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Fantasy Derpy Dev is off his meds again and searching for RP partners (fantasy, maybe romance)

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Action, Adventure, Anime

Derpy Dev

Sack of Silly Smiles
Hey! Weird ADHD nerd here looking for some RP partners. Basically as long as you aren't a jerk we should be fine.

Shipping? Sure! FxF, MxF, and maybe MxM, though that's new territory.

High fantasy or super heroes is what I usually do, but if you have a good idea for a different genre, I'm willing to give it a try!

I'm only gonna try like three people at a time, so it's pretty much a first come first serve kinda thing.

Ideas! Feel free to come up with your own, but I have a couple:

Predator and Prey: One character hunting another. Who's good and who's bad? Who's right and who's wrong? Will they become allies some day? Who knows?
Heist: Both characters are villains trying to steal a great artifact.

(one more thing: i like anime faceclaims. you can fight me on that one haha, but you can use what you want)

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