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Yeah...looks like they dropped off entirely. Tis a shame, too, I was getting interested. I don't suppose just "let's do it anyways" would be an option? Because I would be up for that option. If someone wanted to just make a thread somewhere?
Same, I'm very much interested in the whole RP.​


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I suppose if someone comes up with a plot line for the story, that could work


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I have a proposal.

I think I can go and take this RP's idea and sort of revamp it as my own, in a way. Though there may be a fuckton of changes in terms of lore.

The basic premise is mostly the same, except now we have a MOTW formula to add along with the underworld discs which would be based off of various series that'll change the overall world and add a location to a general map.

To be true to the whole Multifandom scheme, there would be the option to play as a fully fledged Fandom character--which would either be transported by the MOTW or be an unfortunate Ego Broken Victim.

Is that aight with everyone?


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Hmm, interesting...like, I already was wondering about the implications of the discs, like if the characters thought they were real but weren't because they were a thing of fiction, or if they did "exist" in some multiverse context. So, doing this idea, are you thinking multiverse? Like, each of these fandom worlds exists as their own independent universe? In that way, you could have it that there is indeed a chance for a character to travel across the multiverse and come here on their own (could be chasing after a monster, even? or land here on accident), but the discs are essentially just copies of a character's consciousness. Also, even if one of our earth characters haven't been ego broken, could we have it that their discs might exist as thoughts inside their head? Like, telepathic communication? I don't know, I was kind of picturing it that way before but never got the chance to ask. If you're cool with that, that is


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Nearly all life from all worlds have been sealed off and snuffed out. However, in a twist of fate, its power weakened and split just as our world was about to be sealed off. As the sky was split open with a void-like rift, as bits and pieces of those worlds’ inhabitants started pouring out in small discs that were seemingly unbreakable. Some say that you can hear voices from those discs. Armbands with what looks to be small disc players were commonly found along with these discs, bearing the ability to draw power from them and make it their own. These were called Drives, and those who use them were called Drivers.

From the ability to utilize their skills and powers, to becoming one with the beings within the discs--the armbands’ power were potentially limitless. So much so, that it gave rise to the Scratch. Rising mere years after the rift first opened, this rag tag group of mischiefs sported discs so powerful that using them would usually cause their own minds to be overtaken by the disc’s persona completely--this phenomenon is what they call Ego Break. However, as the world government formed a group of defenders known as Vinyl and captured some of the Scratch, they learned that their Drives allowed them to be immune from Ego Break completely, having received theirs from the Scratch’s supposed supplier--The DJ and his Twilight Collection, whom the world has not heard of, even after the Rift Opened.

To add to the growing tension between the two powered groups from the last 50 years, a new kind of Disc is starting to fall from the rift, which transforms into Monsters after some time, or when played on a Drive--this new type of Disc were now being sought after by The Vinyl and The Scratch alike, naming them the ReRuns. The ReRuns are monsters born from a Disc that represents an entire fictional world and/or universe--meaning that they hold incredible power that might rival even the Twilight Collection. When these monsters finally form, they bring a portion of the universe they represent with them--for example, Vale from a RWBY ReRun or Crystal Cove from a Scooby Doo ReRun.

You are one of the Drivers that will be recruited by The Vinyl. Will you join the fight for peace and order, or will you let the world be engulfed in chaos? The choice is yours.


I formally made an OOC, in order to confirm who the players would be--it would also be the place for us to decide whether or not to keep the old CS thread.



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Okay cool :)
Also I forgot to ask if I could join
Well, for one, OP has practically abandoned ship for weeks, so I'm taking over in his place.

There's an existing CS Thread on page 1 that you can use which has a guide on how to make your character--just plop a Sheet there

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