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It wasn’t supposed to go like this.

He had founded the LGBT+ club at the local college at the start of the semester, in an attempt to try to find friends and meet people who were like him. He had always been different - he was queer, and had an accent, and was always teased by his peers. Because of how not “normal” he was, he’d decided to create a place where he would belong. He’d been proud of it; his club had garnered attention, and there had been numerous meetings before that fateful night. The meetings he usually held were informal and more like gatherings, with food, drinks, games, and even sometimes movies! The one he decided to host that night was like all the others, except…

When the storm started, he’d thought it was violent. Rain slammed against the windows, thunder rumbled in the sky, and there was even a few lightning crashes. It was a dangerous storm, and he asked his club members not to go out into it yet. To wait it out. They did, thankfully, but he had felt bad for keeping them for longer than the meeting was scheduled for. He had made a smart choice, though, because soon after he asked them to stay inside, there was a terrifying crack nearby that sounded like the sky breaking open. The next thing he knew, a gigantic tree crashed down right outside of the building. It shook the ground and branches shattered the windows, causing glass to scatter all over the floor and walls. No one was too badly injured, and the group decided to wait until the storm was over and it was light outside to see how trapped they really were. Some decided to sleep until morning, while others ended up falling asleep even if they didn't want to.

The group managed to get outside without too many problems the next morning, much to their surprise. The tree blocking their way out disintegrated with a simple touch and had been reduced to dust. When they saw the aftermath of the storm, it completely struck them. Their town was absolutely destroyed. Parts of the ground were cracked, other buildings were reduced to rubble, and there were corpses thrown all over the place. It seemed like the apocalypse had happened overnight, and it practically had. No one was expecting it, and the president of the club did his best to wrap his mind around what exactly happened. It was just a bad storm, right? Why was the town completely destroyed? Why was the ground covered in blood? He couldn’t figure it out, and no one had any answers, but that didn’t stop the creatures from attacking! Yikes!

What’s in store for our characters, you might ask? A wonderful adventure, full of bonding and danger and mystery. There’s intrigue and questions. How did the apocalypse happen? Why do they now have powers? What are the creatures, exactly, and where do they come from? What’s going to happen to them, now that they have these powers and are among the few left alive? Let’s find out together!

The story starts on the night of a club meeting, before any of the characters have any powers. The meeting acts as a way to introduce your character to other characters and form connections, and to expand on how the power feels to your character when they first get it. After the tree crash, and the finding out of powers, and also the learning of the end of the world, the story takes a sharp turn towards fighting against monstrous creatures and trying to survive while also learning about their powers and trying to figure out the mystery behind the world’s end. In time, an opportunity to reverse the apocalypse will come, but that will only happen after a big reveal, or if part of the mystery is solved.

There’s going to be lots of time to bond and get to have character growth, and my hope is that the characters will get along well enough to stick together and maybe even like one another! After all, in a world where monsters want to hurt you and most of the humans you once knew are dead, it might be a good idea to trust in those you’re stuck with.


↠ All RPN rules apply, since this is being hosted over the site.
↠ You must be 18+ to join, and you need to want to talk to people in the OOC!
↠ This RP is going to have fights and blood and corpses, but don’t go overboard with the horror. There won’t be any character on character torture in this group, but there is the possiblity for fights to occur. Just keep in mind the RPN rules when it comes to that stuff!
↠ Reply length must be at least two paragraphs long, and please be semi-lit and grammatically correct! You don’t have to use coding and I would prefer if there was minimum coding, so that it’s easier for people who use the site on mobile to read.
↠ Be respectful to everyone in this group. If you have a problem with another person, notify me so that I can reach out to them and try to figure out the situation and come up with a solution. It is very important to me that people feel included and welcome in this group, so try not to exclude anyone!
↠ Obviously, don’t have a mary-sue, tragic, perfect, character. I don’t want any characters to have overly dramatic, tragic pasts or no flaws - I’m expecting well thought out, interesting characters.
↠ Everyone, except for me, is allowed one character. If, in the future, you want to switch out characters, you can either kill your character or ask me a way to switch for a different character. There are options available for new characters to be introduced, so don’t be afraid to ask!
↠ PM me your character sheets and message me over Discord or PM’s about your power ideas. I’ll check your sheet and suggest what needs to be changed, if anything needs to be changed, and we’ll talk about your power idea until you have an idea for it and a general understanding of how it’ll affect your character!
↠ Romance is more than allowed, and ships can be formed, but don’t push a ship onto somebody. If they don’t want their character to have a romantic relationship with yours, don’t continue to ask them about it. If I see any of this forced shipping around, I will ask you to stop, because I don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable.
↠ As an addition to the above, pre-established relationships are allowed and encouraged! The characters have been going to the club for a total of five of meetings, unless this is their first meeting, so the characters should at least recognize each other. They don’t have to be friends, although pre-established friendships are allowed, but unless this is their first meeting, they’ll probably recognize each other.
↠ Ask before you hurt another character - consent is important!
↠ Read the rules in the Discord chat when you get in there, if you join the Discord.
↠ Talk to me if you have any concerns or anything you need to tell me, like you’re going away on vacation or something in your life has happened and you need to take time off. We’ll work together to figure out what to do with your character, and I’ll address any concerns you might have!

C H A R A C T E R - S H E E T
Character name: (first and last)
Nickname/Alias: (if none then delete this)
Age: (between 17-25, because they’re in college)
(Please, do not post a picture unless it is your own art. If you have a FC in mind, then describe it for us! A general description or a detailed description is okay, so long as we know what the character looks like. Please note: it’s a regular world, so odd colored eyes and unnatural hair can only be achieved through colored contacts and hair dye!)
Personality: (Please describe it a little! Don’t just use character traits - I want to read about your characters persona, so give them details.)
History: (This can be either very detailed or not as detailed, depending on if you want to reveal it in the RP or not. I would prefer if you talked with me about traumatic past events, but if you want to keep them a secret to everyone else, you don’t have to include it in the characters thread! Apart from that, I just need a basic backstory.)
Power: (I’m sure you know by now to talk with me about this, but if you have an idea already, tell me about it! Or if you have multiple ideas, you can throw them in this section. When/If you get accepted, you’ll need to have something to call your power to put in this particular part.)
Description of the power:
Weakness/Strengths of the power:
Power quirks:

Do not post in this thread until I've put up a starter and the post order has been decided!
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RP Basics
A couple of additional rules SPECIFICALLY for the roleplay.
  • There is a set time limit for replies, to ensure the group keeps moving. That limit is three days after the person before you posted! If you cannot post within those three days, then please let me know either in the group chat (just @ me) or in a DM. If you need more time to reply, please let me know. If you wish to be skipped, then just say so! I will do my best to provide interaction if I see someone is missing any, but I can't have my characters be everywhere at once :') Please try to make sure everyone is involved - do your best to not make people feel left out!
  • Try to keep your coding to a minimum, or make sure it's mobile friendly!
  • Reply with what you're comfortable with! You don't have to have a reply that's super long if it's not what you usually do. Just make sure you pay attention to other peoples replies and make sure to mention who you're character interacts with; tag whoever you're interacting with before you're reply!
  • There is a post order, and it is...
  1. Me (Neil and/or Roxy)
  2. @vibrantsystem (Nash)
  3. @ocean-of-starrs (River)
  4. @Galactic (Josie)
  5. @DarkiusHeavenstein (Sebastian)
  6. @Xarzith (Leslie)
  7. @RIPSaidCone (Beckett)
  8. @iShyShy (Lilith)
  • Also, you can also have some side 1x1's if you want to continue interactions or write out scenes between characters! First meetings, AU's, budding romances, first dates, or whatever you can think of c: All I ask is that you send me a link to the thread, or link it in the OOC thread!


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Mentions: No one! Get in here, guys!

Everything was perfect. Even though the day had been rather chaotic, which was entirely Neil’s fault, he’d managed to set up all of his snacks and soups just in time. He thought the entire spread looked nice, from the drinks and chips and vegetable tray to the books and brochures he’d brought from the library. Well, almost everything looked nice. He had gathered together supplies to work on some fliers for his club, to try to attract some new members to Different. Because he had such rotten luck with printers, he handmade every flier, and this time he had grabbed crayons and colored pencils to use on the paper. He looked rather childish, he worried, sitting at a table with paper and crayons spread out around him. Hopefully the soup would distract whoever came into the cafe first. It was heating up behind the counter and smelled good, so he thought his members would enjoy them. It wasn’t particularly warm outside and the breeze was rather chilly, and he figured simple soups would be something to help warm everyone up when they came into the cafe.

He had asked his uncle earlier that day to let him use the cafe, Always, as the meeting place for his club when he’d realized he’d forgotten to set that up earlier. His uncle, who was an understanding and accepting man, eagerly agreed to allow his nephew to utilize his cafe. Neil was finally asking him for help, he’d said happily, and he wanted to do everything he could to be of assistance! His nephew, the shy and stubborn boy he was, hadn’t asked his uncle for help with anything when he’d first moved to America. He even handled the move almost entirely by himself! His uncle had thought that was absolutely unnecessary and, truth be told, had been hurt that his nephew, the only nephew he ever got to see, hadn’t thought to ask for his help. It was shocking, finding out that Neil was living in America, and he wanted to help the young man as often as he could. Of course, Neil tended to do things by himself, but that didn’t stop his uncle from trying what he could to be useful. It had created a bit of a rift between them on Neil’s side, but his uncle was blissfully unaware of how he annoyed his nephew.

When Neil had gone to his uncle that morning to ask for the cafe space, he’d been incredibly nervous. He knew that Always was a popular, popping, totally chill place to hang on Friday evenings and he didn’t want to ruin the cafe’s reputation. He had simply gotten too caught up in his homework and future planning for his club to organize a place for his members to meet that evening. He had considered letting his members gather at his house, but then he had doubted himself and decided to push away his nervousness and go to his uncle. He’d been avoiding his uncle as much as he could since he’d come to Washington, because his uncle had always been overbearing and much too curious about Neil’s personal life. If he made friends, if he was enjoying America, if he was still talking to his parents, if he finally had a boyfriend, how his schooling was going, et cetera. Neil didn’t like to spend a lot of time talking about his personal life like that with many people, including his uncle. They weren't very close, and just because they were family, he didn't really think that changed anything. He didn't know his uncle that well, but his uncle was persistent and loved talking to him. Really, the guy was kind of a pain to deal with. He just talked and talked, and talked and talked. So, he did the sensible thing and answered his questions, hoping it would stop his uncle from being so curious. Turns out, it didn’t. As soon as he said one thing about not having a boyfriend, his uncle immediately clung onto that topic.

“You need to be more forward, Neil. The guys can’t get to know you if you hide behind your blushing and stuttering all the time. Try to be more forward with your thoughts. You should try to say hi, strike up a conversation,” his uncle had said, leaning against the front counter of his cafe.

Neil had immediately recognized that he wouldn’t be able to escape this topic easily, so he resigned himself to his fate and simply sighed. “It’s not that easy. Talking to people is… difficult. I never know what to say. I don't want to say something stupid, or speak too quietly and then have to repeat what I said. It's dumb.”

“Well, I would suggest you say hello. That usually gets conversations rolling.”

“Yes, very funny.” Neil had rolled his eyes, and his uncle laughed at the gesture. “Just because you can converse with a wall doesn’t mean I can. Like, ‘Oh, hey there, wally. What’s up? How’s that crack treating you?’” His uncle had laughed again, then, but Neil just crossed his arms. “I’m just not as social as you are. It’s not easy for me. Guys are distracting and I always get embarrassed around them.”

“You’re overthinking it, Neily.” Neil huffed, but his uncle grinned. “Just say hello, ask how his day is going, or offer to help him out. You don’t have to stutter around them-”

“I wouldn’t if I could help it.” Neil scowled, and his just uncle smiled at him. Of course he did. He always did, because he was unaware of what his reactions meant to Neil.

“Plus, if you weren’t so grumpy all the time, I bet you’d have a better shot with snagging all the guys.”

“God, please stop.” Neil had said, because his patience had been worn thin. “Thanks for letting me use the cafe for the meeting tonight.” He moved towards the cafe door and opened it, then he had looked back at his uncle. “See you later, Bobby.”

He’d closed the door then, not wanting to allow his uncle to say anything more on the topic. When he came to the cafe later that day, to set up everything, he was concerned his uncle would still be at his cafe. Thankfully, that hadn’t been the case. His uncle had put up a notice in the door that there had been a serious leak, and Always had to be closed until it was fixed. Thank god his uncle had some sense, sometimes. Even though he was mostly annoying. Was it really so hard for him to understand that Neil didn’t want to talk about his life that much? It was weird for him to, and he didn’t like feeling exposed when he voiced his opinions. Or when his uncle laughed at him, which he did too frequently. Get over his stupid, annoying stutter… If only it was that easy. Everyone who wasn’t his family made him nervous, which caused him to stutter. Thankfully it wasn’t too severe, but everytime he slipped up, he just got even more flustered. It was so stupidly problematic, and Neil seriously hated it.

Sighing and leaning back in the booth he’d sat in, he glanced at the clock on the wall behind the counter. There were about five minutes until the meeting was supposed to start, but Neil would never start the meeting officially until everyone who had said they’d be there had arrived. In the past meetings, people had come at various times, but everyone tried to stick close to six. He was thankful that they did, as it made managing the meeting easier. He picked up a blue crayon and started doodling on a piece of paper, putting his interaction with his uncle out of his mind. He’d apologize later, even if his uncle didn’t think he’d done anything wrong. His uncle was always so cheerful and forgiving, and he never thought Neil was rude or mean. Even if Neil did think he was, personally. He sighed again at the thought, running his hand through his hair and scribbling the crayon in a corner. He’d just apologize tomorrow. Right now, he had to wait for his members to arrive.
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Mentions : @smolfluffball

Nash, so far, had been having an okay day. It was okay in the same way that one might describe a biscuit from a bake sale as “okay.” Serviceable, gone in moments, and he had managed to help someone along the way. An elderly man had been looking to get some new flowers for his planter box from the garden centre. He had shown Nash the pictures with great enthusiasm. Nash had shown him to where the specific species was that he had been after, and that had been that. A helping of someone, even if it was because it was, well, his job.

After that in the morning, Nash had left at one, and gone to the gym again. He had already been in early that morning, but not for long enough. It was a huge time sink, but he loved to do it. Some days, it could be tiring to have to get up, get everything ready and make sure his whole life was planned around being able to train almost every single day of the week. But, once Nash was actually doing it, holding himself up in the air and split between two rings, it was fun. Still, though, he had no clue how he managed to find time to go to classes AND work AND, as of more recently, attend a club. Then again, the work wasn’t exactly always on, he usually only had one shift a week, and even with all the other stuff, he had been finding himself sitting in his room for hours on end with not much to do.

Similarly, to his five-hour morning shift at work, training had also been okay. Pretty fun, really, but no different to any other days.

Now, he was on his way to the club’s new (?) meeting place. Whether or not it was going to be the permanent place for them, he wasn’t sure. Conceptually, it seemed very pleasant, a cafe that was presumably empty of people. He had a feeling that it might be a bit awkward if they were trying to have their little get-together while Conservative Mother was to get the flattest white coffee available from whoever was in-charge behind the counter, but if that was the case, he was sure that they would make it work.

As he walked along down a road filled with cafés all in fierce competition with each other and boutiques aggressively pushing floral-printed blouses in their windows, Nash checked his phone, just to make sure he was going in the right direct, or, at the very least, heading down the right series of roads to get to where he had to. He was. Always seemed to have some pretty high reviews, and he was now looking forward to maybe sampling some cabinet food if they were able to. Again, Nash figured that was all highly dependent on whether or not it was formally open to the public or not.

Heading around a corner, Nash shivered as a blast of wind hit him. It had been sunny earlier in the day, but that seemed to have all but gone by now, lost behind an overcast sky that stared down on the world like a slab of concrete. He hadn’t really noticed how chilly it was until now, and did up the front of his jacket, adjusting the strap of the duffle bag that sat around his shoulders as he did so. Weather like this always made him feel strangely nostalgic for something that he could never place, and Nash liked it a lot for that reason, despite the mystery. He just couldn’t think of any events in his life that were tied to overcast, cool weather, but it put a pleasant, warm feeling inside of him.

He figured that it would be worth checking again, to see if there were any shortcuts he could take. As it turned out, Nash was almost there anyway, and just in time, too. There was a roll of thunder, dull and low, coming from miles and miles away, and the sky looked like it was preparing to rain. Not just yet, but soon. It was watching.

Deciding that he should pick up his pace a little bit, Nash began to jog down the street. Around another corner he went, and down a much shorter street with what looked like a cheap and cheerful greengrocer’s on one side, and a dentist’s office on the other. A bus drove down the road, sending a rush of wind past Nash he kept on running, passing by a young family on his way around yet another corner, coming to a slow stop near a set of lights and a traffic crossing. More checking of his phone revealed that he should be on the right street for Always. He just had to cross the road. It was a largely empty street, and he ran across in seconds, reducing that small sprint into a more comfortable jog, and then into a brisk walk as he approached the café.

It looked just as Pleasant as Nash had been expecting, once he was able to properly see the front in person, and not just in pictures on google. He did have to wonder about the notice on the door. Something about a leak? He hoped that he hadn’t gotten the place wrong, but he hadn’t heard anything from Neil that would suggest otherwise, and lights were on inside. He took a moment to peer in a little more than he had, somehow having missed that Neil was sitting at what looked like a booth.

Very quickly, Nash gave a wave and flashed a smile, before turning the doorknob. It opened with that sound that they have, somewhere between a clunk and a click, and he pushed his way in, taking extended care to shut it behind himself.

With that done, Nash turned his attention to Neil, unzipping his jacket now that the wind was no longer threatening to lance through him and instill a chill that would linger. That feeling was immediately offset the moment that Nash noticed the heavy, savoury smell that hung in the air. A soup of some kind? Along with bowls of chips, and all sorts of other things.

“It feels like it’s going to start raining soon out there.”
He gestured back over his shoulder at the weather past the windows as he got closer, slinging the bag off of his shoulder. Following that, Nash slid himself into the seating of the booth on the opposite side of Neil, the whole thing done in one smooth motion.

Nash still wasn’t terribly certain how he was meant to feel about Neil. He liked him well enough, and had a feeling that he was...nervous, quite a bit? He wasn’t sure if he’d describe it that way, but he didn’t want to make the club leader, of all people, feel uncomfortable.

“Busy day?”
He pulled his bag up next to him, handling it around to his other side, before leaning back.


Mentions: River & Neil (@ocean-of-starrs & @smolfluffball)

Honestly, Josiah Bloom's best friend in the entire world was on the very brink of becoming his ex-best friend. Yeah, that's right. Ex. Josie had pretty much planned their entire weekend. After school on Thursday, he would go over to her house and stay over until Monday, when school started again. For the most part, they would just chill and hang around. Maybe they'd go to the mall or perform yet another My Chemical Romance concert on her bed, consisting entirely of horrible vocals and air instruments. It didn't really matter what they did, because River and Josie were known for making fun out of just about anything. But, you see, on Friday, Josie was set on meeting the others in Different for dinner at Neil's uncle's diner. It was the only official plan he had the entire weekend, so could you blame a man for wanting his best friend to tag along? Especially after she had told him she would and had come along for the last four meetings? Needless to say, Josie was a little pissed off when River informed him that she was busy with homework. Too busy to come with him for the fifth meeting of Different.

He got dressed quickly, wanting to leave as soon as possible so he could both get away from River and be one of the first to arrive so he could (hopefully) get a seat beside Neil. That cutie. He threw on the pair of ripped leggings that he and River both loved so much to purposely jab at her, pairing it with the combat boots he was hardly seen without and a camo jacket to rival the slight chill that was in the air this time of year. It was a quick, but edgy look, the kind of look Josie strove for most of the time. It was perfect and, best of all, he was able to get dressed with plenty of time to spare. As quickly as he got dressed, he was out the door without so much as a goodbye at Riv. That was just the kind of person Josie was; it always had been. Dramatic and overreacting and always a little bit rude. But it didn't matter to him. Not really.

He grumbled to himself the entire time he walked to the small little diner tucked just a mile or so away from River's house, mumbling "butthead" and "stupid" and other practically harmless but anger-filled words directed solely at River. He walked with his arms crossed over his chest and angry songs blaring through the earbuds he wore. Honestly, he was in such a foul mood that he almost didn't even want to go the meeting. If it weren't for the fact that he really wanted to see the club president, Josie was positive he wouldn't show up at all. He better things to do, after all. He could forgive Riv, for one, and then they could hang out some more. It certainly sounded more fun than hanging out with people he didn't care about. But Neil; beautiful Neil that Josie had such weird feelings for really made it all worth it. Near the end of the trek, Josie was jogging, and he couldn't tell if it was to escape the rain that threatened to fall or if he was just really excited to see the darn president. He truly hoped it was the former. There was nothing more gross and embarrassing than a crush.

Before any rain had fallen, Josie had reached the diner, opening the worn door and immediately stepping inside. He didn't mind the notice about a leak or the fact that there were next to no cars in the parking lot; he just wanted to be inside. Immediately upon stepping in, he noticed the aroma of the air, taking a larger whiff to identify what it was. Soup, he guessed, but it didn't really matter to him either way. Food was food and he was starving. "That better be for us," he commenting, turning towards the booth where Neil and ... that other guy Josie hadn't bothered to learn the name of sat. He shot a smile. The genuine kind and not the sarcastic, annoyance filled one that usually graced his features. The smile surprised even him, considering how annoyed with Riv and all, but he supposed Neil might have that effect on him. Gross.

Pushing the thought aside, he slid into the empty spot next to Neil without even a glance towards the other. He snorted at the sight of the blue crayon in his hand, and at the other supplies and posters on the table. Whatever they were going to be doing, it looked childish. "Neil, you realize we are in college, yea? Why does this look like a daycare?" Dramatically leaning back against the booth, slumping down so that his head was practically at Neil's shoulders, he glanced at him. "Riv probably isn't coming today. She abandoned me, can you believe in?"

The moment he had said Riv, Josie had pulled out his phone, opening up their conversation. For the most part, their conversation consisted of emojis and random insults. In the next moment, it would be full of spam he really hoped would guilt her into coming.

> "riv please"
> "i'm so lonely : ("
> "come if u ever want to see ur leggings alive 🔪🔪 😠"
> "butthead"
> "stinky"
> ":-("
> "ur dead to me."


Creator of my own little Universe
Mentions: Neil Beresford @smolfluffball / Josiah Bloom @Galactic / River O'Connor @ocean-of-starrs
Conversation: Lillith Avila @iShyShy

Maximillian Sebastiano Emiliano Damiani. Emerald eyes slid over the full name that was written down. One he both hated and loved. It breathed power, wealth, riches and not just old money. Though at the same time it was such a mouthful and so... outdated, antique almost. That was the whole reason he mostly opted to use his middle name and then the Americanized version of it, simple Sebastian. Short, to the point and still powerful. He turned the check around between his long fingers, no card or letter was attached with them. Just a check to let him know they were thinking about it. Perhaps after the meeting he could turn the check in at the bank. He put it into the innerpocket of his Ermenegildo Zegna jacket, of course he was wearing a suit and of course from a top end Italian brand. What kind of Italian would he be otherwise? Maybe he could even turn the check in on beforehand, he was early anyway. Like a good vice president was suppose to be.

Oh, Sebastian was aware that Neil had refused to take him up for the position, for reasons unknown for him. That however didn't stop him from subtly showing, why he should be given that position. He had even contemplated on offering up his house as meeting point, for it was big enough for it. Though he knew his parents would disagree with letting commoners into the house. Oh the rumors it would start. Furthermore, and that was his main reason for not doing it, it would only be a matter of minutes before that Josiah-person had broken one of the family paintings or artworks or vases or other expensive family heirlooms that were standing around. He checked his rolex for the last time and then grabbed the keys to his Aston Martin.

An Aston Martin Vanquish, not to be confused, one of the more expensive cars of course. There was a hint of smile on the males face as he walked up to the matt black vehicle. He couldn't help, but to run his hand over the smooth surface before getting behind the wheel. His smile got bigger as he turned on the deep roaring engine. His fingers sliding over the midnight black leather of the steering wheel as he started the drive. Though first time to pick up Lilith. He could only hope the girl was ready and in time. He had even told her that they had to be at the meeting half an hour before the actual starting time. Yet he somehow doubted it would change her from running late. Why had he agreed to pick her up again?

As the male poundered on that question, he drove up the expensive driveway of the Avila-mansion. Not as big as his, well his parents officially though he mostly lived their by himself, but still it was decent sized. The gravel crunched under the wheels of his car as he made his turn around the fountain and park. The vehicle purred softly, before the engine turned off and he got out of the car. He didn't even have to step up to the door as one of the servants already came running with a rather paniced expresion. 'You got to be kidding me,' the young male thought to himself.

"Mister Damiani! Lady Avila just got home. She will need some time to prepare herself!" The older male said. Though his eyes averted and his body language timid, as if he was afraid to be scolded for the message.
"Please tell miss Avila she has five minutes to get ready or she will have to find herself another way of transportation," Sebastian spoke. Sure, he was annoyed, beyond annoyed even, yet he wouldn't take that out on the servants. He knew he wasn't the best person around and that he was aloof and arrogant, he was however not unreasonable. He took a deep breath. "And no, I will wait in the car," he said, before the servant could even offer him some coffee or tea. He watched the male scurry back inside as he got back in his Aston Martin and watched the time go by on the clock.

5 minutes... 10 minutes... 15 minutes. Sure, he knew that ladies needed a lot of time with their make up and hair and all that kind of stuff, but still. He moved his hand and laid it on the horn, a deep howling sound coming from the car. Hopefully that would motivate Lillith to hurry up already. He grabbed his phone with his free hand. No matter how long you take, ugliness cannot be fixed. He was tempted to send the message, yet decided against it for it was poor social conduct. He looked up and was relieved to see the door open and the woman he was waiting for come out. Well then, they might still be in time. Though not as early as he had hoped. Not early at all by the looks of it.

"You got to learn how to manage your time better, Lillith," Sebastian scolded the female when she was finally in the car. He hardly waited for her to close the door as he drove off. Little stones shooting away from his back tires as he sped down the driveway. He did however keep to the speeding limit as he made his way over to diner Always where the meeting was held. He every now and then answered to something that Lillith was saying, but it was evident he was not in the best moods. And even in his better moods, he wasn't much of a talker. With five minutes to spare, he parked the car next to the diner. He just hoped no one would be stupid enough to scratch it up. "Hurry up, I don't want to get caught in the rain because of your tardiness," he said, before getting out of the car himself.

With one push of the button the carlights blinked and the vehicle was locked. Not that it was actually necessary for it was a push to start car, but he wouldn't want anyone with their dirty greasy fingers touching his leather seats. He walked up to the door of the diner and opened it up. "After you," he said. He didn't bow or anything like that, but he still kept up with the social conduct of the upperclass. Even if he was pissed at her for making them late, he'd always keep an eye on his manners. Other peoples shitty behaviour was no reason for him to behave shitty, he stood way above that. "Please excuse us for being late," he announced to who ever was already there. Even Josiah seemed to have made it before them, already having picked his place next to Neil. No River, even though the two usually sticked together like glue. He would have much rather have it the other way around with the female attending and this annoying male being absent, but oh well, it was what it was. At least they had not been last to arrive as he noticed that, except for Lillith, all their usual females were missing.


Better internet, more time, I'm back baby!
Leslie slumped down on the bed of her Airbnb and put her Airpods in her ears as she pulled up a video of someone and a robotic dog they created. Truthfully she was far too exhausted to even focus on the video playing on her phone. After all, she did walk her host's REAL dogs, prepare dinner for later, and help tutor a few undergrads in ESL. It was truly no surprise she was drifting off to sleep with her phone right beside her. Unfortunately by the time she even shut her eyes, the alarm on her phone started going off and the obnoxious noise emitted from both her Airpods and the phone itself. With a shriek, she threw the Airpods to the floor and checked her phone to see what the alarm was for.


Initially she didn't understand what the title of the alarm meant, but then it hit her. The club meeting! It wasn't like her to forget something like that...not in this instance anyway. She had been looking forward to it ever since the last meeting she attended. Actually, she looked forward to every meeting, so it was pretty strange she'd forget about today's. But she's been under a lot of pressure lately, taking up being the new temporary assistant to the ESL teacher between classes and all. Who could really fault her for that?

She'd still feel bad for being late, especially when the diner was only a short walk away. Leslie tried her best to keep her shower short, but with how tired she was and how relaxing the hot water felt, it wasn't easy for her to keep from moderately dozing off. Once she got out and got dressed, she considered skipping the meeting entirely. But she already promised Neil she'd be there and she couldn't go back on it. Not now. Surely he'd forgive her if she decided not to come, but she didn't want to risk the small chance he wouldn't. And besides, this was something she looked forward to ahead of time. The diner where the meeting was being held was a place she had heard so much about from her host, but never had a chance to check out for herself. This meeting was a perfect opportunity to see what it was like!

But first, she had to find her Airpods or the walk there would be excruciating. For at least ten minutes, twenty really, she crawled around on the carpet trying to find the damned things. It wasn't like they could've gone far. She simply threw them in a panic and the bedroom was only but so big. When she did find them, one was somehow under the dresser and the other near the closet. Fortunately they weren't broken and she immediately put them in her ears and switched to some C. Tangana album she had bought on her phone. Before walking out of the bedroom, she gazed out of the window and noticed the clouds overhead. She thought about going without a jacket, considering it was such a short walk. But there was no point in risking getting sick. Again. So she grabbed her Adolfo Dominguez short jacket from the closet and held it for a moment.

The jacket was soft, and it still had the faint scent of her brother's cologne on it. She remembered the day he gave it to her as a birthday gift. Shortly before he had to go on some sort of business trip himself. Leslie smiled at the memory since it was one of the few times anyone in her family bothered to pay attention to her. She loved her family dearly, even if they could be a bit...pretentious at times. She checked the time on her phone and quickly put the jacket on while rushing out of the door, clearly forgetting to leave a note for her host that she would be out for a bit. Of course by the time she remembered, she was already outside of the diner.

"Out for a bit. Dnt wait up! ❤"

Leslie sent the text in a hurry and looked up at the note on the door mentioning a leak. She wasn't a plumber, but if it was a problem during the meeting, she wouldn't mind offering a helping hand. For now she only shrugged it off and stepped, tripped rather, inside. She was lucky she didn't bump into Lillith, and especially lucky she didn't bump into Sebastian. Leslie didn't dislike him. If anything, from what she could tell by his general demeanor and previous meetings, she was used to guys like him and thankful she didn't turn out that way. She just didn't want to be yelled at for a small mistake that could mess up his appearance in some way, shape, or form. Regardless, she still found herself muttering apologies as she slipped past and took in the rather eccentric look of the diner.

One of the first things she noticed, aside from the decor, was the smell of soup. It wasn't like anything she's had in Spain, but it still smelled amazing nonetheless. It also could've been because she hasn't really eaten since breakfast, which was pretty normal for her since attending school in the Americas. She considered following her nose to the soup and grabbing a bit for herself, but that would've been rude. It was only proper etiquette to let the host eat first and not to act as if food left out during meetings is an all you can eat buffet. At least, that's how she was raised. She wasn't entirely sure if it still applied here, but she would behave as such until told otherwise.

To occupy her mind in the meantime, Leslie examined the list of ice cream flavors available. As if that helped at all. She sighed and took a glance around at everyone in attendance. There was Lillith and Sebastian, of course. Lillith she didn't mind, she was just sort of surprised the two showed up together since in her opinion, they seemed like complete opposites. Then there was Josiah, Nash, and Neil. It was a bit surprising to see Josie here alone, but she didn't mind him so much. But something told her he seemed agitated, and only assumed it had part to do with River not being there. He seemed pretty invested in his phone to her anyway. As for Nash and Neil, she primarily enjoyed the company of the two. Nash was mostly positive from what she could tell and Neil, she shared a class with and seemed like a decent human being even though the two never really said much to each other.

She put her Airpods in her pocket with her phone and decided to sit beside Nash and made note of the crayons and colored pencils strewn about. "Are we doin' somethin' with...crayones today?" She started her sentence out with that southern drawl she practically perfected, only to end it with her usual Spanish accent. She couldn't help that certain words pulled her back into it.

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"You should make friends."

"I've got friends."

"You know what I mean."

Okay, so maybe Beck did know what he meant. He didn't need to know that. Well--maybe he did, that was his job after all? But regardless, that was besides the point, the point being that she had taken his suggestion to heart albeit after a while. It was that fact that led her to where she was at this very moment, hands in her jacket pockets and head turning both ways as she hastily crossed the infrequently busy North Hadleigh road. Different, that's what the club was called. LGBT orientated and with only a few members, from her first visit it seemed to more just be focused on people getting to know one another and hanging out as opposed to any kind of activism or community work like some of the other clubs at the college were. Beck could deal with that. Maybe it would do her some good getting to know ordinary people again, or so Joe thought at least. From what everyone else who'd spoken with him said, he was normally right about these sorts of things. So what was the worst that could happen by continuing? The first week hadn't been terrible?

Being back home had definitely taken some getting used to in the first few weeks, having to get everything prepared for a new college certainly didn't help the adjustment period either. Beck had secretly dreaded moving, having to start all over again with new faces and new locations and with her only connections to home being over the phone, it wasn't something that she'd have preferred to do, but North Hadleigh's college had been the only one in the region that she could be sent to for her specific course. Things could have been better, but by the time she'd arrived in the small Washington town, it hadn't actually seemed that bad. Though she suspected she'd just acquired some perspective in that time. The college was fine though, the town too, there was more or less enough to keep one occupied in their free time, and with the VA in the neighboring town there wasn't particularly anything for the newcomer to complain about.

But she'd have been lying to herself if she'd said that the college hadn't been at least somewhat lonely. Not that she made it any easier on herself by refusing to engage with most people. It was just difficult finding that perfect, comfortable balance between too much social interaction and too little. In Beck's perfect world people would be able to tell telepathically when she wanted to be left alone, and people would only interact with her when they knew with one hundred percent certainty that she was open for some conversation. Alas, most people were too dense for even the simplest of body language to convey her mood properly.

"It wouldn't be so hard if you just spoke to them."

Yeah she was aware of that, didn't make it any less of a pain in the ass to do though.

Plus she was going to a club wasn't she? So she shouldn't have even let that point bother her, she'd taken his advise. She was going to be engaging with people, ordinary people. She was going to be socializing and getting to know them and all that other stuff. Walking past a barber shop that was seemingly busy, the attention of Beck's gaze was drawn from the lively atmosphere of the shop to the skies above as a slight rumbling sound filled the air. Noticing the growing formations of progressively darker clouds, the young woman silently cursed to herself as the pace of her stroll begun to pick up, not in the mood to be caught in torrential rainfall, the sooner she could get to the diner the better. She should've gotten a taxi, though the weather had looked fine back in at the college? And she was meant to be an expert at that shit. Or at least somewhat of an expert.

Turning the corner onto another, quieter yet still relatively lived on street, Beck could see the diner not too far from the corner that she had turned onto, and just in time too as the weather begun to pick up. She had a hoodie underneath her bomber jacket, but it was hardly built for heavy rainfall. Swiftly lifting her phone from her pocket, she rapidly tapped in her password and the phone brought itself back to the tab that she had last been on, a google maps photo of the address that had been on the posters for the club. Comparing it to the diner that she was closing the distance to, it was quite obviously the same place though it had clearly been a few years since that photo online had been taken. Why she had to get visual confirmation of the address again? She hadn't really been paying much attention on her first week, and she'd also taken a taxi that time as well, when the weather had been more or less perfectly fine. Typical.

Letting out a brief sigh to no one in-particular as she approached the diner entrance, she managed to get inside just as the first droplets of rain began to fall, trying not to have too much of an entrance as she slipped into the establishment. Pulling down her hood and letting it fall back behind her and over her jacket, she saw that most of the club's members from last week were already here, though she was far from familiar enough with them all to immediately recall who was who and who was missing.

There was Leslie, the Spanish girl she noticed quickly. There was Lilith and the rich kid, the less said about him the better. Then there was the other two boys and Neil, the club organizer. Now who was missing?

Slipping past the activity of the others, Beck swiftly found herself a seat in one of the booths near the back of the diner, wasting little time in whipping out her phone once more once she was sat at a table but this time for more recreational purposes.

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