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Fandom Desperately looking for any kind of rp in the Bungou Stray Dogs fandom!

Sub Genres
Action, Anime, AU, LGTBQ, Platonic, Realistic, Romance, School, Supernatural
Hello there peps!

So before anything else call me Aka (do you wanna drop a -chan or a -kun, do so, either works for me), I have no preferred pronouns so feel free with them. I'm 21 y/o, Italian and I'm currently a college student.
I’m available for any possible genre of rp, as longs as it’s interesting enough to catch my attention and keep me glued to it. I’m literate and a sucker for third person/past tense combo, but I can adapt.
My strongest muse is Dazai, I cannot deny that I'm enamoured with this character, It has even brought me to read the real-life author (and his books are exquisite lemme grant you that) I’m not native, but I do my best, so please be sympathetic with some mistakes that could occur here and there, nothing too unbearable I hope! Wanna chitchat about Bungou stray dogs in general or rant mindlessly about various ships?
I’m up for that too! I would surely bother you asking if my reply was good enough or unbearable, and what I really want from you is honesty: if it does suck, just say so, if it doesn’t but it’s still not spot on, tell me.
If something is bothering you or if you are bored just say that to me, I prefer knowing what’s wrong instead of lingering into the darkness of the unknown torturing myself and wondering about what mistake I could have done - both writing or plot-related, or even about characterization - ; I’m not the best alternative out there, I would not want to sell my Dazai as the best one you’d be able to find, but I’m really in love with this character, and writing him, with his perks and his red-flags, is all that I ask.
Please kamis. grant me, someone, as enthusiast as I am!

As stated before, I usually rp as Dazai, he's my main and my favourite, but I'm open to trying more canon characters, as long as I'm able to write them. I really love the following ships (Chuuya/Dazai; Atsushi/Dazai; Atsushi/Akutagawa which would be a bit of an experiment for me and I would be willing to write Akutagawa )
slowburn | angst | hurt-comfort | love/hate| fluff | enemies to lovers | soulmates | various soulmates AU | canon | beast AU | whatever AU ‘cause they’re good everywhere

Besides that I'd love to try at least something from Balance: Unlimited, preferably Daisuke/Haru.

Even if I'm offline hit me up, I'll reply eventually and it won't take long, I swear.


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So I have to say Dazai is the best character ever. Although I have a soft spot for Kida-san(Kunikida) I have only seen the first season and I am happy to say I like it very much


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I know this ad is more than a month old, but it indicates always open and I’m having, pardon me for my language, shit luck with roleplays in this fandom but I just finished the manga and I have a need. I would be willing to roleplay almost anyone for your Dazai (the only exception being Fyodor because I love that anemic rat yet he’s abysmally out of my capabilities). I’m game for crack ships and polyamory and literally any genre. I hope it’s not too late to ask.
Bumping this post once again with additional data~

My preference is for 3rd person, past tense and literate, whilst I’m extremely flexible regarding the paragraphing style. If you’re not comfortable with writing a lot, my minimal requirement is 4/5 paragraphs, which should make up at least a words count above 500 words.

I like consistency, and I’m currently having really inactive open sessions. This add is aimed to fix that lack of sessions and allow me to have something to enjoy in my free time. Obviously the session is a form of entertainment, and as such should be treated. Daily replies aren’t a requirement, but enthusiasm, clearance and honesty are.

I’ve been roleplaying for around 11 years now, thus, I’d be more than happy to provide a writing sample before starting our collaboration, I’ll summarise in the following what would be allowed/preferred, coming from my side.

— literate to novella
— doubling
— adult/dark themes
— I would appreciate discord more, but gdoc is allowed too
—3rd person/past tense combo
— I’m willing to play more than one character
— I’m willing to employ NPCs to spice things up
— I’m both open to plot ambitiously and leaving the plot loose, it’s up to you
— overall grammar correctness, but typos and mistakes are inevitable for both parties (well, keep in mind that I’m not native if I slip up too badly ahaha), yet an overall good syntax is required.

My add is for people willing to roleplaying in the Bungou Stray Dogs fandom, in any of the following pairings.

My favourite ships, thus the ones that I’d be really happy to write, not gonna lie here.

— Dazai♕/Chuuya;
— Fyodor♕/Nikolai;
— Dazai♕/Fyodor.

On the other hand, I know how specific and restrictive those ships might be, thus here you have the “allowed” list of ships, with the character I’m willing to write with a crown. I wouldn’t disregard exploring different themes such as cheating (which is something I’ve never had the pleasure to write before) or perhaps even proceeding more healthily with a polyamory ship.

In this list the meaning is as such:
♕Character I’m willing to write, might exclude some scenarios.
♔Character I’m able to write.

— Fyodor♕/ Chuuya;
— Ryunosuke♕/Atsushi;
— Dazai♕/Chuuya/Atsushi;
— Dazai♕/Ryunosuke♔/Chuuya/Atsushi;
— Fyodor ♔/Dazai♕/Chuuya;
— Fyodor♔/Dazai♕/Nikolai;
— Fyodor♕/Ivan♔/Nikolai♔;
— Fyodor♕/Sigma/Nikolai♔.

As it’s evident from the list, there’s no ship which implies that I would give up willingly on Dazai, sincerely he’s a character that struck me in a particular manner, and I’m really fond of him and it means a lot of me having the occasion of writing him.

I have many ideas and options that we could pursue in our plotting, for whatever ship you might be more interested in!
Speaking of genres, considering the pairing implication, is important stating that the main one would be romance, but that’s something that’s never caged into a singular context, and we can implement as many genres as we’re able to manage~
NSFW is highly encouraged to the point of being a requirement, I’m sincerely drawn to similar themes and I’m convinced that the BSD characters, moreover considering some of the ♕ characters’ psyche would be extremely interesting to witness and explore in sexual contexts.

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