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Fandom Dinner and a Show: CS



Crossover Enthusiast.
EDIT: I should have mentioned this before, but you don't need to wait for me to approve your form. Just post it and hop on!

CS Thread for Dinner and a Show, a sandbox RP taking place within a multifandom club!

Because this is just a simple sandbox RP, I'll merely ask for the basics.


Fandom (specify fandom if OC):

Role (Their job in the club, if you would like to give them one. If you just want them to be a patron, you can simply leave this blank if you wish):


Equipment (If it's a weapon, it will be taken by bouncers when they enter. But it will be safely tucked away, and they'll get it back when they leave, so don't fret):

Personality (You don't need a novel, just some sentences or traits):

Favorite drink/meal:
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The Explorer

Philippians 4:13
Name: Marsopholeus Might Finn aka Finn the Entertainer or Finny.

Fandom (specify fandom if OC): OC. Fandom: Original for this RP.

Role (Their job in the club, if you would like to give them one. If you just want them to be a patron, you can simply leave this blank if you wish): None.

Powers: Can do anything but only for the purpose of Music and/Or Comedy. Imagine walking up a wall and pulling a mic out of nowhere.

Equipment (If it's a weapon, it will be taken by bouncers when they enter. But it will be safely tucked away, and they'll get it back when they leave, so don't fret): N/A

Personality (You don't need a novel, just some sentences or traits): Thinks he is funny, and he might actually be.

Favorite drink/meal: French Vanilla Mocha Frappe, with Caramel Drizzle and Chocolate Creamer.


Originally created for my RPs, "The Quest for God-Tier Comedy" and "The Quest for God-Tier Tunes."


Crossover Enthusiast.
Name: Sierra

Fandom (specify fandom if OC): Pokémon OC (Trying to make my own Pokésona, figured I should use these designs for something)

Role: Backstage manager/performer

Powers: Basic Pokémon moves: Play Nice, Charm, Last Resort, and Quick Attack.

Equipment: A flashlight, a pair of lavender and blue pom-poms, and a makeup kit.

Personality (You don't need a novel, just some sentences or traits): Sierra loves the stage and everything to do with it! Performances are on her mind 24/7, and she likes to think of everything she does as a stunning display. She tries to use her peppy demeanor to encourage other performers, going through their emotions with them as though they shared a soul.

Favorite drink/meal: She adores spicy food, and enjoys a glass of sparkling water to go with it.

Name: Grim Matchstick

Fandom (specify fandom if OC): Cuphead

Role: Bouncer

Powers: Grim can breathe fire, summon live flames, and even sprout two extra heads if it's needed.

Equipment: Nothing.

Personality: Grim is a gentle giant all around. Timid, but firm, he is a loyal friend who tries to read others' emotions consistently. So what makes him think he is fit as a bouncer? Well, he is also very alert, and can at least fake being fearsome.

Favorite drink/meal: He likes sweets.

Name: Entrapta

Fandom (specify fandom if OC): She-Ra POP

Role: Bartender. It's a better idea than it sounds. I hope.

Powers: Nothing in the way of magic, but Entrapta has the ability to freely move her voluminous ponytails like two extra hands.

Equipment: A tape recorder and a toolbox.

Personality: If there is any word to describe Entrapta, it's "dork". While she is cheerful and friendly, she is hopelessly lost in her own world of gadgetry, and has the bare minimum of social skills. Entrapta loves to watch how people behave, and seems to treat everything as an experiment of some kind.

Favorite drink/meal: She will happily eat or drink anything that is tiny.



Name: Aqua


Water magic, Turn Undead, Heal, Purification, Resurrection, Party Tricks, Holy Aura, Undead Attraction, and Exorcism
Full list of powers here

A staff that assists her spells and can fly to her like Mjolnir

Aqua is very childish, never thinking about the consequences of her actions, cries easily, praise making her ego soar, and relies on the help of others most of the time. She tries to use her title of Goddess as an excuse to get what she wants, never working. She is very gullible and does not believe people can lie to her. Most of the time, her supposedly good deeds end in disaster for everyone.

Favorite drink/meal:
Anything, really

Sombra. Lover

Hacker of all computers
Name: Laura ("Sombra" by others)

Fandom: Oc that has been used and abused

* Umbrakinesis- can manipulate and control darkness or shadows
* Animated shadows- animate one's shadows
* Light absorption- block out light in an area
* Night vision- see in the dark
* Shadow camouflage- be unseen in shadows
* Shadow mimicry- become a shadow
* Umbraportation- teleport via the shadows and darkness

Equipment: a box of magical crystals, a loaded glock, her drawing tablet with stylus, and a cloak of armor (spoiler at the bottom for the armor)

Role: customer

Personality: "hey, don't touch me, or else..."
This baddie is mean, touch her and she will go in a rage. On the inside however, she can be kind, friendly,and a overprotective freak.
Outside, she is mean, raging if mad and annoyed, and usually very villain type.

Favorite drink/meal: "I don't drink, just give me water and a hot bowl of curry and I'm happy..."



Name: Cambrid

Fandom: an oc I'd like to try for this group

Powers:besides having the dark powers like his friend, Laura, he has a few more powers up his sleeve...
* Dark wind/air manipulation- create and control corrupted winds
* Flight- have the ability to fly at will
* Levitation- the ability to make anything rise up in the air and move under your control

Personality: he's been called a flirtatious jerk, a inturppter, and a blushing maker, cambrid is a sucker for trying to get anyone embarassed, including his friend, Laura.

"Want something to drink, babe? It's on me..."

Favorite drink/meal: "I don't eat nor drink, it's umbras rule..."


Name: Bendy "the dancing demon"

Fandom: bendy and the ink machine

Powers: he's not like the dark humans, he has his own set of disgusting powers...
Ink: he can manipulate ink into what ever it is
Demon ink form: if extremely mad and annoyed, ink will fall over his face, dripping it everywhere, and he will turn demonic...

Equipment: an ink bottle, don't take it, he'll get extremely mad...

Personality: bendy is a happy little demon, who sometimes gets in trouble. He's upbeat, social, and usually very happy, even cute!
"Hello there, names bendy!!"

Favorite drink:anything, as long as he can put his ink from his bottle like creamer

Meal: bendy likes anything (except licorice)

Picture: this is a drawing I made of him, there is a picture of him from the game as well, I'll post that pic later

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Can't Run No More


"Why don't ya run along now, ya pack of poorly packaged horseshit?!"



Featured Dancer/Patron

  • Withdraw a set of arms
  • Having a venomous bite
  • Sense when a storm is coming
  • Jump really high

  • Tommy Gun​
  • Probably some knives​

Angel is very sarcastic and sassy and has no problem with being reckless at the expense of others. He's known to be a bit of a prankster, switching between playful and easily destructive as he pleases. His humor tends to be crude or crass, and he makes a lot of dirty jokes. Angel's attitude can be considered blunt yet with a sense of style, always carrying a flirtatious and confident persona everywhere he goes. He also shown to be bit of a narcissistic since Angel believe most of the demons in Hell are ugly freaks and saying how his body is flawless.

However, that persona can be knocked when Angel is either dealing with his boss or when his looks are insulted. He avoids holding emotional relationships with others and tends to be a loose cannon with most of the other cast.

Deep down Angel actually does have a caring side for the people he cares about. During the turf war, he quickly pushed Cherri out of the way when an egg boi was about to shoot them both with a gun. Then he noticed his teasing about the hotel’s lack of people was upsetting Charlie, he stop laughing and tried to comfort her but decide to leave her alone.

Favorite drink/meal
Booze with a side of drugs, please!​


Terry Hintz performs the hottest dance!
TekTek (2).png

Name: Tektite


Role: Patron

Powers: Can hide their head inside their body, usually to stay warm or as a defensive maneuver. It can also detach and shoot its head far away. This disembodied head with grow into a new "Tektite," and the OG Tektite will regrow its head after a short time. Their tentacles allow them to stick on some surfaces. Finally, the star on its belly shines and has the ability to reflect some light.

Equipment: No weapons, but it has a tendency to hide random objects like toys and rocks in its body.

Personality: Tektite is extremely nervous by nature, and does not understand any spoken language. It can, however, understand most body language and is somewhat intelligent. It either stays by itself or with someone else that it may be comfortable with.

Favorite Drink/Meal: Gummy worms and gummy bears.

meh (2).png

Name: Dr. Sbaitso


Role: Patron

Powers: When stressed or agitated, Dr. Sbaitso can go Manic, which basically means he becomes much more aggressive, violent, and unpredictable. His Manic form makes him more intelligent than before, allowing him to temporarily understand even the most complex equations and codes. However, he also becomes hard to control and reason, nor is he sympathetic. Dr. Sbaitso only remembers vague details after a Manic event, which may or may not cause him to black out.

Equipment: Laser pistol, as well as some equipment for building and art.

Personality: Normally shy and understanding, Dr. Pavel Sbaitso was a therapist at one point in his life. He is sympathetic and always tries has a reason for why people behave the way they do. Though seemingly calm-minded, a past event in his life gave him his Manic personality, which is kinda a split personality that tries to deliver justice in the oftentimes worst ways possible.

Favorite Meal/Drink: Wine.

BG (2).png

Name: Prince Beguile


Role: Bouncer

Powers: Has super strength and can jump very high. Other than that, not much.

Equipment: Many, many weapons. He often tries to hide seemingly impossible things like swords on his body, although usually to no avail. His favorite are maces.

Personality: Prince Beguile is a small, 3-foot tall alien who was the ruthless child ruler of his race, but once he was dethroned, he had to work here to get some cash. He is rude and childish, and he constantly lies. He often uses his charm and puppy eyes to get what he what. He is prone to violence. Though he toned down most of these behaviors, specifically the violence part, he still has a hard time resisting his urges, and as a result, annoys the other bouncers.

Favorite Meal/Drink: Apple Juice and Mac n' cheese.
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𝔧𝔞𝔠𝔨𝔞𝔩 𝔬𝔣 𝔞𝔩𝔩 𝔱𝔯𝔞𝔡𝔢𝔰
Name: Syn Maorabotic

Fandom (specify fandom if OC): The Fandom of My Imagination (in short... OC. there's not a single place i got this thing from.)

Role: Patron


Glitch - Syn has the ability to glitch into things, making his body and his head be able to move through objects. He is not transparent, it just looks like he's glitching.

Virus - He can make inanimate objects glitch. (if they're electronic, he can make them do certain things.) If someone would pick it up, there's a chance that it would just... glitch through their hand. He can't do objects larger than a refrigerator or an ATM machine, and can un-glitch objects.

Dispel - Syn can create sounds, pixelated objects, or things like that emerging from his TV screen on his head. They have to fit through the screen, though.

Absorb - He can absorb things like food, drinks, and the like for his nutrition, or re-absorb the pixelated objects. For food and drinks, he can taste how they normally taste, like a normal person would.

Equipment: Sadly, the only thing that Syn has is his TV head, and what clothing he has. A shame.

Personality: Syn Maorabotic is one of the... more interesting people, to say in the lightest way possible. He can get easily confused in words, makes odd hand gestures while talking, and fidgets noticeably when he's speaking or being spoken to. He has some panic attacks here and there, when under extreme stress, and genuinely tries to talk with people, even if they turn him away. If he doesn't talk to anyone, he plays around with his powers, making objects, glitching the objects around him, and screws around with them.

Favorite drink/meal:


Meal: Beef burrito.



New Member
Name: Niemand Jemand, Nobody, or just "Nie" to his friends.

Fandom: OC from Undertale

Role: Bartender/Part-time Bouncer


Mental Fortitude -- Due to Niemand's unique existence, he is capable of resisting even the most powerful of mind altering effects, whether it be magical or otherwise. Unfortunately for him, this includes getting drunk, which has so far been impossible for Nie.

Empathy -- While unable to directly affect the mind, Niemand is capable of getting a read on ones emotional state, reading a person's feelings as if they were wearing them on their shoulders. This has been extremely useful as a bartender, but is a highly...uncontrolled ability, as the only perfect filtration method Nie has is to meditate for a certain amount of time. Thus, any nearby feelings can and will naturally wash over Niemand, usually with nothing between him and whatever might be felt.

Summon/Conjuration -- Like most of the Undergrounds wayward denizens, Nie is capable of using magic. However, unlike most Nie is able to significantly alter the form his powers take, capable of forming different objects with his inner 'Soul'. These objects last as long as he wills them to, or until someone breaks them, the durability dependent on the object he forms, and how much effort he puts in. He usually uses this to create rather durable glasses to pour drinks into for customers.

Telekinesis -- Nie is capable of lifting objects using magic. Simple as that, really.

Appearance: Tall, lanky, externally young yet internally aged. These are all words one would apply to Niemand upon meeting him for the first time, and many times after. Dressed in a prestine black three piece suit, Nie gives off an air of calm authority, like a father watching his children play.

Cut to about ear length, his hair is a salt and pepper that seems to shift whenever he turns, giving off the sense of being alive. Under that lies a pale face, not a single blemish present anywhere across it's prestine surface. A pair of magenta eyes gaze out from there, letting off a soft glow that, if one stares for long enough, seems to let off a slight spectral mist.

It is worth noting that whenever he gets frustrated or angry, these effects are amplified. His salt and pepper hair begins to imitate TV static, and the soft glow in his eyes intensifies. The greater these effects, the greater his emotional instability.

Equipment: Since he can create basic things from nothing, there isn't much Niemand carries with him. Besides a rather well made suit that he wears while on the job, the only thing he keeps around is a small notebook he'll idly doodle in from time to time.

Personality: Niemand is an...interesting fellow, a being with god-like powers seemingly content to serve drinks to random strangers and friends alike. Rather easy going, Nie takes his time with people, almost never losing his smile or his temper. However, even he has his limits, as several bar patrons have learned in the past when getting a bit too drunk.

Favorite drink/meal: A weird concoction of beverages only he knows how to make, combined with a strange taste for green eggs and ham. And anything sweet.
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Drinker of coffees
Name: Daxtrien "Dax" Hartnet


Fandom (specify fandom if OC): Pokemon OC

Role: Patron

  • Life creation - Able to make new life out of nothin
  • Matter creation - Able to make new non-living and non-organic matter out of nothing
  • Energy Beams - Can shoot beams of destructive energy from her fingertips
  • Telekinesis - Can move objects with her mind
  • Force fields - Can summon an energy force field that stops all kinds of projectiles

Equipment: A half-formed set of Plates, one for each Pokemon type, absorbed into her body.

  • Kind
  • Caring
  • Protective
  • Supportive
  • Friendly
  • Often overbearing

Favorite drink/meal: Anything sweet and fruity.


Making Shaxx Proud

Name: Kaliber Kushing

Fandom: Mountain Dew and Doritos (OC Universe)

Role: Guy who invents shit I guess

  • Super Strength: Enough to lift up and throw an entire 100,000+ ton aircraft carrier at a motherfucker. Can also compress coal into pure diamonds, and can punch through nokium (the strongest material in the multiverse, even tougher than vibranium).
  • Patriotic Summon: Summons the spirits of long-dead Amurican heroes such as George Washington, General Patton, and Uncle Sam, the Amurican God of War himself
  • Final Stand: Taking enough damage will cause him to fall to the ground and bleed out after a short amount of time. He can still use his Deagle and can revive himself after getting a kill. Friendlies can also revive him.
  • Pocket Dimension: A literal dimension in his back pocket. Can store stuff.
  • Gamer Abilities: As a top Gamer, Kaliber also has access to Gamer abilities, such as Fast Travel, vehicle spawning, and wallrunning, along other things such as regenerating health.
  • Genius Engineer: Built black hole cannons and interdimensional portal generators because he could.

  • ACR: A ridiculously overpowered assault rifle with a high fire rate and massive damage and low recoil.
  • Desert Eagle: Handgun that fires .50 AE rounds.
  • Power Glove of Nintendo: An ancient artefact that functions as a weapon. Using this weapon, Kaliber can punch through walls and lift huge rocks. He can also shoot lasers and telekinetically lift objects with it. Stole it from an ancient temple in Japan while searching for rare parts for his car.
  • Frag: An explosive fragmentation grenade.
  • Wrench: His trusty wrench, used for repairing and constructing things. Can beat people with it.

Personality: Essentially the least intelligent but friendliest of the Meme Team, Kaliber is rather unskilled in combat but more than makes up for his lack of intelligence and skill with pure, brute strength. Radiating freedom and burning with patriotism, he embodies the very spirit of Amurica. With unflinching loyalty of his team and home, he will fight to the very end. Despite being quite ignorant of the world in general (thinking chocolate milk comes from brown cows and that HTML is a disease, among other things), he is a genius mechanic and engineer. Give him a toolbox, scrap metal, other random pieces of junk, and a he'll turn it into a working miniature cold fusion nuclear reactor... somehow. Also a gun expert, knowing basically every single gun in the world, even obscure ones most people most people have never heard of.

Favorite drink/meal: Anything from the good old US of A. But really likes barbecue.


The senpai who noticed

Name: Juri Arisugawa

Fandom (specify fandom if OC): Revolutionary Girl Utena (she's a canon, but figured putting the fandom would help since it is ancient like me)

Role: Hostess (Walks around to make sure that everyone is doing well)

Powers: Simply an olympic fencer

Equipment: Simply her locket that she has worn since being in Ohtori Academy.

Personality (You don't need a novel, just some sentences or traits): Juri is a difficult woman to get to know. She is distant and aloof to those that have not earned her respect. She has a secret love that she pines for, but her heart was broken when the young girl found out about it. They tried to patch up their friendship, but their demons just keep getting in the way of anything truly happening between them. And still Juri loves Shiori. Or she loves the person that she has always viewed Shiori as, the sweet and playful friend, not the vindictive, spiteful, jealous girl that she became through their miscommunication.

Favorite drink/meal: red wine


Art by Nona, here on RpNation
His gaping mouth accompanied by two tongues only shows itself when he feels it necessary. Any other time, his face is quite plain and ashen black, so who knows where that annoying voice of his comes from?
Name: Malice

Fandom?: Original character, original universe.

Role: Just here to have fun, maybe get into some mischief.

Powers: Able to summon magical chains from thin air, oftentimes glowing with heat to be used as weapons, but not always. He also has some mental manipulation abilities, but he doesn't make use of them often. He certainly won't here.

Equipment: Only his magics, his wit, and his looks.

Personality: He's not a kind one, being a demon from the very deepest layer of Hell. He's manipulative, cunning, sadistic, masochistic... the list goes on. He knows when to have a good time, though, so he's willing to stow his scheming, risky behaviours for the moment. He may be a bad dude, but he ain't dumb: he won't break the rules if he can't get away with it.

Favorite drink/meal: Being a demon gives you incredible alcohol tolerance, so absinthe is his best buddy.

Vagabond Spectre

College slave/RPN's spooky marshmallow






Fandom (specify fandom if OC):



Handkerchief- Has her name sewn in it in cursive
Red Rose- A synthetic rose that looks very real. A special item that cannot be separated from her for it is also her life force item. Each petal plucked away wilts Ib too.

A bright minded, well-reserved and innocent young girl. Although, given her timid appearance and gentle behavior, she is the last one you'd expect to kill a fly. Despite being a young girl, she quite puzzle smart for her age. Other than that she shows sympathy for others without a second doubt.

Favorite drink/meal:

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