to lighten the mood for the humans.

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