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Digital World Online. An online game open to many, where you raise a single Digimon Partner - some even raising two. It's your typical MMO - you grind EXP, defeat mooks, fight bosses, all that with your partner.

Or is it?

Four very particular youths who happened to be friends in-game will soon realise that Digital World Online was not just a game in more ways than one. What had happened was something beyond their comprehension.

On one of their late night plays, they would encounter something strange. Upon evolving their In-training-level Digimon to Rookie-level, their Digimon would emerge from their computer screens and pounce on them. A surprise indeed, but if this was a surprise, then what would we call the implications?

Either way, after sharing their findings, they decide to meet in real life, with the evidence...

(@Nico @animegirl20 @nighttimecatplayer @-Wilson- @Ransokyos @Computing Magus )

Terminology and stuff:
(This will likely be updated as time passes)

An MMORPG within this continuity. There's something about this game. Considering that your little animal spilled out from your screen while you were playing it.
A type of Digivice, specifically a kind used for this continuity. It can be worn like a belt or like a watch, or carried in your pocket. Contains card slots to insert cards and slide across to scan.
There are six main stages - Fresh, In-training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate & Mega. The Roleplay starts player character Digimon off as a Rookie-level Digimon in the RP, though in the context of the story, Digimon have been raised from eggs. Special stages such as Ultra-level will be explored down the line.

Within this Roleplay, Digimon stay as the stage they have been evolved to, much like growth. I.e
it's permanemt. They can be reverted via external circumstances, such as being killed or intentionally degenerated.
D-Cards are used in conjunction with the D-Driver to activate abilities and boost your Digimon. There are three types.

Equip Cards are generally items. that your Digimon can hold. Only one equip card at a time can be used. Some equip cards can be used as an evolutionary item to upgrade to any level above Champion, in which case these Equip cards are usually specific in nature.

Attack Cards usually refer to card-restricted moves that you can command your Digimon to use

Support Cards refer to cards that grant effects such as boosts to attack or defense. Only one Support Card can be used per post.
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