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Gundam Watcher 27

Cant wait for October ;)
My thought process when choosing my Discs was - what constitutes a character?

If the Dragon Zord alone causes an Ego Death, what will your character act like?
That's an easy question! He runs off to the nearest body of water and drowns himself in in it. Poor Dragon Mech just wants to sleep.


I ask of you to please chant my name!
I've had my eye on this for a while now but kinda forgot about it until now. Mind if I make a chara?


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Noel & Leon, probably.


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2 abilities related to fusion and 2 abilities related to tagteaming with an extra person.

Well this is going to get juicy.

Despite being having Wynn in the fusion, the Card family doesn't really change into female forms (Overlord is still overall a 'he' and while Omnimon can be if you use your imagination, no official media does this). If we can get more discs later, I'll be sure to change that somehow.


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Couple weeks tops.

The GM has 0 alternate communication methods so I guess we'll go with that.

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Well well
It's certainly been more than a few weeks
Yeah...looks like they dropped off entirely. Tis a shame, too, I was getting interested. I don't suppose just "let's do it anyways" would be an option? Because I would be up for that option. If someone wanted to just make a thread somewhere?

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