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[Digimon: Destined Incarnations] R E B O O T


The Duck Overlord
Digimon: Destined Incarnations
Even With These Unreliable Wings

The tale of eight children being transported to the Digital World has become mere fiction, nothing more than a bedtime story for little children. All that remains of the story is a vague idea and fleeting memories from those too old to remember if those instances were real or not. Digimon are a foreign concept now, in the twenty-second century. To those who know the term, they never existed to begin with.

But what if it was all real?


Eight teenagers, all with different backgrounds and personalities, attend Tsukishima General High School, which according to legend was the alma mater of a few of the original Digidestined. Of course, that's nothing but hearsay nowadays. These eight teenagers have nothing to do with each other, and yet, they all somehow end up in the school's computer room at the exact same time. One of them happens to notice a computer going haywire, but when they all gather around it, they're engulfed in a beam of light...and transported to the Digital World.

As they try to figure out where they are and what's going on, they realize the tale of the Digidestined was indeed the truth. One by one, they receive a Digimon partner as well as a Crest which corresponds with one of the children of legend. It's only when all eight Crests have been found that the children discover the truth: they are the reincarnations of the original Digidestined, sent here to save the world once again.

All of their enemies from their past lives have returned all at once, and all of them--Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, and the Dark Masters--have teamed up in hopes of fulfilling their goals of taking over the Digital World as well as the real world. Do the Digidestined have what it takes to save the day once again?

I'm Sure We Can Fly

Simply put, this is a roleplay about the reincarnations of the DigiDestined from Digimon Adventure 01/02/Tri. Ever since I went on the 20th Anniversary Movie site last night to the best thing ever, I've decided to reboot what never really got started. I'm on a Digimon kick, basically. If you haven't seen Tri, that's totally fine! Most of the material referenced is from the first season, especially the villains.

This roleplay will follow our characters' jaunt into the Digital World, meeting their Digimon, and finding out that they are the reincarnations of the DigiDestined. I'm totally okay with genderbending the characters--my character is based off of T.K., but she's a girl! All I ask is that you use anime face-claims that at least seem to bring to mind the original character.

Our characters will have the same Digimon as the Adventure characters, with the same Digivolution chains, just to keep things logical. Hope that doesn't disappoint anyone. ^^"

This WILL be detailed (on my part, at least), so I will be asking for a writing sample with the CS. That means the roles are NOT FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. Except mine, of course. c:

Note: Props to whoever can tell me what the quotes on these accordions are from. And the Japanese translation ; )
Covered in Images That Tend to Stay

Crest of Courage (Taichi "Tai" Kamiya/Yagami) ~ Open

Crest of Friendship (Yamato "Matt" Ishida) ~ Open

Crest of Love (Sora Takenouchi) ~ Open

Crest of Knowledge (Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi) ~ Open

Crest of Reliability (Joe Kido) ~ Open

Crest of Sincerity (Mimi Tachikawa) ~ Open

Crest of Hope (Takeru "T.K." Takaishi) ~ @AnimeGenork

Crest of Light (Hikari "Kari" Kamiya/Yagami) ~ Open



Please respect your fellow players. Like really. Let's not insult/criticize/indirectly antagonize anyone. I've seen it all. Not fun.

If you have a problem with another player, please inform me first. Or be a badass and tell them that what they're doing isn't cool. No, but seriously. Tell me first.

Oh, yeah, follow RPN rules. That'd be great.

I'm pretty sure I'm the GM, so if anyone tries to usurp me, I'll whup your ass.

I'm more than okay with romance. But nothing that's so gushy and ew that I want to gouge my eyes out reading it. I like romance, but not the overly cheesy kind.
(Also make sure the other person is okay with it. Don't be that jerk.)

This is gonna be detailed, about two to three nice paragraphs minimum. Paragraphs are fun. NO ONE-LINERS. And please be able to grammar. It kinda sucks when I have no idea what you're trying to say.

If you read everything, include the phrase "Kouji Wada" in your comment.


Any questions? Ask! (But make sure you read EVERYTHING first. Don't be that guy.)

Coding by @AnimeGenork


Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast
Color me interested. I'd like to try to apply for izzy, though I will not be able to get anything written out except for early saturday (maybe mid day saturday), and later on sunday, and thereafter. But, figured I'd toss my lot in while I could.


Crazy Cat Lady
Kouji wada.

I'm possibility interested in this since I had a nostalgia overload. I'd want either reliability or sincerity I think.


The Duck Overlord
But you took Angemon, so I'm just gonna go mope in the corner. ;-;
I still love Gabumon and Agumon though
Okay to at least use their original evolution names?
Sorry I would've taken Agumon except
The character I have for this fits Angemon better



(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Just beware, my character is a lot like Skylie XD
Except... with Patamon... instead of... Agumon...
So beware of knives, got it.

Also I think the right part of the chorus is: "Stay shigachi na imeeji darake no, taiyorinai tsubasa demo, kitto toberu sa, on my love~"

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