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Futuristic Destiny (game) RP

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Destiny is a game I find myself in love with, and I'd like to explore it a bit more out-of-game with a good RP! Now that I'm finally free to RP again!! I'm looking for romantics involving a female awoken of mine (predictable I know haha) and a male of various species? I'm hoping for either an Exo, Hive, or Fallen/Scorn. Hell, even Taken. Yes, I'm looking for alien romance! But I'll gladly take humans and other awoken as well.

I'm more than willing to double up!

I do also ask you be diligent, but I'm not looking for super long replies. A few good paragraphs is all I ask; obviously the situation may depend. I find myself fairly busy so that being said, I ask you please be patient with me. Sometimes I can't provide an immediate response. I will get back to you as soon as possible though, and keep you updated OOC if you so please!

Plot and setting is unrestricted. It can take place anywhere, plots can be changed or combined or completely scrapped; everything is up for discussion! That being said, I'll list some very basic example plots off the top of my head:
  • You play a curious guardian whose attention has been caught by another of his occupation. Their surprise meeting quickly develops into so much more. Simple!
  • You play a bounty hunter, sent after a 'rogue guardian'. After a solid tussle, their confrontation spins a complete 180 for whatever decided reason and sparks an unlikely relationship between the two.
  • You play an Exo, waking from a fresh reset. He finds himself in the company of a woman whom he can't remember whether he knows or not…
  • You play an alien who in some way sticks out from the rest. After enough encounters and being able to recognize one another, they start to reach out in cautious curiosity. Over a period of time they forge an unbreakable bond.
  • You play an Eliksni with a particularly close bond to my guardian. He falls in battle, only to be resurrected as Scorn. The two come face-to-face on the battlefield; their only hope is for him to recognise his dear ally after mutation. Maybe then they can reunite what they once had.
  • You play a high-ranking Eliksni/Scorn finding himself in pursuit of my guardian. He's got her pinned with absolutely nowhere to run, whether on the field of battle or one-on-one. Charm is the most powerful weapon she has to defend herself at this point.
  • Your character is ill/injured/breaking down, disoriented on the sidelines of battle. An open heart and deft reflexes pluck the dying male from danger, pulling him in under her wing and eventually back up onto his feet. Or vice-versa!
  • You play a Taken alien, whose master's reign has ended after being killed. Reverent eyes turn to my guardian, and something draws him ever closer.

These are simply ideas. As I said, all is open for discussion!

Please PM me if interested! Or with questions!

Those of you who have contacted me in the past and are still interested: Please feel free to message me again! I am actually free to RP as of promoting this once more.
^^ Thank you!!​


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I don't know if we would be perfect match or not, however I play a lot of destiny 2. I wouldn't mind giving this a shot if your willing to have me as your partner. I love the idea of a newly resurrected Exo.

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