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Darild Linken
Status: eating what might be the biggest portions of food that he has ever seen
Condition: normal
What did he just got himself into? Admittedly Darild has no idea how big a "three person" curry rice dish would be, maybe two large salad bowls worth it something comparable. But after witnessing the massive main dish with all of its seafood, vegetables, and curry. He can't even imagine how three people could even get through this amount of food. He wouldn't be surprised if this commercial dish turns out to be something comparable to one of those ridiculous food challenges on tv.
"I already had the wondrous two-person jumbo omelette rice with my handyman the other day... it was a dish worth having... the inappropriate thought, the temptation of petting a dish that would repeatedly bounce, it may be improper table manners, but that's a feeling that many will feel when having such a dish. But just as I showed him the light of such beauty on that day, I intended to shine some light on myself with this dish on this day... I thank the chefs for this wondrous meal..."
"I...can definitely say that this dish is magnificent...in a way." Darild said. He takes a look at Tenshi, giving her a look of regret over the situation. He turns back to the mystery girl in question "So I'm guessing you're sort of a food enthusiast, Ms..." He realizes that he didn't catch her name. "Sorry, but what's your name?" he processed to grab a spoon full of rice before chowing down.

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Raptor Shapeshifter
"I do apologise for the unforeseen circumstances, Red. The future truly is unpredictable..."

Mirei's voice sounded before Red went to greet the passerby.

The passerby pointed to the station that Red so desired.


Lana would find herself lost in a good view of white skies and a wall made from the webpage before a wormhole opened, Ami's arm dragging her into somewhere else - a place surrounded by darkness, lit by screens and the wireframes of an otherwise transparent floor. There were no visible walls, but it seemed that anything that seemed to be a risky cliff would be blocked by an invisible barrier.

"Found our problem in the server. My friends are dealing with it!"

Ami's friends assembled as they took on three of the same dog-like creature.

"You won fair and square. That was quite a fight, I'm impressed! We'll accept your terms and leave now, but you're gonna need to convince more than just us if you're gonna achieve your goals."

The three walked away.

"From what I uncovered, these Gaomon are the ones causing our problem. They're quite obsessed with this site, and there are a lot of them, so we're gonna need to talk them into leaving."

Ami winks towards Lana as she says 'talk'.

Right beside Lana materialised her Digimon, now in its Champion-level.

If Lana looked around, there would be vast numbers of these Gaomon, most of which viewing holographic screens depicting the site's contents, and others wrestling to mimic said contents.


"Hmmmm~... well, I guess y'all don't actually need a reason to join Zaxon. I'll leave things at that then... I'll see what assignments Yuugo or I can give you over the next few days. We've got a lotta trash to take out, shouldn't be hard to find somethin' to do, or someone to take on..."

"Hey there!" Someone familiar approached our Zaxon recruits, "didn't think you guys would join! You guys just seem a bit... Un-Zaxony... Are you interested in a tour?"

"Aren't you a bit 'Un-Zaxony' yourself, rat?"

"Well, I am strong! That's what Zaxon is too!"

"It's complicated."

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"Whatever jobs you have available would be appreciated, do you have any now?"

Sarah said, looking down at the mouse with something akin to stoic disain. She then composes herself.

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Yang Xiao Long & Yangaling
(Sistermon Sisters Training Centre)

Yang boosted herself into the air with her shotgun gauntlets, leaping over the icy wall, then started descending towards Noir. As she landed, she boosted herself sliding towards her, then gave her an uppercut, possibly knocking her into the air, before giving her a series of shotgun shell-assisted rapid punches. As she did so, she commanded Yangalang, telling him,

"Yangalang, tear down this wall!"

"You got it!"

Yangalang raised his head in preparation, building up the energy within him, then released it in the form of a fiery ball of flames, through his mouth, into the icy wall.

"Nova Flame!"

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1573141378344.png "A tour would be appreciated." Nik says as Umbrella rests on Mortis. "I'm curious about the mission of this group, that's something rather important." He says as he looks at Parasoul with a smile.
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Ami almost seemed legitimately terrified at the sight as the Gaomon screamed while disappearing underneath the Undead Digimon's cloth-body.

"Uh... I'm not sure if that's what it means to see them out. They're OK down there, right?"

Some of the Gaomon got terrified at the Bakemon's actions and began to leave, while others got aggressive and started to evolve into the Champion-level Gaogamon out of rage!

"You'll regret what you did!"

"Well, this wasn't part of the plan. Good thing my friends are overlevelled."

Now the group was a mix of both Gaogamon and Gaomon. The Gaogamon began to charge forward at Bakemon as well as Ami's trio of Digimon!

"Let's give 'em a good fight!" Ami pumps her fist up.


"Makes me wonder what kind of person I'd be if I were born later. I suppose everyone has that thought at some point in their lives.

And careful with the copyright police. Saying licensed names could get Bandai Namco sued.

Oh, no, that's the name of the Product I intend to acquire. It's an import from Southeast Asia. The seller should be standing beside the drug store."


"Us at Zaxon are bringers of justice in Kowloon! That's our neverending mission in this ever-unruly place!" Tuffy exclaims. "Most of our jobs involve bringing enemy Hacker groups to justice! But we also have one more mission... it's a very special one... every Hacker wants to reach for it."

Tuffy then gives - or tries to give - a tour.

"That over there is the stage, where Yuugo stands on to give announcements! The second floor is just in case there's a big gathering and not everyone can fit on the first floor...

... teeheehee...

... Huh, I never realised how empty the place is if all the people here weren't here. All Zaxon really needs laid out is a headquarters and a head honcho. Everything else neccessary fits in your pocket."

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Nothing quite like the smell of alcohol swabs and sickness. Mostly sickness. And medicine.

Sherlock had arrived at his destination, where he would be able to take a lift up to the special wards, which, all things considered, was likely guarded with only select people allowed to enter at any given time.

The guards at were shivering at something, and it was evident that the door was just complete with the process of slowly but completely closing.

"Wow, that was intense..."

"... I almost thought my soul got sucked away..."

"... Ah! Oh, just a visitor. Can I see your identification?"


The rumoured pathway to it was riddled with knights. Torii-chan might be able to identify them as a type of Ultimate-level Digimon, and considering that there were armadas of them...

A good fraction of these knights surveyed the skies on armoured winged beasts, while a lot of them patrolled the solid grounds.

They weren't even at the place yet, and security was ridiculously tight.


"Mmmmgghhh..." the lady was eating rather rapidly, before she swallowed her food. "I'm Ka- just Yuuko will do."

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Awaiting Yangalang's Nova Flare as the frosty barrier melted was Sistermon Blanc's next counterattack.

"Divine Pierce~"

A giant ray of light was blasted at the Greymon. However, due to Lady's lightscreen halving its power, enduring it was within possibility.

"Just because I'm a gun specialist, doesn't mean I don't know these!"

Sistermon Noir continues with a kick to the side of Yang's stomach, before releasing another attack with her guns.

"Mickey bullet!"

These bullets were angled in a way that they would hit Yang's head with impact before ricocheting off.

"I want to support Agumon and Gabumon, the same way everyone's supporting their Digimon, but..."

"You've been standing on the sidelines, behind your Digimon for far too long, Nokia! Us Digimon are lifeforms that absorb information to reach the next stage - information like emotions that come in all forms - emotions like love!"

"L- love? I don't know anything about it... like... this?"

Nokia blows a kiss towards her Agumon and Gabumon.

"I don't know what this is... but I feel all fuzzy..."
"... and tingly!"

The two would go through a process that others might find familiar - the withering of skin, the altering of the wireframes underneath...

... that could only mean one thing.

"Agumon digivolve to...


"Gabumon digivolve to...


Just like that, from younglings, new titans rose.

"Agumon? Gabumon? You've..."

"... digivolved."

"That means we're on an equal playing field with all these guys now!"

The newly-appeared Greymon and Garurumon eye Spitfire and Gavin in particular, their respective attacks being shot towards their similiarly-shaped yet differently-coloured counterparts!

"Nova Flare!"
"Fox Fire!"

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Your EDEN account has been locked for X days.

It was exactly as Matayoshi said - Bob would be unable to log in to EDEN, 'just to be safe'. Were they protected others from Bob, or Bob from others? No one knows.

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Lana watched in horror as Bakemon successfully pulled in a few of the Digimon into itself. She shook her head to snap herself out of it before attempting to command Bakemon.
"Alright! Now do whatever that was again on the bigger ones!"
Bakemon turned around and gave Lana the kind of look that says "you're next". Lana was rightfully disturbed and just backed away while laughing nervously.
"Ehehehe... O-Or don't that's fine!"
Bakemon rolled its eyes as it focused back onto the Gaogamon. The rotting hand emerged once again as it darted toward's them. If the grab was successful it would do the same as before, but if it was unsuccessful it would attempt to be a sort of distraction giving Ami's Digimon time to dish out some damage.



Well, that was one question answered. With Fluffington’s buffing up of their digimon, they were easily able to counteract their opponents. If that was the case, then she could help out too. With their small team, there wasn’t a lot of versatility, but knowing who not to target was as useful as knowing who to target. This time, it would at least be easier on her than when she tried to scan everyone at once.

She didn’t want to be caught unawares; even in a friendly battle like this, things could turn ugly quickly if you didn’t pay attention. Her place had always been in the back lines, even early on and it was just her and Takemi-senpai. Hotaru stayed back behind the others, still keeping an eye on the battle, making sure that Shouko was alright. Once she was sure that it was relatively safe, she took a deep breath. The image of The Priestess Card appeared behind her before it shattered and formed into Erinyes. All the eyes of all the snakes that entwined the Persona’s body turned to the combatants and blazed with light, feeding her the information that she needed. She asked of them three things:

1. The Resistances of her opponents,

2. The Weaknesses of her opponents, and

3. The unknown skills of her opponents

in that order of importance.

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Fluffington the Mighty grins, joy filing her little body. How long has it been since she could do this? Active Live Training, like those from her time in The Gym? A flash of light draws her attention, as Nokia's Digimon evolve to palette swapped versions of her own friends, and Launch their attacks at their doubles. Fluffington Dashes forward. "You two get on the Dog! I got this one!"
Fluffington the Mighty leaps head first into the Nova Flare, an adorable battle cry coming from her lips as a glowing blue barrier shimmers in front of her to soak the attack.
Fluffington the Mighty Used Protect!

Gavin and Spitfire would nod in acknowledgement, then charge the Garurumon, Spitfire crying out "Mega Flame" as he launches an attack into the oncoming Fox Fire, and BlackGarurumon moving in to engage in Melee combat, intent on holding his copy at bay until Spitfire could come in to Double team him.

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These Gaogamon, now on the same level and in packs to boot, were now able to counter Bakemon, grabbing the spooky arm by their fangs to fling the wielder a good distance, where the spirit-shaped Digimon would smack upon an invisible wall. During this, however, Ami took this chance to attack!

"Golden Triangle!"
"Flower Cannon!"
"Wheel Grinder!"

The troop of Gaogamon and Gaomon would be bashed around by Ami's Ultimate-level Digimon rather easily.

A very small fragment of Bakemon's sheet would begin to transform into wireframes, though, this would spread.


Hotaru would uncover some information on the Digimon. (As for their combat companions, well...)

Vaccine-type (Weak to Data-type)
Fire Attribute (Weak to Water- attribute)
W̷̡̨̳̳̱̤͎͕͈͂̈̽̀͐ͅͅȏ̸̪͚͉̬͉̬̦͖̘͕͔̘̠̲̀̌̓̀̊̚͝͝ͅļ̸͖͙͖͖̽̅̉̎͗͆̇̕k̴̰̬̯͍͓̠͔͓͓̩͍̰̹̺̦̐͆͒́̾͌́̈́̾͠e̶͕͆́͝ņ̵̲͇͈̯̣̰̖̯̲̰̪̗̤̈̃͌̈̌́̍̈́̂̈͑͗̑͝ą̷̨̺̙͛́̈́p̶̨̢̛͇͓̞͇̔́̋̆͌͊̈́̈̎̌̔ͅą̷͔͇̣͋̉́̎́̌̕l̵̢̡̛͕̤̅̀̋̃͑̅̿̃̈́̾̌͝͝ͅm̶͕̮̲͚͕̼̻̈͝ ̵̧̫͉͙̬̟͓̘̻̭̀̀̈͐̀͗̃ḟ̷̢̨̢͓̹̮̜̦͙̤̮̟̖̖́͜h̶̢̛̪̲͓͕̰͙̔͒̈́̂̔̐͝h̸̨̨̬̘̬͈̪̒̓͐̀̏͌̑̑͛͌̀̄̕͝d̴̡̧̛̛͉̺̖̮̘͛̇̃́̃̇͐̃̾͗̚͝͝͝s̵͚̏͗̃͛̈́̑͌̏͋͑̽́͆̂g̴̛̙͚͇̦̝͙͔͖̱̔̈́̔͂͐̑̑͆͌͊̐̉̾̾̑̂ͅͅf̷̡̹̙͓͇͖̭̲̆̄͋͛͛̈́̈͐͛̈́̽̿̂͐̆͝ͅs̶̘̞͈̥͕̈́̊͛͌̉̒̚̚s̵̭̈́̂̊͛͛̏͒͛̌̑̉͊͊̄͝g̴̨̧̪̤͓̮̯͇̖͙͑̅͑̓̆̊͛̅͘ÿ̶̢̛͖̪͇́̊̃̾̐͗̒̃͛̎̚͝ḑ̵͔͕̤̠̖̣̮̂̑̽̈́̈́͂̿̎̈́̾͂̕͝ḑ̴̛̠̼̰̯͆̈̈́͜g̵̨̬̺͍̳̣̳̥̀̈́̿̇̄͒̍͆̀̕ḩ̵̧̛̫̜͎̭̫͖̞̥̈́̓͂̀̃̄͌́͘ͅḩ̵͍̻̯̭͎̹̪̺͇̳̤̜͚̲́̋̍̅̂̓̍̐͝d̶̢̛̛̲͙̤̝͎̫͖͉̳̩͖̬͉̳̓̾̂̂̃̓̀͑͑͗̒͜͜͠͝͠

Vaccine-type (Weak to Data-type)
Fire Attribute (Weak to Water- attribute)
W̷̡̨̳̳̱̤͎͕͈͂̈̽̀͐ͅͅȏ̸̪͚͉̬͉̬̦͖̘͕͔̘̠̲̀̌̓̀̊̚͝͝ͅļ̸͖͙͖͖̽̅̉̎͗͆̇̕k̴̰̬̯͍͓̠͔͓͓̩͍̰̹̺̦̐͆͒́̾͌́̈́̾͠e̶͕͆́͝ņ̵̲͇͈̯̣̰̖̯̲̰̪̗̤̈̃͌̈̌́̍̈́̂̈͑͗̑͝ą̷̨̺̙͛́̈́p̶̨̢̛͇͓̞͇̔́̋̆͌͊̈́̈̎̌̔ͅą̷͔͇̣͋̉́̎́̌̕l̵̢̡̛͕̤̅̀̋̃͑̅̿̃̈́̾̌͝͝ͅm̶͕̮̲͚͕̼̻̈͝ ̵̧̫͉͙̬̟͓̘̻̭̀̀̈͐̀͗̃ḟ̷̢̨̢͓̹̮̜̦͙̤̮̟̖̖́͜h̶̢̛̪̲͓͕̰͙̔͒̈́̂̔̐͝h̸̨̨̬̘̬͈̪̒̓͐̀̏͌̑̑͛͌̀̄̕͝d̴̡̧̛̛͉̺̖̮̘͛̇̃́̃̇͐̃̾͗̚͝͝͝s̵͚̏͗̃͛̈́̑͌̏͋͑̽́͆̂g̴̛̙͚͇̦̝͙͔͖̱̔̈́̔͂͐̑̑͆͌͊̐̉̾̾̑̂ͅͅf̷̡̹̙͓͇͖̭̲̆̄͋͛͛̈́̈͐͛̈́̽̿̂͐̆͝ͅs̶̘̞͈̥͕̈́̊͛͌̉̒̚̚s̵̭̈́̂̊͛͛̏͒͛̌̑̉͊͊̄͝g̴̨̧̪̤͓̮̯͇̖͙͑̅͑̓̆̊͛̅͘ÿ̶̢̛͖̪͇́̊̃̾̐͗̒̃͛̎̚͝ḑ̵͔͕̤̠̖̣̮̂̑̽̈́̈́͂̿̎̈́̾͂̕͝ḑ̴̛̠̼̰̯͆̈̈́͜g̵̨̬̺͍̳̣̳̥̀̈́̿̇̄͒̍͆̀̕ḩ̵̧̛̫̜͎̭̫͖̞̥̈́̓͂̀̃̄͌́͘ͅḩ̵͍̻̯̭͎̹̪̺͇̳̤̜͚̲́̋̍̅̂̓̍̐͝d̶̢̛̛̲͙̤̝͎̫͖͉̳̩͖̬͉̳̓̾̂̂̃̓̀͑͑͗̒͜͜͠͝͠

Vaccine-type (Weak to Data-type)
Fire Attribute (Weak to Water- attribute
G̷̙͇̙̣̀̍̍̆̈́̈͋̄̄͗̆̃̀͋̎̕͜r̷̯͎̹͚̞̭̞̠̹̆̑̐̋̉̏́̾̊̿́̄͝͝a̸̡̧̧̧̪̩͎̭͊̀̆̌͘͜ͅn̸̨̢̢̧̡̟̹̜̤̠̥͇̝͈̒̋̌͑̿͘͘͜ͅd̶̡͉̗̩̫̭̗͉͌̽̀ ̸̟̭͖̀̔̋̌͌R̶̡̛̥̹̪̖̣̟͚̥̳͔̈́͒͆̓͊̐̓̀́͝ͅo̵̟͉͖̿́̈̇̿̀͋̊̐̾̕̚c̷̥͍̟̱̽̾̅̎̓̇́̚k̴͓̰̟͗͂̌͌́̇̈͌̿͆̒́̂̌͋͝ ̴̗͓͈͇͙̱͕̦͎̼͈͉̳͂̏̓̽́̒̐̂̂̽̒d̴̡̳̭̣̝̺͕̮͍̄̇̈̊̾̆́̚͝g̷̡͕͓̩̹̘̮̩̬̝̊̐̇̎̃̾̄g̵̨̨͖̦̭̮̮̥͙͔̑́͛̿̓̏̍ͅf̸̲̪̣̻̽̇f̴̙̄͠ǰ̶̩̙͋̇͊̌̏͒̿͑̈́̕͘c̷͓̫̙̮̑́̈́̈́͋s̵̡̠̱̹̑̽̈̾̋͒̿͗͗͑̾̀̑̅̒͒̕e̴̡͕̖͇̩̤͇͖̮̟͕̳̻̎͌ṷ̸̢̤̰̯̥̣̘̼͍̩̪̠͒̔͌̂͋͗̆̋͘ͅg̴͇̼͔̩̞͍̪̭͎̪̍͠d̴̢̡̛̞̥͚̠̣̮̬̘͎͍̰̤̜̲͍r̴̡̩̺͇̤̱͑̓ͅj̴̻̗̩̿̈b̵̬͎̬̖͓̬̫͍̱̼̻̝̫̪͕͈̊̉̄͛̊̀͐̉̅̒̒̏͆̚̚̚͝x̷͖̓̾̊̎̕̕͝f̸̱̈́͐̈́͂̉̔̾̽́̃j̸̥̖̟̞͔̼̞̤͖̫̙̄͛̎̓̔̏͑̓̐́͋̔͝͝f̴̡͆̈́̀̒͌̂̓̆́̐͘͠d̵̢̜̹̜̹͇̭̫͚̙̱͎͕͎̹͍̉̽̊͊u̷̧̩̪͎̪̗͈̙̳̮̳̬̻̬̾̆͋͜ͅç̸̺̘̭̠͇̆̇́̅̈͒̕c̸̨̦͈̫̯͔̱͖͎͈̱̯̜̼̭̓͌̋̓̀̕͘̚


Something was causing Hotaru's abilities to malfunction, and it was coming from Lady's Numemon!

Meanwhile, Garurumon's paws smacked upon Gavin's as they were locked in an even match, where any difference between power can only be considered slight. After seeing his Nova Flare get soaked up by the protect, Greymon decides to think of another strategy. Seeing that Garurumon was about to be double-teamed, he decides to rush forward to even the odds!

@Veradana @marc122 @Jeremiah @DerpyCarp @Crow

Lana winced at the sight of Bakemon getting thrown around by the Gaogamon.

“Ouch... that’s gotta hurt...”
Bakemon would just simply begin to float once again after smacking into the invisible wall. At glared at Lana with a look that said “that was entirely your fault”. Lana just rolled her eyes in response. Bakemon didn’t notice the sheet changing. Lana noticed this and began to speak up.
“Uh... Ami? Is Bakemon supposed to be doing that...?”



Yang Xiao Long & Yangaling
(Sistermon Sisters Training Centre)


Yangalang recoiled from the hit, stumbling across the training centre as Yang was similarly knocked, stepping back and feeling her head. She clenched her fists again, smiling, then as she looked around, she saw Hotaru attempting to analyze her and her team. It didn't matter if she knew she was onto something discreet; all it mattered was, she was her new target. Granted, it was her friend whom she was fighting; that said, it would be unfair if she were to give her special treatment, so might as well. The Huntress-in-Fighting turned her body towards her, then shot a few rocket flares at her, hoping to trip her up, before running towards her and giving her punch-after-punch, still augmented by the shotgun blasts for each punch. As she did so, she commanded Yangalang,

"You alright? Well, if so, take care of Fluffington!"

As Yang eventually finished her barrage with a high kick towards Hotaru's face, Yangalang the Greymon turned to Fluffington and stomped towards her, before unleashing another bout of Nova Flare unto the Eevee.

"Nova Flare! Again!"

@Crow (GM, Sistermon Noir, Sistermon Blanc, Nokia 3310)
Interactions: @Veradana (Hotaru), @Jeremiah (The Pale Lady/Swan), @DerpyCarp (Fluffington)
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The static jumble filled her mind, as it overlapped the vital data that Erinyes sent. She pressed her palm to her temple for a second, trying to relay what she could through her Persona to Shouko. Fluffington seemed to be doing whatever without much thought to the logistics. When Shouko received the data, her ears turned upwards, and she stopped bouncing around for a moment, taking the chance to get her bearings. Lian, the numemon, was still a mystery, but Hotaru could filter the static enough to tell that Shouko was the perfect fighter to take on both Garurumon and the Greymon pair. It would be tough for her to take them on alone, but focus fire was a basic tactic, as much as Fluffington claimed that she could handle one of the Greymon on her own. Shouko leapt up behind her, brandishing a large ball of water before throwing it at the Greymon’s face.

As that was happening, Erinyes suddenly blared out a warning. Yang had begun her assault. The flares alone would have been enough to send her scrambling. It was all she could do to get out of the way of them. At the same time, her Persona shot out chunks of ice in an attempt to intercept the bullets. All that, and it was only the beginning. Yang took immediate advantage. It was all Hotaru could do just to block the amount of punches. She stumbled back. Finally, the barrage ended. Hotaru was already breathing hard. She had only a slim opening. She could see Yang preparing another strike. In the same instant that Yang’s leg moved, Hotaru called her Persona again. She formed a narrow pillar of ice in between herself and the attack, and tried to dodge away, stumbling on her own feet.

Yang wouldn’t allow her much time to recover. Hotaru clutched her ribs. Just buying herself some time would be good at this point. With a flick of her wrist, the summoned Erinyes created a wall of jagged ice between the two fighters. No doubt that it wouldn’t slow her down for long, Hotaru needed a better plan. She at least had a vague idea of where Yang was. For the moment, she sent down multiple stalactites of ice, focused on and around Yang’s position. If Yang moved around, Hotaru would just aim them where Yang was heading. In anticipation of the next attacks, she prepared herself to shoot up more ice pillars in Yang’s path towards her. A trap of some sort would be a good idea too, if Hotaru could lure the experienced fighter in.

@Crow @marc122 @DerpyCarp @Jeremiah


Top-tier Avian Master
"Well, that usually happens when-"

It began to spread until it covered Bakemon's entire body. Simultaneously, these dogs began to pounce and dogpile over Bakemon, layer after layer!

"- wait for it..."

Bakemon would evolve from its Champion-level to its Ultimate-level!


Nokia's Greymon and Garurumon backed away after being struck by Shouko's attack, allowing their black counterparts to gain the advantage over the tug of war!

"Greymon! Garurumon!"

"We can still stand!"
"We can still fight!"

@Crow @marc122 @DerpyCarp @Jeremiah @Veradana
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Lana began to worry about Bakemon. Sure, it hated her guts, but that didn’t stop Lana from worrying. As Bakemon was piled onto by the other Digimon, Lana began to walk closer wanting to help it. Suddenly, Lana saw as Bakemon began to change forms once again.
It seemed almost lifeless at first. It sat there like a doll. Lana was worried something happened to it. The Digimon’s new form began to smile. The smile was ominous and felt cold.

“Trick or Treat!”
As Pumpmon yelled this, a large pumpkin began to form over the dog pile. Soon the giant pumpkin fell straight down attempting to crush every last one of them.



Top-tier Avian Master
The Gaogamon and Gaomon looked up in shock as a giant pumpkin smacked upon them, causing them to be smacked with great impact until they were knocked out, while the lucky ones were tossed in all directions a compass could point to. They seemed to be legitimately terrified at the chaos that could potentially (or already) ensue.

"I think we better run!"

Ami raises a hand, preventing her Digimon from acting as she allowed the Gaogamon and Gaomon to escape. With each one of them who left, it seemed that the server was getting back up on its legs, no longer prone to the lag and crash caused by the Gaomon overloading it, as evidenced by the darkness of the void lighting up and revealing what appeared to by a navy blue backdrop littered with geometric shapes.

"Well, the end result stayed the same, so uh... case closed... I guess..." Ami scratched her head at the chaos, before wiping her face off any pumpkin juice that may have strayed onto her, "We should go now."

One Gaomon runs past them before turning to Ami, Lana and their digital compatriots.

"It's OK if I stay right? Since, you know, you only needed to get rid of most of us."


"That's why we spend most of our time doing jobs or patrolling! Most of us even have lives." Tuffy proclaims, "this place is pretty big, but it's mainly an assembly area...

... maybe you can join me on a patrol! I know you'll be a great help if need be!"

@Crow @EldridSmith @Salis @PolikShadowbliss @Topless



  • Fluffington the Mighty's cheeks bulged, before she is engulfed in a bright light. Fluffington the Mighty used Baton Pass! Fluffington the Mighty appears on the muzzle of Garurumon, who would find any resistance in his tug of war vanish, her cheeks reach critical mass and she "HURABLALFG" spews a putrid purple puke all over the poor Digimons face.
    Fluffington the Mighty used Toxic!
    "I don't feel so good." Fluffington whines, whether this was an act or not, she sure looked miserable doing that.

@Crow @marc122 @Jeremiah @Veradana


We're all friends here, right?

>Connection Established to MetsubouJinrai.Net
--Jin & Torii--

"Woah...Look at all of them." Jin took note of the Digimon that were guarding the place. They appeared to be armored--hell, one of them was a knight. "They look strong!"

"I doubt we can sneak past them, Sir Jin." Torii took note of the Digimon Guards. "They're Ultimate-Levels. Far stronger than I am."

"Seriously? With that yell of yours?" Jin turned to Torii in disbelief, soon taking out the oh so familiar Forceriser. "Oh well!" He shrugged, taking out the Falcon Progrise Key and pressing its activation button.


"Sir Jin, you're seriously not considering--!" Torii tried to talk him out of it but it would seem that Jin's mind wouldn't be changed so easily. Jin placed the Progrise Key onto the Forcerise, soon pulling the yellow trigger to activate the sequence much quicker. This prompted Jin to be simply enveloped with a pink light, with metal armor plates tugging his body apart, soon snapping into place.


"Alright, let's go! Cling!" Jin materialized his metal wings, and from his place, he began to fly above the guardian Digimons.

Lana watched as the pumpkin crashed down causing most of the Digimon to flee in terror. Lana stared at Pumpmon for a bit while Pumpmon stares back angrily. Lana began to sweat a bit being intimidated by her own Digimon.
“N-Nice job hehehehe...”
Lana began to tug on Ami’s sleeve.
“Can we please get out of here like right now!”
Lana wanted to get away from her insane Digimon as soon as possible.



Junior Member
>Connection Established to hantaiheven.net

"What the f*** are you talking about, woman?" Red whispered after he listened to Mirei's old ramblings.
Of course Mirei did not hear this as we do not want Red's chances to decrease further.
"R-- Right. Copyright police."
He should not have said any licensed name, /coughs/ Twitch /coughs/.
"... Well, by Twitch, I mean my eyelids twitching hahah." Red reasoned out. "One of the side effects of surviving N* N*t N*v*mb*r for 8 days straight."
But we all know he was being dishonest about the N.N.N part...
"So the Mao Chung Chang Ching Durian is the name, huh." Red said. "Where's this drug store, anyway? Saying The seller should be standing beside the drug store isn't helping. Which drug store?"

He roams around the location for a while, not for the purpose of searching, but rather recapturing a good feel of the area.
"秋葉原。。。" Red thought.
It is not his favorite place. In fact, major cities in general. But Red missed Akihabara. He remembered begging his cousin to lend him money for some manga. Red remembered walking around at extremely cold nights, and looking at the beautiful lighting the district has to offer. He remembered buying PlaMo's with his little brother. /cough/ Frame Arms Girl /cough/. Reminiscing these joyful moments just makes Red-- Well, not sad. Idk what I'm feeling rn, honestly.
"Can't we just contact this seller? I thought I'm buying it from a store, but okay." Red asked. "So we can call it a day."

@Crow (Mirei)
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Darild Linken
Status: Eating a massive amount of curry rice for who knows how long
Condition: practically full
How long has it been since he gotten started on this gigantic amount off food? An hour? two hours? He doesn't need to be born a human to know when he reached his limit with about a couple dozen spoon fills of rice. It was just too much for him to deal with. As for Yuuko (despite showing some hesitation), as she calls herself...
"Mmmmgghhh..." the lady was eating rather rapidly, before she swallowed her food. "I'm Ka- just Yuuko will do."

@Laix_Lake @BoltBeam
She was scarfing down all that food like it was nothing! This feat should not even be physically posable for but the most supernatural of creatures. He doesn't even know how Tenshi is holding up. Is she even able to eat much at all?
"Yuuko, how exactly are you even able eat this much food?" He said as he picks up one more breaded shrimp. He takes a quick glance at Tenshi to see how she is doing.

@Crow @BoltBeam


Yang Xiao Long & Yangaling
(Sistermon Sisters' Training Centre)

Instead of Hotaru she was aiming for, Yang broke part of the icy picy she left inbetween the two fighters with her foot instead. Then as she was bout to burst throughh the pillar, her Persona blocked her path with frosted walls, forcing her to go around. In the meantime, while Hotaru was trying to think of her plan, she had her Persona rain large icicles upon her, which she had to dodge, rolling across the floor and then leaping forward. Then as the last of the stalactites descended, she didn't try to run from them no more; no, she grabbed two of them. Realizing what she had done, Yang gave a seemingly warm, but ultimately menacing smile towards her training opponent.


So she threw an icicle, deliberately nearly missing Hotaru...


And then threw another right at her...


All in quick succession. Then she rapid-fired three flares towards her in a triangular shape, the first in-between her legs, another to her left, and the third towards her right. Wherever she went, she boosted herself towards her, kneeing her kneecap, grabbing her by the ankles, then throwing her into the wall she had created. Then she boosted herself towards her again, and rapidly shotgun-punched her in the head while she was either still mid-air, stuck to the wall, or on the floor. Finally, once she was done, she proceeded to punch her through the ice wall, this time with two shotgun blasts to accompany her strike instead of the usual one.

Meanwhile, Yangalang, without a command from Yang, struggled to choose whom to fight. This was only the second time this happened to him; the first time, he didn't attack at all, and had to rely on Yang for a clear command. He looked towards one of the Sistermon, then to the other one.


In desperation, he defaulted to an Inherited Move, then charged towards Sistermon Blanc, aiming to tackle her.

"Uhh, Heavy Strike..!"

@Crow (GM, Sistermon Noir, Sistermon Blanc, Nokia)
Interactions: @Veradana (Hotaru), @Jeremiah (The Pale Lady/Swan), @DerpyCarp (Fluffington)


You can't count on anybody
Well, that was one question answered. With Fluffington’s buffing up of their digimon, they were easily able to counteract their opponents. If that was the case, then she could help out too. With their small team, there wasn’t a lot of versatility, but knowing who not to target was as useful as knowing who to target. This time, it would at least be easier on her than when she tried to scan everyone at once.

She didn’t want to be caught unawares; even in a friendly battle like this, things could turn ugly quickly if you didn’t pay attention. Her place had always been in the back lines, even early on and it was just her and Takemi-senpai. Hotaru stayed back behind the others, still keeping an eye on the battle, making sure that Shouko was alright. Once she was sure that it was relatively safe, she took a deep breath. The image of The Priestess Card appeared behind her before it shattered and formed into Erinyes. All the eyes of all the snakes that entwined the Persona’s body turned to the combatants and blazed with light, feeding her the information that she needed. She asked of them three things:

1. The Resistances of her opponents,

2. The Weaknesses of her opponents, and

3. The unknown skills of her opponents

in that order of importance.

@marc122 @Jeremiah @DerpyCarp @Crow
Being a Pokémon, Lady's data would resonate with Hotaru's Persona!




O- type (Weak to .̶̨̎͑.̷̖̖̳͖̥͍͕͕̯̳͛̂͗̀̀͊̕͝.̴̡̡̛͖̼̹̣̐͒ͅͅ)

But scattered among the static was little more than jumbled-up junk data.

Watching her invisible barrier shimmer as her foes' attacks passed through it and struck her allies with halved intensity, the Gardevoir allowed herself a moment to admire her own talent for battle. But as Nokia's Digimon were locked in a test of strength with Fluffington's, Lady cut her self-celebration short and raised her hands to her temples.
"Lian! Let us coordinate our counter-attack!" she commanded, her twin horns beginning to glow bright red while she channeled her psychic energy through her fingertips.

Lady's Numemon is fast asleep!

Grunting upon finding Lian sleeping soundly in the wake of Shouko's Moon Night Bomb, she continued to charge her attack nonetheless. Emptying her mind of all distractions, the Gardevoir shut her eyes on focused solely on Gavin's and Spitfire's likenesses, and the space around her would begin to hum with psychokinetic energy.
"Psychic!" Lady whispered, and opened her eyes as they flashed bright red. Expending all her gathered focus, she unleashed a pronged assault on both Gavin and Spitfire. A massive unseen force would strike Gavin head-on, while Spitfire's ears began to ring with a pounding headache, throwing him off kilter. Spitfire's special defense fell!

@Veradana @DerpyCarp @marc122 @Crow

@Sistermon Training


Top-tier Avian Master
Mid-Chapter Update

"That's pretty disgusting!" Garurumon responds, "and now I feel disgusting!"

Garurumon feels dazed as poison damage builds up, turning purple and bubbling for a while before reverting back, this process repeating once every turn.


Greymon would be tossed back by the pointblank Nova Flare. from his black counterpart.

"Nokia's counting on us!"

As Lady caused the black duo to fling and flinch, their regular-coloured counterparts would begin their counterattack.

For a brief period, Lian's wireframe would be exposed, before being put back on.

During this, Yangalang's head would smack into Sistermon Blanc, knocking her down before she struggled to rise back up.

"Wowowow! I really underestimated you all... Well, looks like we need to kick it up a notch~!"

Sistermon Blanc was beginning to transform into another form. Was it digivolution or something else?

"Wait, wait, not yet, not yet!"

What beheld all was pure, unadultered destruction, not of them, but the entire training centre, reduced to rubble as time went on - beams of sheer light fired around the place, as well as great fissures that came in threes.

It was hard to see amidst all the chaos, but it seemed that Noir managed to stop whatever just happened - a bit too late as evidenced by the the rubble and dust that surrounded them. As it cleared, Noir held an unconscious Blanc over her shoulder.

"Mmm... Mama... Mama..."

"Well, there goes the source of our income. But as thanks for attending, we'll give you all, our good friends, a little token of appreciation."

All characters present at the venue would be immunized against Eater Agent attacks for Chapter 2.

"One's love for their Digimon... this makes me think... I want to form a Tamer group!"

"You mean Hacker, right?"

"No, I mean Tamer! We're a different type of Hacker who cares for and loves Digimon - and knows that they aren't just programs that everyone thinks they are! I'm thinking of calling this group - Rebellion! Because we go against what most people think!"

"That's a pretty neat term, Nokia. I hear Mirei using it quite a lot. If you think that's the next step of your relationship with your friends, then I say go for it! Speaking of going, Blanc and I are going to crash at Mirei's place, so if you need us, we'll be there..."

The Sistermon Sisters walk off.

Nokia looks to the rest of the group.

"Well, what do you all think? You all seem to know more about your relationship with your Digimon than I do, so I'm sure you'll make great additions to the group~"

It seems to be an offer to join the Hacker Group Rebellion, do you accept or decline?

"Well, that was a good fight," Greymon says, turning to the others, "I just know that we'll be pretty great rivals!"

"And it's great that today, we were all on equal footing!"

It was around this time that Spitfire, Gavin, Yangalang and Shouko would spontaneously digivolve to their Ultimate-levels!

"You and your big mouth."


"Greymon, Garurumon! Next time, for sure, we'll catch up with - no - exceed them!" Nokia motivates her partners. "We'll be number one for sure!"

Just then, our lovely cast recieved a message of some kind.

"We found one of your gang on Kowloon Level 2. Meet us at this area...."

@Veradana @DerpyCarp @marc122 @Jeremiah @Crow

The various knights and their steeds would proceed to charge at and knock Jin down to the ground, before lumbering towards him in a menacing fashion. That was when he got the message.

"We found one of your gang on Kowloon Level 2. Meet us at this area...."


And so, Lana would be logged out of her VR device while Ami would whirl out of the screen and back into reality.

"Well, back we are, let's-"

Lana would recieve a message.

"We found one of your gang on Kowloon Level 2. Meet us at this area...."

Ami tapped at her goggle-shaped digivice.

"Oh, it's from Arata."

"He should be the person standing outside with the large boxes beside him," Mirei says, before Red recieves the message.[/COLOR]

"We found one of your gang on Kowloon Level 2. Meet us at this area...."

"... oh, looks like an emergency cropped up on your end. Go on. If they blame you, just call me. You've got an alibi to tell them that you're too busy performing some important chores... it may not be completed, but I appreciate your effort. Thank you, Red."

Any Eater Agent attacks performed by or inflicted upon Red and Growmon during Chapter 2 would fail, due to four pairs of eyes ever looming over him to prevent him from doing unscrupulous things, assuming he was intending to, or was targeted.


"When you encounter food this divine, you just want to focus every muscle in your body into completing it..." Yuuko speaks, "when the- oh, looks like you have a message."

Darild and Tenshi do indeed have a message, sent from someone, telling them to meet somewhere, at a specific place with 'one of their gang'.

@Laix_Lake @BoltBeam

"Well, depends on what we find today! Come on! I've got patrolling duty at Kowloon Level 2 to do!"[/COLOR]

Tuffy leads Umbrella out of the place...

"And I mean all of you!"

Should they follow, they would hear whipping noises.

@Crow @EldridSmith @Salis @PolikShadowbliss @Topless


Everyone would find themselves back in good old cyberspace, specifically Kowloon Level 2. Now, what was to be beheld?

Ah ah ah. Your first sight would be what appeared to be the corpse of Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch. It first glance, one would note that he was riddled with bite marks, very huge bite marks. Another thing of note was the dead Josh, his flippers grasping a net, as well as a harpoon gun shot by Benedict at quite a distance before the entire rope just fell.

His Numemon, Awful (formerly Wilfred) appeared for a brief while, before disappearing into ones and zeroes, going with the wind.

"If this is anything like the last time, the real Benedict Cucumberpatch should be in the real world getting EDEN Syndrome,"
Arata says to all, "anyways, I'm here to investigate, and thought you all should throw in your two cents, since Mr Cucumberpatch here is your ally... to put it rather loosely."

"You seem a bit intent on the theory that an Eater is infecting someone here, what makes you think that?" Ami asks.

"Because you're about to see it with your own eyes."
Arata turns to-

Jack Atlas writhed as tentacles, dazzle-camouflaged like the Eaters', emerged from his mouth. His data body decayed into ones, zeroes and cubes, only to be absorbed into a core, forming a shape of some kind...

Jack Atlas was replaced by a feral eater, whose only intent was to eat as it lumbered for our various allies. It appeared that Jack Atlas was one of the theorized Eater Agents!


As Arata commands, a fiendish little being chops the Eater down, seeming to use very few hits.

"That was almost too easy. It's as if the Eater hasn't eaten anything aside from its host, leaving it weak... or that weakness is why these particular Eaters need hosts..."

Someone walks into the scene past the crowds. This was the man briefly seen back at the Shinjuku Underpath!

"How excellent! We are already drawing conclusions, albeit at such an expense... there are many other theories to be had, all of which depict different possibilities of how many of such Eater Agents there are! It could be just that one, it could be ten!"

"Oh, have you all met Suedou yet? He's researching Eaters, and I help sometimes."

"Maybe two is a good number, if we're assuming there's more than just him," Ami adds, "not too big, but not too small."

"Yeah, fishing out two seems reasonable, and increases our chances of nabbing at least one more without too muc accusation..."

Well, you know the drill.

Voting Rules:

This time, voting and investigations will share timeslots.

For Chapter 2, players can place two votes on two seperate suspects. Once again, having two characters does not double the votes you can dish out.

Vote for the characters you feel is our traitorous Eater Agent!

If one player plays two characters, any vote against any one of their characters is counted as a vote against the player from an OoC perspective.

(tl;dr the above two rules basically means voting will not account for the presence of duos, for simplicity purposes.)

This time, two characters will be singled out instead of one!

Investigation+Voting period will be expected to last 54 hours, but may be extended if the situation calls.

@2Bornot2B - Revy (Black Lagoon)
Guilmon -> Tankmon -> Tankdramon -> Gundramon
Signature: Hyper Cannon
Inherited: Wolkenapalm I; Attack Charge; Nanomachine Break II; Hit Charge; Shock

@Aesop - Red (Original Character)
Guilmon -> Growmon -> MegaloGrowmon -> Dukemon -> Dukemon: Crimson Mode
Signature: Exhaust Flame
Inherited: Wolkenapalm II; Attack Charge; Comet Hammer II; Chain Plus

@Benedict Cucumberpatch - Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch (Classified)
Candmon -> Numemon -> Fantomon -> Reapermon
Signature: Poop Toss
Inherited: Burst Flame I; Panic Wisp; Venom Trap; Speed Break; Ice Archery II

@Birb - Cassandra Garrison (OC)
Hagurumon -> Guardromon -> Datamon -> Machinedramon
Signature: Grenade Destroyer
Inherited: Nanomachine Break II; Heaven's Thunder II;
Guard Charge

@BoltBeam - Tenshi Hinanawi (Touhou)
Plotmon -> Tailmon +> Silphymon -> Valkyrimon
Signature: Nekodamashi
Inherited: Holy Light II; Heal; Aura; Revive
Hawkmon -> Aquilamon +> Silphymon -> Valkyrimon
Signature: Stealth Quarrel
Inherited: Wind Claw II; Sonic Void II; Gale Storm I

@Caffeine Freak - Walter White Mr. Lambert (Breaking Bad)
Hagurumon -> Clockmon -> Knightmon -> Leopardmon
Signature: Chrono Breaker
Inherited: Nanomachine Break I; Heaven's Thunder II; Heal; Idle Bubble

@Chungchangching - Tom & Jerry (Tom & Jerry)
Keramon -> Togemon -> Mamemon -> Rosemon
Signature: Lightspeed Jabbing
Inherited: Inherited: Destruction Cannon I; Guard Break; Crescent Leaf II; Anti-Paralysis; Ripping Net

@Critic Ham - Sun Yama (OC)
Impmon -> Meramon -> SkullMeramon -> Beelzebumon (2010)
Signature: Fire Fist
Inherited: Idle Bubble; Nightmare I; Attack Charge; Wolkenapalm II; Burst Flame II

@Damafaud - Lyle Walt (Sevens)
-> Seadramon -> Whamon -> MarineAngemon
Signature: Electric Shock
Inherited: Ice Archery I;

@DapperDogman - Claudia Ambralia Divia (Battleborn)
Betamon -> Octmon -> Anomalocarimon -> HerakleKabuterimon
Signature: Kaimei Bokuju
Inherited: Ice Archery II; Anti-Paralysis; Idle Bubble; Venom Trap

@darkred - Daxter (Jak & Daxter)
Salamon -> Gatomon -> Angewomon +> Mastemon
Signature: Cat's Eye Hypnotism
Inherited: Holy Light II; Heal; Aura; Revive

@darkred - Jak (Jak & Daxter)
Salamon -> BlackGatomon -> Ladydevimon +> Mastemon
Signature: Dangerous Love
Inherited: Holy Light I; Heal; Nightmare II; Grand Rock II; Power Energy II

@DerpyCarp - Fluffington the Mighty (Pokemon OC)
BlackAgumon -> Greymon (Blue) -> SkullGreymon -> BlackWarGreymon +> Omnimon Zwart
Signature: Oblivion Bird; Curse Breath
Inherited: Wolkenpalm II; Guard Charge; Meteor Fall I; Hit Charge; Acceleration Boost; Comet Hammer III; Destruction
BlackGabumon -> BlackGarurumon -> BlackWereGarurumon -> Metal Garurumon (Black) +> Omnimon Zwart
Signature: Engetsugeri, Kaiser Nail
Inherited: Grand Rock I; Anti-Panic; Speed Charge; Agility Charge; Wolkenapalm II; Mach Rush II; Comet Hammer III

@EldridSmith - Nikias Télos (OC)
Hackmon -> BoaHackmon -> Fantomon -> MetalFantomon
Signature: Fif Cross
Inherited: Wolkenapalm I; Heal; Attack Charge; Heavy Strike II; Meteor Fall II

@ElenaIsCool - Crypt (OC)
Tentomon -> Kabuterimon -> MegaKabuterimon -> GranKuwagamon
Signature: Mega Blaster
Inherited: Nanomachine Break I; Ripping Net; Crescent Leaf II; Mental Charge; Heaven's Thunder II

@FactionParadox - Saburo Kusanagi (OC)
Keramon -> Kurisarimon -> Infermon -> Diaboromon -> Armageddemon
Signature: Data Crusher
Inherited: Destruction Cannon II; Guard Break; Nanomachine Break II

@FoolsErin - Wigfrid (Don't Starve)
Armadillomon -> Ankylomon -> MagnaAngemon -> Seraphimon
Signature: Tail Hammer
Inherited: Grand Rock II; Shock; Anti-Stun; Awesome Quake I

@FoolsErin - Luka Redgrave (Bayonetta)
Liollmon [?] -> Revolmon -> Superstarmon -> Justimon
Signature: Justice Bullet
Inherited: Saint Knuckle I; Crescent Leaf I; Destruction Cannon II; Awesome Quake I; Antidote

@GearBlade654 - Dismas (Darkest Dungeon)
PawnChessmon (White) [?] -> KnightChessmon (White) -> BishopChessmon (White) -> KingChessmon
Signature: Knight Lancer
Inherited: Heaven's Thunder II; Attack Break; Destruction; Guard Break

@GinkyGotBack - Johnny Test (Johnny Test)
Agumon -> Numemon -> Etemon -> MetalEtemon
Signature: Poop Toss
Inherited: Heavy Strike I; Attack Charge; Venom Trap; Speed Break; Ice Archery II

@Hahli Nuva - Zoe Orimoto (Digimon Frontier)
??? -> Kazemon -> Zephyrmon -> ???
Signature: Moon Assault
Inherited: Sonic Void II; Wind Claw II; Speed Charge

@Infuriated Infant - Wilson (Don't Starve)
Lopmon -> Wendimon -> Andiramon -> Cherubimon (Vice)
Signature: Howling Destroyer
Inherited: Grand Rock I; Mental Break; Destruction Cannon II; Guard Break; Sonic Void II

@Jeef_jones - Kyr Fiore (Thrilling Intent)
ToyAgumon -> Clockmon -> Datamon -> GroundLocomon
Signature: Chrono Breaker
Inherited: Power Energy I; Burst Flame I; Heaven's Thunder II; Heal; Idle Bubble

@Jeremiah - The Pale Lady (Pokemon OC)
Palmon -> Numemon -> Lilamon -> Lilithmon
Signature: Filth Kick
Inherited: Crescent Leaf I; Anti-Poison; Venom Trap; Speed Break; Ice Archery II

@June Verles - Arthur Boyle (Fire Force)
Kotemon -> Gladimon -> Knightmon -> Durandamon +> RagnaLordmon
Signature: Sword Dancer
Inherited: Awesome Quake I; Acceleration Boost; Attack Charge; Guard Break; Grand Rock II
Ludomon -> TiaLudomon -> RaijiLudomon -> BryweLudramon +>RagnaLordmon
Signature: Frisbicker
Inherited: Burst Flame II; Guard Charge; Attack Break; Meteor Fall I

@L3n - Charlotte La Bouff (Princess & The Frog)
Palmon -> Witchmon -> Angewomon -> Venusmon
Signature: Aquary Pressure
Inherited: Crescent Leaf I; Anti-Poison; Sonic Void II; Idle Bubble; Destruction

@Laix_Lake - Darild Linken (OC)
Hagurumon -> Guardromon -> Andromon -> HiAndromon
Signature: Grenade Destroyer
Inherited: Nanomachine Break II; Heaven's Thunder II; Guard Charge

@ManyFaces - Maxwell (Don't Starve)
Dracmon -> Devimon -> Myotismon -> Piedmon -> Apocalymon
Signature: The Touch of Evil
Inherited: Destruction Cannon II; Destruction; Physical Drain; Hell Crusher I

@ManyFaces - Lockdown (Transformers Animated)
Candlemon -> Meramon -> SkullMeramon -> Boltmon
Signature: Magma Blast
Inherited: Burst Flame II; Panic Wisp; Attack Charge; Wolkenapalm II

@marc122 - Yang Xiao Long (RWBY)
Agumon -> Greymon -> RizeGreymon -> ShineGreymon -> ShineGreymon: Burst Mode
Signature: Trident Revolver; Solid Strike
Inherited: Heavy Strike II; Attack Charge; Wolkenapalm III; Acceleration Boost; Meteor Fall II; Chain Plus

@Necessity4Fun - Wray Arth Devanport (OC)
Elecmon -> Aegiomon -> Aegiochusmon -> Jupitermon
Signature: Stun Beat Blow
Inherited: Heaven's Thunder II; Ripping Net; Awesome Quake I; Aura

@Necessity4Fun - Zenith (Pokemon OC)
Salamon -> Gaogamon -> Taomon -> Bancholeomon
Signature: Gaoga Hound
Inherited: Holy Light I; Heal; Sonid Void II; Gale Storm I; Ice Archery II

@Nightwisher - Wickerbottom (Don't Starve)
Tsukaimon -> Witchmon -> Wisemon -> Belphemon: Sleep Mode -> Belphemon: Rage Mode
Signature: Purple Fog
Inherited: Nightmare I; Attack Break; Sonic Void II; Idle Bubble; Destruction

@Nightwisher - Avan (Pokemon OC)
PicoDevimon -> Stingmon -> SkullSatamon -> GranDracumon
Signature: Spiking Finish
Inherited: Panic Wisp; Attack Break; Wind Claw II; Crescent Leaf II; Gale Storm I

@PolikShadowbliss - Sarah Kinkle (OC)
SnowAgumon -> IceDevimon -> Gigadramon -> DORUgoramon
Signature: Little Blizzard
Inherited: Ice Archery II; Power Energy I; Hell Crusher I; Spirit Drain

@PolikShadowbliss - Bob the Pikachu (Pokemon OC)
BlackAgumon -> Greymon (Blue) -> SkullGreymon -> Craniummon
Signature: Bit Fire
Inherited: Wolkenpalm II; Guard Charge; Meteor Fall I; Hit Charge

@QizPizza - Jack Atlas (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)

Vorvomon -> Lavorromon -> LavoGaritamon -> VolcanicDramon
Signature: Great Flame
Inherited: Wolkenapalm II; Comet Hammer I; Meteor Fall I; Awesome Quake I

@Salis - Hikko Namari (OC)
Coronamon -> Firamon -> Flaremon -> Apollomon
Signature: Flame Dive
Inherited: Wolkenapalm II; Burst Flame II; Meteor Fall I

@Sayo-Nara - Lana (Pokemon OC)
PicoDevimon -> Bakemon -> Pumpmon -> NoblePumpkinmon
Signature: Hell's Hand
Inherited: Panic Wisp; Attack Break; Nightmare II; Agility Charge; Physical Drain; Awesome Quake I; Comet Hammer III; Texture Blow

@Scatterbrain - Sherlock Holmes (Elementary)
Fanbeemon -> Waspmon -> Cannonbeemon -> TigerVespamon
Signature: Turbo Stinger
Inherited: Nanomachine Break II; Chain Plus; Hit Charge; Ripping Net

@SheepKing - Duck (Princess Tutu)
Lalamon -> Sunflowmon -> Lilamon -> Lotusmon
Signature: Sunshine Beam
Inherited: Venom Trap; Anti-Poison; Gaia Element II; Holy Light II; X-Heal

@SmallPopTart - Eric the Thyplosion (Pokemon OC)
Lunamon -> Lekismon -> Crescemon -> Dianamon
Signature: Moon Night Bomb
Inherited: Heal; Idle Bubble; Ice Archery II; Power Energy II; Cross Counter

@SmallPopTart - Grey (Havoc Fox)
Kudamon -> Starmon -> Digitamamon -> Imperialdramon Black
Signature: Blinding Ray
Inherited: Saint Knuckle II; Holy Light I; Heavy Strike II; Power Energy II

@thatguyinthestore - Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)
Chuumon [?]-> Dogmon -> Cerberumon -> Beelzebumon -> Beelzebumon: Blast Mode (reserved)
Signature: Crunchy Munchy
Inherited: Nightmare I; Mental Break; Heavy Strike II; Panic Wisp; Mach Rush I

@thatguyinthestore - John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)
Biyomon [?] -> Revolmon -> Pandamon -> BanchoLeomon -> Marsmon
Signature: Double Fire
Inherited: Sonic Void I; Mental Charge; Destruction Cannon II; Awesome Quake I; Antidote

@Thepotatogod - Jin (Kamen Rider Zero-One)
Falcomon -> Diatrymon -> Tylinmon -> Ofanimon -> Ofanimon: Falldown Mode
Signature: Destruction Roar
Inherited: Sonic Void I; Grand Rock II; Awesome Quake I; Speed Charge

@Topless - Parasoul (Skullgirls)
Dracomon -> Coredramon (Blue) -> Wingdramon -> Slayerdramon +> Examon
Signature: Blue Flare Breath
Inherited: Wolkenapalm I; Heavy Strike I; Attack Charge; Wind Claw II; Gale Storm I

@Topless - Umbrella (Skullgirls)
Dracomon -> Coredramon (Green) -> Groundramon -> Breakdramon +> Examon
Signature: Green Flare Breath
Inherited: Wolkenapalm I; Heavy Strike I; Comet Hammer II; Shock; Critical Charge

@Veradana - Hotaru Fujioka (Persona OC)
Lunamon -> Lekismon -> Crescemon -> Cherubimon (Virtue)
Signature: Ice Archery; Dark Archery
Inherited: Heal; Idle Bubble; Ice Archery III; Power Energy II; Cross Counter; Hydro Water II; Shining Laser I

@X-Fic - Ochaco Uraraka (Boku no Hero Academia)
Labramon -> Galgomon -> Pandamon -> King Etemon
Signature: Dumdum Upper
Inherited: Heal; Saint Knuckle I; Ripping Net; Thunder Fall I; Mach Rush I

@Zamasu - Maggie (Pokemon OC)
PawnChessmon (Black) -> KnightChessmon (Black) -> RookChessmon (Black) -> QueenChessmon
Signature: Gallop Whole
Inherited: Nanomachine Break II; Attack Charge; Guard Break; Heavy Strike II

@Zerulu - Sterling Malory Archer (Archer)
Gazimon -> Raremon -> Skull Satamon -> Diaboromon -> Quartzmon
Signature: Scar Nail
Inherited: Destruction Cannon I; Panic Wisp; Venom Trap; Mach Rush I; Texture Blow
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