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Fantasy Derpy Craves Some Fantasy RPs

Derpy Dev

Sack of Silly Smiles
Every once and a while I decide I want to try some small RPs. This is one of those times.

At max, I'm only going to try with three people. First come first serve, please post here if you would like to join.

Fantasy is preferred (it's what I do best), but I'm also willing to try some other kinds of RPs if you have an idea.

Romance? Sure! MxF or FxF. I personally prefer to play female characters, but I'll do either.

I'm posting this super late at night and don't really have a lot of ideas at the time of posting, but I'll certainly have a few by morning.


The Red One
I could do a Fantasy, Modern or Futuristic RP.

Romance included. MxF. I'd play the male character. Are you ok with doubling or tripling?

I'd like to hear your ideas for the RP once you come up with them.


How you feel about if you a man who has amnesia but he later to turns out to be the god Apollo? Just trying to create some new ideas.

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