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Di-Di-Digimon Campaign (Custom style/rules)


Dragon's Dream
I've enjoyed Digimon for a long time, and D&D for a long time as well. Ever since Digimon Adventures Tri. came out I've been on a bit of a 'Digimon kick' so to speak. Which, once it ended, I started building a small system based around D&D 3.5, and Pathfinder, which are the two I'm most familiar with. The system is incomplete, but I have enough to get started and keep up a steady flow.

The campaign would be hosted post by post, I want to see more effort than one liners or anything of that sort, death is possible, and I would like regular communication with everyone involved be it through PM's, or discord.

Extensive knowledge of Digimon actually isn't required, most of your characters shouldn't know much and there will be knowledge based rolls for things they could potentially know.
Theme's from Adventures Tri. will be used, which could suggest minor spoilers in a way.

I can work the setting with either one other person able to play multiple characters, or at least two people. I will not go over four people for one adventure, though. I understand life can be busy but I would like at least one post every two days, if not more. There will be a dedicated posting order, if you can't post let me know. If a week passes and I don't hear anything I'll simply write you out of the story.

OC's only, fake Digimon are allowed but only on an approval basis as it means more setup work for me. There will be one major NPC involved in the quest from the beginning who will be treated like a 'party member'. A hacker character, who is built in a specific way that she will give the actual players hints, maybe assistance, but will not explicitly solve situations. Unless the party seems to be struggling on something, then this will change for that situation.
Players will also be able to obtain more than one Digimon based on data collection.

So... I may at some point reformat all of this to be more concise. If enough people are interested then I can start setting up and giving out information, getting character sheets (The more I know about your character the more I can theme segments for each member of the group.), etc etc.

Note: I also have a Digimon storyline that involves a Pokemon crossover, let me know if you like Pokemon and if everyone joining does then I can run that for more variety.

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