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Fandom descendants roleplay


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hello! i'm looking for a canon x oc descendants roleplay
my love interest will be harry hook and i can play a canon character for you if you'd like

message me if interested!
here is my character:

"i'm rotten to the core"
given name → ruby
middle name → elizabeth
surname → heart
date of birth → november 21
age → 18
sexuality → bisexual
gender → female
parents → king and queen of hearts


"people underestimate me because of how adorable i am"
overall appearance → r u b y
ruby has straight bright red hair down past her shoulders. She's 5'2" putting her on the shorter side, but she tends to wear heeled boots to make her look taller.
casual clothing → + + + + +
formal clothing → + + + +
face claim → ariana grande


"i'm not my mother"
overall personality →
ruby can be a very anxious person especially when it comes to her mother. growing up with her, she would go from being perfectly fine to enraged in seconds. she's very critical of herself and just tries to live up to her mother's expectations. she can be kind of codependent so when she finds herself alone, she gets really nervous. she's gotten pretty good at lying and manipulation when she needs to use it. she tends to put on a ditzy routine when she's trying to get what she wants from someone. she doesn't show her anger very often, but when she does it can be surprising coming from her. she also tends to come off as conceited at times, mostly keeping her doubts about herself inside.
fears & phobias →
disappointing her mom
being alone for the rest of her life


biography →
ruby was born in wonderland before all the villains were moved to the isle of the lost. she doesn't remember much of wonderland, except how colorful it was. she grew up in the isle, being told stories by her mother painting herself as the victim despite being the one who chopped off peoples heads. she always talked about getting revenge on Alice. her mother even had her painting things red, not just roses as most people knew about her, but anything that was white she wanted red, which confused ruby to no end. As ruby got older, she learned sleight of hand and how to manipulate people into getting what she wanted. she even learned how to do this with her mother, although sometimes if she failed, it didn't end too well. it was much easier for her to get things out of her father who was kind of a pushover.


status → single
current love interest → harry hook
relationship with current love interest → being apart of different crews, they're enemies. ruby being with mal and harry being with uma's crew. but she'd be lying if she said she wasn't attracted to him
→ she's always loved singing and once she gets to auradon, she realizes she might have a chance to make it in music
→ voice: + +
→ song she wrote: put your hearts up
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I am interested, however just a heads up I have not watched the movies in a long time


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if you're still open to rp descendants, I'd be interested! if not, then that's ok as well^^

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