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Fandom devious denizens || RE2 & 4 craving!

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whelp. one thing led to another and i ended up splurging and buying both remakes of resident evil 2 and 4. which also, unsurprisingly, brought a teeny tiny fixation for me.

so, here i am! again! let me get the important, boring stuff out of the way.

my name is elyse, i am a student in college out for the summer! i was born in september, my zodiac sign is a virgo. i love literature and writing, i've been attempting to write my own novel, though it's a slow process. i've been dabbling in creative writing ever since i was in... middle school, maybe? i started getting into dungeons and dragons and DMing mini-sessions with my friends and that was when i found my love for writing, i think. entering high school, tumblr brought me into the world of roleplay, which i thought was utterly thrilling. i have been roleplaying ever since my freshman year of high school, which may not be too many years, but i like to think of myself as an advanced literate writer! i add a lot of care and detail into my writing and my characters, my reply length fluctuates depending on how much is needed for a scene, but i can write over 2000 words or under 800. i tend to mirror my partner's writing style, more often than not, so don't worry about having to write a million and one words. i like to say i'm pretty friendly outside of roleplay, i truly enjoy making a friendship out of my writing partners instead of it feeling like i'm emailing a professor each time i try and talk to a partner. i talk, a lot, so if you're cool with it, i tend to rant about my day, my schoolwork, our story, our characters, the song i've been listening to, this tiktok audio that's been stuck in my head for the past four days, literally everything anything that comes to mind. aside from all that, i don't think there's much else to note about me?

and now... preferences!
• there's not a big age requirement, just 15 or older, preferably, but i don't really care. though, do tell me if you're 17 or younger.
also, no big writing requirement? just no one-liners! i encourage new writers to interact with me, even! i don't mind how much you write.
• be ready to double if you also want an ocxcanon pairing! i usually write only ocxcanon for my side, i am very open to doubling.
be patient and understanding of life outside of writing. as a student, things get hectic and sometimes i will not reply for a week or so! though, if something comes up, i will tell you.

• bouncing off that, communication is key! i am ghost-friendly, but if you're unhappy with our plot or anything of the like, let me know and we can figure it out!
• if you write an oc, do not make that oc a 2d character! give it depth. please. i cannot write with ebony dark'ness dementia raven way, i might go insane.
• don't... be an asshole? i don't really know what else to add here honestly.

alright! now that that's out of the way, i was hoping to find someone who'd like to write  leon kennedy for an oc of mine!

i can double up, even if the character isn't from resident evil 2 or 4 (i'm pretty well versed in RE as a whole!), so if you're looking for someone specific, just let me know and i can deliver! i'm very versatile.

after contact, i can tell you all about my oc and such, but there's no definite plot to mention. i enjoy plotting stories fresh with my partners, but i also enjoy writing in the storyline of one of the games! i would prefer to not write an au simply because i enjoy zombie horror survival plots where our characters can bond through the turmoil of what's happening around them.

i would absolutely love to write RE with anyone under any conditions, so please reach out! comment or send me a pm and i will get back to you as soon as possible. i also have discord if that's something you prefer!

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