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Fandom Disco Hearts: the Return of Kars (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

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Action, Adventure, Anime


bruh moment
March 1999
Rostov, Russia.

It was so sudden that nobody could have predicted it. A meteorite fell from the sky in a snow-covered field outside of Rostov, and nobody thought much other than that. Of course, local authorities were dispatched to investigate, but they determined that there was no real harm in it, and left it there. They couldn't have been more wrong. Soon, thermal scans (conducted by the Speedwagon Foundation, it's mandatory) informed them that, well, there was no heat on the rock. Surely, a meteorite that had just plummeted to the Earth through the atmosphere must have heated up on its way down? Somehow this was not the case. The piece of rock was ice cold.

Knowing this, the Speedwagon Foundation sent two undercover investigators to find out more on the matter, and maybe even try to open the meteorite to determine its contents. Soon, they arrived at the airport and began to look into it not long after. The two investigators eventually found out that the meteorite wasn't a meteorite at all, instead it was solid ice. They would soon come to regret cracking it open. As the two struggled to get away, they were only able to send one word over the radio to the closest Speedwagon Foundation facility in Japan. This word brought a whole new light to the situation, and caused panic within the company.


Needless to say, the Speedwagon Foundation quickly assembled a task force of a handful of Stand Users and dispatched them to the scene. With Jotaro Kujo in Morioh on business, these were pretty much the next best thing they could provide to the situation. Hopefully they will be able to deal with it.

Hey everyone! As you can see, this is a roleplay based off of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, with a bit of a twist: it's set in Russia.
Basically, you'll take the role as either servants and underlings of Kars, or members of the task force sent by the Speedwagon Foundation. I know it sounds a lot like Stardust Crusaders, but trust me, I'm sure it will be a bit different.

Characters Needed
If there is a role that you'd like to take that is not on here, just let me know.

Now onto the rules.
  • I'm pretty lenient with the length of posts, just try your best. I understand that in some situations, there is not much you can drag out to make a paragraph-long reply, and that's fine. Don't over or under exaggerate, is what I'm asking.
  • No sexual content. I'm fine with romance for the most part, but RPNation's site rules forbid sexual content.
  • No godmoding or metagaming. I understand that this is a JoJo roleplay, and there are rather, shall we say, overpowered characters, but even DIO had his flaws. As long as you don't beat everyone all the time and use info from outside the RP, you should be fine.
  • Be active. I understand if there's something going on in your life that could keep you from the rp, so just let me know and I can get something worked out.

If anyone has any questions or are interested, message me or reply to this check. I'll be happy to respond.
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A Lost Undead
Is ThAt A fUcKiN' jOjO's ReFeReNcE?

Lmao, couldn't resist. Anyway, recently got super into the series, so much so I even started working on my own stand. I'd be so down for this.


bruh moment
Same, I got into it a few months ago (I'm only on part 4 but it's still so good!) along with one of my friends... we make Jojo references daily :p

Rusty of Shackleford

Eight Thousand Club
Hey! Mind if I play the Leader of the Task Force? I'm torn about my Stand though. May need a bit to nail it down. And I'm a huge fan of JoJo's. Currently watching Part 5, and it's probably my favorite part overall.


Angelic Choir
I’ll join as Side Hero 1. Also, is it alright if I pull a Polnareff/Kakyoin/Okuyasu and start off fighting the main group, joining after getting beaten up? I’ve always wanted to do that XD


Angelic Choir
Good seeing you too! :) heads up, if that is what ends up happening, and my character ends up being your best friend that dies for you, I’m totally ok with that XD


I don't know who Kars is (by process of elimination I'm guessing he's from part 2, which I skipped) but I just got into the series and need to RP it, if you'll have me.

EDIT: I'll take one of the side heroes.

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